Showing you my recording room & house (Dont Judge Me)

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  1. Romero Editz

    Romero Editz27 minutes ago


  2. Romero Editz

    Romero Editz28 minutes ago

    Yes yes yes please more lmfao. This is intersting lol

  3. Jennifer Cederholm

    Jennifer Cederholm2 hours ago

    I have the exact same heater lmao

  4. Paul Griggs

    Paul Griggs3 hours ago

    Bro play some basketball


    YOLO POLLO4 hours ago

    4:06 Fr same bro

  6. Crystal UnicornXD

    Crystal UnicornXD4 hours ago

    I think Jay is a luky charm I didnt finish the video when this was poisted and I got bad luck but when I came back to finish I got an A+

  7. Lexiholic

    Lexiholic5 hours ago

    Jay, I’ve been a fan since you first started your channel (the very first yansim videos, the rake, etc). I totally get that you want your fans to have the best of you, but you also need to have the best for yourself. Please make sure you take breaks and don’t overwork yourself. There’s millions of us who’ve been by your side for years, we’re not going anywhere. Also, videos like these are so comforting for me?? Idk about anyone else but I love learning about my favorite creators outside of video games they play or songs they sing. Idk where I’m going with any of this tbh lmao. I hope y’all are staying safe!

  8. Ft. Wolfi

    Ft. Wolfi5 hours ago

    Oki I won't

  9. Erika Solis

    Erika Solis6 hours ago

    I would love these kinds of videos! It gives us a chance to get to know you in a different way! Love all your content Jay💖

  10. Fuyuhiko Shadow

    Fuyuhiko Shadow6 hours ago

    i don’t think people realize how wholesome jay is . i frickin love him lol he’s so awesome aaaa

  11. Fuyuhiko Shadow

    Fuyuhiko Shadow6 hours ago

    who want jay to do more vlog/random type videos ??? meeeee

  12. ThatOneWeirdKid 67

    ThatOneWeirdKid 678 hours ago

    hey Jay, this is so random but in your play button thing is that a Mirio figure? Sorry after watching MHA if feel like everythings Mirio lmao. Good vid Jay! YOU DAT DUDE!

  13. Gaming_Panda

    Gaming_Panda11 hours ago

    can you record a video about Radon and what its like to live with him?

  14. Kaleb Jennings

    Kaleb Jennings14 hours ago

    post more of this please

  15. ayevc

    ayevc16 hours ago

    hope you’re well, Jay ♥️♥️

  16. ayevc

    ayevc16 hours ago

    the booger ain’t getting that screen time

  17. ayevc

    ayevc16 hours ago

    your doggie is ayano irl

  18. ayevc

    ayevc16 hours ago

    2:52 you thought something else huh

  19. ayevc

    ayevc16 hours ago

    Waited for this for years.. I’m here

  20. Kathleen Tonido

    Kathleen Tonido17 hours ago

    So no one's gonna talk 'bout the thing that Jay is covering?


    BOSS MANZ18 hours ago

    Ayo what's that thing that he keeps cutting out with a Jay face 6:4

  22. Chia Unky

    Chia Unky18 hours ago

    Leg Reveal!!

  23. MR 360PRO

    MR 360PRO22 hours ago

    You should do this more if you like it. I’d like you to do it but it’s up to you

  24. MR 360PRO

    MR 360PRO22 hours ago

    You should do this more if you like it. I’d like you to do it but it’s up to you

  25. Chance Harding

    Chance Harding22 hours ago

    Your workout room looks awesome!! Sure beats me, all I have is a Stationary bike and pull up bars.

  26. Cheska Da Fandom Gamer

    Cheska Da Fandom Gamer22 hours ago

    jay: smell that dash ass dog:👁️👅👁️

  27. Chance Harding

    Chance Harding22 hours ago

    This is so good 👍👏 Please do more

  28. Lollipop Gamer

    Lollipop Gamer23 hours ago

    When I saw your dog I say Me: Oh goooodddd,whatta Cute puppy if I was there I would play with ur puppy and pet it even u! Everytime I see your vids I imagine you as my own puppy cuz my puppy died before she got pregnant

  29. Leston Thames

    Leston ThamesDay ago

    Cooking with jay

  30. Leston Thames

    Leston ThamesDay ago

    Cooking with jay

  31. Leston Thames

    Leston ThamesDay ago

    Cooking with jay

  32. Leston Thames

    Leston ThamesDay ago

    Cooking with jay

  33. Leston Thames

    Leston ThamesDay ago

    Cooking with jay

  34. Leston Thames

    Leston ThamesDay ago

    Cooking with jay

  35. ᴊᴀᴇ

    ᴊᴀᴇDay ago

    I hope you're doing well mentally and physically and taking care of yourself, this pandemic sucks ass and i hope you're not pushing yourself too hard. Thanks for always making videos for us, you're that dude :)

  36. Hisokas Simp

    Hisokas SimpDay ago

    love you jay💞💞💞💞 your little stalker is adorable too 🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  37. Smol Bean

    Smol BeanDay ago

    My boy Raiden just wanted some screen time 😂😂😂

  38. Nutella uwu

    Nutella uwuDay ago


  39. Dawnlyn R 2

    Dawnlyn R 2Day ago

    Pupper doggo 😍

  40. Euphoria ;p

    Euphoria ;pDay ago

    Bruh Jay is like the only YTer I know who has never quit uploading a bunch of content regularly, and even daily, for years. He’s so dedicated to his fans, and gaming, which is something I admire about Jay. However, if ya need a break Jay, TAKE ONE. Do not hesitate to give yourself some time, because like us, you are HUMAN, and do not need to always put others before yourself. So take care of yourself :3 Also, your dog is so freaking cute, I wanna steal him from you

  41. Tony The RPG FanBoy

    Tony The RPG FanBoyDay ago

    Im fine with vids like this. They're fun.



    My dood watching Criminal minds noice

  43. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

    TheKawaiiestGamerChanDay ago

    Day 35 of asking jay to wear a turtle neck in one of his videos

  44. Juelz Tribley

    Juelz TribleyDay ago

    3:41 when I want my dog to eat some cats

  45. Vicki Truong

    Vicki TruongDay ago

    tbh I pictured a different house

  46. Stacy Glitz

    Stacy GlitzDay ago

    You are very entertaining Jay

  47. Squids Rock

    Squids RockDay ago

    also can u play the last of us pt2 plsplspls

  48. Squids Rock

    Squids RockDay ago


  49. Maria Lugo

    Maria LugoDay ago

    someone said "cooking with kubz scouts"... yes.

  50. Just Ana

    Just AnaDay ago


  51. Lisa Pancakes

    Lisa PancakesDay ago

    It would be nice to see some at-home vlogs :)

  52. Squids Rock

    Squids RockDay ago

    start v logging start vlogging start vlogging

  53. Lil ._ Boy

    Lil ._ BoyDay ago

    i want to see vlogs and stuff likE that gaming too keep it up j

  54. Pearl Lacome

    Pearl LacomeDay ago

    Jay I'm starting to believe your dog actually secretly owns you with how your dog follows you

  55. GIiitchi

    GIiitchiDay ago

    vlogging jay is in the house kekw

  56. Natalia Johnson

    Natalia JohnsonDay ago

    I wanna seeee moreeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeee and dont be shy about showing ur house, nobody will judge bec we like to see new things about u. please make more of these video's

  57. Liva Regine Broe Thomsen

    Liva Regine Broe ThomsenDay ago

    I love when you do things like this

  58. tori mata

    tori mataDay ago

    Omg imagine jay vlogs 😱

  59. The_KindaHamburglar

    The_KindaHamburglarDay ago

    this is epic

  60. lowkey obsessed with gallavich lol

    lowkey obsessed with gallavich lolDay ago


  61. Yoonngy Kim

    Yoonngy KimDay ago

    Jay show he's room: Me: That place is cold and stinky.

  62. Moon Bubs

    Moon BubsDay ago

    I’ve been curious since 2018, I finally got it 🥺🤍

  63. you're cute

    you're cuteDay ago

    In 4:00 it looks like a scary horror game oop-

  64. Elisabeth Koiduste

    Elisabeth KoidusteDay ago

    Your dog stalks you like Yandere chan Haunts senpai

  65. Nathan Worgull

    Nathan WorgullDay ago

    I love this kind of vids keep doing the good stuff that you do your that dude!

  66. The Action Channel Srsly

    The Action Channel SrslyDay ago


  67. 리안

    리안Day ago

    yeaa your lotions for yo goddamn dry handdss👀 LMAO JK

  68. Maria Sigma

    Maria SigmaDay ago

    guys am i the only one that wants to know whats behind jays face(that he while editing) at that wall in the office?

  69. Jiya Shekhar

    Jiya ShekharDay ago

    the video ends at the 'ill see you-" whhyyy we need that 5 seconds of more jay content 😭😭😭

  70. Katherine Moreno

    Katherine MorenoDay ago

    JAY!! You have to play Little nightmares please 🤩

  71. Williams

    WilliamsDay ago

    Thas a big ass house for yo lonely ass.

  72. ThewyCypress 810

    ThewyCypress 810Day ago

    More vlogs pls

  73. y es

    y esDay ago

    Bake something for us

  74. Vocal 1000

    Vocal 1000Day ago

    You can literally put out a video of a blank screen and I'll still watch it. Idc.

  75. misanthropist

    misanthropistDay ago

    i actually love content like this as much as your gaming ones because they show how human you are.. i feel like people tend to forget at times that youtubers are regular humans that built themselves and channel from scratch by simply being themselves. i hope you don't forget to take care of yourself and take as many breaks as you need whenever you're feeling a little burnt out 🥺🥺 also game rec: outlast. i just know your girly man screams would be top-notch if you play it

  76. Yumi

    YumiDay ago

    There should be a week where jay takes a break 😀 Like jay week or sum

  77. adys_channel EWOOO

    adys_channel EWOOO2 days ago

    I kinda want him too have a callab with quackity idk ?

  78. adys_channel EWOOO

    adys_channel EWOOO2 days ago

    Idk how too spell 😔👳

  79. ctc dreamer

    ctc dreamer2 days ago

    I don’t know what I necessarily expected, but I would think that money you get from USlikes you could buy a house that doesn’t require you to climb all those stairs XD. It’s like your workout aside from the garage gym!

  80. Kristin Rivera

    Kristin Rivera2 days ago

    Knowing you'll always be here is gonna help me through the time when Cory retires

  81. Kristin Rivera

    Kristin Rivera2 days ago


  82. Kristin Rivera

    Kristin Rivera2 days ago

    "I like to always have sound in the bg so it feels like someone else is here with me" That's kinda sad ngl

  83. Just Ana

    Just AnaDay ago

    Exactly :")

  84. Soap Dispenser

    Soap Dispenser2 days ago

    someone make a horror game with Jay running from his stalker dog.

  85. Luis Jimenez

    Luis Jimenez2 days ago

    I love thisssss

  86. Caleb P

    Caleb P2 days ago


  87. Tameron Ford

    Tameron Ford2 days ago

    i wonder what had to be cencored you sure the lotions for your dry hands

  88. ashycoconut

    ashycoconut2 days ago

    bruh this dude talkin bout his lotion and then his jugs calm tf down jay

  89. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget2 days ago

    I love this

  90. Sams

    Sams2 days ago

    Are you sure that lotion is just for ur dry hands?

  91. ashycoconut

    ashycoconut2 days ago

    lemme in that

  92. BlessedGirl 101

    BlessedGirl 1012 days ago

    My dog always follows me 😂

  93. AnnieBear 19

    AnnieBear 192 days ago

    I love these videos, I’d definitely watch them if you did some vlogs! If you need a change up or break, do it. You deserve not to feel stressed out over your content. We will be here no matter what!

  94. Evelynn Aiken

    Evelynn Aiken2 days ago

    Jay, if you feel drained take time for yourself. I personally really like content from you like this! It gives me a sense of relief that you are taking care of yourself!

  95. Purple Heart Fam

    Purple Heart Fam2 days ago

    i took a tech break for a while and ended up not watching yt for longer than i expected so i have a ton of vids to catch up on...and i promise i will..i just feel kinda bad

  96. Purple Heart Fam

    Purple Heart FamDay ago

    @misanthropist thanks, means a lot

  97. misanthropist

    misanthropistDay ago

    don't feel bad for taking a break from technology, its better to remove yourself from things that could be harming you anyway. and i'm sure jay would actually be glad that you took time to care for yourself, so try not to worry about it too much ^^

  98. Vic M

    Vic M2 days ago

    We stand for jay the vlogs

  99. D,K,M Squad

    D,K,M Squad2 days ago

    YESSSSS jay you should make videos of you vlogging just get out of gaming if your not gunna vlog or game for us then take a nice break form youtube it helps get your mind focus and then come back where you are ready :)

  100. kuireo

    kuireo2 days ago


  101. Pattie Moore

    Pattie Moore2 days ago

    Am I the only one who's lowkey freaking out cause he watches Criminal Minds

  102. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou2 days ago

    Can we have a Jay vlog :' )

  103. DolphinKng

    DolphinKng2 days ago

    That tv comment is kinda depressing

  104. Huzaifa Nagda

    Huzaifa Nagda2 days ago

    We want 'Cooking with Kubz Scouts'

  105. Jaeda warren

    Jaeda warren2 days ago

    He is so cute ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ