I Was Feeling Brave Today So I Took The Watson-Scott Test (Bad Idea)

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Watson-Scott test is a personality test to see how far your anxiety is willing to let you go, your boy woke up feeling real B R A V E
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  1. Ghiaccio

    Ghiaccio4 hours ago


  2. Zorb

    Zorb11 hours ago

    7:55 Me who has imaginations: *thinks of dating the ghost* 😳👉👈

  3. Elysia Yriarte

    Elysia Yriarte22 hours ago

    I wonder what would have happened if he put Frik You

  4. XxTheRamenQueenxX

    XxTheRamenQueenxXDay ago

    Game: Im inside your house Me: oh well great! Come on in the kitchen I'll make some cookies!

  5. Tara's Animations

    Tara's AnimationsDay ago

    19:33 Just finished doing my homework so i resumed the video...

  6. Shaz 123

    Shaz 123Day ago

    No joke I thought my phone at 15:38 whe the game did something and my phone glitched an called Google assistant and this phone is junk I'm so scared right now 😖

  7. Veronica Reckart

    Veronica Reckart2 days ago

    Tomato Jay at 8:46 🍅

  8. Dayanna Grimaldo

    Dayanna Grimaldo2 days ago

    Pop goes the weasel is one of the lyrics form jack in the box the toy not the game

  9. i l y a s

    i l y a s2 days ago

    brooo that shit was scary af

  10. Shut up salty a*s kei Like bruh

    Shut up salty a*s kei Like bruh2 days ago

    Game: I’m inside your house Me: ew get out with your ugly tony Lopez looking face 😐

  11. Shut up salty a*s kei Like bruh

    Shut up salty a*s kei Like bruhDay ago

    @i l y a s plus I would be like 🙂🔪 I keep one in my room never get to use it and never will because everyone fears me at my school and stuff like why

  12. i l y a s

    i l y a s2 days ago

    @Shut up salty a*s kei Like bruh 😂😐😐

  13. Shut up salty a*s kei Like bruh

    Shut up salty a*s kei Like bruh2 days ago

    @i l y a s I’m sorry but feeling to care about those mistakes in my house

  14. i l y a s

    i l y a s2 days ago


  15. choco gaming

    choco gaming2 days ago

    Bro I hate this game it's scaring the hell out of me the second jumpscare

  16. choco gaming

    choco gaming2 days ago


  17. -MWDFan-

    -MWDFan-2 days ago

    14:16 i don't know if everyone else sees that but, in the top right corner (your right) there is a face, well.. at least it looks like a face.. that is scary bro!!

  18. Pamela Herold

    Pamela Herold2 days ago

    jay:that didnt scare me also jay:hEUGh *by hEuGh i mean the sound he made when he got scared not to be confusing i dont know why you would get confused but this seemed neccisary i probobly didnt spell that right*

  19. Calli Kettle

    Calli Kettle2 days ago

    Press continue when you are calm me a year later after taking some anxiety pills I hope I can finish this now and be able to fall asleep tonight

  20. Razzle Dazzle

    Razzle Dazzle3 days ago

    I’m done!!!! I jumped at the end of the test. But seriously I could never survive that!!! I would have to have two friends with me and a knife

  21. Lucas Sanchez

    Lucas Sanchez3 days ago

    The question at 17:36 : me in a wheel chair😐

  22. Kesya I, 29

    Kesya I, 293 days ago

    “I’m underneath your bed.” I’m with The bed without under be like : uhhh ok 👁👄👁👌🏼

  23. KD SqUaD

    KD SqUaD3 days ago

    Yo this my first time watching him and is this really how y’all act wen he don’t upload😭⁉️

  24. Vicky Sanchez

    Vicky Sanchez3 days ago

    I think im the one who's more scared than J-

  25. •Nagito Vibes •

    •Nagito Vibes •3 days ago

    Bro dont lie to me.... you're hiding in the comments.... But thats okay, cuz i am too

  26. Sanchez solders

    Sanchez solders3 days ago

    5:37 blind as shit

  27. Aubrey da loser

    Aubrey da loser3 days ago

    The test:has anyone died in ur room before Me: *knowing I'm in a house were a little girls killed her family and I'm in the room she killed her brother in* Ehh yea?

  28. Aubrey da loser

    Aubrey da loser3 days ago

    The test:I'm under ur bed Me:*looks under my bed* Also me:*sees the trash under the bed and there is no way to go under there* Me again👁👄👁:Bish I didn't know u were a peice of trash

  29. Minerva DeVeau

    Minerva DeVeau3 days ago

    Game: I'm inside your house and under your bed Me who's under my bed: umm I dont see you umm u there dang not even a game wants to be next to me dang I must smell bad -=-

  30. • Vibely •

    • Vibely •3 days ago

    I’m under your bed *me who has a literal small gap under my bed* .....are u a mouse or sum...?

  31. boi boi

    boi boi4 days ago

    I shited 💩😻

  32. Y/n

    Y/n4 days ago

    I don't get scared easily

  33. Xx Crybaby_Leon xX

    Xx Crybaby_Leon xX4 days ago

    Jay crushing the snail "That's sexy" My first instinct: "Kinky 👁️👄👁️ ;^ )"

  34. Alex diamond_plusVip

    Alex diamond_plusVip4 days ago

    Also cats don't really like to bring a mouse that has anything missing usually tho cause well my cat doesn't do that so I'm not completely sure.

  35. Mochii V

    Mochii V5 days ago

    Bruhh when Jay heard the knocking you can see the fear in his eyes

  36. ツChimChim

    ツChimChim5 days ago

    i like how it says I'm under your bed I sleep on a futon but I feel like something is under my futon lmao help

  37. Josuke HiGAYshikata

    Josuke HiGAYshikata5 days ago

    weak jumpscare B

  38. Kadence Zanders

    Kadence Zanders6 days ago

    😭😭😭his screams is funny to me idk why

  39. that.crackhead.fujoshi

    that.crackhead.fujoshi6 days ago

    Am I the only one who started giggling and laughing like the joker when the jump scares happened??

  40. Chairos Random Gaming

    Chairos Random Gaming7 days ago

    23:34 nah jay we saw

  41. Ella Ametin Castro

    Ella Ametin Castro7 days ago

    at 8:44 jays face just turned COMPLETLY red like so fast

  42. Moon Light

    Moon Light7 days ago

    me when Jay showed fluffy bean:" ~dies of cuteness~"

  43. Kyuro

    Kyuro7 days ago

    The fact that the jumpscare was scary and the fact that I jumped and laughed so much at the jumpscare is scary... Welp, I had fun 😣

  44. Dejanayha Hill

    Dejanayha Hill7 days ago

    “I’m underneath your bed” Me: 👁👄👁 y’all have beds and mattresses couldn’t be me 🧍🏽‍♀️

  45. Hope - The energy drink

    Hope - The energy drink7 days ago

    Man: pops up on the screen me who has been scared of being killed by Albert fish: Thanks for making me scared of you :) he is not gonna be on my mind tonight

  46. Junkfood Enoshima

    Junkfood Enoshima9 days ago

    The knock made my heart 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗

  47. Chuo

    Chuo10 days ago

    when I tell you I screamed-

  48. Senpai Rat

    Senpai Rat10 days ago

    *when I hear the knocking on the window* Me: 🪟 👀💧

  49. Nagitoe Cumaeda

    Nagitoe Cumaeda10 days ago

    Such a hopeful test!

  50. Flxmx

    Flxmx11 days ago

    👁 👁 💧 💧 👃 👄 im scared

  51. Cherrie_ c0la

    Cherrie_ c0la12 days ago

    i kinda cries ngl-

  52. Nagito and Kokichi’s Shared account

    Nagito and Kokichi’s Shared account12 days ago

    “Has anyone ever died in your room?” Me having flashbacks to every house that I’ve lived in that were each haunted suicide houses: 👁 👁 💧👃🏻💧 👄 Why did his face end up like that 😂 I’m keepin it

  53. Rokaris Vids

    Rokaris Vids12 days ago

    8:41 that was the game right 😂😂

  54. Malø.Geek950 M.T

    Malø.Geek950 M.T12 days ago

    "You here me underneath your bed" Me who has 2 bed under mine : Which one ??

  55. Spirit ‘n’ Sultan YT

    Spirit ‘n’ Sultan YT12 days ago

    Okay so this me before watching this video: 😀 Okay so this is me after. I think I’m gonna be sick.. And I want to bang my head against the wall repeatedly until I pass out.. Is that something I should worry about or...?

  56. I dont know my name but,

    I dont know my name but,13 days ago

    pause and go to this time 15:36 edit: the jumpscares didn't scare me

  57. Justine Jayco

    Justine Jayco13 days ago


  58. cait🥀

    cait🥀13 days ago

    I got too comfortable watching this while taking notes

  59. Baka_Shinigami

    Baka_Shinigami13 days ago

    Game: I’m under your bed Me sharing a bunk bed with my sister: sister? Yes it’s a demon 😎

  60. アシュリーの恐れ

    アシュリーの恐れ13 days ago


  61. Froggy Hooman

    Froggy Hooman13 days ago

    I’m home alone so this scared the shit outta me like when the jumpscare I bit my lip and it started bleeding and I almost cried bc it scared me

  62. Cloudy

    Cloudy14 days ago

    Is it bad that during the jumpscare i didnt jump and i smiled at jay screaming...??? ⚆_⚆

  63. Natalie Thrash

    Natalie Thrash15 days ago

    try omegol

  64. Jj _Ravioly

    Jj _Ravioly15 days ago

    game: "i'm inside your house and you hear me underneath your bed." My bulldogs underneath my bed: Say what now?

  65. Pee Dophile

    Pee Dophile16 days ago

    Jay: "And my camera died! Thank god you didn't see me like a b**** more" Us: 👁👄👁

  66. I Love Anime

    I Love Anime16 days ago

    It's the stabbing in the eyes for me

  67. itz_Ana

    itz_Ana16 days ago

    “I’m underneath ur bed” Me sleeping on a bed with no space under my bed to go:Bruh

  68. Syriously

    Syriously16 days ago

    Wowie, I didnt expect this to give me anxiety xD

  69. ludkkuno

    ludkkuno16 days ago

    if u had headphones on 8:41 i know u where scared

  70. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob17 days ago


  71. crispidy

    crispidy17 days ago

    bro jumpscares hardly ever get me anymore. that first one literally made me lose my breath lmao.

  72. crispidy

    crispidy17 days ago

    the last few, eh. not as good, since i’ve already seen the first one, the rest are literally the same xd.

  73. David Mab

    David Mab17 days ago

    Too bad i accidently crushed a snails shell when i was walking to my home.

  74. Fumikage Tokoyami

    Fumikage Tokoyami17 days ago

    I was perfectly calm until the jumpscare.

  75. i like trains uwu

    i like trains uwu17 days ago

    was i the only one laughing at how bad jay got scared 😭😭😭😂

  76. Zaria Gibson

    Zaria Gibson17 days ago

    11:04 I remember seeing that from a roblox shitpost

  77. Serena Daniell's

    Serena Daniell's17 days ago

    I watched flamingo play this on Roblox low-key wanna play it ngl

  78. Gacha Goody123Midnight

    Gacha Goody123Midnight18 days ago

    I got scared of the word potato earlier cuz it happened suddenly and its my notification sound but this nearly killed me and i was eating sour patch kids trhoughoit the whole vidoe and almost choked

  79. Gacha Goody123Midnight

    Gacha Goody123Midnight18 days ago

    Is it strange that when ever i get the heebie jeebies i only have the urge to keep my feet safe for some odd reason

  80. Hawk Hughes

    Hawk Hughes18 days ago

    Was the jumpscares supposed to be scary or am i just desensitized

  81. Haruka Ono

    Haruka Ono18 days ago

    Me laughing my ass off when the second jumpscare was interrupted by an add: 😂

  82. Aiden Lewis

    Aiden Lewis18 days ago

    Usually I’m scared of everything I’m a skiddish guy but I was surprised when I didn’t get scared when the jump scares happened

  83. Shawnda Halyard

    Shawnda Halyard18 days ago

    When you said it was 10:30 it was also 10:30 for me

  84. Royal Shadow

    Royal Shadow18 days ago

    this shit made me drop my goldfish. 1 like = 1 more goldfish

  85. Haech

    Haech19 days ago

    Jimmy’s got the whooping cough And Timmy’s got the measles That’s the way the story goes Pop goes the weasel! Pop goes the weasel! Pop goes the weasel! Pop goes the weasel! Pop goes the weasel! Pop goes the weasel! *Jumpscare that I totally saw coming* (Edit: I’ve never heard of whatever Jay’s playing, but I saw it coming)

  86. Ern Esto

    Ern Esto19 days ago

    Rip headphone users

  87. Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda19 days ago

    Game: calm down Jay: *mad at the game Me: GET THE GOD DAMN JUG OF WATER DAMN

  88. Kat Kirigiri

    Kat Kirigiri19 days ago

    "Imagine you've finished this test and you're lying on bed tonight, attempting to sleep." Me: Ha you wish I don't sleep :>

  89. Gacha Dino

    Gacha Dino20 days ago

    Well guess what I almost died in a car crash and I woke up this morning

  90. Brooklyn Mitchell

    Brooklyn Mitchell20 days ago


  91. Koromozaki

    Koromozaki20 days ago

    No one: Jay when the video started:"im feeling brave today" Also jay 20 min later:(almost cried)

  92. •itz cookie jess•

    •itz cookie jess•20 days ago

    "Im underneath your bed" I sleep on a matress tho-

  93. Fallen Idiot

    Fallen Idiot21 day ago

    I- 👁👄👁 Okay so when the pop goes the weasel song came up along with that deep laughter I immediately wasn’t scared anymore- Hard to believe I know- but I’m a Creepypasta child what do you expect- Laughing Jack immediately came into my mind- But Then came the jumpscare and my body said screen shot- 💀

  94. • m̸i̸u̸ i̸s̸ w̸a̸i̸f̸u̸ •

    • m̸i̸u̸ i̸s̸ w̸a̸i̸f̸u̸ •21 day ago

    yes cats would do that, and i would feel proud :>>>

  95. Charleston Louie

    Charleston Louie21 day ago

    Ummmmmmm.... is Jay a dad?

  96. chase

    chase20 days ago

    yes he’s had a kid for a few months-

  97. Isabelle does Minecraft

    Isabelle does Minecraft21 day ago

    18:55 *i like to move it move it move it*

  98. Onii-san, T- too deep

    Onii-san, T- too deep21 day ago

    Jay in 2x speed trying to read the text sounds like Ben Shapiro

  99. Luana Tianshi

    Luana Tianshi21 day ago

    Im the only one that laughs when other get scared especially jay?

  100. Vibe Troung

    Vibe Troung21 day ago

    Are you brave enough to not like pizza rolls

  101. •.Ełf _demøn.•

    •.Ełf _demøn.•21 day ago


  102. Shaniqua Bands

    Shaniqua Bands21 day ago

    i got so scared i almost chocked on mah potatoes

  103. 2020 2002

    2020 200221 day ago

    Watching this at 12:11 am👁👄.👁

  104. 2020 2002

    2020 200221 day ago

    Update: Both jump scares got me Edit:The third one just got me Love insomnia 🙃

  105. a tired gay disaster

    a tired gay disaster21 day ago

    As the test said “do you feel safe in your house...” my sister came into my room, and scared the crap out of me

  106. Kuzuki

    Kuzuki21 day ago

    “What you gonna do? Spank me?” Game: *jumpscare time baby*

  107. lillian spears

    lillian spears22 days ago

    hes inside your house, cuz hes the computer, hes the game, and its *in* your house, right? lol idk