Reacting To Scary Animations Narrated By Corpse Husband

Reacting to more Scary Animtions, this time with a familiar voice we've probably heard in the past, but now is a household name..
Meat Canyon:
Corpse Husband:
Wansee Entertainment:

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  1. Clayton Thompson

    Clayton Thompson47 minutes ago

    Jays sneezes as adorable

  2. L•A•V•A M•A•G•M•A

    L•A•V•A M•A•G•M•A4 hours ago

    Jay be simping on his voice by cause like its Corpse everyone simps for him

  3. Alpha Moon

    Alpha Moon6 hours ago

    corpse voice was just when he was younger

  4. Alpha Moon

    Alpha Moon6 hours ago

    This was corpse old voice but it lil deeper

  5. SUCC Coyotes

    SUCC Coyotes6 hours ago

    Yo did you guys notice the juggernog machine at 3:35

  6. Among_us Apple

    Among_us Apple7 hours ago

    Bless u my king ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

  7. Akira Kurusu

    Akira Kurusu8 hours ago

    i guess jay didn't know corpse had gerd

  8. jaqueline garcia

    jaqueline garcia9 hours ago

    Is anyone going to talk how jay looks so dang good 😂❤️?

  9. PetraStan Uwu

    PetraStan Uwu18 hours ago

    In my ethnical language, chi-chi is the baby-ish term for meat, specifically lamb i think.

  10. Gamers Playz

    Gamers Playz21 hour ago


  11. Purple Phoenix

    Purple Phoenix22 hours ago

    The video: corpse's voice but 0.001 lighter Jay: WHO TF IS THIS BOI

  12. nebulaqueen13 !

    nebulaqueen13 !Day ago

    *jay hears corpses voice : ME GUSTA!

  13. •`` Yumei san``•

    •`` Yumei san``•Day ago

    Corpse has a raspy voice and it's making my throat itchy 😧

  14. Kendell 457

    Kendell 457Day ago

    For anyone who doesn't know, Corpse Husband doesn't get his deep voice from hormones or genetics, here's why he gets it: With GERD, stomach acid persistently flows up into the esophagus. Over time, that stomach acid can irritate one's vocal cords, throat, and esophagus, which can change one's voice, potentially making it deeper or raspier.

  15. Rose Go Games

    Rose Go GamesDay ago

    Chichi mean boobs in Spanish btw Jay 😂

  16. omae wa mou shindeiru

    omae wa mou shindeiruDay ago

    i still remember senior woofers

  17. 90s_ Monique_

    90s_ Monique_Day ago

    You should react to corpse playing among us 😮

  18. Savannah C

    Savannah CDay ago

    Anyone gonna talk about how Jay watches the simpsons i’ve watched it 6 times-

  19. ShadowtheAssassin

    ShadowtheAssassinDay ago

    Jay: I know guys, I’m smiling hearing corpses voice. Me: But Jay- Jay: I can smile if I want to. Me: I- okay..

  20. Pillow- Casidilla

    Pillow- CasidillaDay ago

    First story: THAT'S CHEECHEE, JAY

  21. Terriana Hawkins

    Terriana HawkinsDay ago

    1:43 um... What 🤣 we don't do drugs here 🤣🤣😅

  22. Jone Arch

    Jone ArchDay ago

    jays smile in the thumbnail omggg😍😂🥰

  23. Surgar Gacha

    Surgar GachaDay ago

    i just finshed watching corpse

  24. illuminøus ;-;

    illuminøus ;-;Day ago

    Everyone: Scared of the story Me: Scared of corpse’s voice tell me its not just me-

  25. Southern _outlaw Dipper75

    Southern _outlaw Dipper75Day ago

    She was saying in her head damn he didn’t die in the plane 😂

  26. theonealex .x

    theonealex .x2 days ago

    Not me thinking Jay simping for corpse °.°

  27. never more

    never more2 days ago

    I love how Mason is his phone’s locked screen wallpaper

  28. lucifxrm

    lucifxrm2 days ago

    omg daddy corpse

  29. DURAN _D

    DURAN _D2 days ago

    Bro u talk too much I can’t hear the story stooooooooop talking

  30. Hope Potatoe

    Hope Potatoe2 days ago

    9:11 boi you wish

  31. Moon Light2.0

    Moon Light2.02 days ago

    Yo did anyone else see corpse Husband's name on the sign during the second video

  32. Night Mare

    Night Mare2 days ago

    I remember one night at my house it was like 8:30 I think and I had to go to my attic and when I got there a woman was there she was pale and had black hair and had a white dress and I screamed like a little girl and ever since that day I see things like a ghost or a demon

  33. Happy Furīko

    Happy Furīko2 days ago

    wait forgot u did react to him

  34. Maze Runner

    Maze Runner2 days ago

    Hehe!! these animations are so funny !!

  35. Orangepeel Oo

    Orangepeel Oo2 days ago

    Bless you jay

  36. indi

    indi2 days ago

    i saw corspe *so i clicked, simple*

  37. Nemanja Ilić

    Nemanja Ilić2 days ago

    uhh jay he has a condition and deap voice genetics a few years ago he sounded alot less deap

  38. Terisita Mediona

    Terisita Mediona2 days ago

    Corpse voice has a creepy vibe

  39. Jennifer Ellsworth

    Jennifer Ellsworth2 days ago

    The thing that he has is called drem

  40. harold anamaitonboys

    harold anamaitonboys2 days ago

    Your missing the live event

  41. Tomfoollemon71

    Tomfoollemon713 days ago

    Chi Chi in Spanish is bobs

  42. Endyourlifu 。

    Endyourlifu 。3 days ago

    Jay : looks like the simpsons house Me: thats is the simpsons casa👌😬

  43. be alright

    be alright3 days ago

    i just hope his voice doesn't get any deeper bc it can cause serious problems 😔

  44. welcome to how to be stubed wit cody

    welcome to how to be stubed wit cody3 days ago

    Am I the only one who simps for corpses voice

  45. Blvebells

    Blvebells3 days ago

    Hey.. hey Jay *This is funny.*

  46. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G3 days ago

    Wait, that guy got choked when the gas station guy threatened him, I would laugh, no cap

  47. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G3 days ago

    The stories narrated by Corpse, it was even better

  48. maddie

    maddie3 days ago

    not the dog humping-😭😭HAHHA

  49. Madeline Owens

    Madeline Owens3 days ago

    jay: my dog is jumping my leg under the table me: my did didit to the other dog YONGER than her me after think bout in: waiiitttt..

  50. Akutet Barac

    Akutet Barac3 days ago

    that was in 2015

  51. •ShadowViølet•

    •ShadowViølet•4 days ago

    At 15:00 I know it was an animation but the music got me so scared I clicked off the video immediately

  52. Dom Belmonte

    Dom Belmonte4 days ago

    Idk I think I ship them

  53. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou4 days ago

    I'm Asexual but when I heard Corpses voice for the first time. I started questioning my sexuality.

  54. Niki Niki NNP

    Niki Niki NNP15 hours ago

    Well depends if ur asexual in the s3x way or the romantic way lmao unless its aromantic

  55. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou4 days ago

    Me: Mom can I get a Vtuber? Mom: We have a Vtuber at home. Vtuber at home: 0:51

  56. LittlezChikenNuggy

    LittlezChikenNuggy4 days ago

    Oh my goodness I thought she did that on purpose because she was so mad that someone made her suffer even more so she wasn't paying attention and held her foot on the gas pedal but she did that because she was thankful that the guy was trying to save her. Thats a nice thanksgiving if you ask me.

  57. Sheriff Jotaro

    Sheriff Jotaro4 days ago

    Corpse sounds like some one how went through puberty 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times

  58. Daniel Obodo

    Daniel Obodo4 days ago

    Corpse husband probably smokes 1793 cigs a day

  59. Rayshell Doyle

    Rayshell Doyle4 days ago

    Can we see your dog

  60. Gaming With The Pros

    Gaming With The Pros4 days ago

    I think I know why he has a hella deep voice He is having a stroke

  61. neonx pink

    neonx pink4 days ago

    Señor woofers

  62. Finn Sixman

    Finn Sixman4 days ago

    Jay:My dog is humping me under the table Title of video:Me gusta

  63. Star Timberlan

    Star Timberlan4 days ago

    Can we just ship Jay and Corpse already? (I'm joking.)

  64. Native American Boy yt sequoyah

    Native American Boy yt sequoyah4 days ago

    him smiling at corpses voice me:😁😁😁😁😁🙃😀😃😄😄

  65. Purple • Seal

    Purple • Seal4 days ago

    Dr. Choke Me : )

  66. Jade Rhoden

    Jade Rhoden4 days ago

    15:04 is hilarious

  67. - berryxkunn -

    - berryxkunn -4 days ago

    Someone said that corpse has a condition that makes his voice sound like that

  68. simp

    simp4 days ago

    i love every ship with corpse envolved sorry sykunno but i need to move on(¬‿¬)

  69. Pink Kitten

    Pink Kitten4 days ago

    Most comments: *Something about Corpse* Me: -._-. -*-It... it says-** it says Scary Animtions in the desc- did nobody notice that!?* Confused noises.

  70. Branislav Stojiljlovic

    Branislav Stojiljlovic4 days ago

    Jay: "im waching animason" Also Jay: ME GUSTA THAT VOISE

  71. PlxsmaX

    PlxsmaX4 days ago

    Corpse is literally the opposite of just about everything.

  72. Ultimate_Supreme_leader Of_evil

    Ultimate_Supreme_leader Of_evil4 days ago

    I think I'm the only person in existence who doesn't drool over his voice.

  73. yall.know-naya bub

    yall.know-naya bub3 days ago


  74. Ultimate_Supreme_leader Of_evil

    Ultimate_Supreme_leader Of_evil3 days ago

    @Kumiko Moonlight I think it could've been a wholesome one.

  75. Ultimate_Supreme_leader Of_evil

    Ultimate_Supreme_leader Of_evil3 days ago

    @Kumiko Moonlight Oh...yes? Why?

  76. Kumiko Moonlight

    Kumiko Moonlight3 days ago

    You ship Shuichi and Kokichi?

  77. GradentSans Videos

    GradentSans Videos4 days ago

    I can relate

  78. Leo the Yandere

    Leo the Yandere4 days ago

    M E G U S T A

  79. ItzzRain

    ItzzRain4 days ago


  80. Tristano 227

    Tristano 2274 days ago

    Bruh Juggernog was in that first Corpse narration.

  81. miriam Askaravi

    miriam Askaravi4 days ago



    #I’m_CRAZY_ #BITCH_I’M LAZY4 days ago

    I was simping for Corpse and Jay and then I hit my head on my bed T^T

  83. Shining Games

    Shining Games5 days ago

    Jorpse Jay Corpse No regrets

  84. DinoNuggiez

    DinoNuggiez5 days ago

    i can't stop cringing when he's acting like he's black

  85. Trenton Schmitz

    Trenton Schmitz5 days ago

    Number 2 was corpse and he has a deeper voice wene he wakes up i think he said

  86. Lovible Zero

    Lovible Zero5 days ago

    before i watch the rest of this video. can we take a minute to appreciate the dad side of Jay and how his lock screen is Mason?

  87. Pock pock

    Pock pock5 days ago

    How does jay feel about corpses voice? "MmhM"

  88. José Gonzalez-Aponte

    José Gonzalez-Aponte5 days ago

    Bruh htf does Jay remember Senior Woofers 😂😂

  89. All about Gianna normal girl

    All about Gianna normal girl5 days ago

    His family: we are trying to sleep be quite😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  90. All about Gianna normal girl

    All about Gianna normal girl5 days ago

    When Jay said my dog is humping my foot I lost it😂😂😂

  91. Magical Artist

    Magical Artist5 days ago

    Jay: I would want the corpse on my side of the bed. 😂 Everyone: not laughing Jay See's the corpse: I take it back I don't want that by my bed.😌😥 Everyone: laughing at it because he takes it back🤣😂😆😂😆🤣😂🤣😆

  92. ꧁•sundae cookie•꧂

    ꧁•sundae cookie•꧂5 days ago

    Thumbnail ="Me gusta!" Me= "me gustan" 🙃

  93. 7oxxyy gamer

    7oxxyy gamer5 days ago

    Jay x corpse lol I need corpse to say "What a twist" or "That dude" lol XD

  94. EmeraldZara _

    EmeraldZara _5 days ago

    No one: The thumbnail: *mI gUsTa ;-;*

  95. Ren -

    Ren -5 days ago

    2:09 Omg your sneeze is so cute wtf

  96. bunny girl MK

    bunny girl MK5 days ago

    Crops voice made me feel comfortable so this is wasn't scary 😐

  97. JacobDoesGaming

    JacobDoesGaming5 days ago

    he smokes thats how is voice is low

  98. JacobDoesGaming

    JacobDoesGaming4 days ago

    @Noodle i honestly didn’t ask or more info lmao i understood, the first time you didn’t need to drag it out i’m just saying not tryna be rude or anything

  99. Noodle

    Noodle4 days ago

    @JacobDoesGaming oh well yeah that's the cause it's a health condition that only effects a small amount of ppl it said it's not life threatening and that most with this condition their voices don't get as deep as his but since his voice is naturally deep plus this condition makes it deeper

  100. JacobDoesGaming

    JacobDoesGaming4 days ago

    @Noodle no no i was joking lool i jsut thought he got blessed- but ty i had no idea

  101. Noodle

    Noodle4 days ago

    No he has a health condition that effects his vocal Cords that's what makes his voice low

  102. halie rose 13

    halie rose 135 days ago

    I'm just waiting for the ghost in the title call me pogchamp

  103. Ai Fang Ng

    Ai Fang Ng5 days ago

    Jay: BAG LADY... ME: Bagly..??

  104. Iyana Mitchell

    Iyana Mitchell5 days ago

    Subscribe to corpse

  105. Alien Queenn

    Alien Queenn5 days ago

    wait you have a dog or is it just an exprestion

  106. Queen Neveah

    Queen Neveah5 days ago

    Corpse deep voice- Me:Damnnn that's deep.... and chill I'm not calling da cops-

  107. Queen Neveah

    Queen Neveah5 days ago

    Your dog humping your leg?😂 I'm dying 🤣

  108. MyBlock

    MyBlock6 days ago

    Corpse husband is just still in puberty, when he turns seventy, his voice will be so low that you can’t hear it

  109. Mike Stevenson

    Mike Stevenson8 hours ago

    @Turtle Nugget due to his condition he is at risk of losing his voice entirely

  110. Turtle Nugget

    Turtle Nugget8 hours ago

    @Mike Stevenson what do you mean

  111. Mike Stevenson

    Mike Stevenson16 hours ago

    That is more true than you realize

  112. Ashanti

    Ashanti2 days ago

    @MyBlock lol

  113. MyBlock

    MyBlock3 days ago


  114. xXNyxVengfulXx t

    xXNyxVengfulXx t6 days ago

    I had I dilemma in watching this it's either be a simp in get scared or move on and Im here

  115. Jessica

    Jessica6 days ago

    Chi chi in the language Spanish means: Tits or bOobS O.o