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  1. Purple Elluka

    Purple EllukaHour ago

    Ok so i thought Kazuichi was a cool and innocent guy but he literally turned into a pervert there... if he keeps being like that Sonia won't be interested at all

  2. Little SweetDemon

    Little SweetDemon6 hours ago

    24:30 he invented simping,I swear next thing you know he be gibing her 1000 bucks for saying his name-

  3. Ü

    Ü14 hours ago

    i was exited when the kill finally happened and i was excited to see who it was, then it ended up being my favorite queen 😭

  4. Casually Fine productions

    Casually Fine productions2 days ago

    9:14 What if that was Leon from the first game 😳

  5. XxPeeptheCreepxX

    XxPeeptheCreepxX3 days ago

    Girl A Girl B Girl D Girl E Girl whatever All there voices are beautiful

  6. Rofort Ferret

    Rofort Ferret3 days ago

    Cringe but good XD

  7. Victoria Newman

    Victoria Newman3 days ago

    Kazuichi *is* the ultimate *SIMP*

  8. The Perez Flores sisters

    The Perez Flores sisters4 days ago

    LMWSONSIS Jay is such a mood "yes my love what do you want first?"

  9. Shakiya Smith

    Shakiya Smith5 days ago


  10. •LemonDrops•

    •LemonDrops•5 days ago

    Nagito: Wait- Hajime weren’t you planning to feed me? Jay: Yes my love do you want the milk or the toast first? I seriously love them bruh

  11. Kootly

    Kootly5 days ago

    Kazuichi and Hajime in the diner: 💺🧍🏼‍♂️💺🧍🏻‍♂️ Meanwhile, Peko for 3 hours: 🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️

  12. Wolfheart Foxlover

    Wolfheart Foxlover6 days ago

    Fanservice Episode

  13. Super Smile

    Super Smile7 days ago

    Mahiru was my fave

  14. stanibukiforgreatness

    stanibukiforgreatness8 days ago

    Nagito: Weren't you planning to feed me..? 𝙅𝘼𝙔: 𝙔𝙀𝙎 𝙈𝙔 𝙇𝙊𝙑𝙀

  15. { Hònęy Łemôņ }

    { Hònęy Łemôņ }8 days ago

    6:47 Nagito: Hey hajime weren't you planning to feed me? Jay:yes .yes my love

  16. Mochiii Fox

    Mochiii Fox10 days ago

    Jay: sorry your ears are probably bleeding by now 😂 Me: 🩸👁 👄 👁🩸 noooo

  17. unimportant but hi ig

    unimportant but hi ig10 days ago


  18. Ratti Msp

    Ratti Msp11 days ago

    Jay when he sees all the girls in swimsuits: 😐😐😐 Jay when he sees Nagito: 😍✨❤️💃😻🥵

  19. Hajimeme Highnata

    Hajimeme Highnata11 days ago

    “Oh god it’s even more erotic than I thought.” It’s gold for fanfic writers, komahina shippers, and nagito simps though 🙏

  20. Pixstella

    Pixstella12 days ago

    Peko killed Mahiru

  21. • trouvaillx •

    • trouvaillx •14 days ago

    Girl D And Girl C Really Sniffing Butts Rn 18:38

  22. Jiminthemochi _

    Jiminthemochi _16 days ago

    47:00 poor monomi she is thinking sad/suicidal thoughts :(

  23. ziadxdm999

    ziadxdm99916 days ago

    00:38 " i zip my habit'" lol

  24. Asiya Harrus

    Asiya Harrus16 days ago

    No one : Danganronpa: 12:52 ayo lets play a game inside this game

  25. Đ A N N I I

    Đ A N N I I17 days ago

    I know people might hate me for this, but i dont really like nagito- i hate the hinata x nagito ship. I dont know why (No hate for the ppl who ships this! I respect your opinion! ^^) its just there is something off nagito. I just hate him and i dont know why

  26. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda18 days ago

    The fact that you like Nagito makes me so happy.

  27. that haiku

    that haiku19 days ago

    40:43 *idk why i just couldn't stop laughing during this bit lmao*

  28. Lɪʟʏ_ _ʙɢ

    Lɪʟʏ_ _ʙɢ19 days ago

    My sister was watching with me then she was like 'oh gwad nagito is damn *HWAT* '

  29. AnimeLemonz

    AnimeLemonz19 days ago

    46:59 are Tamaki and monomi related somehow 😂

  30. Laney Kimball

    Laney Kimball19 days ago

    a fellow nagito simp indeed

  31. Random Lesbian

    Random Lesbian21 day ago


  32. Reddxiety Nox

    Reddxiety Nox21 day ago

    Everyone talking about Nagito but like... The lesbian energy that Ibuki radiates

  33. Random Lesbian

    Random Lesbian21 day ago

    Chiaki is so beautiful omg-

  34. reyna michaelis

    reyna michaelis21 day ago

    5:10 "as if a black poison was falling from his mouth every time he spoke, filling his surroundings with darkness... MAN HE'S JUST HUNGRY"

  35. Super Gaming Bro XCVI

    Super Gaming Bro XCVI22 days ago

    9:14... Was that?... 11037? (Technically this isn't a spoiler unless you actually make it a spoiler.)

  36. Cute Min Suga

    Cute Min Suga22 days ago

    19:53 that scared me oh my gosh

  37. Mikayala Motsi

    Mikayala Motsi23 days ago

    Nekomaru trained a baseball player and a tennis player A bit of a spoiler regarding danganronpa v3 (it's a warning) Conspiracy theory So what if the baseball player is Leon And the tennis player is ryoma

  38. Random Lesbian

    Random Lesbian23 days ago

    I'm such a simp for Gundham

  39. Random Lesbian

    Random Lesbian23 days ago

    Fuyuhiko is ultimate boss baby

  40. Ellxsqq

    Ellxsqq23 days ago

    16:57, that keeps activating my google assistant :T

  41. Hinoe

    Hinoe23 days ago

    m a h e e r o

  42. luz neto

    luz neto24 days ago

    nagito: i'm embarrassed to ask a girl to feed me, so i'm glad u came, hajime. me: yeah i'm sure ur glad it wasn't a girl, but way to flirt, dude.

  43. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face24 days ago

    Nagito being Nagito: Jay: Ah, yes my love. Let me feed you, would you like the toast or milk first?

  44. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon24 days ago

    she was one of my favorite characters...

  45. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon24 days ago

    im crying so much...

  46. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon24 days ago


  47. notgvlden

    notgvlden25 days ago


  48. random person

    random person25 days ago

    Everyone in the game: *hates nagito* Everyone in the fan base- *loves nagito* Nagito is awesome, it’s literally painful to watch nagito suffer. he hAs FeELiNgS TOo

  49. Lauren Likes danganronpa

    Lauren Likes danganronpa26 days ago

    Nagito:Hey weren’t you planning to feed me Jay: y e s m y l o v e

  50. maxxinq

    maxxinq27 days ago

    mahiru was my favorite female character with ibuki :(((

  51. maxxinq

    maxxinq27 days ago

    nagito: f e e d m e jay: *yes, my love* hajime: aight imma head out

  52. Wave Slayer

    Wave Slayer27 days ago

    Bro I'm not tryna see all the fan service, I just wanna see the actual murder shit

  53. Stephanie Morejon

    Stephanie Morejon28 days ago

    por·tent /ˈpôrˌtent/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. a sign or warning that something, especially something momentous or calamitous, is likely to happen. "they believed that wild birds in the house were portents of death"

  54. anime simp

    anime simp29 days ago

    dang i really wanted hajime to feed him....

  55. Lucy Gilbert

    Lucy Gilbert29 days ago

    Jay: "What if he dies though?" *SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED V2!!* Me: *Well yes but actually no-*

  56. claire

    claire29 days ago

    i wanna eat ice cream and play board games with chiaki, they’re so mean to turn her down like that :(

  57. Neverest

    NeverestMonth ago


  58. Wiz*won

    Wiz*wonMonth ago

    it’s jay calling nagito “MY love” for me-- cuz deadass i felt that in my soul. i’d feed him so fast bye 💀🤚🏻

  59. Pierson Gilliam

    Pierson GilliamMonth ago

    the “yes my love” has me CRYING 😭😭

  60. death the kid

    death the kidMonth ago

    u should be a voice actor

  61. Hajime, how many sides does and octagon have?

    Hajime, how many sides does and octagon have?Month ago

    im really hoping jay dosent hate kokichi- well he likes nagito maybe he'll like kokichi.

  62. milly

    millyMonth ago

    7:22 we need to feed him toast with mondo butter and milk 10:04

  63. Insomniac Doodlebug

    Insomniac DoodlebugMonth ago

    Its unfair how cute chiaki is-

  64. Sean Lawrence Panganiban

    Sean Lawrence PanganibanMonth ago


  65. 「 Sakura Dxst 」

    「 Sakura Dxst 」Month ago

    !!! Spoilers Maybe because Peko killed Mahiru and counted as finding the body then Hiyoko, then Kazuichi which is how there was an announcement??? _Edit: Nvm?_

  66. Joseph Broseph

    Joseph BrosephMonth ago

    35:17 "The person who walked through was-" Ad: USlikes premium

  67. LulaSnake

    LulaSnakeMonth ago

    hope: hewo naigito: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GET OVER HERE YOU LITTLE SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Potato

    PotatoMonth ago

    Omg i think i know what “it” was..

  69. [moved channels] xchuurixx

    [moved channels] xchuurixxMonth ago

    9:15 11037?

  70. Viella

    ViellaMonth ago

    33:06 36:46 38:42 *e v e r y o n e a s n a c c*

  71. Jennifer Schoenrock

    Jennifer SchoenrockMonth ago

    Jay simps for Nagito and I am here for it 😌


    QUEEN of PEANUTSMonth ago

    42:07 wooooooooooooo happy day for meee hehehe

  73. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristMonth ago

    best boi nagito: Hey, weren't you gonna feed me? Jay: yes my love- Hajime: lol nah Jay: *GOD DAMMIT-*

  74. josh geiser

    josh geiserMonth ago


  75. 3xplain

    3xplainMonth ago


  76. Daisy Chavarin

    Daisy ChavarinMonth ago

    i simp for nagito:)

  77. Georgia

    GeorgiaMonth ago

    K so I just got to the game bit and I gotta say mate you have an amazing ability with voices. Damn you switch between the voices so smoothly.

  78. hiyoko stan

    hiyoko stanMonth ago


  79. Honeylemon

    HoneylemonMonth ago

    SPOILER WARNING!!!! 17:44 why he sound like Izuru

  80. Nolan

    NolanMonth ago

    Love this title

  81. Golden Bacon

    Golden BaconMonth ago

    The scene when Hajime didn’t feed Nagito is always the best 😭

  82. Donovan Tomlinson

    Donovan TomlinsonMonth ago

    girl E: we just found a body and not report it. its not really a crime. me: no but its sus as HELL

  83. yaritza midnight

    yaritza midnightMonth ago

    Is it just me nagito voice actor is the same to makoto

  84. Ink And Flames

    Ink And FlamesMonth ago

    Yeah, they have the same voice actors 😁

  85. Golden Bacon

    Golden BaconMonth ago

    they do have the same voice actor

  86. ToTo ꧂

    ToTo ꧂Month ago

    hajime:*leaves* jay:"no lets give him toast and miLKY👊😡"

  87. Maureen Gomes

    Maureen GomesMonth ago

    I was actually so into the video game that I thought it wasn't danganronpa lol

  88. Yen Nguyen

    Yen NguyenMonth ago


  89. No No

    No NoMonth ago

    Nagito: Could you feed me? Jay: *Yes, my love. Do you want the toast or the milky?*

  90. Liliane Auza

    Liliane AuzaMonth ago

    hmm i might have to pause on the simping of nagito to analyze him and stop going awooga at him during the video 4:40 aw- i mean poor guy :( 5:22 hajime? 5:43 haha jay's face 18:57 oop 30:23 oh yeah just like byakuya and toko 34:57 awww 35:08 awww haha 35:24 excuse me?

  91. Camigabastor 69

    Camigabastor 69Month ago

    "I'll feed you" BAHSHAHHSS

  92. ARhannah

    ARhannahMonth ago

    Nagito: Weren't you...planning to feed me? Jay: yes my love idk why this had me rolling LOLOO

  93. Strxlizia

    StrxliziaMonth ago

    I can't wait for Jay's reaction to Sonia swearing lmao

  94. Eowyn Saldana

    Eowyn SaldanaMonth ago

    We all wanted to feed nagito

  95. Ludwig

    LudwigMonth ago

    19:52 jumpscare warning

  96. Just C4

    Just C4Month ago

    Everyone's talking about Nagito. I'm focused on that crisp, pristine voice acting for the game

  97. Yuna Angel viena

    Yuna Angel vienaMonth ago

    Okay but what is the it

  98. ericzaiden

    ericzaidenMonth ago

    Everyone youtuber who plays Danganronpa: *simping over Chiaki, Akane, and Mikan* Jay when he sees Nagito: *Y e s m y l o v e ?*

  99. I am sitting On a bad boy piece of information

    I am sitting On a bad boy piece of informationMonth ago


  100. Catherine Xiong

    Catherine XiongMonth ago

    idk Mikan sound like a mice lol xD

  101. Cece

    CeceMonth ago

    Hold up nekumaru said he trained a baseball player ngl I think he trained Leon

  102. Angel Yang

    Angel YangMonth ago

    But Jay's girls voices from the video game was a m a z i n g