How I've Been Feeling Mentally Lately

Felt good to get this off my let's end this year strong!
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  1. {Rubic_gacha }

    {Rubic_gacha }Hour ago

    Time to help the best “the dude” in the world

  2. KeeWee Fairy Turtle

    KeeWee Fairy Turtle3 hours ago

    Jay all of the kubz scouts are here for you

  3. Rix Rocks

    Rix Rocks5 hours ago

    I will not have expectations because I already know that you're THAT DUDE! Take your time Jay because we already like who you are! You already amazing and will be that dude.

  4. Hunie Punisher

    Hunie Punisher6 hours ago

    You should play Outlast I and Outlast II I hope you feel better oVo

  5. TheGalaxyBunny

    TheGalaxyBunny14 hours ago

    The thumbnail makes me wonder why the kubz scouts youtooz is not out wtf guys.

  6. leat fingies

    leat fingies17 hours ago

    mental health is more important than content!! take a break for as long as you want we’ll all still be here to support you in every way!! much love from every fan xxx p.s: not asking for sympathy obviously, but what you’ve been saying is what i went thru before hitting rlly bad depression please take care of yourself!! you’ve made us all happy and now it’s our turn to make you happy :) we all love you!! btw you’re THAT DUDE!! xox

  7. my life in a nutshell

    my life in a nutshell17 hours ago

    hey man, we all are there for you. you dont have to post everyday its okay to take a break. we love you !!

  8. here2watch08

    here2watch0819 hours ago

    You are definitely suffering from insomnia right now, and if you're overwhelmed that would be anxiety, and you definitely have anxiety when it comes to business affairs, plus it's very possible you're suffering from a bit of depression. I'm not a doctor, but I took a couple psych classes in college and have been in therapy consistently since 2002, as well as having been to treatment centers. I honestly think you should try finding a therapist. Definitely try out some to find one you connect with, and it's so helpful and life changing I swear to you. Everyone is doing video chats right now as well so you wouldn't even have to go anywhere, just do it right at home. A therapist will help you figure out what it is exactly you are feeling, and why exactly you are feeling that way, as well as showing you how to overcome your issues. I highly, highly recommend a therapist. I think everyone should have one really, but especially when people are feeling the way you are. That's no way to live and with the right help you could overcome these issues and come out better than before you had these issues. Just my two cents, take it or leave it. Either way I hope you feel better!

  9. Br Plays

    Br Plays19 hours ago

    Whoever disliked this needs to be slowly boiled alive C:

  10. fleur_rxse

    fleur_rxse19 hours ago

    Jay you dont have to keep uploading you can quit, you can take a break! And your videos are amazing.

  11. Quick Cat

    Quick CatDay ago

    Hip thrust pose

  12. Lakierra White

    Lakierra WhiteDay ago

    Jay ....... are you..... pregnant 🤭🥺

  13. RaindropSketches

    RaindropSketchesDay ago

    It's a week later since the time that this was posted, but I just want to say that we love you, Jay. You've always been a great guy and I've been a proud subscriber for 4 years! Always love watching your content and laughing. I hope that things turn up for you and that you gain your confidence back. Looking forward to the years to come watching your channel! ❤

  14. Juggalo Gamer

    Juggalo GamerDay ago

    SORRY ITS SO LONG Hope you feel better man its been a journey watching you been some fun times and some sad times but if you ever need a few days off man we understand family love family we are all not just some people watching you its family and friends man we are here if you need us and your there if we need you stay strong my guy lots of love to you man hope your staying safe umm an idea for a USlikes series would be a jay unboxing but really funny and in your own little way of unboxing some stuff think that would be cool cheers jay for all the videos in the past and in the future

  15. Erica Andersta

    Erica AnderstaDay ago

    Please play horizon zero dawn i think you would really love it. It has the story, grafics and its really beutifull. Hope you will feel better soon❤️❤️❤️

  16. Quin Henige

    Quin HenigeDay ago

    Welcome to depression my friend 😌

  17. Gio's Gaming

    Gio's GamingDay ago

    Take a break

  18. Apex Price Estimation

    Apex Price EstimationDay ago

    Hope you feel better soon!

  19. Nagitos Girlfriend

    Nagitos GirlfriendDay ago

    We are here for you❤️

  20. Liannah Snow

    Liannah Snow2 days ago

    your mental health will always be more important to us than your content and videos. if you need a break, then you need to take one. take care of yourself, and you’re doing an amazing job. i’m proud of you

  21. Alison Mathis

    Alison Mathis2 days ago

    And if u ever need a break we understand btw u have helped me with tough times and u r an amazing person and I hope u get to feeling better

  22. Alison Mathis

    Alison Mathis2 days ago

    I think u should do 2 peace signs

  23. Amari :]

    Amari :]2 days ago

    Thank you Jay :)💖💖

  24. Amari :]

    Amari :]2 days ago

    We all love you Jay from the Cub Scouts does take a break :)💖💖

  25. Amari :]

    Amari :]2 days ago

    Jay from the Cub Scouts you’re the best dissed get a break from USlikes 💖💖💖

  26. Sky S.

    Sky S.2 days ago

    Jay we definitely put your own being before these videos. Please take a break for however long you need come back when you feel 100% ❤️

  27. Janie Lopez

    Janie Lopez2 days ago

    Were here for you❤️

  28. AthXoxo

    AthXoxo2 days ago

    Aww Jay... you should take a break if you feel you can't do the videos...we all love seeing you making videos but your feelings and health are important to us who supporting you okay?🙏🏻 You're an amazing person remember that!!! ❤️

  29. Ice falls, Snow storms

    Ice falls, Snow storms2 days ago

    I’m late to this but Jay take care of your mental health, it doesn’t matter if you feel like you are letting us down or if you feel like you need to record. You matter and so does your mental health. Also I’d love to see a figurine of you, it would be so adorable (like a Japanese highschool version of you screaming🤣🤣🤣) anyways I’ll end this comment off with I absolutely love watching your videos and the energy you put in them, it is so clear to see that you work so hard and care about USlikes and making videos! Thank you.

  30. XxXRadioactive _

    XxXRadioactive _2 days ago

    When you realize you’ve been watching jay for 6years... BUT Jay it’s ok take a break you deserve it from 6years of doing it you must be worn out so if you need it you go no one will be mad :))

  31. Jambus Willingar

    Jambus Willingar3 days ago

    For the love of Buddha, just take a break

  32. Thearon

    Thearon3 days ago

    Jay you can literally make the shittiest game so entertaining to watch. you’re a good dude, you have helped so many people doing what you do. you brighten up people’s day dude. you’re doing awesome and we’re all hella proud of you❤️

  33. Thearon

    Thearon3 days ago

    Jay, you are that dude and we love you. Take a break dude, you deserve it❤️

  34. GeekyScout

    GeekyScout3 days ago

    It is time for you to take break for while Jay. You do having Depression like I having. Take your time and do what you gotta to do! We (fan) still support you and loving you no matter what is it! 💖

  35. XxvanyxX 4

    XxvanyxX 43 days ago

    I’ve been watching your videos for so long, take a break, and stay positive.💕

  36. Aaron is manly

    Aaron is manly3 days ago

    Yo my guy take a break if you need it, we'll still be here when ya get back! You're not just a creator or a youtuber you're a person with person emotions and person needs

  37. killer arts

    killer arts3 days ago

    Does anyone remember dark deception there wasn't any other chapter i only found a few was it not posted or am I trippen 😕

  38. [Content Deleted]

    [Content Deleted]3 days ago

    hey Jay, if you are feeling this way you can take a break from youtube for awhile youtube is a hard job, especially when you make good content everyday like you do. And we understand if you need to take a break from it, but please go take a break. get some rest, because you are that dude and we can't let that dude feel this way. So take a break.

  39. Ayano Aishi

    Ayano Aishi3 days ago

    Dont always think how people think you will be. Be yourself, just ignore them

  40. Wasabi ninja

    Wasabi ninja3 days ago

    Ay cbd man calms you down and theirs health benefits 6:20 Edit: and for the youtoonz a yandere outfit fosho

  41. maddie

    maddie3 days ago


  42. maddie

    maddie3 days ago


  43. maddie

    maddie3 days ago

    you are good enough, we will always support you no matter what😭❤️❤️

  44. maddie

    maddie3 days ago

    we will always try our best to support you❤️thank you for making me relaxed and less stressful after a long day at school. you took care of us for so long, its now your turn to finally relax and take a break, we will always understand you. thank you jay❤️u helped me/us a lot

  45. maddie

    maddie3 days ago

    everything you do is always good enough, we love you jay😭

  46. maddie

    maddie3 days ago

    jay we will understand whatever decision you make, you are appreciated by us and we just love you ❤️ if you feel overwhelmed, do take a break and don't stress yourself too much. lots of love from your fan from 5yrs ago :)

  47. Lindsay Peterson

    Lindsay Peterson3 days ago

    I first saw you when I was 12, and now I am 16 😂

  48. Starally Foxylight

    Starally Foxylight3 days ago

    this whole video reminded of that one time in a video u said how 2017 was rough and how u kept having to post everyday and it was stressing I don't want u to relive those days where u were stressed so try taking a break

  49. Yikes K

    Yikes K3 days ago

    Please start streaming and real life stuff! Best wishes to you Jay.

  50. Lyric Southard

    Lyric Southard4 days ago


  51. Dirt Spoon

    Dirt Spoon4 days ago

    It’s okay Jay, you can take a break because we completely understand. ❤️❤️

  52. S.N’s YouTube World

    S.N’s YouTube World4 days ago

    It's okay jay I watched u since 2015 and If u need to take a break take as long as u need remember we know u love us but dont stress yourself out 😁

  53. India Willis

    India Willis4 days ago

    Jay we completely understand everyone needs a break. We love and care for you so much

  54. Nicole Bennett

    Nicole Bennett4 days ago

    As much as we love your content, we're here for you! Don't think anything is not "good enough" because if you're in it.... It's good enough for us!

  55. chimmy 0t7

    chimmy 0t74 days ago

    also jay, do you think you can play more scary asian games if you’re okay? i missed them so much like the korean scary game “white day” :,) but it’s okay if you don’t want to! just take care of yourself first! :)

  56. chimmy 0t7

    chimmy 0t74 days ago

    hi jay. take a break if you need to, don’t worry, we’ll always be here! take care of yourself before thinking of us, yourself should be your priority! don’t pressure yourself as well and take things easy, maybe get some fresh air. you will always be the same jay we’ve known for a long time. we’ll always be here, so take a break! much love 💕

  57. AniFu

    AniFu4 days ago

    If u ever need a break Jay which we all think u may need go for it and we will still be waiting and ready to BUCKLE UP once ur doing better 😌

  58. Oh No!

    Oh No!4 days ago

    Jay, you should always put your mental and physical health before content, if you need a break it is totally fine and we will support you no matter what! You deserve that break 100%.

  59. boba nim

    boba nim4 days ago

    Jay please take a break from youtube and even social media so you can let ur mind rest and not be overwhelmed by too much media its really taxing so let yourself rest don't let yourself burnt out :(

  60. 羅邦宸

    羅邦宸4 days ago

    Just so you know, if you decide to stream we will full-on support dat.

  61. 羅邦宸

    羅邦宸4 days ago

    Jay I feel the same way's okay.

  62. Lilianis Vazquez

    Lilianis Vazquez4 days ago

    You’re that dude

  63. Lilianis Vazquez

    Lilianis Vazquez4 days ago

    We love you jay ❤️❤️❤️ so don’t worry about it

  64. Jewel Hil

    Jewel Hil4 days ago

    We're all here for you Jay

  65. Premila G

    Premila G4 days ago

    i say we will be here for you

  66. Premila G

    Premila G4 days ago


  67. Premila G

    Premila G4 days ago

    oof i oopss say we are you for you 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓 i dumdum ;-;

  68. Premila G

    Premila G4 days ago

    you can't keep feelings ok YOU are that DUDE JAY you'll be ok it will be all fine jay we and here for me no need to worry ok : )

  69. Premila G

    Premila G4 days ago

    no worry's people have breaks we can wait 😊😸👍🏻😉 you don't need to make videos everyday you know maybe have breaks on sundays and monday 😊😉😺😸👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻!! :3

  70. Ryan padron

    Ryan padron4 days ago

    For real, get off USlikes for a few weeks. We’ll still be here for you, and you know that. You got this👊

  71. Rada Tesic

    Rada Tesic4 days ago

    We're happy to see you being here and recording for us and all but dont forget about your mental health its the most important thing about you just please be okay💖😄☺

  72. Shannon Bayliss

    Shannon Bayliss4 days ago

    It ok if u need to take a break for a bit we will all understand. Personally I would love to see you play some console games like overwatch, or maybe u playing public among us, kinda think that would be cool, but it chill if unable. You are amazing and I love ur vids, they always make me laugh and I am so glad that my friend gave me ur channel to watch. So thank you for being yourself.

  73. Snow Agreste

    Snow Agreste4 days ago

    I love how honest Jay is🥺❤ Pls take care of yourself Jay! Take a break if you'll need to. I'll always be your fan! ❤❤❤

  74. Dek0ra

    Dek0ra5 days ago

    Jay take a break!!! It’s okay just take a break bro you deserve it dude !!! Also for non gaming related things maybe you should react to videos like what Cody ko and Noel Miller react to if that makes sense

  75. Kinsley Whitcroft

    Kinsley Whitcroft5 days ago

    Jay we need you to be ok so if you need a break make sure to take one and I promise you we will like anything you put out because we love you care about you hope your ok

  76. Kuroken Is cannon

    Kuroken Is cannon5 days ago

    Hey Jay, if you need a break please take on if it will help. I don't think anyone likes to see you sad or upset.

  77. Saki Kodom

    Saki Kodom5 days ago

    This is late but I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do down the line Jay. Virtual Hugs* lol(ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c)♡

  78. DaveDaBoi 21

    DaveDaBoi 215 days ago

    Just gonna ignore the thumbnail?

  79. AsAzz

    AsAzz5 days ago

    That Dude, I’m not even that far in the video. But please take a break anytime. You sound like you’re in stage 1 of depression which you need to not let get out of hand. If you need break, if you need help, if you need anything: as your fans and family we will love and support you no matter. Please do not let yourself get in a horrible state of mind. Take time, no matter how long. Weeks, months, hell, years. We will always be with you. Thank you Jay, I’ve gone through a lot of shit and you make me smile all the time. Stay strong brother, we love you and you’re a real one. -Asa

  80. All about Gianna normal girl

    All about Gianna normal girl5 days ago

    To be honest I like to hide my emotions like when I just cried I act happy and I hide my emotions really good soo yeah👍🏻

  81. 「A y u k i i」

    「A y u k i i」4 days ago

    @All about Gianna normal girl why were you crying.

  82. All about Gianna normal girl

    All about Gianna normal girl4 days ago

    @「A y u k i i」 it’s true tho

  83. 「A y u k i i」

    「A y u k i i」4 days ago

    that sounds really sarcastic ngl.

  84. Cin CinnamonToast

    Cin CinnamonToast5 days ago

    We're all here for you Jay! If you ever need to take a few days off to just clear your mind and get yourself back up to a 10, we'll support you! We can't enjoy your content if you're not enjoying yourself! We love you so so much, Jay! I hope you feel better soon!!! 💕💕

  85. OwU Gossip-scholar

    OwU Gossip-scholar5 days ago

    Who oddly find jay without his headphones 🎧 good looking? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 😂😂

  86. Himiko Toga

    Himiko Toga5 days ago

    Can you play secret neighbour again?

  87. Tica K

    Tica K5 days ago

    I'd kill for some irl content! Please take good care

  88. Ya Daddi

    Ya Daddi5 days ago

    Sending hugs jay❣️

  89. Hercell Yutiko

    Hercell Yutiko5 days ago

    Idea for a pose: putting on the "That Dude" sunglasses. :)

  90. Maria McAndrews

    Maria McAndrews5 days ago

    If you need to take a break, take a break. We’ll be here when you are ready. Everyone gets burnt out sometimes.

  91. Yanna Dira

    Yanna Dira5 days ago

    Jay, I have been watching you ever since 2015. I'm glad I was so obsessed with Yandere Simulator, because that obsession lead me to see you. Know that I love you, and everyone else here loves you too. I have been dealing with a lot of crap lately, and it's really hard on my shoulders. But seeing you, remembering how you liked my post way back on twitter, it makes me happy. I always look forward to see you! Whatever decision you make, just know that we will always be here for you. Do whatever makes you happy! Don't always do it for us, but do it for yourself. Because if you do that, it feels like you're doing it FOR us, if you do things for yourself. I hope you see this, that would be so cool if you see this oml. Getting noticed by you again huhu. Love from the Philippines, and love from all over the world. We will always wait for you, we will always be here for you. I promise you that-- WE promise you that. And we would love to see you live! It would be soooo cool if you uploaded vlogs too! Again, love you!!!!

  92. d i s g u s t f a c e

    d i s g u s t f a c e5 days ago

    yes please take a break if you need to, we are very concern fghddghgferghyhb

  93. clem hiya

    clem hiya5 days ago

    Hey Jay it's okay if you need a break we love you and you don't need to stress ❤❤❤

  94. Funtime Freddy

    Funtime Freddy5 days ago

    If you ever need a break, you can always take one. Just remember that we love you and take care Jay

  95. Naja Marie Majland Abelsen

    Naja Marie Majland Abelsen5 days ago

    I have been feeling like this for a long time as well. It sounds similar to an artist art-block. You should take a break until you feel better and your motivation will come back soon ^^

  96. Krillanr

    Krillanr5 days ago

    Pewdiepie had burnout. Markiplier had burnout. Jacksepticeye had burnout. It's natural bud. Just gotta renovate your groove from time to time. Do what's good for ya bud. Nothin but love brotha.

  97. Gaby

    Gaby5 days ago

    POV: You're scrolling through recent comments to see if there are any haters p.s love you and ur vids jay!!!!!! pleaseee take a break my guy

  98. WillowTree

    WillowTree5 days ago

    If you need a break you should take one. I need to catch up on a lot of your videos anyway. All of you're content makes my day and makes me happy 🙂❤️

  99. Jesus Silva

    Jesus Silva5 days ago

    Jay we understand take a break and chill we all need a break sometimes

  100. Kiley Hardin

    Kiley Hardin5 days ago

    I have been (at least recently) falling asleep at 11pm/12am and I wake up at like 10 or 11am. I mean sometimes I will actually wake up earlier than that say "Nah" and go back to sleep. I feel you Jay.

  101. Winter Witch

    Winter Witch5 days ago

    Danganronpa V3 at some point. But more importantly.. Jay, if you need to take a break then by all means please do. You need to take care of yourself and no one will be upset with you. As your fans we want you to stick around so if you aren't feeling well please take a break. So yeah, if you need to please take a break. (I'm talking in circles). We love You, take care of yourself.

  102. Madz Playz

    Madz Playz6 days ago

    Take a break if you need to! We will understand everything. You were there to light up day when I see you post a video. You were there to make me happy through the hardest of time, and this time I am flipping it, we are here for you through your darkest of times.

  103. Nicole Edwards

    Nicole Edwards6 days ago

    Dont let your feelings get the best of you... Go out their and do you!👍

  104. Daizah Robinson

    Daizah Robinson6 days ago

    Also little hope would be a good game!!