4th Class trial of Danganronpa 2 is complete...i'm still filled with despair..50K Likes for more!
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  1. Faithharris

    Faithharris20 minutes ago

    Chiaki is literally the "Oh No! Anyways..." meme

  2. Swampeii

    Swampeii4 hours ago

    Anyone else cried watching that blackened go? That hit me like a truck goddamn

  3. Random Notsayer

    Random Notsayer6 hours ago

    Me thinking from the start it was an elevator Them one hour later *thinking* it’s an elevator

  4. Denki Tokoyami

    Denki Tokoyami6 hours ago

    This is my first time seeing this trial and I've known the structure sense last episode to me it was kind if obvious, well atleast once they went Strawberry house before tge trial but even before then I still kind of understood

  5. кυиαι キアラ

    кυиαι キアラ7 hours ago

    Jay: come on obviously an octagon is a eight-sized shape Also Jay: *clicking the six-sized shape* Edit: aND GETTING MAD ABOUT IT, really dude? I'm disappointed..

  6. кυиαι キアラ

    кυиαι キアラ7 hours ago


  7. İrem S

    İrem S10 hours ago

    Fun Fact: What Gundham drew on the ground before he died was for hamsters to live.

  8. Hayriye Özenli

    Hayriye Özenli12 hours ago

    50:28 naw man you clicked on the hexagon

  9. кυиαι キアラ

    кυиαι キアラ7 hours ago

    I'm seriously disappointed that he got mad about it,, when he was the one clicking the wrong shape lmao

  10. Vik

    Vik13 hours ago

    2:02:59 I can’t- They do be smoking something

  11. GundhamzTanakaz Videos!

    GundhamzTanakaz Videos!Day ago


  12. Teh Long Pang

    Teh Long PangDay ago


  13. mafi 116

    mafi 116Day ago

    It's Akane sus y she so hungry there the motiv

  14. ana :p

    ana :pDay ago


  15. diharrea poop

    diharrea poopDay ago

    I thought an Octogan was 6 sides PLEASE 💀

  16. Corgi Cutie

    Corgi CutieDay ago

    2:05:57 Akane was cryinggggggg

  17. Bryce H

    Bryce H2 days ago

    "Im on my albert Einstein" Jay 2020

  18. It’s Chihiro QwQ

    It’s Chihiro QwQ2 days ago

    I trusted that naked grey man...

  19. Charming

    Charming2 days ago

    👏 praise 👏 cocky 👏 nagito 👏

  20. Oceanside

    Oceanside3 days ago

    lol the ding dong baby

  21. Kammi38

    Kammi384 days ago

    Can ppl stop spoiling..

  22. {Shadow Chan Edits}

    {Shadow Chan Edits}4 days ago

    SPOILER OF THIS TRIAL i have never cried so much about a death in a video game- I have 4 hamsters myself and just imagined them watching me die and it's killing me atm.

  23. cxsinø

    cxsinø5 days ago


  24. Nagito and Kokichi’s Shared account

    Nagito and Kokichi’s Shared account5 days ago

    DAMN GHUNDAM ALMOST MADE ME TEAR UP AGAIN!! The fact that the whole spell Ghundam cast was to protect the Four Dark Devas from getting killed 😭✋🏻

  25. Victoria Kjær Offersen

    Victoria Kjær Offersen5 days ago

    how many agree that this is probably the prettiest class trial room so far??

  26. Shanana Johnson

    Shanana Johnson5 days ago

    And the most respectful thing to do to mourn Gundham is to stuff your face because he sacrificed him self so you don’t starve to death

  27. Shanana Johnson

    Shanana Johnson5 days ago

    Gundhum and Pekos are probably the saddest Who’s gonna look after the four dark devas of destruction. =(

  28. Shanana Johnson

    Shanana Johnson5 days ago

    Also they fact that there devas means their female

  29. Cthulhu Dog

    Cthulhu Dog5 days ago

    Did anyone notice that teruteru’s X is a fork and knife. And mikans is a hospital + sign

  30. Reservation Ink

    Reservation Ink6 days ago

    NO THATS WRONG! 11:52

  31. Shefaly Begum

    Shefaly Begum6 days ago

    50:36 me while I'm on a diet seeing a chocolate cake in the fridge

  32. Zoro’s Sense of direction

    Zoro’s Sense of direction6 days ago

    I absolutely love when jay talks to the hamsters in a baby voice sjdjdj

  33. tania δຶᴖ δຶ

    tania δຶᴖ δຶ6 days ago

    netflix: "are you still watching?" someones daughter: 50:38 someones daughter afterwards: 57:06 someones daughter telling her partner how its going: 57:16

  34. MC Princess

    MC Princess6 days ago

    Akani:"there is no way a chick whould kill so cruelly." Mikan:"Bich u thought." Chapter 3 trial 3

  35. lemonsquish

    lemonsquish6 days ago

    If Jay gonna play DRV3... I will call him Jesus if he passed all the trials smoothly. The trials are so confusing with all the new things added in

  36. Reaper Raccoon

    Reaper Raccoon7 days ago

    90% of the Comments Are Making jokes about what happens previously but they add Spoiler Cuz they don’t want to Ruin the Newbies Experience to the show

  37. sohdaddy

    sohdaddy7 days ago

    The fact that gundham thought he was going to hell but actually went to heaven is just :’) and the animals that carried him there are the pets he supposedly helped/took care of 🥺

  38. Yandre Girl

    Yandre Girl7 days ago

    I’m so sad I’m crying cause he won’t have his hamsters

  39. Fleur D.

    Fleur D.7 days ago

    51:44 chiaki really pulled the “oh no! anyways-“ card

  40. Saul Holland

    Saul Holland7 days ago


  41. •Sprxnkled_ Cupcake•

    •Sprxnkled_ Cupcake•7 days ago

    Jay giggling and calling the hamsters little cuties in a baby voice makes me cry but brings me life at the same time

  42. M K

    M K7 days ago


  43. シュレック

    シュレック8 days ago

    me and my sister legit bawled when he died bro I got attached ok 🧍‍♀️

  44. Gigi Quartuccio

    Gigi Quartuccio8 days ago

    nagito is smrat

  45. Nxito x

    Nxito x8 days ago

    *do you feel regret?*

  46. aviora

    aviora9 days ago

    nagito snapped this chapter and honestly i'm all here for it

  47. Renee_ Sillygirl

    Renee_ Sillygirl9 days ago

    Ok but like i can't be the only that cried during his death *SPOILERS* like when the animals from heaven came and him i could't handle it it was to sad!!! 😢But at least the hamsters are ok😀

  48. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment9 days ago

    Nobody: Sonia: oH sNAp 💪💁‍♀️

  49. Ash Crane

    Ash Crane10 days ago

    Kazuichi needs to stop being a SIMP for Sonya

  50. Sea monkey Carrot

    Sea monkey Carrot10 days ago

    I almost cried here. And I’m not a sensitive person at all, but this, this hit different. :(

  51. ItsJulli

    ItsJulli10 days ago

    No Jay, don't be so mad. You didn't click an octagon but had to click a specific side. You clicked on the hexagon, thinking it was an octagon. Where you clicked is where you can see that strawberry house would make the hexagon (6 corners) to an octagon (8 corners).

  52. Pleeji Thoj

    Pleeji Thoj10 days ago


  53. Ladygirlmomo

    Ladygirlmomo10 days ago

    Spolier for thos who didn't finished the vid Sooo. Who get his hamsters?!??!?

  54. as .v

    as .v11 days ago

    Gundham's dark deveis so cute, i hope they still alife😖💙💙

  55. Buff Boy Jay

    Buff Boy Jay11 days ago

    What is the time stamp for baby gangsta

  56. samm ôwô

    samm ôwô11 days ago

    gundham: i cannot FINIIIIIISH okay man we dont need to know about your erectile dysfunction

  57. NC HONEY

    NC HONEY11 days ago

    Me: looks up most favorite character in danganronpa 2 Google: Gundam Killed Nekomaru. Me: Are you serious ill just skip to the summary then-

  58. Katya Gomez

    Katya Gomez11 days ago

    I wonder how gundham turned out like that 🤔

  59. Katya Gomez

    Katya Gomez11 days ago

    Wow he got angry at nagito. Even tho it was for a bit

  60. Katya Gomez

    Katya Gomez11 days ago

    Jay : Nagito, your rubbing me the wrong way.😔 My mind : 😏 yo Katya My : oh no.

  61. stephanie leyva

    stephanie leyva11 days ago

    Man, I'm solving this quicker than jay, and it's painful that he doesn't review this stuff. Oh well, he's still THAT DUDE and I like his commentary

  62. Monica Benavente

    Monica Benavente12 days ago

    Game: story progresses Jay: I cLiCKed ThE OcTOgOn !

  63. 椅営る【Jet】

    椅営る【Jet】12 days ago

    52:42 of course a *Murderer* would say that **_After Watching The Whole Video Being Spoiled At The Start And Understanding How It Is_** Oh I Take That Back😀👍🏼✨

  64. tofu

    tofu12 days ago

    Everyone: *trying to identify the culprit* Jay: Fuyuhiko is literally an “eye witness” lol Me: Oya now that you mention it, that’s true

  65. [moved channels] xchuurixx

    [moved channels] xchuurixx12 days ago

    Kazuichi's heart been broke too many times 😔✊

  66. Allison Marler

    Allison Marler14 days ago

    N0 the clock was 1 hour and 30 minutes

  67. samm ôwô

    samm ôwô11 days ago

    7.5 - 5.5 is 2, not 1.5

  68. Dabi's 12 inch shlonglong

    Dabi's 12 inch shlonglong13 days ago

    7:30-5:30=2. 7-5=2

  69. Hajime Hinata

    Hajime Hinata14 days ago

    nagito got some damn nerve talking to me like that glad he gone

  70. Dabi's 12 inch shlonglong

    Dabi's 12 inch shlonglong13 days ago


  71. keep undertale alive

    keep undertale alive14 days ago

    I'm gonna be honest, I don't like nagitos new attitude.

  72. Froppy :3

    Froppy :315 days ago

    Fun fact: this is the only execution i cried during :,)

  73. Connor / Rk800

    Connor / Rk80015 days ago

    Not me crying badly because of Gundham’s death Bruh please someone stop me I’m crying so much-

  74. siki

    siki15 days ago

    Jay not being able to do the summary comic because nagito decided to do the summary: noooo, do not ruin my favorite part! don't ruin my favorite part!! Also jay to nagiwagi as he continues the summary: you know what, you are may favorite part

  75. Izumi Midoriya

    Izumi Midoriya15 days ago

    Really had me tearing up when Gundham was laying there on the ground and then getting lifted up, right up until Jay said "yo, what are they smokin in this game" and i busted out laughing, mood thrashed

  76. Burrito Eater

    Burrito Eater15 days ago

    I think that the traitor is Sonia

  77. Dusty Weave

    Dusty Weave15 days ago

    Jay is such a simp for nagito :0 idk what this is

  78. Rebecca Salgado

    Rebecca Salgado16 days ago

    Jay:ULTIMATE DUDE (*can i do some fanart of you doing a class trial and finding out who the culprit is?your so good at this game*)

  79. Emmeline Call

    Emmeline Call16 days ago

    fun fact: Gundhams spell wasn't to save himself, but it was to save his 4 devas :'I

  80. yoomerz

    yoomerz16 days ago

    YO THIS IS THE FIRST EXECUTION I CRIED AT WTF spoiler i loved gundham so much this is too sad :((

  81. DarkDominoWolf XS

    DarkDominoWolf XS16 days ago

    Where in the world do these executions even happen at?

  82. Sheila Driakill

    Sheila Driakill16 days ago


  83. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin16 days ago

    I do admit jeeez nagito calm down but REEeEeeEeeeEeeee😬😦🤧😰

  84. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin16 days ago

    I’m not sure if it’s meh RSD but whenever I see someone is disinterested in accents or music, or a character i like I’m like “I can’t watch this anymore 😰🥺” but I’ll stay strong this is my favorite Play through of Danganronpa 😰😼

  85. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin16 days ago

    Disappointed in an interest,* auto correct go brrrr

  86. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin16 days ago

    NOOOOOOO we’re losing our Nagito Stan kinggg, just hang it there, The dub wasn’t translated correctly either😭😭😭

  87. Deborah Maiers

    Deborah Maiers17 days ago

    SPOILER FOR THIS EPISODE My two favorite characters in danganronpa 2 are gundham and kazuichi, now that gundham has executed, if anything happens to soda, I will hate this game forever

  88. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma17 days ago

    That execution made me cry why tf was that so beautiful and calm

  89. :P

    :P17 days ago

    That's why you need to put feather falling on your boots Nekomaru.

  90. Lisa Wesley

    Lisa Wesley17 days ago

    Its okay Jay, i played the chapter non stop and i had no idea about the secret of the funhouse, amd most of the correct truth bullets too! took me a while to get it! So its not your fault.

  91. geez kiera

    geez kiera17 days ago

    so much despair. i hate everything.

  92. Penguin ASMR

    Penguin ASMR17 days ago

    Who else already knew how Gundham pressed the button? Well, I didn’t. I thought he used the FLIPPING DEVAS Edit: Oh nevermind I watched more and I was right, well then-

  93. samm ôwô

    samm ôwô11 days ago

    i thought that the scratches on the door handle were from the hamsters so i suspected gundham right away but for the wrong reason

  94. boiled hot dog water

    boiled hot dog water18 days ago


  95. boiled hot dog water

    boiled hot dog water16 days ago

    @kh4ira you’re nice too!! i liked talking to you too! i hope you have a good night/day

  96. kh4ira

    kh4ira16 days ago

    @boiled hot dog water no problem! anyway, youre so nice!! loved to talk with you :)

  97. boiled hot dog water

    boiled hot dog water16 days ago

    @kh4ira i’ll be sure to watch it! tysm

  98. kh4ira

    kh4ira16 days ago

    @boiled hot dog water mhm..but you can still see them in the anime! :))

  99. boiled hot dog water

    boiled hot dog water16 days ago

    @kh4ira thank you for replying! that’s what i was thinking but it sucks we didn’t get to see them again :(

  100. Dominik Anthony

    Dominik Anthony18 days ago

    WAIT I just realized something !!*SPOILERS*!! since this is all part of the nwp, does that mean that the hamsters weren't even real?!?!?! Like I love them so much and I only just thought of this like what?? My heart is broken

  101. Sra.Nesquik 126

    Sra.Nesquik 12618 days ago

    Not the Baby gangsta again 👁💧👄💧👁

  102. asmolratboi

    asmolratboi18 days ago

    SPOILERS FOR WHO GETS EXCECUTED THIS EPISODE Fun fact: the spell gundham was doing in his excecution was to protect his hamsters not himself :

  103. yes D

    yes D18 days ago

    SPOILERS The characters in Danganronpa 2 is class 77-B, and the characters in Danganronpa 1 is class 78. The characters in Danganronpa 2 faked their own death so Danganropa 1 characters would face the killing game first O_O

  104. yes D

    yes D18 days ago


  105. • trouvaillx •

    • trouvaillx •18 days ago

    2:02:35 Fun Fact : That Ritual Tanaka did was to protect his hamst- I mean “ The Four Devas Of Destruction “ Not himself :(

  106. Chuuya's Ghost

    Chuuya's Ghost18 days ago

    Out of all the deaths so far that one hurt the most༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

  107. AnimeLemonz

    AnimeLemonz18 days ago

    Ok Sonia is starting to tick me off like dude it’s ok to not like Kazuichi but you can at least be nice! Also why does she look up to Gundham so much?! I think she just likes his hamsters. Why else would she like Gundham?! (Me definitely not being jealous cause I like Gundham-)

  108. ʜ x ɴ ᴇ ʏ ʙ x ᴇ

    ʜ x ɴ ᴇ ʏ ʙ x ᴇ18 days ago

    Sonia and Gundham have something going on indeed. That's why Kazuichi is getting jelly 😏 ✨✨

  109. Nɪᴋᴀ Kᴀɴᴅɪʟᴏ

    Nɪᴋᴀ Kᴀɴᴅɪʟᴏ19 days ago

    *whos cutting onions*

  110. hinata _ chan

    hinata _ chan19 days ago

    "We're together like buttcheaks" -Jay 2020

  111. Mitsuki Yuzuki

    Mitsuki Yuzuki19 days ago

    Yeah I'm just watching cause I know chapter 5 already hit him

  112. Dimitrije Zakic

    Dimitrije Zakic19 days ago

    Also, gundham said he would fill hell with true hell, but he went up to heaven in his -oof- (if u know what I mean)

  113. Rainbow

    Rainbow19 days ago

    Did Sonia just say it's disappointing that Kazuichi isn't the killer? Daaaanngg that's harsh!