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  1. Purple Elluka

    Purple Elluka22 hours ago

    35:30 wait isn't that the door by which Makoto and his friends leave the school at the end of the first game? Then would that mean that when they left Hope's Peak, they found themselves in this island?

  2. Sinneh

    SinnehDay ago


  3. Purple Elluka

    Purple Elluka22 hours ago

    😂😂😂 yeah i think so

  4. Zwena hauraa khansa

    Zwena hauraa khansaDay ago

    Le World ender is connected to ultra despair girls 0w0 and the traitor is nagito OwO

  5. Scootus Productions

    Scootus ProductionsDay ago

    Akane should really put more emotion into her DIO scream.

  6. MiguelMem

    MiguelMemDay ago


  7. Penguin Paws

    Penguin Paws2 days ago

    The game: *makes a rickroll reference* Jay's Eyebrows: ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  8. Nightcore Fever

    Nightcore Fever3 days ago

    I don't know why they wanted to leave the island. Like I would just stay there and swim every friggin' day!

  9. Ajani Gibson

    Ajani Gibson2 days ago

    Me too!

  10. Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}

    Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}3 days ago

    Hiyoko: dOn’T bE sHy

  11. Lillian Dinger

    Lillian Dinger4 days ago

    I've noticed that Danganronpa is a hardcore, depressing, sad version of Among Us...

  12. Nika Nika Nii

    Nika Nika Nii4 days ago

    Props to the Ultimate Dude! He's juggling between 16(the students) + 2(The Monos) personas/voices all on the spot.

  13. Nika Nika Nii

    Nika Nika Nii4 days ago

    Me: .... Also me: ........... Very much me: **casually changes my name to Hope**

  14. Boldience 8846

    Boldience 88464 days ago

    30:25 Jay is a fool! He's been rickrolled without even realising it!

  15. •LemonDrops•

    •LemonDrops•5 days ago

    I love jays bond with nagito

  16. embalmer.mp4

    embalmer.mp45 days ago

    *Nagito is a beautiful man I love him*

  17. Kammi38

    Kammi385 days ago

    17 min in and no nagito:(

  18. Hey there's hair on your screen

    Hey there's hair on your screen6 days ago

    30:28 Are we just going to ignore the fact that the game rickrolled us? “I’m never gonna give her up!” “You might let her down” Coincidence? *I think not.*

  19. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma7 days ago

    Nagito at the start really said: 😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁😊

  20. SandShadow

    SandShadow7 days ago

    30:28 wait.... does that count as a Rickroll

  21. missryuko

    missryuko8 days ago


  22. PeachBunny

    PeachBunny7 days ago


  23. Olinka Olinka

    Olinka Olinka8 days ago

    My sister: *farts* Akane: something smells bad My sister: *sitting and thinking all confused* Me: *laughing my head of*

  24. Skyla Andreas

    Skyla Andreas9 days ago

    That ruin at 14:25 as to be Hope's Peak, it looks a lot like it. Am I the one one who noticed that. I honestly think the ruin is Hope's Peak, the shape of it looks very familiar and Chiaki said it felt lie a special place. Let me know what you guys think, if anyone even sees this comment anyway.

  25. MarcFranko Gantuangco

    MarcFranko Gantuangco9 days ago

    30:28 this is literally a rick roll how hasnt anyone talked about this

  26. Allison Marler

    Allison Marler12 days ago

    Nagito was speaking fax

  27. Glitter Em

    Glitter Em12 days ago

    Game about teens murdering each other Jay: "that pig is f r e a k y"

  28. Renata Avery

    Renata Avery13 days ago

    the ruin is hope peak from the first game

  29. Angie

    Angie13 days ago

    Tbh, Monomi sounds like someone in seseme street

  30. Cerystine

    Cerystine14 days ago

    It shocks me how this episode still doesn't have 50k likes-

  31. Aaron_ Fxembxoy

    Aaron_ Fxembxoy14 days ago

    6:26 had me laughing so hard

  32. Unknown4k

    Unknown4k15 days ago


  33. Fenote F

    Fenote F15 days ago

    Who watching this during new year?

  34. -WoahThereBuster-

    -WoahThereBuster-16 days ago


  35. C E R Y S

    C E R Y S16 days ago


  36. Deianeira Simbolon

    Deianeira Simbolon17 days ago

    Akane: “Who cares about Nagito!?” Me: *Uh... I do*

  37. Kazoou eats kneecaps

    Kazoou eats kneecaps17 days ago

    30:25 they rick rolled us

  38. reyna michaelis

    reyna michaelis17 days ago

    30:29 was.... that....... a never gonna give you up reference?

  39. BumpkinKingCMD GR

    BumpkinKingCMD GR18 days ago

    30:28 to 30:31 is a nice joke

  40. Ryan Miller

    Ryan Miller18 days ago

    OMG i didnt even pick this up before

  41. Rafaeli UwU

    Rafaeli UwU18 days ago

    Nagito: No matter how a small dog tries, he will never become a large dog Clifford the red dog: *Ahem* Am i a joke to you?

  42. Atashi

    Atashi19 days ago

    20:20 TeruTeru would be there 😔

  43. Syahfitri Wulandari

    Syahfitri Wulandari20 days ago

    It's been 2 months and still no 50k likes 😔

  44. UwU Ayden UwU Urban

    UwU Ayden UwU Urban20 days ago

    Me watching the first episode: Danganropa Dating Sim

  45. Ultra Cosmo

    Ultra Cosmo20 days ago

    30:28 was that a rick roll reference

  46. Candy Mandy

    Candy Mandy20 days ago

    22:31 bakugou when he was with best jeanist 😂

  47. solangelo 11

    solangelo 1121 day ago

    we all got rick rolled and we didn’t even realize it 30:28

  48. reyna michaelis

    reyna michaelis21 day ago


  49. choco gaming

    choco gaming22 days ago

    Bruh can I even watch 20 episode

  50. Lachesis Moirae

    Lachesis Moirae22 days ago

    30:28-30:30 Never gonna run around and desert you

  51. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin22 days ago

    man why didnt u realize it was the danganronpa one door in the beginning its obvious

  52. Sakura Chan

    Sakura Chan23 days ago

    I like how he just narrated at 7:22 "Welcome to girl love, it's slippery when whaaaat!?

  53. Sakura Chan

    Sakura Chan23 days ago

    I swear to God if that girl with the bandages does next, I'm gonna kill myself, I swear!

  54. Aoshi

    Aoshi23 days ago


  55. Luka Petrović

    Luka Petrović23 days ago

    I think I've figured the password out, not sure tho Ultimate, probably wrong, but the number of letters fits

  56. kirumi._tojox

    kirumi._tojox24 days ago

    i like how he had 47k likes and he still uploads the 8th part

  57. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face24 days ago

    I- I may be overthinking this, but did we indirectly get Rick Rolled? Kazuichi said “I’m never gonna give her up.” Hajime replied with “yeah, but you might let her down.”

  58. Eli F.

    Eli F.24 days ago

    I can’t tell if that was a rick roll or not

  59. Hajime Hinata

    Hajime Hinata24 days ago

    Don’t you just wanna punch hiyoko

  60. Astoria Malfoy

    Astoria Malfoy25 days ago

    I feel so bad for Mikan T_T

  61. rens

    rens25 days ago

    jay: i love sin me, as a highly religious person: 👁️👄👁️

  62. random person

    random person25 days ago

    Nagito low key creepy ngl But I like psycho’s, also I’m confused by mikans character, like she seems like the character that’s faint to blood but she is a ultimate nurse, it’s reminds me of toko

  63. Ya boi kk

    Ya boi kk25 days ago

    Uh Its a collage not highschool

  64. GiantX REVENGE

    GiantX REVENGE26 days ago

    My question is how was Hajime able to read Togami's death threat in English but can't read the guide that was also English? :/

  65. GiantX REVENGE

    GiantX REVENGE26 days ago

    Hiyoko: YAY WE'RE GONNA WASH EACH OTHER Me and Jay: Woooooooaaaaah

  66. Funny Valentine

    Funny Valentine27 days ago

    i scrolled through some comments and im disappointed i found only 1 comment about akane saying muda

  67. x Dessii x

    x Dessii xMonth ago

    I have been binging a playlist of this and I started watching it today. I spent 7 hours of my day watching someone play a video game. And ya know what? I'm not mad.

  68. ツ Unkn0wn ツ

    ツ Unkn0wn ツMonth ago

    Anyone else noticing how the door on the island looks like the door from D1/Danganronpa V1? Because at the end of the game/animated series, they open a door similar to that one. Coincidence? :>

  69. Prone_Navy

    Prone_NavyMonth ago

    Jay said ooops right before the ad hit 'xd

  70. MasteC Roblox gamer

    MasteC Roblox gamerMonth ago

    Did you say sus thats from a game of IOS,Android, and computer was Among us game by Innersloth

  71. partyethtoon

    partyethtoonMonth ago

    All these comments but no one is talking about the saint seyia reference

  72. Twilight _LovePlayz

    Twilight _LovePlayzMonth ago

    Hiyoko is such a crybaby

  73. David Moran

    David MoranMonth ago

    What happend to the season 1 people that escaped

  74. David Moran

    David MoranMonth ago

    Did they die

  75. Semi-Simple Random Stuff

    Semi-Simple Random StuffMonth ago

    I think the door that Chiaki found was actually the door that the Danganronpa 1 survivor escaped in. That also solves the reason why the place resembled Hopes Peak Academy.

  76. Somuchhope — Nagito

    Somuchhope — NagitoMonth ago

    14:39 lmao 😂

  77. Mitsuki Yuzuki

    Mitsuki YuzukiMonth ago

    I wanna throw Hiyoko away but seems like she's already been cleaned up.

  78. Mitsuki Yuzuki

    Mitsuki YuzukiMonth ago

    Me: *talking to myself how I love Komaeda* My teacher: Who is that.? Please mute your microphone. My class groupchat: classmate1: **name** OH NO classmate2: The simping is real classmate3: F to the chat Me: O H NO ;____;

  79. milly

    millyMonth ago


  80. aishnoir

    aishnoirMonth ago

    20:52 is the part I’m on

  81. Jefferson Galicia rivas

    Jefferson Galicia rivasMonth ago

    Hiyoko is such a b i t c h she was crying cause they said she smelled and she's over here roasting the whole world

  82. Maylany taylor

    Maylany taylorMonth ago

    i was thinking of if i should watch danganronpa 2 on jays channel or razz's channel and i want jay to roast people in trials so yea

  83. Sleepy Easter

    Sleepy EasterMonth ago

    do Miu and Akane have the same voice actor-?

  84. ant

    antMonth ago

    i feel like nekomaru kinda sounds like a really buff angry minecraft villager

  85. Arianna Bryant

    Arianna BryantMonth ago


  86. Veggie Fren

    Veggie FrenMonth ago

    The fact its at 46k and Jay has already posted the next one

  87. insfired sprite

    insfired spriteMonth ago

    The best part about watching these is Jay's "DING DONG BING BONG BABYY~"

  88. LulaSnake

    LulaSnakeMonth ago

    who else always :) when DING DONG, BING BAYBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. scarlet eyes

    scarlet eyesMonth ago

    30:27 I'm never gonna give her up you might let her down rickrolled in danganronpa

  90. Viella

    ViellaMonth ago

    Honestly I like Kazuichi, he’s a cool chill guy. When I see him scared or sad I just wanna give him a hug. I’m not one for video game ships but I think Sonia and Kazuichi would be really cute

  91. Tweeki toons

    Tweeki toonsMonth ago

    Am I the only one who got thousands of ads ???

  92. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristMonth ago

    30:27 Is it just me or did we get Rickrolled?

  93. Le Monke KING

    Le Monke KINGMonth ago

    2 months later still didn't hit 50k

  94. 毛

    Month ago


  95. Laurie Norris

    Laurie NorrisMonth ago

    jay doesn't see that's its hopes peek from the first game I was late to this series not the first game but my theory is that the 1 game is happening the same time this one is going on therefore 2 monokumas

  96. Felix The Gamer Fox EXE

    Felix The Gamer Fox EXEMonth ago

    Banana hair is sour, but is hurT, what the hell

  97. Adebo Ohemu2

    Adebo Ohemu2Month ago

    30:28 was that a rickroll reference?????????

  98. Poffy Daisy

    Poffy DaisyMonth ago

    Still not 50k....

  99. ·u· ·u·

    ·u· ·u·Month ago

    52:32 Jay: peel them- *.....*

  100. ethereal

    etherealMonth ago

    (KINDA SPOILER WARNING, CLICK AWAY IF YOU WANT TO) gundam guessed that hajime has another name other than just hajime

  101. Splosh

    SploshMonth ago

    Akane: K O N O Akane: D I O Akane: D A

  102. EXO Stans

    EXO StansMonth ago

    50:20 Gundham: BE HAPPY FINALLY

  103. Nevin E

    Nevin EMonth ago

    Who else here wants hiyoko to die

  104. Miss Claire

    Miss ClaireMonth ago

    Okay so, as someone who hasn't finsihed the second game... I kinda want spoilers? I have a feeling that everyone first the 1st game is inside that 'acient' ruin building, can someone reply yes or no?

  105. what

    whatMonth ago

    30:28 did i- did i just get rick rolled?

  106. Golden Bacon

    Golden BaconMonth ago

    Hiyoko basically said “Teruteru deserved to die” but Mahiru only butted in when everyone calls Hiyoko stinky?