Daddy’s Coming (Week 3)

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  1. Kubz Scouts

    Kubz Scouts9 days ago

    I just got done recovering from the 2nd dose of the vaccine and put together the footage from week 3s vlog! Videos will resume tomorrow since I have my energy back

  2. Iren Sultana Dipa

    Iren Sultana Dipa14 hours ago

    i believe in you jay

  3. God Rimuru

    God RimuruDay ago

    Dude jay you are getting buff man

  4. Logan Richards

    Logan Richards2 days ago

    Is this why there no week 4

  5. Lilith Lorenz

    Lilith Lorenz2 days ago

    I just got my second dose today so hoping ill do alright 😅

  6. Crazy Lit Gamer Boy

    Crazy Lit Gamer Boy3 days ago

    You a Minnesota Timberwolfs fan?

  7. NerdyGirlTalks

    NerdyGirlTalks3 hours ago

    Jay I HIGHLY doubt your dms are dry af 😂 if not hmu

  8. Levandra Kimi

    Levandra Kimi11 hours ago

    You actually got me to do jump squats with you. I stopped at 15 but I don't care! I'm pumped!!

  9. Cheesus Christ

    Cheesus Christ13 hours ago

    Damn jay gonna make me act up

  10. #24 Mosqueda Dane Angeli

    #24 Mosqueda Dane Angeli18 hours ago

    I love adobo

  11. Brook Somebody

    Brook Somebody23 hours ago

    Happy birthday Jay

  12. Rengoku Loml

    Rengoku LomlDay ago

    Ever since you posted this I’ve been encouraged to start my own weightloss journey.. it’s been a week and I’ve lost 6 pounds..all thanks to your motivation, love you jay💞

  13. bhu idk

    bhu idk21 hour ago

    LET'S GO 6 POUNDS IN 1 WEEK Keep it up man

  14. certifiedillyrian

    certifiedillyrianDay ago

    Keep it up Jay! I’m proud of you!

  15. Y Kim

    Y KimDay ago

    Ok but Jay tiddies startinng to replicate Gonta Tiddies

  16. Robert's World

    Robert's WorldDay ago

    I hope Jay knows that you're not supposed to lift weights every single day

  17. bhu idk

    bhu idk18 hours ago

    @Robert's World Very true but as far as we know he doesn't train the same muscles 2 days in a row, I could be wrong though obv

  18. Robert's World

    Robert's World18 hours ago

    @bhu idk yeah, that's what I meant. It's not good to train the same muscles every day because the muscles will have no healing time (therefore they won't grow much).

  19. bhu idk

    bhu idk21 hour ago

    Well that depends on the type of workouts you do, if u have a split program and play basketball a couple time a week u can def workout 6/7 days. With the right program u can even workout every day, as long as u don't train the same muscle twice in 24 hours

  20. Midnight Moonlight

    Midnight MoonlightDay ago

    This reminds me of shichi ,kaito and maki doing pushups and situps

  21. Lemon Party

    Lemon PartyDay ago

    Day one of asking jay to play resident evil 8: Its out it would be fricking cool to see u play it!

  22. Sirena T

    Sirena TDay ago

    Jay, you are honestly such an inspiration! You keep it real and you don’t give up! Thank you for being an incredible person and for being THAT DUDE.

  23. Keii Morinosuke

    Keii MorinosukeDay ago

    Jay cooking adobo, it's a filipino dish co-filipino here Jay!♡


    AKA NOXIOUSDay ago

    So many comments are talking about jay twerking I think some people are mad sus in the comments🤣

  25. Ugne Jankute2.0

    Ugne Jankute2.0Day ago


  26. Puppet

    Puppet2 days ago

    These videos literally keep me going!

  27. Kyana Thompson

    Kyana Thompson2 days ago

    Everyone thing : jay cant ball him: * pulled up with the stephen curry 500 *

  28. Logan Richards

    Logan Richards2 days ago

    What happened this weeks videos

  29. Mason Graham

    Mason Graham2 days ago

    Yootuz or however you say those small action figure things I’m guessing it was

  30. ShadowHeart

    ShadowHeart2 days ago

    Jay I am so damn proud of you.

  31. maylealovesu

    maylealovesu2 days ago

    You’re doing great jay

  32. ceren pm

    ceren pm2 days ago

    oh i love you

  33. Karzyrilixx

    Karzyrilixx2 days ago

    Adobo is amazing also chicharon I eat it all the time

  34. La Weeb

    La Weeb2 days ago

    Jay fangirls-DADDY WHO???

  35. SmallMight_Izuwu Deku

    SmallMight_Izuwu Deku2 days ago

    Because of you, I'm getting back into my workout schedule. I stopped for a few months because I lost every ounce of motivation. There's just something seeing you work on yourself that made me want to join you. So, now I'm on the road to my better self. Thank you Jay! You're that dude!

  36. BlueSkittles

    BlueSkittles2 days ago

    I have a question. How can a person start dieting when they constantly struggle with depression?

  37. bhu idk

    bhu idk21 hour ago

    I'm not Jay but I can tell you this. I know how it is to deal with that and even tho idk what u must be going through or how u might experience it all, working out really does have a good impact on your depression, see it as a way to process it all and focus on yourself. If u want some support just shoot me your insta or some & we can work on that all together cuz I could use some more discipline myself

  38. David Tran

    David Tran2 days ago

    You should try to slow down your tempo when lifting for extra tension to speed up muscle growth. Optional!

  39. Not E

    Not E2 days ago

    Ayo Adobo good asf he is lucky he has the culture of Filipinos aye respect

  40. Miaousbia

    Miaousbia2 days ago


  41. Cassidy_Dingus

    Cassidy_Dingus2 days ago

    istg seeing jay doing other human things besides playing gives me life

  42. Tiffany

    Tiffany3 days ago

    You should teach your dog spanish 🙏🏻

  43. Nobody's Mistress

    Nobody's Mistress3 days ago

    Damn Jay! You be looking amazing thou! Hell, I’m motivated to start working out again! ** Just wanted to add that I have become a much happier person when I became your fan! I’m also grateful to see those glimpses of Mason! He’s gotten so big and still as adorable as ever! I’m glad and happy to see you doing well and I’ll always continue wishing you well. You’re THAT AMAZING DUDE and you deserve the best Jay. Thank you for being an inspiration to us, and I hope you rest well when you can! ❤️ **

  44. eric williams

    eric williams3 days ago

    How do I even get started on my workouts like what should I do ?

  45. Kaytheplug !

    Kaytheplug !3 days ago

    So we just gon act like jay doesn’t look so fine playing basketball 👀🏀😍

  46. Adelyne Please

    Adelyne Please3 days ago

    am i the only person who is curious abt who is filming for some of those shots? LOL anyway, i’m so proud of you, jay


    JAMES JOHNSON, JAMES3 days ago

    Jay if you wear black you’ll most likely sweat more because black makes it hotter for yourself so it’ll be better if you always wear black shirts during a workout :]

  48. Alexandria Kurusumuthu

    Alexandria Kurusumuthu3 days ago

    mans really got mommy milkers omg 😳😳

  49. qiqi the helicopter

    qiqi the helicopter3 days ago

    jay: 7:06 me: 🎵believin’🎵

  50. Arizona Ace

    Arizona Ace3 days ago

    okay jay i see you with the grinch kobes

  51. Marques Viarruel

    Marques Viarruel3 days ago

    Hey man you’re already lookin great. Keep up the great work.

  52. Trxgic

    Trxgic3 days ago

    Jay twerking after eating something delicious is such a mood.

  53. Ilean Rubio

    Ilean Rubio3 days ago

    We need those recipes cause that shit looks like it slaps

  54. Jaybert Baldovino

    Jaybert Baldovino3 days ago

    12:10 20:06 Jay literally out of context

  55. L

    L3 days ago

    12:11 WTF

  56. Weird__ Person yay

    Weird__ Person yay3 days ago

    Jays doing so good jay your not alone we can all do this

  57. Typical Fangirl

    Typical Fangirl3 days ago

    I know I'm late, but I really appreciate you being consistent with these videos. I have been dealing with horrible constipation this past week (genetic-family thing, it's really bad), and even with my dieting/exercising, I wasn't having consistent bowel movements. Because of this, I haven't been able to weigh in for two weeks now, and I was starting to get depressed. I wasn't sure I was 'worthy' to watch your video when it first came out if that makes any sense, but as soon as I clicked on it I immediately saw how pumped up you were and the motivation you show us; it really did make me feel better. I'm starting to recover from my constipation, and I'm hoping to weigh in next week with some progress. I'm really thankful for your content, and others may say it, but you really are THAT DUDE!

  58. Weird__ Person yay

    Weird__ Person yay3 days ago

    0:11 that’s a big dump truck 🥵🤣😂

  59. Alley Jackson

    Alley Jackson3 days ago

    Jay in them cute ass high rivers 😂😂💕

  60. Georgia

    Georgia3 days ago

    YAAAAS Go Jay you got this!

  61. Kawaii Marshmallowss

    Kawaii Marshmallowss3 days ago

    Bro jay how you so thick, I wish I was that motivated you look good!

  62. Sheilla

    Sheilla3 days ago

    Lmaoooo I like to wipe my hands on my clothes too XD

  63. Oh No!

    Oh No!3 days ago

    Jay has cake! Wait nvm... He got the whole ass baking industry.

  64. The JMRo HQ

    The JMRo HQ3 days ago

    The way I squealed at the adobo maaan I miss those stuff

  65. Isaac Zamora

    Isaac Zamora3 days ago

    U can do it daddy jay 😂

  66. aprico apriconi

    aprico apriconi3 days ago

    who records for him?

  67. aprico apriconi

    aprico apriconi3 days ago

    get enough sleep jay

  68. Calboness

    Calboness3 days ago

    Getting ready for my gym sesh with my boyfriend as I'm watching this and it's got me fired up again because I was losing motivation. Thanks dude. I'm still working on consistency.

  69. pheu

    pheu3 days ago

    Im sensing merch coming out.

  70. Septim

    Septim3 days ago

    He starting to look like lil Mac

  71. tommyogurt

    tommyogurt3 days ago

    *He's coming.*

  72. Moral Terence

    Moral Terence3 days ago

    Hey Jay! I've been working out everyday since you started this series. But my muscles have been hurting/aching the next day. I believe I'm doing something wrong, and maybe it's my warm up routine. Any tips on proper warm up?

  73. Ayşe Defne Şener

    Ayşe Defne Şener4 days ago

    Im trying to gain weight and your journey gives me motivation, we got this!

  74. SBKF

    SBKF4 days ago

    12:01 High Quality ASMR (pt.2) 😩✋

  75. SBKF

    SBKF4 days ago

    10:58 High Quality ASMR 😩✋

  76. man up gaming

    man up gaming4 days ago

    Everyone gangsta until Jay approaches you

  77. Shikennuggits

    Shikennuggits4 days ago

    Jay getting at it now, my favorite part is when the part he twerking for some reason

  78. kyanma

    kyanma4 days ago

    listened to this while doing my workout. love ya jay 💖

  79. Danie C

    Danie C4 days ago

    everything is fine to eat in my opinion, till u abuse it that's y we diet.

  80. warsame453

    warsame4534 days ago

    jay is gonna be the next dwayne johnson i can feel it

  81. washi man

    washi man4 days ago

    We not gonna talk abt the point jay made at 40:17😳😳

  82. Babycherryxoxo

    Babycherryxoxo4 days ago

    When Jay said he uses music for motivation, I do that too, it helps me concentrate.

  83. Kano Hashi

    Kano Hashi4 days ago

    "Ion really dont know the words to this song" -Daddy jay

  84. Cowardly

    Cowardly4 days ago

    Jay I'd like to say you helped me gain the motivation to try to gain weight (I am very underweight) and so far I'm succeeding, I'm getting closer to average for my age and height, I hope you go far on your journey! ~

  85. Jaelyn Auriel

    Jaelyn Auriel4 days ago

    I love how jay is letting us in his life a little more :)

  86. Nacho

    Nacho4 days ago

    So jay I’ve noticed you’ve been practicing 😳

  87. Julz Jalo

    Julz Jalo4 days ago

    hi jay! I’m a big fan and I’ve watched you for many years (started off on the yanchan series) I just wanted to say you’re very influential and motivated me to also start on my self love and weight loss journey and I also wanted to say that everyone supports you on your own personal journey. Love you !

  88. A Random Mandalorian

    A Random Mandalorian4 days ago

    Aayyeee he should make a video on explaining it all. Call it the Jay work out

  89. baisebs

    baisebs4 days ago

    love you bro keep it up

  90. Cursedtrash

    Cursedtrash4 days ago

    My boy already looking buff, keep up the good work

  91. Chicken Man

    Chicken Man4 days ago

    HARDER D- i mean good job on that

  92. Demetrius Reed

    Demetrius Reed4 days ago

    I hope that’s sugar free gum jay‼️

  93. Baked_Potato_ 1360

    Baked_Potato_ 13604 days ago

    We hab a lat op adobo heyr in da pelepens ip u want AHAHAHAHAH

  94. Luvli Kidd

    Luvli Kidd4 days ago

    Wish I could say this motivated😟

  95. andrea joan

    andrea joan4 days ago


  96. clawnery

    clawnery4 days ago

    *healthy twerking*

  97. Little Miss Redacted

    Little Miss Redacted4 days ago

    *jelly twerking*

  98. Mypburns

    Mypburns5 days ago

    Ngl this is motivating me to start working out

  99. Līga Vaivare

    Līga Vaivare5 days ago

    thank you jay, I want to work out my chest but I never had the motivation. if I work out my chest I wont need surgery. I'm going to keep watching your workout videos so I can motivate myself

  100. six

    six5 days ago

    The neighbors that live kind of diagonal/across from me would live randomly in the middle of the night at 3 am and then I’d see them come back at like 2 pm I was always so confused

  101. missthingR

    missthingR5 days ago

    Good jay good you didnt add the spray on top of the chicken!!! Never mind you fucked it up >:(

  102. Muhamed Hadzic

    Muhamed Hadzic5 days ago

    jay how may week will you do

  103. Peepeepoopoo Urahstarbaby

    Peepeepoopoo Urahstarbaby5 days ago

    BAHAHSHHSDH 👁👀💯👈📝🌝👈🥖 I see all these comments talkin bout this bakery--- go off jay you thicc thicc 🎂

  104. Purple world Purple g

    Purple world Purple g5 days ago

    You deserve everything Even though it's hard

  105. Yax bebbb

    Yax bebbb5 days ago

    This has got to be the most inspiring thing i've watched in a long time

  106. Jackson Nestor

    Jackson Nestor5 days ago

    Jay’s taking care of himself, his family, his channel, and his community. Jay really is the ideal USlikesr

  107. Shapphire

    Shapphire5 days ago

    Hey jay! Can i ask u smth? What kind of exercise would u recommend for dieting that's easy to do at home? Cuz i'm not allowed to go to the gym and i only have a treadmill at home (which i still use)

  108. ꧁Pśÿćhø Båbë꧂

    ꧁Pśÿćhø Båbë꧂5 days ago

    Hey Jay, aren't u sweating? Why are you wearing so much clothes

  109. Xxx Bear Frost xxX

    Xxx Bear Frost xxX5 days ago

    0:11 nice

  110. Noble One

    Noble One5 days ago

    I would like seeing videos of Jay just playing Basketball with people.

  111. BmnGameBoy

    BmnGameBoy5 days ago

    I wish i had my personal gym, but i don't have a basement. So i had 2 old 5kg weights and a hometrainer now and i haven't stopped since january 2020