Saiko No Sutoka is a game i've been keeping my eye on..it's being updated frequently and the yandere girl keeps getting scarier and crazier with each new update..leave a LIKE for more!
Saiko No Sutoka game:
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  1. Gacha Pleb

    Gacha Pleb3 hours ago


  2. Gacha Pleb

    Gacha Pleb3 hours ago

    This is scary

  3. Ray Polhill

    Ray Polhill3 hours ago

    1:50 lol

  4. Ara Chan

    Ara Chan7 hours ago

    Ok but like- why am i watching this at night?

  5. jose hernandez

    jose hernandez23 hours ago

    Jay: "guys dont get scared" Me: h-her face is in the l-locker Also me: *hides under my blanket*

  6. Jane McKenna

    Jane McKennaDay ago

    Wait is jay playing as a girl or a boy because the Yandere spoke to the player as senpai but also talked about a boy they were talking to so maybe if it’s a girl then she’s torturing the girl senpai liked more than her but if it’s a boy her senpai rejected her and she’s killing his friends to torture his sanity

  7. Jane McKenna

    Jane McKennaDay ago

    Also when he was checking the cupboards and lockers near the end and checked that one locked from the side and a body fell out and Jay screamed I dropped my phone 😭🤌

  8. just some German

    just some GermanDay ago


  9. Sebby Michaelis

    Sebby MichaelisDay ago

    Jay: “ books who reads books in 2020 “ Me: 😳

  10. Taco Cat

    Taco Cat2 days ago

    Him: WTFFFFFFF Everyone: ;-;

  11. dina2010 zhang

    dina2010 zhang2 days ago

    who's scared 👇🏻

  12. Flamgo Fan

    Flamgo Fan3 days ago

    Girl: ur in this room aren’t you Jay: opens door that the girl is in

  13. AztecRAVEWave

    AztecRAVEWave3 days ago

    17:09-17:58, I'm sorry, but I laughed so hard at how she just _Waited_ then crushed your dreams. Especially at 17:54 when she just did like a taunting sway.

  14. Delivrance Cherenfant

    Delivrance Cherenfant3 days ago

    how the heck that if school is is over then she wont get him

  15. Delivrance Cherenfant

    Delivrance Cherenfant3 days ago

    jay; she there miss hit or die girl; are you in here jay; open looker- and took a key- mess hit or die girl; give me that key -stole key and run- me; LOL she dont just fill she stole

  16. Bart Angelo Arcadio

    Bart Angelo Arcadio3 days ago


  17. Moreno Seebregs

    Moreno Seebregs3 days ago

    Pls play layers of fear 2

  18. Bubble lex

    Bubble lex3 days ago

    The way you would turn around and you didn't know she was behind you is like a jumpscare- It's sad that I had to scream on the inside because of how it's nighttime for me- :(

  19. Edmir Demaj

    Edmir Demaj4 days ago

    I laughing he scared because the girl be: hiiii and jay: AHHHHHHHH 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Wicked Author

    Wicked Author4 days ago

    why is no one talking about 8:10s jumpscare 😭

  21. Kerrigan Carter

    Kerrigan Carter4 days ago

    Why is yanderes killing their senpais like what there gonna marry a dead body and have kids with it like wth

  22. Deza nanda

    Deza nanda4 days ago

    Best part 7:08

  23. alex o'brien

    alex o'brien4 days ago

    please play more of this!😭😭😂

  24. Kaitlyn Choco

    Kaitlyn Choco4 days ago

    Everytime I watched Jay playing scary game ,the ones who scared me most is jays screams 😂🤣😂😂

  25. gacha wolfie 123

    gacha wolfie 1234 days ago

    Thats game is scary bruh I wash in an panic attack lol

  26. Lebogang Mogale

    Lebogang Mogale4 days ago

    The girl: 2020 You: Humanity

  27. Donna Price

    Donna Price5 days ago

    I'm so scared I think I might piss myself 😂

  28. Persephanie Mariano

    Persephanie Mariano5 days ago

    jay:*finds the code* jay:*dies* jay:*still looking for the code* me:DUDE GO PUT IN THE DAMN CODE U KNOW IT ALREDY

  29. Hi bro Wazzz up

    Hi bro Wazzz up5 days ago

    Alt title: kubz loosing it for exactly 25 minutes and 39 seconds

  30. Ghostly Cherry

    Ghostly Cherry5 days ago


  31. Mimi Unicorn

    Mimi Unicorn5 days ago

    Leave the game

  32. Mei꿀

    Mei꿀6 days ago

    Jay's screaming is scarier than the game itself, my cat and me jumped. Amazing content though :), I've been watching since 2015-2016.

  33. Emo Demon kid

    Emo Demon kid6 days ago

    Jay: I DO THIS!!! Yandere: I see your talking shit

  34. Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl

    Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl6 days ago

    12:20 O_O 17:58 the music 19:56 Idk 21:59 She's like "Oh ho ho I don't know, Senpai I'm just insane now!"

  35. Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl

    Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl6 days ago

    7:38 I hear her moaning

  36. just mxrie

    just mxrie6 days ago

    this scared me more than any horror movie ive ever watched

  37. Samara Fuiava

    Samara Fuiava6 days ago

    Is it just me or is anyone else creeped out by her mouth animations?

  38. りどてかとどし

    りどてかとどし6 days ago

    Jay : **Open the locker when he knows she's in there** Me : "wha-" Jay : "dang , I should have left her in the locker!!" Me : " *I mEaN-* "

  39. GalaxyWolverines

    GalaxyWolverines6 days ago

    19:57 Head came out... my phone out too I dropped my phone..(Technically I threw it)

  40. 7 days a week

    7 days a week6 days ago

    i hate some yanderes they are so sensitive when they are just talking to someone like if your senpai pet a dog would you kill it? like wtfff.

  41. your__local __elf

    your__local __elf6 days ago


  42. Alkabiss Vyvorant

    Alkabiss Vyvorant6 days ago

    Jay: screaming and suffering Me and yandere: laughing our a$$e$ off

  43. Mini Orange crewmate

    Mini Orange crewmate7 days ago

    Kubz: GIRL JUST FREAKING KILL ME ALREADY Saiko: Maybe I should cut your tongue Kubz: ok I should calm down

  44. CuteRedpanda_cookii

    CuteRedpanda_cookii7 days ago

    If you were wondering here it is The games name translates to “phyco no stalking”

  45. Hydraulic wither659 Otaku

    Hydraulic wither659 Otaku7 days ago

    Why does part of me feel like I would actually like a yandere following me

  46. Austin Reed

    Austin Reed7 days ago

    2:07 I recognize that scream from SCP Containment Breach.

  47. ViviYT 267

    ViviYT 2677 days ago

    1:24 *nagito cries*

  48. BloodyAnisa UWU

    BloodyAnisa UWU7 days ago

    oh my god this is really spooky and scary

  49. ANGRY N3MO

    ANGRY N3MO7 days ago

    Every time Jay finds a body (or head for that matter): O.o Me every time I see him freak out: 👁️👄👁️

  50. angel McLaren

    angel McLaren8 days ago


  51. angel McLaren

    angel McLaren8 days ago

    When u about to get blown up by a creeper 20:28

  52. Ghostly Cherry

    Ghostly Cherry8 days ago

    Jay... This is why i like you and like your content😭

  53. Brent Santiago

    Brent Santiago8 days ago

    Jay:"screaming" Subtitles:"Music"


    RON KOSKO8 days ago

    Hi big boy 😗😗😗😗😘😘😘

  55. TruSkrHuey

    TruSkrHuey8 days ago

    No one makes video titles better than Jay

  56. monica valenzuela

    monica valenzuela8 days ago

    The leader of dd club (cause me name ie Dalilah Duran

  57. girly of cheese c:

    girly of cheese c:8 days ago

    "I wont harm you :D" No one:CHILLIN Me:happens in 1..2 👇 Two seconds later:MAY I CUT YOUR TONGUE OFF?

  58. the woman behind it all

    the woman behind it all8 days ago

    2:54 me: ok im already terrified lets go back to yandere simulator

  59. Angelina Rodriguez

    Angelina Rodriguez8 days ago

    You really help me when my parents are fighting

  60. MarcastTheGamer 1

    MarcastTheGamer 18 days ago


  61. MarcastTheGamer 1

    MarcastTheGamer 18 days ago

    “ I will never harm you “ She just threatened to cut your tongue off!!

  62. H A N D _

    H A N D _8 days ago

    Dude I whacked my self in the head when she showed up out of nowhere

  63. H A N D _

    H A N D _8 days ago

    Dude I am terrified but Jay’s screaming makes it so much better It’s like my heart races but then I’m laughing cuz of *Jay*

  64. Chaniese Ouraga

    Chaniese Ouraga8 days ago

    We need that part 2 😌

  65. Vi

    Vi8 days ago

    Jay screaming. Made me jump scare not the game ;-;

  66. Sweet Strawberry

    Sweet Strawberry8 days ago

    I've always wanted to be a yandere. I always think of killing people:)

  67. Argie Bon

    Argie Bon8 days ago

    Ey bro yu didn't realize that yu have health.

  68. Midnight Pizza

    Midnight Pizza8 days ago

    Im scared

  69. Faagalo Collins

    Faagalo Collins8 days ago

    Ooh so does that make the protag bi or is this bish just bloodthirsty

  70. unused used old cheese

    unused used old cheese9 days ago

    0:24 looking like a bird

  71. Claire Hobson

    Claire Hobson9 days ago

    Bro why am I watching this at 3am 😩


    ƬΉΣ BӨӨK ӨF ЯӨƧΣ9 days ago

    8:14 scared me too😂

  73. Янита Костова

    Янита Костова9 days ago

    I was watching this while i was eating...i jumped abd i almoust broke a plate so thannks

  74. Usa D.

    Usa D.9 days ago

    M O R E ! ! !

  75. Alyssa Johnson

    Alyssa Johnson9 days ago

    his screams scare me more than actual game does

  76. Anime Waifu

    Anime Waifu9 days ago

    i like this game😏

  77. Louie Cabasac

    Louie Cabasac9 days ago

    8:12 U tryna stab her with a key? Thats dope

  78. johhnyx14

    johhnyx149 days ago

    Dude play the game.

  79. Tsuumee

    Tsuumee9 days ago

    "The developer is frequently updating it-" same couldn't be said for another developer...

  80. Cyl

    Cyl9 days ago

    She's so polite! She even opened that locker door for you so you could escape!


    WINKYDINKERS10 days ago

    20:35 😉😂😂😂

  82. Yaomomo ‘

    Yaomomo ‘10 days ago

    20:35 Jay, are you having a seizure?

  83. ShaNailah NCTzen

    ShaNailah NCTzen10 days ago

    20:35 Literally choked on my noodles 🤧

  84. izuku Midoriya

    izuku Midoriya10 days ago

    Anyone else keep jumping cuz they were scared i mean i don't like lying so lets say i got scared everytime i didn't see her near him

  85. Nikki Montgomery

    Nikki Montgomery10 days ago

    Me.... Also me:.... Me at 6:56 : *ShE BE zOoMiNg thO* !!!!!

  86. Adalie The Fox

    Adalie The Fox10 days ago

    19:57 HOLY FUCK! That made me really jump!!! That was the first time too 😂

  87. DedeTheArtzyFan

    DedeTheArtzyFan10 days ago

    14:07 AYYYY DEDE GANG!!! >:D Look at my user if ur confused hehe

  88. Adalie The Fox

    Adalie The Fox10 days ago

    19:12 Bruh Jay you are about to die and you are more worried that you don’t have shoes?!?!😂

  89. Sliverline Sparkz

    Sliverline Sparkz10 days ago

    you better end this J, come get it

  90. queen coin

    queen coin10 days ago

    2:08 the moment jay realised he's dead

  91. s t r a w b e r r y a v o c a d o

    s t r a w b e r r y a v o c a d o10 days ago

    Who saw the dang Matt smith milk dairy ad?

  92. Cupcake DIYS

    Cupcake DIYS10 days ago

    I don't know why, but I'm freaking out...

  93. Cupcake DIYS

    Cupcake DIYS10 days ago

    I had a right to freak out. I jumped so many times, and at one point, I jumped so hard that me jumping made my sister jump as well. 😭😤🍪❤

  94. DeDeYtee Official

    DeDeYtee Official10 days ago

    Jay: guys don’t be scared she’s in the locker Also Jay:(opens the cupboard and scares the shit out of himself) 😂😂 12:19😂 Literally seconds later 🤣🤣🤣 You made my day man!!

  95. Student Skyla Gehringer

    Student Skyla Gehringer10 days ago

    this game has potential it should have a story line

  96. Mila Patterson

    Mila Patterson10 days ago

    when he found the brain i was terrified and laughing at the same time LOL

  97. Oreo Cookie

    Oreo Cookie10 days ago

    "Or shall i kill that boy you were talking to? .... Bi? Les? Nice.

  98. Marsi

    Marsi10 days ago

    I want more of these thooo


    LOLBIT REACTS!10 days ago

    "You know id never harm you" **stabs**

  100. esil avendano

    esil avendano10 days ago

    so scary

  101. christian paulo pascua

    christian paulo pascua10 days ago

    Don't blame us when you look out your bedroom window tonight

  102. The Ultimate Les-bee-an

    The Ultimate Les-bee-an10 days ago

    "guys and girls" me, neither guy nor girl: 👁👄👁

  103. :v

    :v10 days ago

    2:01 "Otanoshimi wa kore kara da". -Diego Brando-