Saiko No Sutoka is a game i've been keeping my eye on..it's being updated frequently and the yandere girl keeps getting scarier and crazier with each new update..leave a LIKE for more!
Saiko No Sutoka game:
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  1. 900IQ.ツ

    900IQ.ツDay ago

    jay your scream scars me more than the game

  2. Helen Grace Lozano

    Helen Grace Lozano16 days ago

    Her knife is also see-through in into btw

  3. Alesha Jackson

    Alesha Jackson18 days ago

    “I will never harm you, maybe i should kill that boy you were talking to” *Screams* Jay: that’s cap

  4. Helen Grace Lozano

    Helen Grace Lozano20 days ago

    How many times have u screamed already

  5. Helen Grace Lozano

    Helen Grace Lozano20 days ago

    Why do I feel like I have a crush on her even if she's a yandere

  6. gamer sio

    gamer sio24 days ago

    Jay: I didn't know you'd come so fast jay: dont comment about that me: did you personally get freaky with yandere yourself -_-

  7. gblox gamer

    gblox gamerMonth ago

    When ever Jay gets scared.. *It makes me laugh so hard I cry*

  8. Shirley Shi

    Shirley ShiMonth ago

    So scared of her she is gonna give me nightmares

  9. Ryan R

    Ryan RMonth ago

    That looks like info chan

  10. Xsara_layzplayzxXgang

    Xsara_layzplayzxXgangMonth ago

    I got scared when he looked at the door again and then looked at the door what he came in and when he looked at the door again and when he looked back the girl was right there and he's got jump scared and I got them scared too

  11. Silly Girl MinT

    Silly Girl MinTMonth ago

    When te screams of Jay´s are more scary than the game xd

  12. Glip Hasuke

    Glip HasukeMonth ago

    I just be sing sweet but a pyhco when i watch this.

  13. WhatisNot

    WhatisNotMonth ago

    Jay at 12:22: “Everybody don’t get scared” Famous last words.

  14. Josue

    JosueMonth ago

    2:08 that scream was terrifying. I wonder where it's from.

  15. mohamed zayan

    mohamed zayanMonth ago

    I honestly find it somewhat comedic how Sutoka is at least merciful enough to give Jay enough time to input the code. XD

  16. mohamed zayan

    mohamed zayanMonth ago

    edit: also, apparently her name is the obvious of the two: Saiko.

  17. mohamed zayan

    mohamed zayanMonth ago

    ..at 17:21*

  18. ・カエル・ Frogs

    ・カエル・ FrogsMonth ago

    Video:: *made back in 2020* Me: *comments anyways* Wish me luck・・・I’m goin full screen・・・・・・・・

  19. mr zairel

    mr zairelMonth ago

    20:33 jay did you not know that second locker is close plus you dint see her hideng there

  20. James Pesce

    James PesceMonth ago

    I can see why this game is so difficult. It's so hard to lose her once she finds you.

  21. JohnSydney225

    JohnSydney225Month ago

    Jay: "I'm not paying this game anymore" Also Jay: (Proceeds to play the game for 17 more minutes)

  22. TheMasked Randomizer

    TheMasked RandomizerMonth ago

    "I'm sorry" two seconds later *runs at you with a knife*

  23. Its Sigma

    Its Sigma2 months ago

    And what if you wait for her in the starting room?

  24. 0-Stars

    0-Stars2 months ago

    ...He was talking to Nagito, wasn't he?

  25. LilAsit

    LilAsit2 months ago


  26. im an ant and a stan of illumi

    im an ant and a stan of illumi2 months ago

    no body gonna talk about how her nose looks like it doesnt exist? and its very long-?

  27. Cellis

    Cellis2 months ago

    19:57 I shook my arm so hard I almost dislocated it

  28. Terrance Zhang

    Terrance Zhang2 months ago

    17:55 she doing a little celebration dance while holding a knife that was covered in tomatoes

  29. Ony yarin

    Ony yarin2 months ago

    "i just hope i finish this sentan-" *cuts off sentance*

  30. Sagitarrius A*

    Sagitarrius A*2 months ago

    Surprise, suprise, Saiko is Info-Chan.

  31. it's CORESY-X kingsli

    it's CORESY-X kingsli2 months ago

    Bro I was crying with Jay when the USlikesrs I watch play horror games and their being chased I feel the need to run bro this messes with my anxiety 😔

  32. Rachid Rjaibi

    Rachid Rjaibi2 months ago


  33. Taiyama2

    Taiyama22 months ago

    Yo, her peeking at you from the locker is ridiculously cute.

  34. chixken wixgsss

    chixken wixgsss2 months ago

    3:42 I scream to thank god my mom Not kick me out bed do the chores

  35. Kirk

    Kirk3 months ago

    You need to take mask to disvise

  36. Wally Fone

    Wally Fone3 months ago

    I'm a guy but I can do a yandere girl laugh

  37. Sienia Korgay

    Sienia Korgay3 months ago

    Me: we need this:♤ or this♧ we need a clover plant I think bc we are all probably scared.....right😨😱 Me: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😵😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨👀👀👀👀👀👀👀♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧ I think that is the clover plant right?

  38. Danielle c

    Danielle c3 months ago

    hahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 JESUS hahaha😂😂😂😂

  39. Jiminshi- Kun •w•

    Jiminshi- Kun •w•3 months ago


  40. ᴍoixxy

    ᴍoixxy3 months ago

    When he screams at 21:13 he looks so calm, then spooked, then mad 💀💀

  41. Azaria Johnson

    Azaria Johnson3 months ago

    Creepy how she sound like a Baby-😳 [she secsy tho][misspelled on purpose]

  42. Nick Gurh

    Nick Gurh3 months ago


  43. Ryøku L.ツ

    Ryøku L.ツ3 months ago

    Ayano and Seiko are perfect yandere cousins to each other. But Seiko is kinda like Yuno Gasai but even more yandere.

  44. GachaLogicSisters

    GachaLogicSisters3 months ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about his face when he heard that screen 😂

  45. Somsuki 0w0

    Somsuki 0w03 months ago

    Jay u should try to speed run this play date I mean-game

  46. StrawberryCat

    StrawberryCat3 months ago

    My Favourite game😍😍😍

  47. eugene kimberlynn surya

    eugene kimberlynn surya4 months ago


  48. Nëïjre Çhäñ

    Nëïjre Çhäñ4 months ago

    I have no idea were the codes where in the mobile version so thanks for kinds giving me hints because I tried to do the code a lot of times+

  49. joseph ugalde

    joseph ugalde4 months ago

    Idk whats going on this is the first one am watching so maybe sould watch the first one

  50. Paige Lit

    Paige Lit4 months ago

    Bro I jumped so hard my heart hit my ribcage 🤣🥲

  51. Anime-sketching , drawings Animation and effects

    Anime-sketching , drawings Animation and effects4 months ago

    Jay..I cant stop laughing because of how u scream

  52. • vxnny_iifandxm •

    • vxnny_iifandxm •4 months ago

    17:58 am I the only one who almost got a heart attack?

  53. Vener’s Stories

    Vener’s Stories4 months ago

    No one: Me: Ok imma head out

  54. Chris Santos

    Chris Santos4 months ago

    F### crap

  55. giedre ruckyte

    giedre ruckyte4 months ago

    When the head popped out at the end I jumped not because of the head but because of Jay's scream god damit

  56. smoochy dimples

    smoochy dimples4 months ago

    The first so scary

  57. Pathetic ain’t it?

    Pathetic ain’t it?4 months ago

    I really want Jay to play “Outlast” I think he would really (I mean really) enjoy it!

  58. Aly Almodovar

    Aly Almodovar4 months ago


  59. Penguin Girl 118*

    Penguin Girl 118*4 months ago

    I played this game on mobile and it SCARED THE LIFE OUT OF ME IM NOT JOKING

  60. Sweet devil

    Sweet devil4 months ago

    (jay)dont not run (jay)NUU IM RUNNING

  61. _GL1TCH .PIXI3

    _GL1TCH .PIXI34 months ago

    I'm hiding in the comment section lmao- OK FR THO JAY SCREAMING SCARES ME MORE THAN THE ACTUAL CHICK THOO

  62. roro rainbow

    roro rainbow4 months ago

    I like the BLOOD😄😄

  63. Hardly Bardly

    Hardly Bardly4 months ago

    Y'all remember that Momo thing that was going around online? Yeah, yandere chick's reminding me of that thing.

  64. Gacha Lizzie

    Gacha Lizzie4 months ago

    This SCARES me alot!

  65. GeoNeilUK

    GeoNeilUK4 months ago

    So, are you going to be playing the new Alpha that's just come out? They've made a lot of changes to the game in the 2.0 Alpha!

  66. a mcyt simp

    a mcyt simp4 months ago


  67. a mcyt simp

    a mcyt simp4 months ago


  68. Dimitrije Stoilkov

    Dimitrije Stoilkov4 months ago

    Ur screming scares me more then the game

  69. random things

    random things4 months ago

    Why are you acting so calm

  70. random things

    random things4 months ago

    Omg i hav3 no words

  71. D J

    D J4 months ago

    When he was pleading for his life it reminded me of my dad getting beat up by my momma just say please after every hit

  72. Jhairah Aspiras

    Jhairah Aspiras4 months ago

    What if you be nice to her and stay in that room... Avoid her when she is attaking yu

  73. Galactic_Gamer 22

    Galactic_Gamer 224 months ago

    video: *1:02** into the gameplay* me: SHIT JUST WENT FROM 100 TO 200 REAL QUICK-

  74. Monkey

    Monkey4 months ago

    This man is a legend. He can play scary game for hours on end and I'm not even man enough to play granny with granny on. I'm too chicken for that shit.

  75. SamSully 2007

    SamSully 20074 months ago

    She says that "you know ill never hurt you"yet kills Jay you filthy liar

  76. Desmond Spiker

    Desmond Spiker4 months ago

    From 2:08 did you hear a scream

  77. Sofia França

    Sofia França4 months ago


  78. Rennach

    Rennach4 months ago

    Me : AAAAAAAAGHHHHH-got the jumpscare Grandma : are you okeyy???

  79. mark lester golingay

    mark lester golingay4 months ago

    I m a fan..

  80. freya AMVs

    freya AMVs4 months ago


  81. - Bowsteria -

    - Bowsteria -4 months ago

    "This is where the fun begins." Hmmm, where have I heard that before..?

  82. Lejla Begic

    Lejla Begic4 months ago

    Jay here something to know if like say go to storage to turn on the light dont do it the yandere girl cant see in the dark so its easy to escape jist dont turn on the light

  83. t o k y o ッ

    t o k y o ッ4 months ago

    yo did anyone notice mr "senpapi" say "wh0 ThE f0cK iS tHAt g0Y?!"

  84. T H I C C gurl

    T H I C C gurl4 months ago

    me:ODJSISJ GO WAAAHHH!!! GO!!! SHES THEREEE!!!! JHZJD WAAAAAAHHH! BLAAHSHJS.............................................AAAA!

  85. alva alic gericke

    alva alic gericke4 months ago

    20:34 19:56 21:15 21:57

  86. alva alic gericke

    alva alic gericke4 months ago

    jay´s faces, I-



    Damn her face scared me

  88. Alexxa Medina

    Alexxa Medina4 months ago

    Jay: Now don’t get scared kids 2 seconds later Jay: *Screams*

  89. Miah Bros

    Miah Bros4 months ago


  90. TheGigglingFurb

    TheGigglingFurb4 months ago

    Scary ass shit bro

  91. Bloomy

    Bloomy4 months ago

    11:08 gosh that scared me

  92. xMintyqox

    xMintyqox4 months ago

    How does the guy even live after like 4 stabs

  93. MIKU YUU

    MIKU YUU4 months ago

    Jay,you have made me wheeze throughout this whole gosh darn video my heart hurt!love your channel!

  94. Why am I Here

    Why am I Here4 months ago

    3 minutes in I gotta take a breather real quick 🤣🤣

  95. kevin vargas

    kevin vargas4 months ago

    I have one 1.splash someone with gasoline 2.light them on fire 3.splash them with water Will it go out?

  96. H . B

    H . B4 months ago

    "The dude is not gonna get aHEAD in life😉" Akise: 😐

  97. Mio chan

    Mio chan4 months ago


  98. •Despair Bear•

    •Despair Bear•4 months ago

    Wanna know something that you probably don’t know,if this is yandere-Chan’s cousin then it’s on her moms side of the family

  99. MoonLight Games

    MoonLight Games4 months ago

    Just simething about jay, Yanderes alway make me laugh

  100. Nat

    Nat4 months ago

    Bro thar scream when she was like "im gonna cut his head off uwu" scares the shit outta me

  101. mitchie

    mitchie4 months ago

    Me: *Gets Scared And When It's Night And Gonna Pee And Thinks Of What I Watched-*

  102. DanganEdits

    DanganEdits4 months ago

    Dude this freakin Yandere chick sounds almost EXACTLY like Yuno Gasai