I'm Spongebob & Patrick's Drug Dealer And I'm Scared (Cursed Spongebob Game)

Mr Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine is a game that was recommended to me by one of you on twitter...so this is your fault
Mr Krabs Overdoses on ketamine game:
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  1. Armoni Daniel

    Armoni Daniel23 minutes ago

    Me looks at thumbnail Me:it's gta Jay:it's a game someone sent me Me:slaps head wow

  2. Mandy Ramos

    Mandy Ramos2 hours ago

    I feel like that game was made by a 16 year old

  3. Mr. Mayhem

    Mr. Mayhem6 hours ago

    it looks like they added the gta5 animation

  4. Nadia Yvonne

    Nadia Yvonne8 hours ago

    Uuuggh don’t do drugs kids

  5. Mxchi mood

    Mxchi mood13 hours ago

    Ojiknsdfm mR krABs Im F Ee Min g

  6. I Love Llamas

    I Love Llamas19 hours ago

    "Mr. KrAbs, you're still doing kEtAmInE

  7. here2watch08

    here2watch0819 hours ago

    The way Spongebob said "I'm feining" 😂

  8. Teddybear TaNiya

    Teddybear TaNiyaDay ago

    So it's come to me watching drugs from cartoon

  9. 『Alexa UwU』

    『Alexa UwU』Day ago

    Did anyone realized that jay changed the title?

  10. Brightdeer

    BrightdeerDay ago

    Krabby daddy 🤣

  11. Meep Cool

    Meep CoolDay ago

    I love the coryxkenshin meme

  12. 𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝕊𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕤

    𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝕊𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕤Day ago

    "This game is weird and nasty like my mom" ~Jay 2020 Jay's mom watching this: 👁💧👄💧👁

  13. it was all a dream

    it was all a dreamDay ago

    They really used the preppy animal crossing voice for Sandy lmaoo

  14. SadChild_DoesGacha

    SadChild_DoesGacha2 days ago

    “Weird and nasty like my mom”

  15. DoggoBoi1001

    DoggoBoi10012 days ago

    Plankton sounds like a 16 year old white kid who works at a gas station

  16. Ayushman Sarkar

    Ayushman Sarkar2 days ago

    Patrick:WhAt ThE fUcK

  17. Some random channel

    Some random channel2 days ago

    Why the hell is sandy sound like ISABELLE?!?????!!!!

  18. BlixerXxc077upt3r

    BlixerXxc077upt3r3 days ago

    Nice and funny video

  19. xXShadowCatXx

    xXShadowCatXx3 days ago

    He got a little too excited tryna make the cheeks clap

  20. XxConnection UserxX

    XxConnection UserxX3 days ago

    Officer right there!

  21. fruitcup_

    fruitcup_3 days ago

    cory comes on

  22. Aubrea Battle

    Aubrea Battle3 days ago


  23. Daniel Yang

    Daniel Yang3 days ago

    why this is make me confused and its like grand theft

  24. Asher Playz Movie Sonic

    Asher Playz Movie Sonic3 days ago

    Oof!!!!!! So cursed

  25. Spencer Chambers

    Spencer Chambers4 days ago

    Out of context J 7:50

  26. Vava Lou

    Vava Lou4 days ago

    You said something about drugs right something like he does drugs like me huh ok.... GET HELP BRO


    ATHENA HTET4 days ago


  28. Mimi Finks

    Mimi Finks4 days ago

    Patrick is so creepy

  29. Londyn Newton

    Londyn Newton4 days ago

    Planton sound like AlexAce

  30. Peppermint BlackTea

    Peppermint BlackTea4 days ago

    "Ketamine is a medication mainly used for starting and maintaining anesthesia. It induces a trance-like state while providing pain relief, sedation, and memory loss. Other uses include sedation in intensive care and treatment of pain and depression."

  31. BlixerXxc077upt3r

    BlixerXxc077upt3r3 days ago

    Nothing harsh but nobody really asked but thanks for the advice

  32. Obitolovesyou

    Obitolovesyou4 days ago

    planktons only weakness 😔

  33. Lizzy Damion

    Lizzy Damion5 days ago

    I was watching this and an ad popped up about how drugs are illigal. How convinent.

  34. Blesivs Cherry

    Blesivs Cherry5 days ago

    It’s cool I totally didn’t need to sleep anyways🥲

  35. Your Next Door Neighbors

    Your Next Door Neighbors5 days ago

    "Im Feeening!"

  36. Tatsumi

    Tatsumi6 days ago

    You know who else does ketamine MY MOM

  37. Aala Allen

    Aala Allen6 days ago

    10/10 game.

  38. s0daa_

    s0daa_6 days ago

    not me getting a nickelodeon ad before this....

  39. Jezebeli OMG

    Jezebeli OMG6 days ago

    Kubz scout literally said send random ass games to his Twitter then at the end he said I'm never looking at my Twitter game suggestions

  40. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo6 days ago

    This is when Nickelodeon said "Fuck It" and released a "lost" episode.

  41. FAST NINJA64

    FAST NINJA646 days ago

    kids in 1900`s:people in 2000`s must have better games games in 2020:

  42. Granola Bar

    Granola Bar7 days ago

    What kind of drugs did this game developer take to make this game cause I need some

  43. FierceGamer X

    FierceGamer X7 days ago

    The title probably got attention of Ketamine dealers and so he had to change the title

  44. Chevy

    Chevy7 days ago

    Ahh crap my only weakness dying Me: amurure I bought 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999 5 hour energy’s I’ll live FOREVER

  45. Chevy

    Chevy7 days ago

    Or about 500 years

  46. Chevy

    Chevy7 days ago

    Ok ok ok buckle up for a sponge bob fan explaining man opt hat building yuh see? It’s a reference to the episode where Krabs makes crabby patty store bought

  47. Chevy

    Chevy7 days ago

    “He has a drug addiction just like me” FBI OPEN UP But more like open drugs yah feel me

  48. Sibel

    Sibel7 days ago

    At this moment 1:25 i realised that jay is always standing when playing games lol 😎

  49. Lemmesmash Lemmesmash

    Lemmesmash Lemmesmash7 days ago

    I am 11 years and sometimes I play this game

  50. Lemmesmash Lemmesmash

    Lemmesmash Lemmesmash7 days ago

    Yes I'm a jerk

  51. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez7 days ago

    if you went back to sandy after defeating plankton there mught have been more game because she was the one who gave you the quest

  52. BlueOutline .‿.

    BlueOutline .‿.7 days ago

    7:04 the greatest voice actor in a boss fight

  53. Hanahaki Pearl

    Hanahaki Pearl7 days ago

    This is for anyone who didn't see what Sandy said: 5:30 I am indescribably delighted by this delivery of illicit substances from Mr. Tentecals at my behest. With dues paid, I now wish to continue to more pressing matters. Namely, Mr. Plankton of the Chum Bucket. Please dispose of this violent scoundrel and the village of Bikini Bottom will be forever thankful for your heroic deeds.

  54. Oh No!

    Oh No!8 days ago

    Huh this new SpongeBob episode hits different

  55. ItzAshley the bear

    ItzAshley the bear8 days ago

    you should ply roblox

  56. Epic_Gacha UwU

    Epic_Gacha UwU8 days ago

    I didn't know sponges could grow beards and Mr Crabs, what have you been putting into the Crabby Patties?

  57. Pk Media

    Pk Media8 days ago

    The title was called “Mr. Krabs overdoses on ketamine and dies (cursed spongebob game)”

  58. azn

    azn8 days ago

    Jay: presses “play coin toss” Video: “plays an ad

  59. bReAnNa yA pEeP

    bReAnNa yA pEeP4 days ago


  60. H A N D _

    H A N D _8 days ago

    My childhood was spongebob and seeing this? *Im not even mad I’m just mad that they didn’t put this in the series*

  61. H A N D _

    H A N D _8 days ago

    He that *D U D E* And that ladies and gentlemen is with a full stop

  62. Kek LordTV

    Kek LordTV8 days ago

    JAY!!! Please play Mung Daal Vietnam! Its made by the same guy who made this game

  63. Moth_Meat

    Moth_Meat8 days ago

    *s q u i d t i t t i e s*

  64. Kadya Boom

    Kadya Boom8 days ago

    Oop well there goes my childhood

  65. Wee. a . boo

    Wee. a . boo8 days ago

    Sandy's voice: aakskkkskddjjjejhjdjdekeewkdkkjkc My mind: *ANIMAL CROSSING*

  66. Carli Spears

    Carli Spears9 days ago

    Why is he so dirty that is my question

  67. T3AŁøvęr

    T3AŁøvęr9 days ago

    bruhhh when sandy was talking that voice is from Animal crossing

  68. Nini {KIMSEOKJIN}•__•

    Nini {KIMSEOKJIN}•__•9 days ago

    😭😂 I loved the gameplay jay 💜

  69. Ellie Smith

    Ellie Smith9 days ago

    Watching Jay's videos makes my whole day better, shit making my whole sad life better.

  70. Hazel Rosing

    Hazel Rosing9 days ago

    Jay:HES BEHIND A ROCK Patrick:chilling behind a buliding

  71. RNG_Axolotl VODS

    RNG_Axolotl VODS9 days ago

    while watching this game play on the side of my screen was a sponge bob ad

  72. oXmaniichanXo [schoolgirl a.l]

    oXmaniichanXo [schoolgirl a.l]9 days ago


  73. shonna Clark

    shonna Clark9 days ago

    did spongebob say...1:23 "Oh Fuck" lol

  74. suckatruck

    suckatruck9 days ago

    krabby daddy 😝

  75. Caiden Landes

    Caiden Landes9 days ago

    Yeah this my game of year idk but yeah

  76. Mitch M

    Mitch M9 days ago

    "Ahoy Spongebob, I've overdosed on ketamine, and I'm going to die"

  77. Riley kazama

    Riley kazama9 days ago


  78. KingRichTv

    KingRichTv9 days ago

    Spongebob with gta 4 graphics!?

  79. Lemons, OK?

    Lemons, OK?10 days ago

    I am indescribably delighted by this delivery of illicit substances from Mr. Tentacles at my behest. I shall forever be indebted to you for this favor, good sir. With dues paid, I now wish to continue to more pressing matters. Namely, Sir Plankton of the Chum Bucket. Please dispose of this violent scoundrel and the village of Bikini Bottom will be forever thankful for your heroic deeds.

  80. Mia Donovan

    Mia Donovan10 days ago

    Jay what that hair do tho 😂😂😂

  81. DollfaceFashionista

    DollfaceFashionista10 days ago

    SpongeBob on drugs in a nutshell. Basically grand theater auto but the cartoonist characters on drugs.

  82. Skeppysdaughter

    Skeppysdaughter10 days ago

    i’m still waiting for another minecraft episode

  83. mr rage

    mr rage10 days ago

    How do you get this game

  84. DailyAmongUs

    DailyAmongUs10 days ago

    Can you play roblox or Minecraft

  85. Christopher D'Oyen

    Christopher D'Oyen10 days ago

    I feel bad for his neighbors.

  86. SpongeDog

    SpongeDog10 days ago

    "I can smell a star."

  87. Cal

    Cal11 days ago

    Forgot the drugs The sweet sweet drugs

  88. Mochi Kei

    Mochi Kei11 days ago

    Is it just me or did the video title change?

  89. Destiny Corona

    Destiny Corona11 days ago

    Patrick is everything I need in life especially his voice😂

  90. ClanCode

    ClanCode11 days ago

    He's so bad at the game lol

  91. nightmare funtime n,leah1308 van Tonder

    nightmare funtime n,leah1308 van Tonder11 days ago

    play more pls!!!

  92. Evangeline Chloey

    Evangeline Chloey11 days ago

    As soon as he clicked the play coin toss button, an add automatically appeared.

  93. Pink is sus

    Pink is sus11 days ago

    What happened to "mr krabs overdoses on ketamine and dies"

  94. Zia UwUz

    Zia UwUz11 days ago

    Jay: EVERYONE GET READY AND BU- why dose if have to happen again.... Me: ask life

  95. Nitro X

    Nitro X12 days ago

    2:23-2:32 best 🥺

  96. Mathcoolb

    Mathcoolb12 days ago

    You gotta *take a mans life.*

  97. Deanna Norris

    Deanna Norris12 days ago

    Lmfaoooo wtf I love how h put in coryxkenshin tho

  98. misiepink uwu

    misiepink uwu12 days ago

    Nobody: Sandy: Talks Jay: 👁👄👁

  99. Blue_The_Artist 78

    Blue_The_Artist 7812 days ago

    Dude. Where do people find these games? 😂

  100. Tripz Playz

    Tripz Playz13 days ago

    "I'm Feieming"

  101. Candy Mandy

    Candy Mandy13 days ago

    Legend says that if jays headphones fall off in his intro, it brings good luck on the recording

  102. Nincompoop

    Nincompoop13 days ago

    the fact that there's a SpongeBob SquarePants add telling me to buy the seasons is killing me!😩 I'm sorry, but ill never be able to want the show ever again without remembering this game😂😂

  103. TheLastHussar

    TheLastHussar13 days ago

    cant believe this dude has almost 4mill subscribers......

  104. InvaderBB

    InvaderBB13 days ago

    I always knew the secret ingredient in the krabby patty secret formula was drugs.