I'm Spongebob & Patrick's Drug Dealer And I'm Scared (Cursed Spongebob Game)

Mr Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine is a game that was recommended to me by one of you on twitter...so this is your fault
Mr Krabs Overdoses on ketamine game:
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  1. M.Yusri

    M.Yusri2 days ago

    In case you didn't know, Spongebob character model in this game is from Spongebob Squarepants The Movie Videogames. Meanwhile, Patrick's character model The Creature From The Krusty Krab videogames.

  2. Templar One

    Templar One4 days ago

    Play chowda pass me the MG42

  3. シSpaden

    シSpaden4 days ago

    Patrick looks like he survived a Danganronpa execution

  4. Wednesday— —Walrus

    Wednesday— —Walrus7 days ago

    I’d clap jays cheeks 100% Plus ultra if u know wut I’m saying 🤫✨

  5. HackerGamer8!

    HackerGamer8!9 days ago

    This is like GTA

  6. J Franc Rio Aventurado

    J Franc Rio Aventurado15 days ago

    Bro its cory

  7. NanaShaa

    NanaShaa19 days ago

    Im living for this playthrough Jay😂😂😂😂

  8. Jeanne Canoy

    Jeanne Canoy21 day ago

    Pack years 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  9. Dabear :p

    Dabear :p22 days ago

    U should play lomando it’s weird and kinda scary-

  10. Some Makoto Kinnie

    Some Makoto Kinnie23 days ago

    *"Just like my mom"* PLEASE WHY DID THIS CRACK ME UP ✋😭

  11. Erika Winters

    Erika Winters24 days ago

    "I wonder what my neighbors think of me" I can tell you right now, they are afraid of you 😂

  12. Neko Grey

    Neko Grey24 days ago

    nice hair my dude :]

  13. Eva_Evelyn_Vang UwU

    Eva_Evelyn_Vang UwU28 days ago

    Cory kitchen is in the middle of this video on that one scene burn it

  14. Jane artkawaii

    Jane artkawaii28 days ago

    Sandy want to be animals crossing 😳

  15. NaruHina Naruto And Hinata

    NaruHina Naruto And Hinata29 days ago

    This game got me fucked up watching you play this game bruh.

  16. Leia Robidoux

    Leia RobidouxMonth ago

    Only description for this game: Underwater DrUGs lol 😂😆😂😆

  17. ʚ ThatOnePerson ɞ

    ʚ ThatOnePerson ɞMonth ago

    Me watching this at 3am

  18. Ryoma Hoshi

    Ryoma HoshiMonth ago

    Spongebob meets breaking bad

  19. kawa Bebe

    kawa BebeMonth ago

    the people that live next to him:😶

  20. maylena degros

    maylena degrosMonth ago

    And then I just got a spongebob actual movie :]

  21. Its Ari-san YT

    Its Ari-san YTMonth ago

    Ill never look at Spongebob and Patrick or Peppa the same again-

  22. Ava Grimes

    Ava GrimesMonth ago

    Squidward sounds like sally fingers🤣😂😂😂

  23. kennah orcutt

    kennah orcuttMonth ago

    I love the cory kenshin bit

  24. FoggyFroggy

    FoggyFroggyMonth ago

    Jay: I will gladly take a man's life Cory: officer right there

  25. liu chang de

    liu chang deMonth ago

    On the title of the game Mr Krabs looks like he is high on drugs

  26. Mina Alien queen

    Mina Alien queenMonth ago

    W H A T T H E F U CK

  27. Christine Galan

    Christine GalanMonth ago

    Mr Krabs ketamine comes from aquatic Neptune

  28. Clary Villamor

    Clary VillamorMonth ago

    HI JAY

  29. Marco Perez

    Marco PerezMonth ago


  30. K.K Slider

    K.K SliderMonth ago

    Play spongeglock sqaurepants it’s on the same website you got this game it’s spongebob with a gun

  31. mickey mouse vlogs

    mickey mouse vlogsMonth ago

    What did sandy actually say.

  32. FireRed Gaming

    FireRed GamingMonth ago

    Worst patrick impression

  33. emily peaches

    emily peachesMonth ago

    How gurl punch Huh ha huh ha Me DIEEE BI DIEEE

  34. Jon James

    Jon JamesMonth ago

    My childhood has been ruined

  35. Ashlyn Smith

    Ashlyn SmithMonth ago

    6:58 is the best bro

  36. Harriet Potter

    Harriet PotterMonth ago

    15 years from now, Mason is going to go through the old relic that is USlikes and he's going to find this and go up to his father and be like "Please, Mr. Krabs, I'm feening"

  37. Carlos Abraham-Beckford

    Carlos Abraham-Beckford2 months ago


  38. the guy who killed mista

    the guy who killed mista2 months ago


  39. Layek Ahmed

    Layek Ahmed2 months ago


  40. Nars Calixto

    Nars Calixto2 months ago

    3:52 is coryxkenshin🤪

  41. NC

    NC2 months ago

    The way this game was made:HAH dude your SpongeBob and Patrick impretion sound like their SUPER high on drugs

  42. Tala Sabado

    Tala Sabado2 months ago

    is that cory

  43. My Boi Eren Yeager

    My Boi Eren Yeager2 months ago

    cory is the meme himself

  44. •D0ʟʟʏ-Gᴜᴛs•

    •D0ʟʟʏ-Gᴜᴛs•2 months ago

    *Please Mr. Krabs I'm feening*

  45. Elijah Smith

    Elijah Smith3 months ago

    jay: he has a drug addiction just like me I don't think ur on drugs I think the game is

  46. Girlfriend FNF

    Girlfriend FNF3 months ago

    3:52 😂😂😂😂

  47. My Boi Eren Yeager

    My Boi Eren Yeager2 months ago

    Girlfriend FNF@ was it hard beating the lemon demon?

  48. Pink Cloudy

    Pink Cloudy3 months ago

    Istg his videos are so funny that after watching them im laughing so hard that my stomach hurts and i can’t Breathe 😂

  49. Pink Cloudy

    Pink Cloudy3 months ago

    2:07 Patric lives next to spongebob cuz spongebob promised patric’s parents to take care of him *everyone knows that-*

  50. Pink Cloudy

    Pink Cloudy3 months ago

    People: *nightmares about being chased horror stuff etc..* My nightmares:

  51. Pink Cloudy

    Pink Cloudy3 months ago

    The game creators Really said: „lets make a game about druga from a kids cartoon” 👁👄👁

  52. Mary Uviovo

    Mary Uviovo3 months ago

    Can u play pink motel

  53. Juliet

    Juliet3 months ago

    I'm the real spongebob that's the fake wone

  54. Juliet

    Juliet3 months ago

    Patrick is weird

  55. Juliet

    Juliet3 months ago

    Mr krabs is worried about 😦 wait that spongebob doesn't looks like me

  56. Kaitou Joker

    Kaitou Joker3 months ago

    Play The Child....... Scary holy crab

  57. International Flight!

    International Flight!3 months ago

    TaKe A mAnS LiFe!

  58. Hope Moldenhauer

    Hope Moldenhauer3 months ago

    You already know you’re.. THAT DUDE.

  59. Bennylwoo

    Bennylwoo3 months ago

    3:51 CORY?

  60. Bennylwoo

    Bennylwoo2 months ago

    @My Boi Eren Yeager true agree lol

  61. My Boi Eren Yeager

    My Boi Eren Yeager2 months ago

    coryxkenshin so popular he became a meme

  62. YaY

    YaY3 months ago

    He just said Kraby daddy

  63. slav cat

    slav cat3 months ago

    5:16 That kickflip steez tho 😎😎😎

  64. •coxl.b1tch•

    •coxl.b1tch•3 months ago

    Welp, looks like meh childhood is ruined. 😀😃

  65. Jay_killer360

    Jay_killer3603 months ago

    its ok my mom was a pothead too

  66. Wolf GIGN

    Wolf GIGN3 months ago

    3:35 What the f***

  67. Lucas Lemus

    Lucas Lemus3 months ago


  68. clouxy skys

    clouxy skys3 months ago

    I'm suprised nick hasn't taken this down

  69. the j

    the j3 months ago

    I don't have a Twitter I am 10 years old

  70. Cthulhu Dog

    Cthulhu Dog3 months ago


  71. Cthulhu Dog

    Cthulhu Dog3 months ago

    This is cursed

  72. What does Fred say?

    What does Fred say?3 months ago

    Weird games? Who’s gonna send the Komaeda one to him

  73. Thair Jaber

    Thair Jaber3 months ago

    Oh my goddness haha oh crap

  74. 2B Afi Afzil

    2B Afi Afzil3 months ago

    Holy Krab I'ght imma head out

  75. Patrick Cantwell

    Patrick Cantwell4 months ago


  76. Cataclysm

    Cataclysm4 months ago

    Now look at all the speedruns...

  77. The Firal Wall

    The Firal Wall4 months ago

    Please Mr. Krabz I'm F I E N D I N G !

  78. Com Kim

    Com Kim4 months ago

    Gta spring

  79. dfox6222

    dfox62224 months ago

    Also I recommend you play Juice Galaxy.

  80. dfox6222

    dfox62224 months ago

    Wow, Spongebob Batttle for Bikini Bottom 2 looks great.

  81. M U S H R O O M

    M U S H R O O M4 months ago

    Patrick on drugs is gonna give me nightmares.

  82. Layne Shelton

    Layne Shelton4 months ago

    lol the coryxkenshin clip

  83. Dinamus

    Dinamus4 months ago

    I've watched this video three times already, there's just something about how damn sick the entire game is

  84. Ac13 ac

    Ac13 ac4 months ago

    Ahoy SpongeBob I overdosed on ketamine and I'm going to die

  85. kirvis

    kirvis4 months ago

    he needs to get into the speedrunning part of the game

  86. unsk unsk

    unsk unsk4 months ago

    "Oh! please mr krabs, im fEeMiNg"

  87. SkeletalGaming

    SkeletalGaming4 months ago

    Speed run it

  88. Dylan prime

    Dylan prime4 months ago

    The story of the game:Plank is planning on stealing a secret formula on krusty krab then he suddenly he got the idea.Plankton sneaks into the krusty krab at nighttime when the restaurant is closed and he sneaks into the kitchen when spongebob isn't there.Plankton started to put ketamines secretly into the patties and leaves immediately.Tomorrow spongebob,Mr krabs,squidward and many customers eats krabby patties for the celebration but they had gone crazy and started to hallucinating.Planktons plan had work.

  89. fire foxfantsy

    fire foxfantsy4 months ago

    Art arg arg ... Spongebob I've over dosed on k8tmin and I'm going to die ✺◟( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)◞✺

  90. [*Jen*] :3

    [*Jen*] :34 months ago

    0:09 uh oh Jay is getting the belt

  91. YoSummer

    YoSummer4 months ago


  92. YoSummer

    YoSummer4 months ago

    I’m feening

  93. Ivan Hitshi

    Ivan Hitshi4 months ago


  94. kole gaming

    kole gaming4 months ago

    Wait where is that CoryxKenshin

  95. Latenightgunners

    Latenightgunners4 months ago

    Objective: find ketamine Jay: *takes ketamine* Spongebob:welp another one has to kick the bucket

  96. MLGMAN 06

    MLGMAN 064 months ago


  97. Professor Lemon

    Professor Lemon4 months ago

    The person who made this game ,ThrillDaWill, also brought us Mung Daal Vietnam

  98. ItsmeSkye

    ItsmeSkye4 months ago

    I laughed when he said "I wonder what neighbors think of me"

  99. pratham mehta

    pratham mehta4 months ago

    how do i ride a boat in that game. I'm just not able to enter the boat

  100. That_Girl_ Who_Sings

    That_Girl_ Who_Sings4 months ago

    why is no one talking about SpongeBob sounding like Ethan

  101. Lara Selg

    Lara Selg4 months ago

    we all know to. secret formula now

  102. a normal fangirl

    a normal fangirl4 months ago

    Im trying so hard to not choke on my french toast while watching this

  103. Unicorn_Playz

    Unicorn_Playz4 months ago

    This literally made my day ty jay

  104. AyyItsChristina

    AyyItsChristina4 months ago

    Damn looks like I’ve done a full 360 and I’m back to binging your vids it’s good to be back :)