3 scary games in this one, getting into that spooky halloween spirit! Leave a LIKE for more!
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  1. syqo

    syqo11 hours ago

    I need an adult

  2. TheGalaxyBunny

    TheGalaxyBunny11 hours ago

    3:55 Is nobody gonna realize that door was opening or losing? (I couldn’t tell.)

  3. Haley Barker

    Haley BarkerDay ago

    Watching this at 2 am I... Took off my sweater because I’m sweating re-put my hair up turn off all the lights folded my pillow turn on the air conditioning sat down and played the video. That is how you properly prepare for THAT DUDES videos.

  4. Haley Barker

    Haley BarkerDay ago

    Even that didn’t prepare me.

  5. Nancy Gibbs

    Nancy GibbsDay ago

    Me watching this on low brightness like: 👁👄👁

  6. Anything & Everything

    Anything & Everything2 days ago

    Wheres his merch at?

  7. A

    A2 days ago

    diaper jay B)

  8. Arianna Quiroz

    Arianna Quiroz3 days ago

    *me who watched a bunch of scary videos and is now paranoid and has a butter knife* nah I'll watch this video

  9. Yazzy The Jazzy Catty Weirdo!

    Yazzy The Jazzy Catty Weirdo!4 days ago

    Me whenever a jump scare pops up: NOPE! jus gonna smell mah sammich...👁👄👁 ok YOU KNOW WHAT?! PROCEED TO EXIT STAGE LEFT OK?!?!

  10. thefortniekid og

    thefortniekid og4 days ago

    6:43 my chest hurts cause of that

  11. All about Gianna normal girl

    All about Gianna normal girl6 days ago

    Jay Imma say this one time stop scaring me with your screams and the games you play please😱😔

  12. Fvck Ares

    Fvck Ares6 days ago

    i think she's dead, she's alive but she's dead

  13. Mr.universe

    Mr.universe6 days ago

    That note said *you will die today watch what you do sack * and it’s german lol

  14. Emily Hayden

    Emily Hayden6 days ago

    I bet you 10 million dollars jay won’t reply to. This comment

  15. emi htke

    emi htke6 days ago

    2:40 ur scream make me scream ngl

  16. Sang Jae

    Sang Jae7 days ago

    "du wirst heute noch sterben pass auf was du tust du sack" Translates to "you will die today watch what you do you sack" for the second game, thats what the note says

  17. Sang Jae

    Sang Jae7 days ago

    at 10:32, what his neck do-

  18. Heaven Solis

    Heaven Solis7 days ago

    I love you kubz scouts 💕💕💕😭

  19. Nadia Afiqah

    Nadia Afiqah7 days ago


  20. Mrszstangzz Bri

    Mrszstangzz Bri7 days ago

    His screams scare me more

  21. Emi Pickering

    Emi Pickering7 days ago

    I would've got a head ache if I had to say "OK here we go so buckle up" I would be dead

  22. Anita Maki

    Anita Maki8 days ago

    When he walked away from the room with the red cabinet I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO

  23. Genre Boy

    Genre Boy8 days ago

    Something else is in my basement? Well Play nice with Alex.

  24. Dora the worst explorer

    Dora the worst explorer8 days ago

    13:27 this is a quick translation it is infact german this is what the note said"you will die today watch what you do,you sack!" if you read this your welcome for translating i am learning german and turns out i said it correctly :) ima finish watching the video now

  25. Lavender

    Lavender9 days ago

    Came here from markiplier playing with the brightest flashlight that was made two hours ago and has over 100k likes while Jay makes a normal video with much less then that- 👁👄👁

  26. Abdullah Alharthi

    Abdullah Alharthi9 days ago

    6:40 I threw my phone so fast I was an amazing goose bump but I got scared.

  27. Abdullah Alharthi

    Abdullah Alharthi9 days ago

    Every time I'm in a bad mood the first thing I do is that I watch Jay's videos and I watch him daily and it's been now 4 years and today I was in a bad mood but now I'm not keep on going Jay and you are that dude!

  28. 石川Demi

    石川Demi9 days ago

    "You hang low like that?!" Im fking dead 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G10 days ago

    I sometimes fell that those planks that can be broken with a crowbar, in real life they can be broken by kicking it, no cap

  30. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G10 days ago

    When Jay plays horror games and he is getting chased, that's what scares me

  31. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G10 days ago

    0:46 the camera being so shaky like that it is when you're drunk and trying to record a video

  32. Luna Star

    Luna Star11 days ago

    Me when I come home from school hungry AF and doing 6 hours of useless work and the door won't open: 1:48

  33. Mai-San Waifu

    Mai-San Waifu11 days ago

    6:40 Nasties JUMPSCARE OF MY LİFE


    MADYSON ZEPEDA12 days ago

    I like how jay just plays the randomness games either funny random or scary he does these videos for us. He’s my favorite youtuber and is that dude

  35. Jasmine stacy Cuna

    Jasmine stacy Cuna12 days ago

    Why is your thumbnail is noah beck?

  36. Dejanay Williams

    Dejanay Williams12 days ago

    his exprision when he got scared lol i just ove this chanle woo :D

  37. Dejanay Williams

    Dejanay Williams12 days ago

    when he picked up the flashlight and got jumped scared now thats funny lol! :D


    JESUS ENCINAS13 days ago

    ngl when he started narrating the newspaper i thought it was an actual narrator.

  39. Quarshely Vans

    Quarshely Vans13 days ago


  40. Israel Carmona

    Israel Carmona13 days ago

    Okay tbh, the title was funny af. "My cheeks are on the menu" XD

  41. better-than-onii

    better-than-onii13 days ago

    Thicc neck

  42. Timeless_Fights ,

    Timeless_Fights ,14 days ago

    This vid is curse 😤 I cannot stress that enough, every time Im trying to watch this video either 4 to 7 mins in and for some reason out of nowhere I go to sleep for like 8 to 12 hours, this is my 7th time trying to watch this 😒😔

  43. B Yessir

    B Yessir15 days ago

    Me: *wearing headphones* (At 2 seconds hearing screaming harder than loud.) Ears bleeding 😔

  44. Burhan Faisal

    Burhan Faisal15 days ago

    Geh jetzt oder er wird dich finden, l o o k b e h i n d y o u

  45. Titan Barnes

    Titan Barnes15 days ago


  46. Sophy Sophan

    Sophy Sophan16 days ago

    This is how I scream AAAAAAAAAAAA

  47. Khaotic Sanctum

    Khaotic Sanctum17 days ago

    Eating salty ass tortilla chips and hoping I don't choke to death from Jay screaming his chee-heeks off

  48. StormyNT

    StormyNT18 days ago

    Is it bad the thing that scares me in this videos more than anything is his girly man screams?

  49. Missundesirable_

    Missundesirable_18 days ago

    Omg 😂😂😂 10:53 Forgive me lord for I have sinned

  50. Azula Xxx

    Azula Xxx19 days ago

    Ight... It's official... Jay is the CEO of corpse simps🌈🌬

  51. Main character

    Main character19 days ago

    jay stresses me out, whenever he screams

  52. sam the wolf

    sam the wolf19 days ago

    "Free random games" | | | | | | | | 《Free horror games》

  53. sam the wolf

    sam the wolf19 days ago

    I swear when jay screams my heart goes REEEEEEEEEEEEE The screams scare me more than the game

  54. ღNightcoreCityღTM

    ღNightcoreCityღTM20 days ago

    1:13 Jay: WOAHH! Me: *Staahp i could’ve dropped my croissant*

  55. Gaming trio Carmen

    Gaming trio Carmen21 day ago

    Hey Robert how are you

  56. Amberley AMBER

    Amberley AMBER21 day ago

    its legit raining outside and ITS SO FREAKING SCARY and now i decided to scare myself wowwww

  57. Kyle Heaven Acantilado

    Kyle Heaven Acantilado22 days ago

    I google translated what the note said in game 2 u guys wanna know what it said LOL it said : YOU WILL DIE TODAY WATCH WHAT YOU DO YOU SACK. xD thats what the note said 😂 😂 😂

  58. Jeremiah Ayoade

    Jeremiah Ayoade23 days ago

    jay can you play yan chan because i have myth

  59. jasmine cooley

    jasmine cooley23 days ago

    12:13 if you put it on 25x speed you can clearly see that the lights were off and that they flickered on, and then the reflection was a man??? Thing??? Edit: wow, thanks Ms. Obvious ಠ_ಠ Edit 2: NVM, it was actually the windows flickeringಥ‿ಥ

  60. Didi Oparaocha

    Didi Oparaocha23 days ago

    I love how the previous video before this he said "OH MY GOD" then ended the video right there, and now the thumb nail for this video is "OH MY GOD" XD

  61. Ammaradnan

    Ammaradnan23 days ago

    Jump scare so hard made me switch vids by accident 😭😭😭

  62. Sha sha Bella

    Sha sha Bella23 days ago

    Damn Jay, you scared me at the poster dude.

  63. Alina M

    Alina M24 days ago

    "I need a shotty for these thotties acting naughty" lmao what-

  64. Kai Hisashi VA

    Kai Hisashi VA24 days ago

    My dad and brother are fighting and I’m just watching this video like 😐

  65. Phantom Pyrate

    Phantom Pyrate24 days ago

    12:03 Jezuz...😳😳😳😳

  66. Karen Avila

    Karen Avila26 days ago

    does jay have neighbors? kinda feel bad for them lol

  67. MOOSEIE 12

    MOOSEIE 1226 days ago

    Ur vids convinced me not to die thank you for doing yanra simulator and much more interesting videos 👍

  68. Brady Nye

    Brady Nye26 days ago

    guys i translated that note that randomly popped up it turns out it was in german and it translated to you will die today watch what you do you sack!. dont believe me? go to google translate turn the play back speed to the lowest point then wait till the note pops up pause write it down then go to google translat type in in under /german to english type it in german then it will say

  69. rubyluna

    rubyluna26 days ago

    I literally played this game and I was so freaking scared and I stop playing to scary for me 😳 your brave because YOUR THAT DUDE!


    LYX GAMESTREAM26 days ago

    Her boobs have been possessed .. LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Billie Wingsmith

    Billie Wingsmith26 days ago

    I had to come to the comments so it wasn’t full screen

  72. Billie Wingsmith

    Billie Wingsmith26 days ago

    Guys I watched the whole videos covering my ears and eyes help wtf

  73. gay Glitch soup

    gay Glitch soup26 days ago

    *me Casually packing clothes while watching this video* *the first anime girl scream* *me:AHHH WHAT THE FUCK.... oh... I have Jay's scream too...*

  74. Deidara 1

    Deidara 126 days ago

    Lol jay screams scared me more than the game I be flinching and it is 1:30 am

  75. xXsnipe R

    xXsnipe R27 days ago

    It give me the nuggetschild i love your videos jay

  76. RaaThe BOI

    RaaThe BOI27 days ago

    Do you all remember: BUCKLE THE FUUUCK UP!!

  77. li chan

    li chan27 days ago


  78. arsene plays

    arsene plays27 days ago

    1990 jay: u are not good enough for basket ball jay in 2020: join my team to make lots of dollar ヾ(•ω•`)o

  79. Sonya YT

    Sonya YT27 days ago

    Hey jay...ya like jazzzzzzzz? Cause if you dont then *you beOlng in dE TrAsH*

  80. 10cc'sOfGaming

    10cc'sOfGaming27 days ago

    7:31 "Kubz scouts, Tell Jay he looks sexy with his hair pushed back"

  81. Senora Horror

    Senora Horror27 days ago

    Ngl when Jay started reading that newspaper I thought it was someone else

  82. Lmao

    Lmao28 days ago

    10:45 just a timestamp for me

  83. nuggetsare life

    nuggetsare life28 days ago

    When that white thing moved up i fell out my bed-

  84. Imma Cactus

    Imma Cactus28 days ago

    I slapped myself at one of the jump scares I-

  85. 夫Error_skerrt

    夫Error_skerrt28 days ago


  86. Alice The Malice

    Alice The Malice28 days ago

    Anyone else having their allergies acting up while watching I know I do and it's not pleasant 😧

  87. Jonathan Austin

    Jonathan Austin28 days ago

    DAMN! "Wrong Floor" was absolutely terrifying!

  88. Shadowen _

    Shadowen _29 days ago

    God loves you Jay

  89. Sqrmincoil

    Sqrmincoil29 days ago

    The note was German I think

  90. Lemon White

    Lemon White29 days ago

    AYo Jay u gonna make this video and nOt pay for my heart bills- 🕳👩‍🦯

  91. myles monroe

    myles monroe29 days ago

    Jay: *sees dead body* Jay: What can I get from you ? 👀

  92. Legendary K.O

    Legendary K.O29 days ago

    It's the noise, not the scare Me: Gets scared of Jay's screams

  93. James Fulford

    James Fulford29 days ago

    Who else is watching this at 3am and Jay is still more scared than you are?

  94. Samiha Salomon Sanchez

    Samiha Salomon SanchezMonth ago

    damn jay i feel bad for u honestly cause you seemed so scared

  95. Bianca Torres

    Bianca TorresMonth ago

    I think jay has more girly scream than me 😂😂🤣👌🏽❤️

  96. mikans.right.b00b

    mikans.right.b00bMonth ago

    nay nay🐴killua🐴

  97. keliah williams

    keliah williamsMonth ago

    My parents will think someone's being murdered with Jay's screams 💀 Happy Halloween Jay hope you read this 🎃 Your videos make my day Thank you so so much!

  98. Killua

    KilluaMonth ago

    Do you take recommendations for this series? If so, I’d like to recommend a game called Pull Stay! It’s indie made by one person and his name is Nito Souji. Nito is a hikikomori, which is basically someone who hides away from society and stays inside. But Nito works hard at practicing many of his skills and this is a game he’s been working on for 3 years! I’m trying to get his game more exposure. It’s a brawler fighter type game where the protagonist is an actual hikikomori who battles people who invade his house. The demo is free and packed with a lot of awesome content soooo It would be great if you could check it out ^^

  99. Internet duck

    Internet duckMonth ago

    i don't understand how americans can't get metres but can get feet. Like when he said 8 feet I just imagined the height of 8 human feet stacked

  100. BrenZZ BaBii

    BrenZZ BaBiiMonth ago

    10:52 you saw how he’s face went from this :) to this :0 :(

  101. BrenZZ BaBii

    BrenZZ BaBiiMonth ago

    *100% of me having anxiety was this dude.*