Danganronpa 2 is back with the first class trial and Nagito already acting up! Appreciate the 50K likes, keep it going for the next episode!
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  1. William Htay

    William Htay11 hours ago

    Jay:everybody buckle up cause here we go Ibuki:yeet

  2. School Work

    School Work16 hours ago

    jay: extra carful is my middle name me: ok i so ur name is kubz extra careful scouts nice bro

  3. Random Internet Dude

    Random Internet DudeDay ago

    Jay: "tell me i'm wrong right to my face." Mahiru: "Aight."

  4. Marisa Lodde

    Marisa Lodde2 days ago

    no one: Jay: Peeko

  5. Akako Rose

    Akako Rose2 days ago

    hiyoko: *the ultimate traditional dancer* me: more like the ultimate bully

  6. squizz apprend

    squizz apprend2 days ago

    Nagito fandom showed up

  7. sweetiebot

    sweetiebot2 days ago

    nagito komaeda : ultimate babyface

  8. iianbe

    iianbe3 days ago

    "please don't open your legs and have like a turkey sittin there" lmaoooo

  9. Blakeyo123

    Blakeyo1233 days ago

    I had no idea who it was when I played, idk how ya got this one

  10. Penguin Paws

    Penguin Paws3 days ago

    "There's no way that Gundham's a highschooler!" FUN FACT: GUNDHAM IS THE YOUNGEST CHARACTER TO PARTAKE IN A KILLING GAME. His age is speculated to be around nineteen whilst the other students are in their twenties.

  11. Miho Animations

    Miho Animations3 days ago


  12. Vienne Hernandez-Ravega

    Vienne Hernandez-Ravega3 days ago


  13. paul juven m. santillan

    paul juven m. santillan5 days ago

    Oh seems like Kubz Scouts is not playing danganronpa 3 lets motivate him with a control schock to make him play it.

  14. Nxito x

    Nxito x5 days ago

    ill never forget nagitos OW

  15. embalmer.mp4

    embalmer.mp45 days ago

    *Nagito simps riSe*

  16. Beanie Boo

    Beanie Boo5 days ago

    People be simping for corpse's voice while I'm over here simping for Gundham's voice 😌✋

  17. kirby Yarrell

    kirby Yarrell6 days ago

    I was actually happy hiyoko and mahiru died

  18. katniss_gew

    katniss_gew6 days ago

    "I can't to see this man die" -kubz Scouts 2020

  19. speedysparkle9047 uwu

    speedysparkle9047 uwu6 days ago

    56:56 idk

  20. Corgi Cutie

    Corgi Cutie6 days ago

    "Tell me a 'No that's wrong' right to my face" Mahiru: *Yes, but also no*

  21. Numb Skull

    Numb Skull6 days ago

    Rewatching this just to see nagito again

  22. SansTheSkelly

    SansTheSkelly7 days ago

    1:10 SHIIIIII

  23. Reece Jiani

    Reece Jiani7 days ago

    Nagito was a imposter, infinite imposters remain

  24. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma7 days ago

    Other USlikesrs that I know playin Danganronpa: Omg Nagito is insane😳 I don't like him anymore.😐 Jay: Nagito😊😊😳💖💙💗💞💛💗

  25. NAGITO

    NAGITO7 days ago

    Im the smartest out of these people

  26. VelociRandell

    VelociRandell8 days ago

    wait its already been 3 months

  27. ・ Riley_MT ・

    ・ Riley_MT ・8 days ago

    thank you for reminding me that mikan means mandarin orange in english-

  28. #Rat Kingdom.

    #Rat Kingdom.9 days ago

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not be a q wa its bak e a

  29. Moe

    Moe9 days ago


  30. Loreta Khan

    Loreta Khan9 days ago

    Omg jay and nagiwagi were boren on the 28th of April♡♡¿

  31. combi 007

    combi 00710 days ago

    I'm back again so I can see Jay and Nagito...

  32. Kokichi Oma

    Kokichi Oma10 days ago

    I feel like all Karens are Mahiru kinnies-

  33. Z2BX YT

    Z2BX YT11 days ago

    Danganronpa 2: 8/10 need more upupupupu, too much hope

  34. 椅営る【Jet】

    椅営る【Jet】12 days ago

    52:56 i’m sorry jay but i forgot you had a hair-

  35. Darling

    Darling12 days ago

    " doesnt Mikan mean orange " 💀💀

  36. purplebunnygirl

    purplebunnygirl12 days ago

    I like how Jay actually likes Nagito, I always see LPs where the people hate him lol

  37. Moontea

    Moontea12 days ago

    *Teruteru entered the chat* *Gordon Ramsay left the chat*

  38. Jt_. Ly

    Jt_. Ly12 days ago

    I love how everytime Fuyuhiko speaks, Jay has to skip forward to avoid getting demonetized Miu and Kokichi: Hey, anyways so-

  39. {Nebula} {Fox}

    {Nebula} {Fox}12 days ago

    Jay: LOOKING AT YOU TERUTERU٫ I KNEW WHO DID IT Me: *surprised pikachu face*

  40. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi12 days ago

    Nagito, what the- what the heck!

  41. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi12 days ago

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... Nagito isn't the Ultimate Lucky Student, but the Ultimate Sus?

  42. Doodle Chix

    Doodle Chix13 days ago

    Monokuma: the only lies I tell are friendly lies! Also Monokuma: *makoto is the killer*

  43. Renata Avery

    Renata Avery13 days ago

    hajime: has a deep voice me makoto could never

  44. Renata Avery

    Renata Avery13 days ago

    the knife was brought in the duralumlumlum case

  45. Renata Avery

    Renata Avery13 days ago

    jay duralumin is pronounced du-ra-lu-min

  46. Renata Avery

    Renata Avery13 days ago


  47. M Allen シ

    M Allen シ13 days ago

    21:20 dont mind this is a timestamp

  48. Jesse Simon

    Jesse Simon14 days ago

    Nagito: confesses. Me: sees that there’s still 15 minutes left and another episode.

  49. Aquiza Bacuño

    Aquiza Bacuño14 days ago

    *sees title with Nagito in almost all of Jay's dr2 vids* ...JAY IS NAGITOSEXUAL

  50. goodandevil15

    goodandevil1514 days ago




    If Byakuya was in this class trial he'd probably find all the evidence then ask Hajime to explain 😭 RIP Thickakuya

  52. Starally Foxylight

    Starally Foxylight15 days ago

    I wonder how future kubz scouts is reacting after this past kubz scouts was insulting naegy waegy ;-;

  53. MakiNaki

    MakiNaki15 days ago

    “I thought it was TeruTeru for sure” *Well yes, but, no*

  54. gmkozume

    gmkozume16 days ago

    and nagito became his favorite char

  55. keep undertale alive

    keep undertale alive16 days ago

    Ngl I really want hiyoko to die

  56. Deianeira Simbolon

    Deianeira Simbolon17 days ago

    DANGANRONPA 1 SPOILERS IF U PRESS READ MORE Monokuma: “Whoever fails to guess the right killer will have their save data melt away *like butter...”* Me: *Danganronpa Mondo Nostalgia* o _ O

  57. SaikoChanzz

    SaikoChanzz18 days ago

    Hmm...Is it just me? But it (Nagito) sounds like Sykkuno in 38:48, right?

  58. Viella

    Viella18 days ago

    28:40 *was it girl problems*

  59. Pleeji Thoj

    Pleeji Thoj18 days ago


  60. Purple Cat

    Purple Cat19 days ago

    11:47 this was a tik tok sound

  61. skater bug

    skater bug19 days ago

    jay is literally the only youtuber i can watch playing danganronpa

  62. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair19 days ago

    31:14 LOL

  63. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair19 days ago

    28:56 ikr can't wait for his execution

  64. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair19 days ago

    22:55 LOLLL 3:30 38:49

  65. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair19 days ago

    12:11 lol 13:50

  66. Moping sadness.

    Moping sadness.20 days ago

    The current situation: it’s a life or death situation. Jay: *ew my hair-*

  67. 6KAR6MA6'S 6CHI6LD6

    6KAR6MA6'S 6CHI6LD620 days ago

    🎶~~ Jason ~~Delurelium~🎶

  68. hi hi

    hi hi20 days ago

    Nagito is my favorite character

  69. 毛

    21 day ago

    31:22 bruh its so funny how Jay's mood changed so fast 💀

  70. Madison Burton

    Madison Burton21 day ago

    Nagito reminds me of a more optimistic Kyoko 😂

  71. ItzHarper

    ItzHarper22 days ago


  72. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin22 days ago

    "Were you guys *raised* in a locker room?" *sad Chihiro noises*

  73. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin22 days ago

    aint nobody got time for world war 84 ads im watching a trial

  74. Aimee Ackerman

    Aimee Ackerman22 days ago

    How do u move the bullets in Playstation?

  75. Why are we still here

    Why are we still here23 days ago

    39:18 For personal reasons 👉👈 -sincerely a gundham simp

  76. Luka Petrović

    Luka Petrović24 days ago

    When Jay picked the chef because he guessed it, but the game wanted him to pick nagito: suffering from success

  77. Luka Petrović

    Luka Petrović24 days ago

    19:21 freaky-freaky-freaky on a Friday night

  78. Kiyoomi Sakusa

    Kiyoomi Sakusa24 days ago

    Did Nagito just go psycho?

  79. choco gaming

    choco gaming24 days ago

    ORRRRR nvm

  80. choco gaming

    choco gaming24 days ago

    Uhm I pause the vid and Nagito is really suspicious and he was the one that is close to the table with a lamp on it and that is where Nagito is and Nagito is changing the topic of giving up so he can leave

  81. choco gaming

    choco gaming24 days ago

    Bruh it's was the glowing paint it was so obvios jay

  82. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face24 days ago

    Jay: Aw, you can’t make a choice? *I HATE YOU!* Me who looked away for a second: 👁👄👁

  83. kirumi._tojox

    kirumi._tojox24 days ago


  84. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon24 days ago

    ever since the walls of the classroom where all of them first saw Monomi I got bad vibes after her so i knew i couldn't trust her anymore- especially since she's associated with monokuma- even when monokuma confirmed it for me- btw monokuma thanks for confirming it

  85. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon24 days ago

    Mahiru sounds like celeste... the saying "Do you understand?" is what she said in the last game... like several times except the voices are different-

  86. Woof Woof

    Woof Woof25 days ago

    Teruteru while Nagito was saying he killed Byakuya : 👁👄👁?

  87. Itz_Kay Gacha

    Itz_Kay Gacha26 days ago

    Why is the first class trial on the fifth episode

  88. Hello

    Hello26 days ago

    I like how Monomi was just *hanging around*

  89. Beanie Diab

    Beanie Diab27 days ago

    13:50 *SPOILERS!* *sweats in simulation*

  90. maxxinq

    maxxinq27 days ago

    "sooo, is nagito the new byakuya? or the new kyoko?" ummm, maybe try toko...

  91. Sasha Wielgan

    Sasha Wielgan28 days ago

    Hiyoko is the bully but she is in hopes peek academy and she looks 5.

  92. Sasha Wielgan

    Sasha Wielgan28 days ago

    "Teruteru is the blackend"Jay said He also lost almost all of his health saying its teruteru

  93. Sweet Face

    Sweet Face28 days ago

    The dishes might be Innocent but the cooker is guilty

  94. Yen Nguyen

    Yen Nguyen28 days ago

    Kazuichi is a *S I M P* for miss Sonia

  95. Zuraida Ahmad

    Zuraida Ahmad28 days ago

    30:30 *Please no no no no-*

  96. Hajime Hinata

    Hajime Hinata28 days ago

    Nagito ult sus? NONONONO, ultimate h o p e Actually, ultimate shawty

  97. Kokichi Oma

    Kokichi Oma29 days ago

    20:40 Kokichi? Is that you? 😂

  98. Person who’s a Gamer

    Person who’s a Gamer29 days ago

    The look of surprise in Jay’s eyes when nagito started laughing was hilarious

  99. Olivia

    Olivia29 days ago

    JAY PLEASE PLAY DRV3 it’s the third danganronpa game

  100. Nezuko

    NezukoMonth ago

    47:33 uhhhhhh about that....