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  1. Gewinner Sieger

    Gewinner Sieger2 days ago

    Spoilers for Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice 13:19 Tsumugi just explained the plot of the 2nd case lmao

  2. Phoebe Hope

    Phoebe Hope3 days ago

    Kaito has the same top as nagito if you look closely

  3. Mr.Gomez63

    Mr.Gomez636 days ago

    I know I'm late but everytime Jay speaks for Korekiyo I legit think it's him talking. 👀

  4. Addi May

    Addi May8 days ago

    Jay: But ya know don't get attached to anyone in Danganronpa Me: Yea really only the protags you can get attached to, *but we saw how that ended for the Kaede fans-*

  5. SaLoNi

    SaLoNi11 days ago

    editing jay going 'i hope they both die' made me crack up so much lmfao

  6. Sakusa’s Clorox

    Sakusa’s Clorox14 days ago

    ryoma the next day: 🐠💩

  7. Ravioli On The Brain

    Ravioli On The Brain5 days ago

    Underrated comment

  8. Kaia Lotmore

    Kaia Lotmore16 days ago

    I loved Kirumi so much too.

  9. aei_aerise

    aei_aerise17 days ago

    bye I lost it at the "costco version of nagito" line

  10. Ravioli On The Brain

    Ravioli On The Brain5 days ago


  11. Noami

    Noami7 days ago

    Time stamp?

  12. Karla Mergenian

    Karla Mergenian17 days ago

    suspicous HOW DO U SPELL IT LMFAO

  13. Ravioli On The Brain

    Ravioli On The Brain5 days ago


  14. Karla Mergenian

    Karla Mergenian18 days ago

    if u finish, can u play udg its the only game I haven't understood and its not a killing game like dang it grandpa

  15. Karla Mergenian

    Karla Mergenian18 days ago


  16. Kurapika’s Lover

    Kurapika’s Lover19 days ago

    *editor Jay and I making fun of Jay saying Angie and Atua girl together* 😩👍

  17. Patricia Macias

    Patricia Macias19 days ago

    I don't know about you guys but Kaito and K1-BO are my favorite. Here's hoping that they'll make it alive 😰

  18. Akiko Samantha Abubo

    Akiko Samantha Abubo20 days ago

    am i the only one who thinks maki is the prettiest girl here other than miu and kaede?

  19. Kleever DeLeon Guzman

    Kleever DeLeon Guzman23 days ago

    I played the game but I wasn’t sad I just wanted them all died

  20. NewBie's Toturials

    NewBie's Toturials23 days ago

    Comment Number 16 asking that dude to play Five nights at maggie 4 (your my king)

  21. Amelia

    Amelia24 days ago

    omg I think ik what happened to Ryoma!

  22. Qwer Tyu

    Qwer Tyu26 days ago



    NECRONYX27 days ago

    Man, I hate Kaito

  24. I need a life Tehe

    I need a life Tehe28 days ago

    4:04 XD I CANT- OMFG I DIEDDDDD 🤣🤣🤣🤣AHHHHHH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Holly Pink Diamond

    Holly Pink Diamond29 days ago

    man this just keeps getting better and better

  26. I am caca

    I am caca29 days ago

    SPOILERRR 3:50 he knew from the start

  27. Testity

    Testity29 days ago

    Did Jay Ever Say If He Was Playing Udg?

  28. Shawdys like a melody in my head

    Shawdys like a melody in my head28 days ago

    I don't think he will, it's a side game and it's wayyy to fanservicey. Besides the backstories and flashbacks are probably too deep for him to cover on his channel, and if he blurred them all out the story wouldn't make sense.

  29. Big Potato

    Big Potato29 days ago

    Jay if u finish danganronpa there is another game that is like it and u might like, it's Your turn to die its an free online game, u should try it 😌

  30. vork chase

    vork chaseMonth ago

    90000 percent of these comments are about the likes

  31. MariTheNamri

    MariTheNamriMonth ago

    Im so glad jay hates himiko and angie as much as i do.

  32. Jasmine Navarro

    Jasmine NavarroMonth ago

    382+K views 51K likes Wtf just like the vid🗿 Edit: yeah ik we only need 50K but still just like the freaking vid. Not that difficult.

  33. NightFlight Studios

    NightFlight StudiosMonth ago

    44:44 Good sir, here we are talking about KOKICHI OMA, a man who’s ultimate talent is so unused he may as well be the ultimate liar (I have my theories {putting up a facade is basically just an advanced way of lying anywho-})

  34. Just y e s

    Just y e sMonth ago

    Miu wiped off her clothes

  35. Farah Mohamed

    Farah MohamedMonth ago

    The only people I like are mui and kokichi best characters ever love them

  36. Jeff

    JeffMonth ago

    45:00 Costokichi

  37. blollooo testaccount

    blollooo testaccountMonth ago


  38. Queeny

    QueenyMonth ago

    Spoiler alert ⚠️ Kokichi is an orphan and acctually he wasn’t lying about shuichi being his favourite, also he cared about him. Then kokochi died thinking the only person he cared for hated him

  39. MaLeah Williams

    MaLeah WilliamsMonth ago


  40. Alyssa's Dollworld

    Alyssa's DollworldMonth ago

    4:05 was funny 😟

  41. Rantaro Love

    Rantaro LoveMonth ago

    I wish rantaro lived more.

  42. Monokumas Cousin

    Monokumas CousinMonth ago

    Jay: SKRATA- Jay's headphones: Cha cha real smooth

  43. s i p p

    s i p pMonth ago


  44. s i p p

    s i p pMonth ago

    @Pots Greg Himinoe

  45. Pots Greg

    Pots GregMonth ago


  46. s i p p

    s i p pMonth ago


  47. extrablandchaos

    extrablandchaosMonth ago

    Makis talent isn't child carin no way, shes hiding it shes violent

  48. extrablandchaos

    extrablandchaosMonth ago


  49. ʚJanaThe_ Kittyɞ

    ʚJanaThe_ KittyɞMonth ago

    No one: *Jay every 5 seconds saying Bullet shot sounds*

  50. Nagitoe Cumaeda

    Nagitoe CumaedaMonth ago

    Wait a twigly siggly second? Is the design on Kaito's shirt design the same or similar as Nagito's? Also as someone who loves Nagito and Kokichi, the Costco Nagito comment hurt me somewhere. Nagito might be my favorite character but DAMN KOKICHI HAS FEELINGS TOO MAN 😭😔💔

  51. Lemon Milk

    Lemon MilkMonth ago

    14:28 Gonta: No... Gonta not really unde-- Jay: GONTA DON'T READ!

  52. Keep Out

    Keep OutMonth ago

    i still cant believe ur 30 bro damn i thought u were younger

  53. Peachy Emma

    Peachy EmmaMonth ago

    32:25 I'M I THE ONLY ONE THAT HEARS CREEPY MUSIC? that music creeps me out...

  54. Edward Elric's Girlfriend {Not Winry}

    Edward Elric's Girlfriend {Not Winry}Month ago

    Jay: I think i know who the culprit is but I hope its not them. comment

  55. XxSleepy_ Lemøn_Xx

    XxSleepy_ Lemøn_XxMonth ago

    Kaito: my first command to my new sidekick is- Jay: WILL YOU *SHUT UP* WITH THAT?! Kaito: 👁👄👁💔

  56. GojiFan1985

    GojiFan1985Month ago

    People: You can’t get attached to characters! Also people: mmmm Kokichi, have my period blood you totally not overrated character lelelle.

  57. il4r!a Idk

    il4r!a IdkMonth ago


  58. spilt kool-aid

    spilt kool-aidMonth ago

    we shouldn't be tryna rush jay for the new episode, it took us like 6 days to get 50k.

  59. Nø Wuan

    Nø WuanMonth ago

    the likes is 50K on 6th day after this video uploaded, let's do better next time, Ultimate Likers!

  60. Oi Oi oi

    Oi Oi oiMonth ago

    You know what to do jay

  61. Menoi Menoi

    Menoi MenoiMonth ago

    Bruh i swear to god i saw some people be like "cancel jay🤬🤬🤬he don't like Himiko so we don't like him🤬🤬🤬🤬" guys. Its just a character. Its not that deep. And yall be the same people who will hate on Nagito and Shuichi cause "they are crazy" like???

  62. • Its Z •

    • Its Z •Month ago

    Ikr, i don't hate himiko but i agree she's kinda annoying at first, and when i see the 3rd death/class trial i feel bad for her, jay doesn't know what will happened next so his opinion could change

  63. irfansnm

    irfansnmMonth ago

    Yeah if one does not like some u don't have to cancel them its their opinion like if someone says they do not like my favorite character that's totally okay its their opinion and I have no right to change it

  64. Blaze

    BlazeMonth ago

    Not to mention that he gives valid reason to hate on Himiko. I mean I like the character (Idk, the maaaagic speel got to me after a while) but I see why people may not like her. And I respect that! Y'all cancelling Jay are Himiko simps.

  65. Janith Ernest

    Janith ErnestMonth ago

    Alright 50K likes

  66. Jackpot Jaiden

    Jackpot JaidenMonth ago

    I'm back from a week away from my hiyse and internet! I'm also so excited for this episode, Jay make a playlist for this game! Pls.

  67. Salazity

    SalazityMonth ago

    just hit 50k

  68. SamQ 91

    SamQ 91Month ago

    Sorry for being rude but Papi I feel sick of waiting can you just upload the next ep

  69. irfansnm

    irfansnmMonth ago

    Y E S P A P I

  70. kokichi is beautiful

    kokichi is beautifulMonth ago

    The fact that the pool isnt filled all the way is really getting on my nerves

  71. kokichi is beautiful

    kokichi is beautiful17 days ago

    @Karla Mergenian no, sadly

  72. Karla Mergenian

    Karla Mergenian18 days ago

    ur name is a lie too,right?!

  73. Purple Axolotl

    Purple Axolotl26 days ago

    @7min oof

  74. mg

    mgMonth ago

    Your name is everything 🤩

  75. 7min

    7minMonth ago

    i think its for ryoma lol.... or *was*

  76. lxvbree

    lxvbreeMonth ago

    y'all be patient omg😭 jay just tweeted abt the class trial so it will most likely be posted today or tomorrow :D

  77. irfansnm

    irfansnmMonth ago

    Yeah he said he gonna post 3hr long video and his voice is all gone so yeah let him rest

  78. ツChimChim

    ツChimChimMonth ago

    Yea, plus he was filming at 4 am in his time so he must be exhausted. He needs a break too, he’s a normal person with his own life as well. So let’s all be good supporters and not pressure him too much

  79. C̸ E̸ L̸ E̸ S̸ T̸ I̸ A̸ A̸ N̸ I̸ M̸ A̸ T̸ I̸ O̸ N̸ S̸

    C̸ E̸ L̸ E̸ S̸ T̸ I̸ A̸ A̸ N̸ I̸ M̸ A̸ T̸ I̸ O̸ N̸ S̸Month ago


  80. adag_io art

    adag_io artMonth ago

    Jay cough cough were da next episode of v3 we ultimate likers hit 50k likes uwu

  81. TheDarkFalken

    TheDarkFalkenMonth ago

    We shouldn't be called the ultimate likers we should be called the ultimate slackers and be patient the trials are long and he has a life outside of yt

  82. Galactic sunrise

    Galactic sunriseMonth ago

    Not trying to be rude but we have it 50k like so I was wondering when we are getting this next video

  83. Galactic sunrise

    Galactic sunriseMonth ago

    Alright lol

  84. Penne Noodles

    Penne NoodlesMonth ago

    He did the trial last night very early lol. He made some tweets about it, might be out tomorrow!

  85. ARandomPersonNamed Vixelex

    ARandomPersonNamed VixelexMonth ago


  86. Redbullsack

    RedbullsackMonth ago


  87. m3rasakin0シ! !

    m3rasakin0シ! !Month ago


  88. Kintsugi

    KintsugiMonth ago

    About time the ultimate likers did their job 🙄 /j

  89. Armin Arlert

    Armin ArlertMonth ago


  90. k6kichi

    k6kichiMonth ago


  91. Victoria

    VictoriaMonth ago

    WE DID IT YALL 50k-

  92. Guy Crimson

    Guy CrimsonMonth ago

    50K POG

  93. juany playz

    juany playzMonth ago


  94. Kokich1 Ouma

    Kokich1 OumaMonth ago


  95. Meoshimo

    MeoshimoMonth ago

    Don't worry guys I'm sure Jay will give us the clash of the 2 hopes very soon

  96. Bored Outta My Mind RN

    Bored Outta My Mind RNMonth ago

    I read that in Nagitos voice lmao

  97. Ravozhon

    RavozhonMonth ago

    people really ont want danganronpa? this legit JUST got 50K :(

  98. Ravozhon

    RavozhonMonth ago

    i dont got twitter

  99. Gwyn Marie

    Gwyn MarieMonth ago

    Jay just played the trial last night early😊 he'll probably release the next day. He tweeted it on his twitter " Why is the 2nd Drv3 trial 3 hours long.... Wtf did I get myself into"😂

  100. Sam Jr

    Sam JrMonth ago

    @poopgirl gaming roblox hardly

  101. poopgirl gaming roblox

    poopgirl gaming robloxMonth ago

    its been 50k for a day now

  102. Barra Smyth

    Barra SmythMonth ago

    It’s on 50k Make trial jaaaaaaay

  103. ApolloGeri 1226

    ApolloGeri 1226Month ago

    @Satemelia I hate that. Scrolling down just see what is typed below.

  104. Satemelia

    SatemeliaMonth ago

    2 things 1. Be patient, his recent video should explain the wait 2. Don't make big white boxes

  105. haitechan

    haitechanMonth ago

    Guys be patient, V3 trials are super long compared to the previous games so Jay probably will take a while recording, editing and such.

  106. Lying GREMLIN

    Lying GREMLINMonth ago

    @poopgirl gaming roblox Its probably coming out today-(Yes,this is next day, April 3rd)

  107. poopgirl gaming roblox

    poopgirl gaming robloxMonth ago

    He already recorded it but i think he needs to edit it and uploading a 3 hour long video gonna take a long time

  108. Learn it in 1 minute

    Learn it in 1 minuteMonth ago

    when is the next vid

  109. Mathilda Sundström

    Mathilda SundströmMonth ago

    I need next part!

  110. Dark_zarich

    Dark_zarichMonth ago

    One person in the comments said about Jay post in Twitter about how long the trial was and that he is exhausted but that was more than 6 hours ago. Still waiting but I think it won't be out today :( but sure tomorrow

  111. Lying GREMLIN

    Lying GREMLINMonth ago

    @- xiamara. it might be coming today!Who knows thought-

  112. - xiamara.

    - xiamara.Month ago

    @Lying GREMLIN It's been 2 hours 😔

  113. Lying GREMLIN

    Lying GREMLINMonth ago

    @ツChimChim Maybe...hmmm were uncertain rn because we dunno when he's gonna post the vid-Also im from Europe so its rn 11:00PM,but Jay is in California,so the time zones are a big issue-

  114. ツChimChim

    ツChimChimMonth ago

    @Lying GREMLIN he was recording at 4am he said soo who knows, he might be sleeping for a while then start editing the video

  115. Lying GREMLIN

    Lying GREMLINMonth ago

    I have a feeling it will be posted either the next hour or 2 hours from now,lord only knows when the video is gonna be released

  116. poopgirl gaming roblox

    poopgirl gaming robloxMonth ago

    Me checking my notifs every minute hoping he uploads

  117. mixxie

    mixxieMonth ago

    finally the ultimate likers liked the video 😩

  118. mixxie

    mixxieMonth ago

    @Cloudy_edie honestly

  119. Kawaii~Amarii

    Kawaii~AmariiMonth ago

    @Cloudy_edie they're slacking cuz they got called the ultimate likers.

  120. Cloudy_edie

    Cloudy_edieMonth ago

    More like the ultimate slackers

  121. Scarlet Queso

    Scarlet QuesoMonth ago

    We finally got to 50k, but we can't be slacking. This is a long game, we can't let THAT DUDE down!

  122. Anime girl forever

    Anime girl foreverMonth ago

    We have done it yay

  123. Vashi Kumar

    Vashi KumarMonth ago

    Let’s gooo we hit 50k :)

  124. Roe Foxx

    Roe FoxxMonth ago

    Just a suggestion but seeing that you really like DanganRonpa and i thought you might like the Zero Escape seriess but heyy that just my suggestion. Ps i love you (no homo tho)

  125. Crap Crap

    Crap CrapMonth ago

    Well i am not jay. but i was looking for new gameplay to watch. so thanks i am gonna check it out! 😁

  126. Yano Izikawa

    Yano IzikawaMonth ago

    @Roe Foxx he can't read them cause he doesn't want to risk getting spoiled for danganronpa

  127. Roe Foxx

    Roe FoxxMonth ago

    @??? is it?? Well thats too bad but i was hoping that he would play the zero escape series cause its so dang good and thank you for your reply :))

  128. ???

    ???Month ago

    he doesn't read the comments :)

  129. Purple plays

    Purple playsMonth ago

    ultimate likers please help us persona fans with getting 40k on jays persona 5 royal video so he makes another part !!!!

  130. The Cult of Avallac'h

    The Cult of Avallac'hMonth ago

    wow, it just FINALLY reached 50k... been refreshing this all week... what happened to us being the ultimate likers? how this video get 47k likes the first 3 hours and than not reach 50k likes until 5 days later?

  131. poopgirl gaming roblox

    poopgirl gaming robloxMonth ago

    it took 2 days to reach 47k wdym

  132. nanna Tan

    nanna TanMonth ago


  133. Dominique Bennett

    Dominique BennettMonth ago

    So Who's gonna tell jay that servant Nagito is in ultra despair girls

  134. Thunder Storms

    Thunder StormsMonth ago


  135. OT7 biased Mashups

    OT7 biased MashupsMonth ago

    We have 50k likes 👁️👄👁️

  136. Isabelli Nunes Kuwahara

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  137. Imme:D

    Imme:DMonth ago

    Yasss finally 50k TvT Thank you all

  138. gonnye

    gonnyeMonth ago

    finally 50k

  139. Siren Fujisaki

    Siren FujisakiMonth ago


  140. Celina Elzer

    Celina ElzerMonth ago

    Can't wait for the next part 😭✨

  141. Darkcoyotee 01

    Darkcoyotee 01Month ago

    50k reached

  142. Katie Cashman

    Katie CashmanMonth ago

    Finally we hit 50k

  143. lucky doo

    lucky dooMonth ago

    video: reaches 50k likes me: i can now sleep in peace knowing when i wake up the next danganronpa vid will be uploaded

  144. Junkos SIDE

    Junkos SIDEMonth ago