Try To Make Me Laugh was a good year this year....can we end on a high note?!
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  1. foxy

    foxy12 hours ago

    The last one xD that kubz scouts when hes takin a shat

  2. GamingWithNiyah

    GamingWithNiyah15 hours ago

    0:44 Plot twist: Thats her/his phone number

  3. yeehaw

    yeehawDay ago


  4. Jeff Man-ao

    Jeff Man-aoDay ago

    Jayyy i recommend you to play moe's body shop its another one of those games that make you hit those high notes

  5. Ivano Gamer Boi

    Ivano Gamer Boi2 days ago

    I merely had a heart attack because i was at the start of the video (when I first watched it) and it paused on jay saying ,,last episode of try not to laugh,,

  6. Missy Burkey

    Missy Burkey2 days ago

    me i eat pizza probably as fast as jay eats a** no offense

  7. Doctor Death

    Doctor Death2 days ago

    Welp I guess he right dogs don’t understand us

  8. Bank Tshbw

    Bank Tshbw3 days ago

    Who’s the dude spazzing out at the end

  9. Jasmine Williamson

    Jasmine Williamson4 days ago

    last of 2020 check the release date

  10. its_meh SophiaYT

    its_meh SophiaYT4 days ago

    I serously don't understand the jokes but why do I laugh *cuz of his hella funny laugh*

  11. Amari Williams

    Amari Williams4 days ago

    Red face

  12. Ollie Hurst

    Ollie Hurst5 days ago

    I laugh when jay didn’t

  13. Heheboi My juice is different

    Heheboi My juice is different5 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about the users name at 8:51😭🖐

  14. jayson causon

    jayson causon5 days ago


  15. Awkwardly Chey

    Awkwardly Chey5 days ago

    idk about yall but some of this stuff I only laugh cause of Jay's laugh and not cause the thing is actually funny

  16. snowy 222

    snowy 2225 days ago


  17. snowy 222

    snowy 2225 days ago

    Me looking at funny moments: dont tell them to do funny videos WHEN THERE ALL BAD

  18. Lunime

    Lunime5 days ago

    8:00 😂😂😂

  19. Kelsie Stringer

    Kelsie Stringer5 days ago


  20. lynn luong

    lynn luong6 days ago

    But hey we made him laugh at new years

  21. Jimmyplier

    Jimmyplier6 days ago

    this is the first time i laugh so bad on this series

  22. frosted nightmare bonnie

    frosted nightmare bonnie6 days ago

    Who is watching in 2021

  23. SakuraSweets

    SakuraSweets7 days ago

    at 6:20 I did the fattest piggie snort alive and its 2am

  24. gabi

    gabi7 days ago

    why did we disappoint jay man on the last day of 2020 too smh

  25. Wav3rz

    Wav3rz7 days ago

    1:05 💀

  26. Lovelysanai Sanai

    Lovelysanai Sanai7 days ago

    The dog the hole time: 👁👄👁

  27. white crewmate

    white crewmate7 days ago

    4:56 I'm mexican and all he's saying is bullshit

  28. ʟɪʟɪᴛʜ

    ʟɪʟɪᴛʜ7 days ago

    1:44 this made me wheeze

  29. Just Trynaz

    Just Trynaz8 days ago

    Am I the only one that see it was uploaded a week ago and I went to the vid and it said dec 31 2020 even tho it shoulda said Jan 5 2021

  30. The Amazing Player

    The Amazing Player8 days ago

    It was so funny, I've been watching three times, and still very good.

  31. Jose Espinoza

    Jose Espinoza8 days ago

    Do you have a man bun?

  32. Jezzy bby mochi

    Jezzy bby mochi8 days ago

    When jay got his doggy out I was laughing and crying of how funny and cute it was

  33. U need Jesus

    U need Jesus9 days ago

    I laugh we jay did the reverse hee hee

  34. likeyacutg

    likeyacutg9 days ago

    Jay is lame for laughing at himself

  35. Leyah Morales

    Leyah Morales9 days ago

    Jay: *laughs at something so hard* Me: that ain't even funny--" *me laughs because of Jays laugh*

  36. nyeorri

    nyeorri9 days ago

    i know i watched this video late but yhank you, Jay for making my night better! :) i was feeling down today but watching your videos put a smile to my face. Keep it up! youre THAT DUDE!!

  37. Pokka Pistol

    Pokka Pistol9 days ago

    Can anyone tell me where the tik tok is from at 3:16

  38. Moza alhashemi

    Moza alhashemi9 days ago

    2:13that’s how I hear jay in videos 💀

  39. Daerk_nightwolf

    Daerk_nightwolf9 days ago

    can we go back to 2020

  40. Ajanimal Reeves

    Ajanimal Reeves9 days ago

    He said he wasn't gonna laugh it he did like 4 times in the beginning

  41. Devin

    Devin10 days ago

    6:35 his ankles went _cursive_

  42. Qt_wxlfieSxulless Winchester

    Qt_wxlfieSxulless Winchester10 days ago

    Hey jay you know how u played life is strange like 4-5years ago, well there is a life is strange 2 that came out in 2018 u should play it :)

  43. Marri

    Marri10 days ago

    I'm disappointed in you guys with most of these subs.. (ノдಥ)ノ

  44. Catalina Flores

    Catalina Flores10 days ago

    Jay what the latin guy said was mostly a girl I speak spanich trust me toenato

  45. Pjetersomething

    Pjetersomething11 days ago


  46. Pjetersomething

    Pjetersomething11 days ago


  47. Warriors IsGucci

    Warriors IsGucci11 days ago

    1:09 Jay when (Danganronpa Spoilers below) Nagito died

  48. Hang Kap

    Hang Kap11 days ago


  49. Anita Chaudry

    Anita Chaudry11 days ago

    this video confirms that jay finds dogs funnier than humans

  50. Sr Pelo

    Sr Pelo11 days ago

    2040 is even worser

  51. Hang Kap

    Hang Kap11 days ago

    1:44 after a few seconds it gets really creamy AN I MAN I ACS. THOSE ARE THE FACTS!!!

  52. Danielle Kabongo23

    Danielle Kabongo2311 days ago

    "YOU'RE ADOPTED" i cantttttt

  53. Maddie Gorl

    Maddie Gorl12 days ago

    9:38 "EühHūHēù" I'm wheezing PLS

  54. RedArms60

    RedArms6012 days ago

    That last one had me dyin

  55. Israel Collazo

    Israel Collazo12 days ago

    6:35 when your legs don't work like they use to before 😂

  56. Nancymata9

    Nancymata912 days ago

    7:06 she for sure got the covid vaccine

  57. Jordan Dunlap

    Jordan Dunlap12 days ago

    9:56 when you thought 2020 was over 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Marilyn Ramos

    Marilyn Ramos12 days ago

    Taking notes. Dog humor..

  59. Laila

    Laila12 days ago

    Yo someone, send me that last video-

  60. Emiras

    Emiras13 days ago

    i mean respect to Jay but he be only laughing at cat or dog videos like bruh

  61. Luis Navarro

    Luis Navarro13 days ago

    the last picture of the dog is me when my mom shows the message my teacher sent from all undone assignments

  62. Maripaz Dela Torre

    Maripaz Dela Torre13 days ago

    oh and the dog one funny

  63. Maripaz Dela Torre

    Maripaz Dela Torre13 days ago

    why does he lagh like that😂😂😂😂😂😂l

  64. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda13 days ago

    Ngl I missed half the video starring at the Saiki profile picture

  65. Princess Moonshine

    Princess Moonshine13 days ago

    ....this was do Fokin disappointing... I’m disappointed in all of you

  66. Ilidan Santos

    Ilidan Santos13 days ago

    Me:Dont Understand the Joke and dont laugh Jay:**Laughs Hard** Me:Laugh too pretending to get the joke

  67. 百合Miyu

    百合Miyu13 days ago

    I’m so mad you never accept my submissions

  68. This Is Mark

    This Is Mark13 days ago

    Me: *laughing* Jay: *not laughing* Me: I guess it ain’t funny Edit: vice versa

  69. jumbo mood

    jumbo mood3 days ago

    then why did u laugh if its not funnyz?

  70. Smart cookie 2009

    Smart cookie 200913 days ago


  71. L M

    L M14 days ago

    Dadfail, more like... ADfail... Im sorry ill stop

  72. Doggoonstairoids101

    Doggoonstairoids10114 days ago

    The dog one dude😂jbtw I'm a youtuber

  73. l i t t l e l e m o n

    l i t t l e l e m o n14 days ago

    i thought this was try not to laugh not try to laugh 💀💀

  74. undead soldier

    undead soldier14 days ago

    31 32 33 I'mma head out

  75. NetworkGaming - Roblox and more!!

    NetworkGaming - Roblox and more!!14 days ago

    Which vid was the one with jay sayinh “my nipples@

  76. NotNagito

    NotNagito14 days ago

    Aw man, mine wasn’t in there again lmao

  77. AquitaineMilk

    AquitaineMilk14 days ago

    Day 3 askin Jay to play Your turn to Die

  78. Atahan Yeşilbursa

    Atahan Yeşilbursa15 days ago


  79. Brayan Gonzales

    Brayan Gonzales15 days ago

    People that saw brianna

  80. Wizard Duck

    Wizard Duck15 days ago


  81. Bakugou’s Left foot

    Bakugou’s Left foot15 days ago

    Jay’s dog when he says your adopted: 👁💧👄💧👁

  82. zombie needssleep

    zombie needssleep15 days ago

    Jay laughs at the most boomer shit

  83. My'Kell McDaniel

    My'Kell McDaniel15 days ago

    these are less then funny

  84. Moon Drop

    Moon Drop15 days ago

    I watched that movie with the lady crawling on a roof youd be surprised .......................................a kid was a demon and killed his father and tried to kill another baby

  85. CeeJay Mann

    CeeJay Mann15 days ago

    The old lady crawling on the wall and ceiling is a scene from the 2010 movie Legion. I highly recommend watching it. It's a classic

  86. Jazmyn Morales

    Jazmyn Morales15 days ago

    why did the spiderman video sound like cory lmao

  87. Savage Spy1502

    Savage Spy150215 days ago

    Where is the deja vu shit

  88. Savage Spy1502

    Savage Spy150214 days ago

    Lol sry I was watching markipliers try not to laugh XD

  89. Savage Spy1502

    Savage Spy150215 days ago


  90. Sj

    Sj15 days ago

    I did *not* laugh

  91. Bri Haha

    Bri Haha15 days ago

    the rat dog made the video sm better

  92. E0I

    E0I15 days ago

    Anyone else remember those "Big n*ggas" videos Jay used to always laugh at.

  93. Larissa Johnson

    Larissa Johnson15 days ago

    I see no one pointing out his man bun I RASPECT

  94. Juvien Loxshe Galedo

    Juvien Loxshe Galedo15 days ago


  95. Florence Mtopa

    Florence Mtopa15 days ago

    “ You know what? ” “ *I’m glad mum left* “

  96. anonomys guy 1860

    anonomys guy 186015 days ago

    This sucked the videos were crap

  97. Brayden Ruperto

    Brayden Ruperto16 days ago

    ayo whats the outro song tho?

  98. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi16 days ago

    Dis made mah day

  99. lackson Jamar

    lackson Jamar16 days ago

    Jay: laughs Everyone: Damn bro you got the whole squad laughing

  100. Mood Edits

    Mood Edits16 days ago

    The man bun though-

  101. Tonya Tobias

    Tonya Tobias16 days ago

    Mikan game like a girl

  102. Kabir Sanghadia

    Kabir Sanghadia16 days ago

    ummmm jsy? i think ur doggo understands what u were sayinggg

  103. Ethan Kim

    Ethan Kim16 days ago

    10:00 This meme made me laugh hard LAMOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  104. Rick Astley

    Rick Astley16 days ago

    Not picked but it’s fine