These Episode Game Choices Are Starting To Get REALLY Awkward Now..

This mobile game episode is really going fishing with these bait choices to make you spend that cash for the best choices, but lmaoooo
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  1. Larssonお兄ちゃん

    Larssonお兄ちゃん10 days ago


  2. Ian Depressions_backup_2

    Ian Depressions_backup_214 days ago

    1:48 LMFAO

  3. Kavleen Kaur

    Kavleen Kaur25 days ago

    "So, how's your mom?" "She's dead." LMAO

  4. Tsukiko Moon

    Tsukiko MoonMonth ago

    The way the dad talked to ruby is literally how my ex's dad would talk to me

  5. Tyler Crook

    Tyler CrookMonth ago

    that dude look like micheal jackson

  6. 「 CakeCrumbsVA 」

    「 CakeCrumbsVA 」Month ago

    Jay: I stay up later then 11:00 PM Me: Most 8 year olds stay up at that time LMAO

  7. guyliner

    guylinerMonth ago

    Isa: “How’s your mom?” Jay: *IdK sHe’s DeAd*

  8. I'm a waste of space smh

    I'm a waste of space smhMonth ago

    Yes, yes I was 0:57

  9. Polar girl Polar girl

    Polar girl Polar girl2 months ago

    DAT DUDE u KNOW WHAT...I subscribe BECUASE i can’t kILL mAH sElf tOO mOcH

  10. Kia Lee

    Kia Lee2 months ago

    16:01 Ew! Lmao

  11. Kia Lee

    Kia Lee2 months ago

    Are you able to choose Harley at the end?? Lol

  12. jimingijoontaejinhopekook listen boi

    jimingijoontaejinhopekook listen boi2 months ago

    you're so fine omg

  13. Comrade Bred has found the horny

    Comrade Bred has found the horny2 months ago

    Chester reminds me of the movie 'white chicks'

  14. Autumn Jade

    Autumn Jade2 months ago


  15. Autumn Jade

    Autumn Jade2 months ago

    I love jay playing episode 😂😂

  16. サニSani

    サニSani2 months ago

    1:51 now i know dam-

  17. amour xo

    amour xo2 months ago

    okay this is off topic but I got stick on acrylic nails and how the fuck am i supposed to wipe and wash my hands?

  18. Eville

    Eville2 months ago

    y does Jay look so damn good tho

  19. Kokichi’s middle finger

    Kokichi’s middle finger2 months ago

    1:47 💀

  20. Bailey Hepworth

    Bailey Hepworth2 months ago

    I thought the accent he did for Asher was British

  21. Taylor Werling

    Taylor Werling2 months ago

    never in a million years would i expect to watch something like this wtf


    OOVOO JAVER2 months ago

    Can someone please explain to me what is happening in 6:26? I am so confused

  23. Catherine 09

    Catherine 092 months ago

    This is probably the most I’ve laugh in one of his videos 😂

  24. Yumi •Berry

    Yumi •Berry3 months ago

    Isa: So how's your mom Chester:I don't know she's- Jay: She's dead

  25. Kristen Black

    Kristen Black3 months ago

    Australians do not sound like that jay... ya know why... I’m A GOD DAM AUSTRALIAN otherwise I love your videos

  26. Nari Toenges

    Nari Toenges3 months ago

    Jay please please please buy gems!!!!

  27. Sunflower Girl

    Sunflower Girl3 months ago

    Doesn't Jay in the game looks like toe from Stake3

  28. Jeaye

    Jeaye3 months ago

    I think we like these just because jay makes it so funny

  29. Zaki Humayun

    Zaki Humayun3 months ago

    19:40 It’s literally at 62k

  30. Lila Ashton

    Lila Ashton3 months ago

    Jay: Light swearing? Do you know who I am?! Also Jay: **Doesn’t say buckle the fuck up anymore**

  31. shole kerr

    shole kerr3 months ago

    Brugh why is he doing a BRITISH ACCENT srry🤣

  32. Deedock

    Deedock3 months ago

    Why jay’s character look like she gets pissed when an employee asks her to wear a mask inside Walmart

  33. joopaka

    joopaka3 months ago

    ruby;''i wanna take a dump'' her friends''she's so amazing'' jay''........what''

  34. my little furry

    my little furry3 months ago

    Episode writers are lazy and recycle the dialogue for whatever gender you choose (Girl & girl, boy & girl etc get the same dialogue

  35. my little furry

    my little furry3 months ago


  36. Jaleen Zaka

    Jaleen Zaka3 months ago

    Play it will be our secret ITS AMAZING

  37. Link Likes to edit

    Link Likes to edit3 months ago

    Episode game is addicting enough already but now that you're playing it even better!

  38. fufuirafuru

    fufuirafuru3 months ago

    1:56 bucciarati is that you

  39. Meep

    Meep3 months ago

    as an aussie... im surprised LOL


    COOBEE ETHICS3 months ago

    17:35 "ehhhh stahp" Is about to be my notification

  41. Aliyah M

    Aliyah M3 months ago

    Even his fake laugh is contagious-

  42. Laetitia Pearce

    Laetitia Pearce3 months ago

    Jay’s Australian accent: *exists* Me, an Australian: *snort*

  43. Marian Fierro

    Marian Fierro3 months ago


  44. martinez Michelle

    martinez Michelle3 months ago


  45. Taia Crockett

    Taia Crockett3 months ago

    That's more of a British accent then an Australian accent

  46. Xxbubbly_vibezxX

    Xxbubbly_vibezxX3 months ago

    I played love on fire and I married Chloe it was so awesome

  47. Anime- Chan

    Anime- Chan3 months ago


  48. Nemesis

    Nemesis3 months ago

    I've played the "Rule Breaker" one before-

  49. kristelle gwen

    kristelle gwen3 months ago

    u never fail to make me laugh

  50. Oikawa Kinnie

    Oikawa Kinnie3 months ago

    This series of Jay playing Episode is the best thing that has happened all year.

  51. Jade Robinson

    Jade Robinson3 months ago

    The accident is 😁

  52. Francisco duarte

    Francisco duarte3 months ago

    You should try Choices, it’s very similar but with better storylines

  53. Sora Playz

    Sora Playz3 months ago

    I created a Yaoi fanfic for rule braker!! 😆

  54. Help me reach 100k subs Without any vids

    Help me reach 100k subs Without any vids3 months ago

    What have you become jay

  55. CreeperBabe

    CreeperBabe3 months ago

    *Hows your mom?* The game: I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to her in two years Jay: “I don’t know. She’s DEAD”

  56. Ayanna _03

    Ayanna _033 months ago

    Do you know who I is??

  57. Jux

    Jux3 months ago

    Jay can do this but not Ace Attorney lol

  58. Kusu :3

    Kusu :33 months ago

    “You mean like tea parties?” Ok that has another meaning for me and meh classmates, so at school we were shown this consent video about how you need to ask the people if they want tea and blah blah blah. But then All of a sudden it went BAM tea is equivalent to s@x! And we’re like o-o So now we have a joke about tea “hey you want some tea?” Everyone cracks up cause in our head it means s@x and that’s why I’m laughing so hard at that line.

  59. Aesthetically Mya

    Aesthetically Mya3 months ago

    Bruh omgmi signed up for love on fire not RuLe bReAkeR

  60. 『Min yoonji』

    『Min yoonji』3 months ago

    'and then died' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  61. Christian Circle

    Christian Circle3 months ago

    I finished Love On Fire a few days ago! I loved the story! My character got married.


    ASHTON THE SHRIMP3 months ago

    i would pay big money -that i don't have_ for Jay to do asmr


    OH FLEMING3 months ago

    At 0:45 to 5:57 is that ASMR

  64. Summer- Chan /Hobi is Mwah bias

    Summer- Chan /Hobi is Mwah bias3 months ago

    2:53 Kubz:cool be right back gotta take a dump.. Also kubz:What?! Kubz again:we that comfortable babe!? Kubz last but not least :We that comfortable baby?? 😂😂when he said baby he sounds so smexy 😊😂

  65. anime arts__

    anime arts__3 months ago

    jay, please play beat blade. its free on the apple store. like this message if you agree so he can see this comment :)


    WÖŁFÇÜTÍË3 months ago

    Whats the second games name?

  67. I c o n i c

    I c o n i c3 months ago


  68. Annie Grzybowski

    Annie Grzybowski3 months ago

    Nobody is talking about how jay couldn’t say magenta geometric😭😭😭

  69. espressocoffeez uwu

    espressocoffeez uwu3 months ago

    Jay: she said she went to take a bump!? Me: Do you mean a hot Chimmichonga shit? I smelled the Tacos out of her ass through the screan

  70. _Angelica_ _Error_ 11:11

    _Angelica_ _Error_ 11:113 months ago

    Jay ASMR intro

  71. Allyson Bardales

    Allyson Bardales3 months ago

    Did any one else hear that hard inhale when jay was laghfing😂😂😂

  72. Treymarr Faucie

    Treymarr Faucie3 months ago

    1:34 - 1:37 Jay confirmed watches dragon ball super he just played the ssgss evolution vegeta theme while doing a kamehameha

  73. Sophie Filo

    Sophie Filo3 months ago

    Imagine going to your friend's house and finding out they call their dad "Pumpkin"...

  74. I need a life Tehe

    I need a life Tehe3 months ago


  75. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles3 months ago

    as an aussie, it is so painful to listen to jay trying to do an aussie accent

  76. True Alpha Rose

    True Alpha Rose3 months ago

    Welp this is cringe and weird

  77. Sheria

    Sheria3 months ago

    This episode was uncomfortably funny lmao. Specially when Jay was talking about his “dead” mom I COULDNT-


    HEY STOB IT3 months ago

    Who needs ASMR videos when we have Jay?

  79. Nevaeh Flores

    Nevaeh Flores3 months ago



    ILAYDA PARLAK3 months ago

    My brother just came to me and asked if I'm inlove with you because I keep watching your videos

  81. AlexDatKat Gaming

    AlexDatKat Gaming3 months ago

    “Who is this dude” bruh he’s Bruno beccelati

  82. {Lilac _isme11}

    {Lilac _isme11}3 months ago


  83. F l o o f y G a c h a

    F l o o f y G a c h a3 months ago

    I Miss When Jay Said... Buckle The F**k Up Cuz Here We Go! Like 👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

  84. bowey_rolltide

    bowey_rolltide3 months ago

    Episode has just become entirely pay to win. It's an app that claims to be free but really isn't.

  85. naomi k.

    naomi k.3 months ago

    "you better be out of my house in three seconds or else!" jay: " better be out of my house in three seconds or LESS"

  86. Tresha LeFoxy

    Tresha LeFoxy3 months ago

    Okay Jay I'ma call you sweetheart... Time to call me pumpkin.

  87. chenle

    chenle3 months ago

    why’s no one talking about how cute jays curly/messy hair is😭

  88. Crystal Hannigan

    Crystal Hannigan3 months ago

    He really is Michael Jackson he did the moonwalk 9:11

  89. Pretty vee

    Pretty vee3 months ago

    You have the best Australia accent

  90. Chichy Mfula

    Chichy Mfula3 months ago

    Love on fire Lowkey like one of them UK drama series like ex on the beach and Geordie shore except its kept pg 13

  91. Cameron the rocc

    Cameron the rocc3 months ago

    “Why did he pause here?” Jame’s mind: “wait fuck, is he my son or is he adopted-?”

  92. Amaza Toad

    Amaza Toad3 months ago

    Jay voice acting for the characters is top tier golden xD i bet if he went to a bar he would score all the ladies with his god tier voices he can make 😂🤣😂🤣

  93. Stoner. Boner

    Stoner. Boner3 months ago

    Jay..did u just wake up?

  94. Saskia Ellisdon-Taylor

    Saskia Ellisdon-Taylor3 months ago

    7:11 that pause really got me wheezing

  95. Saskia Ellisdon-Taylor

    Saskia Ellisdon-Taylor3 months ago


  96. Sandra Helena Broas

    Sandra Helena Broas3 months ago

    when Jay's australian accent is actually a british cockney accent 👀

  97. Kitty Johnson

    Kitty Johnson3 months ago

    Follow ths SCRIPT 🤬😭🤣🤣

  98. Kitty Johnson

    Kitty Johnson3 months ago

    Jay said easy breezy beautiful Covergirl I thought back to all those seasons of America's Next Top Model I listened to I I watched

  99. Kitty Johnson

    Kitty Johnson3 months ago

    Jay that Chicago accent...

  100. Helene Brulotte

    Helene Brulotte3 months ago

    my dogs name is Chester

  101. fernando

    fernando3 months ago

    Women don't poop