When Mom Says You're Grounded, The Jumpscares Start Hitting Harder Than Her Belt (Free Random Games)

Mom grounded me but it's my destiny to be a bad man, but mom's badder...and scarier
More Kubz Scouts Free Random Games:
Game 1: jn-squared.itch.io/pyrolyzis
Game 2: strawberrysukeban.itch.io/kaerimashou
Game 3: tocogames.itch.io/infinitepizza
Game 4: store.steampowered.com/app/1408110/The_Grounding/
Song is "BeatBox Lighter" from USlikes's free audio library

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  1. XD Brian

    XD Brian16 hours ago


  2. Ty'Shari Shaver

    Ty'Shari ShaverDay ago

    Dude...you made that second game much more creepier than it should have been 🤦

  3. Ralph Calinao

    Ralph Calinao3 days ago

    ayo your dog is name raiden my name is raiden lol

  4. Rhiana Jezelle Delos Santos

    Rhiana Jezelle Delos Santos5 days ago

    Wot did jay say °^°

  5. ꕥ M o l l y b l i n k s ꕥ

    ꕥ M o l l y b l i n k s ꕥ5 days ago

    Omg that last jump scare got me bad

  6. toca sunshine

    toca sunshine5 days ago

    9:36 the way he screamed 😂

  7. Sorfina Sofry

    Sorfina Sofry6 days ago

    16:04 jay: its those things where u have to look at them and they cant move Me: Mannequin challenge?

  8. Sorfina Sofry

    Sorfina Sofry6 days ago

    Why the 3rd game b so trippy it hurts my damn eyes

  9. Sorfina Sofry

    Sorfina Sofry6 days ago

    10:34 i actually ended up gigglin after jays giggle ngl lol

  10. Leah Orellana

    Leah Orellana9 days ago


  11. Cookie Hearts

    Cookie Hearts9 days ago

    Nah I think my dad’s belt hits harder Bc I don’t a mom I have two dads ;) lesbian check

  12. Savannah Selena

    Savannah Selena9 days ago

    Jay:mama mama mama! MAMA!!!!! Me:laughs

  13. Oneil Simpson

    Oneil Simpson12 days ago


  14. Oneil Simpson

    Oneil Simpson12 days ago

    Thats A Booty ****

  15. Oneil Simpson

    Oneil Simpson12 days ago

    My day is complete without hearing Buckle Up!!!! In my ear holes

  16. Fake 2oo

    Fake 2oo13 days ago

    Yo tf the pizza game is trippy af

  17. Rowaann. X

    Rowaann. X13 days ago

    Is we really gonna ignore berleezy twerking in the first game

  18. Rowaann. X

    Rowaann. X13 days ago

    USlikes really doing the most these days with these 2 double unskipable ads

  19. Your Daily Weeb

    Your Daily Weeb14 days ago

    15:46 sounds like me running after my mum found out about my grades

  20. but you didn't

    but you didn't14 days ago

    27th January 2021: the day Jay broke the holiest of rules

  21. Cady Forget

    Cady Forget16 days ago

    I love how Jay made the stalker so much more sus, the definition of *NOTICE ME SENPAI!!!!* 🤣

  22. *Toga Hola*

    *Toga Hola*17 days ago

    17:16 he really said oh fuQk lmfao

  23. Mboy Marky

    Mboy Marky17 days ago

    My name is marcusssss ahhhhhh

  24. Mboy Marky

    Mboy Marky17 days ago

    Oh and my last name star5s with w

  25. Onces4life 25

    Onces4life 2517 days ago

    Jay : it's one of those games where u gotta look at them and they wont move Me : DARK DECEPTION the pirates episode


    JBJ STARGAMER17 days ago

    That’s just kinda hot jay lol

  27. Alexis Jefferson

    Alexis Jefferson18 days ago

    I just went on a pizza trip .... that was like a roller coaster.

  28. dog dog

    dog dog18 days ago

    this is bob, each like is a year he ages.. He dies at 99

  29. *{}• ĦåzeŁ •{}*

    *{}• ĦåzeŁ •{}*18 days ago

    *thr pizza one literally broke some of my braincells- I can't even feel my legs anymore for some reason*

  30. Geno

    Geno18 days ago

    Is no one else gonna talk about that game with the pizza, trying to focus made my head hurt

  31. Jade Robinson

    Jade Robinson18 days ago

    I thought jay was talking about a different medical condition till I look at what he was reading and it says paralysis I really wasn’t expecting that

  32. Nope Not important

    Nope Not important18 days ago

    Did the third game make anyone else sick?

  33. Pincsy

    Pincsy18 days ago

    his camera did a whole 360 at 0:43

  34. Cesar Gonzalez

    Cesar Gonzalez18 days ago

    Why is the mom Elizabeth Warren?! 😂😂😂 I hope I'm not the only one who sees it lmao!

  35. Brionne Vulimaibau

    Brionne Vulimaibau18 days ago

    classic jay with his HEE HEE laugh

  36. Fabitrap G

    Fabitrap G18 days ago

    When I saw the title of the first game I was like, things are going to get burned

  37. 지현fishblob

    지현fishblob18 days ago

    Noooo the palm tree. 😒

  38. Shae

    Shae18 days ago

    2:12 Announcer: this happened just last night after midnight Me: so technically he was killed this morning

  39. Toon Zelda

    Toon Zelda19 days ago

    Imagine the pizza game in VR

  40. Not_you

    Not_you19 days ago

    Paralysis are like paralysis demons while your asleep of course there fake but just saying.


    JOAN MONETTE CONDE19 days ago

    i felt my kidneys jumped in 15:44 like wtfff i almost died

  42. John Wilmark Conda

    John Wilmark Conda19 days ago

    15:47 I really jump as I was so Surprised

  43. Seven C.

    Seven C.19 days ago

    where'd he play the grounding? i played that for free

  44. PotaToeCat •Mel•

    PotaToeCat •Mel•20 days ago


  45. Amy Playz

    Amy Playz20 days ago

    5:46 No one: Me: sangwoo?

  46. air benders

    air benders20 days ago

    Hee-hee mashou

  47. Pxince Josh

    Pxince Josh20 days ago

    after all these years... he finally says baby boy.... i’m literally gonna cry

  48. Hunter A

    Hunter A17 days ago

    Why would cry for that?

  49. PriceXNHL

    PriceXNHL21 day ago

    His videos makes my day amazing 🤩

  50. Hanahaki Kiyu

    Hanahaki Kiyu21 day ago


  51. demon's trick

    demon's trick21 day ago


  52. Drawin Editin

    Drawin Editin21 day ago

    "I forget what its called but you have to look at them and then they can't move" Are you referring to SCP-173?

  53. Bro!

    Bro!21 day ago

    dude pls keep making dez kinda vids you funny af

  54. hope right here!

    hope right here!21 day ago

    oh the dark deception one!

  55. darwin maygay

    darwin maygay21 day ago

    To be honest i get a heart attack whenever Jay screams but when its something scary am fine but Jay he gives me a heart attack😅😅😂😂


    X3 POUNCES ON YOU21 day ago

    Kaidebusha what now Jay?

  57. K Papi

    K Papi21 day ago

    1:58 not berleezy 😭😭

  58. mari

    mari22 days ago

    16:33 me when a big ahh spider appears

  59. XxGlossy

    XxGlossy22 days ago

    what's the point of not saying the cus word on a seance when he curses all the freakin time xD

  60. Jordyn Surfus

    Jordyn Surfus22 days ago

    The last one genuinely scared me lol

  61. Son Geku

    Son Geku22 days ago

    I never expected to hear the words "The tomato shot back" ever in my life.....

  62. Lay Htoo

    Lay Htoo22 days ago

    When mama start hitting hard and you are trying to smock me:grap all the smoke thing and run for your life

  63. Budge

    Budge22 days ago

    That’s Hillary 🅱️linton

  64. Win Naing Lwin

    Win Naing Lwin22 days ago


  65. Foxy7453 Fnaf

    Foxy7453 Fnaf23 days ago

    Game: let's make the mom do a fnaf jumpscare but put the pitch higher

  66. Foxy7453 Fnaf

    Foxy7453 Fnaf23 days ago

    So he censors the picture but not that naked statue in that other game he played

  67. Foxy7453 Fnaf

    Foxy7453 Fnaf23 days ago

    Jay: THE TOMATO FIRED BACK Me: *plays back* he shot the gun and it bounced off the cheese and I didn't fire back

  68. Kenma Kozume

    Kenma Kozume23 days ago

    let me just tell you, JAY IS A MOOD 😙✌️

  69. Blue Ant

    Blue Ant23 days ago


  70. Xx_Mel Bxgs_xX

    Xx_Mel Bxgs_xX23 days ago

    Jay: “mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. MAMA”

  71. Teruteruspink periodblood

    Teruteruspink periodblood19 days ago

    Damn he said mama better than teruteru 😫

  72. junko `

    junko `23 days ago

    ur videos are way too funny,your humour doesnt even make the video feel scary no more lol

  73. Cayden :D

    Cayden :D23 days ago

    jay:*screaming mama and crying* me:*teru teru flashbacks*

  74. Cayden :D

    Cayden :D23 days ago

    jay:* voice acting* me on hope drugs:SHaKEy NaGItO VoICe-

  75. đëvïł gurll twt

    đëvïł gurll twt23 days ago

    Can we appreciate that Jay is finally hearting comments? 💅😄😌

  76. Eiza Corpuz

    Eiza Corpuz23 days ago

    I haven’t watched him in awhile (I’ve commented but not watched his videos) because Istill hate him for saying “saying goodbye”

  77. Sam sam Phearum

    Sam sam Phearum23 days ago

    It SCP 173

  78. Ella L

    Ella L23 days ago

    If Jay reads thirst comments, he's gonna be that one youtuber that flirts back.

  79. Kheana chan

    Kheana chan23 days ago

    "You have to look at them and then they cant move" Jay; 'Tries to moonwalk on her'

  80. Matthew McCarty

    Matthew McCarty24 days ago

    The mom has scrap animatronic in her

  81. Matthew McCarty

    Matthew McCarty24 days ago

    6:24 Swear to f- oh............... YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE

  82. Anabel Franco

    Anabel Franco24 days ago

    why does jay sound like the dub version of anime's when he plays the second game LMAO

  83. shitpost kid

    shitpost kid24 days ago

    Um bre ghos

  84. Shav

    Shav24 days ago

    bro his crying had me crying from laughter istg

  85. Oh No!

    Oh No!24 days ago

    Rip Nagito palmiada 😞

  86. AmandaPlays Roblox

    AmandaPlays Roblox24 days ago

    No way i tought you quit yt O_O

  87. adrian Zepeda

    adrian Zepeda24 days ago

    Has anyone realized that the mom kinda sounds like happy frog,mr hippo,pig patch,and orville.from ultimate custom night

  88. Jackie C.

    Jackie C.24 days ago

    I love you


    REDLEGION24 days ago

    I love how most of the frg games he plays are horror games

  90. Sharmell Psaila

    Sharmell Psaila24 days ago

    He said mom like cartman

  91. Berri Juice

    Berri Juice24 days ago

    0:43 When your mom see’s your search history

  92. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth Afton24 days ago

    were gonna ignore that mom jumpscare is scraptraps jumpscare from fnaf 6?

  93. zoe a

    zoe a24 days ago

    Its crazy how ive been watching this man for 5 years and I still havent missed one of his videos.

  94. Bud Light

    Bud Light24 days ago

    Sleep paralysis is a condition not very common to most people who have it. Some people have a sleep paralysis demon. I have one.

  95. hahaha no.

    hahaha no.24 days ago

    Hangers: "Eh. okay" Belt: "mmmm...okay" Slippers:*begins to doubt* Jumpscares: **pure regret and whistle screams intensifies**

  96. Allana Edaño

    Allana Edaño24 days ago

    6:36 - jay should be a voice actor in dubbed animes -_- he's good from the u-ugh is just *chef kiss* the stutter is on POINT

  97. Almighty_S007

    Almighty_S00724 days ago

    16:00 the weeping angel from doctor who lol

  98. Quirky Vlogs

    Quirky Vlogs24 days ago

    Jay:nothing Just like when I talk to girls Me:1 you have a kid so something did happen and 2 a lot of your fans would dated you soooooooo yes things CAN happen baka

  99. Strawberry sugar

    Strawberry sugar25 days ago

    Jay is always cocky but then turns into a japanese school girl whenever there is a jumpscare

  100. Ieako Namida

    Ieako Namida25 days ago

    18:14 love Jay's face in here

  101. Blue Winter Skyz

    Blue Winter Skyz25 days ago

    Yay! No more 'hair palm tree' (if you don't know what I'm saying go to jay's videos and click the video that says 'Saying Goodbye'

  102. Marli Fabia

    Marli Fabia25 days ago


  103. XxAsheliz_EmOxX :3

    XxAsheliz_EmOxX :325 days ago

    at time to time i would laugh at something i never watch like a example the office i have never watched that so im with you jay you saying something funny makes my day ^w^

  104. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya25 days ago

    Same he’s like my favorite youtuber besides gloom and Cory