The first class trial of Danganronpa 2 has come to an end...I knew who it was from the get go, but we had to due our investigations and interrogations to make sure we REALLY got the right person...50K Likes for the next Danganronpa video ASAP!
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  1. Junko Enoshima

    Junko Enoshima15 minutes ago

    Jay: *tries to read the text for Hajime* Also Jay: *still laughing uncontrollably*

  2. Fried_ Banana

    Fried_ Banana14 hours ago

    I like how kubz scout predicted teru Teru‘s execution 😂

  3. dyslexic teddybear

    dyslexic teddybear20 hours ago

  4. Amiri

    AmiriDay ago

    im at the 3rd trial investigation and i dont understand why people love nagito so much, idk if he gets better towards the end but hes just been kinda annoying. he just talks bad about himself and about hope and despair all the time, i dont hate him but i dont love him. also i know im very late to this video but i wanted to play the game before watching

  5. mirela stoica

    mirela stoicaDay ago

    If You realy are there You will see what happens in chapyer 5 and If You never saw spoilers them You will be surprised 100%

  6. ana :p

    ana :pDay ago

    who knew teruteru could be so damn smart cause damn-

  7. Varyk Walker

    Varyk Walker2 days ago

    I think they could actually get away with killing Nagito and not starting a trial. It would need to be a group effort. One person kills him, hides the body, then communicates with the rest who helped with the plan where they his the body likely somewhere hard to find or difficult to just stumble upon. And boom. Nobody goes there, so only one person finds the body, and the class trial never starts.

  8. Random fan girl

    Random fan girl2 days ago

    Everyone is talking about something else but poor Teruteru :c

  9. Master Uriel Gaming

    Master Uriel Gaming3 days ago

    Jay tries to spell meat on the bone Reality: MeAT ThE oN BoNE

  10. DJ cookie

    DJ cookie3 days ago

    39:27 Also i have a feeling monokuma would've killed him by now-

  11. YourFandomsRandomPotato ;-;

    YourFandomsRandomPotato ;-;3 days ago

    we love someone who loves nagito as much as us we love him the most

  12. Smh

    Smh4 days ago


  13. ValentinesEve1996

    ValentinesEve19965 days ago


  14. Eiein BOI

    Eiein BOI5 days ago

    omg Nagito zipper shoes tho at 16:31, please just someone teach Nagito how to tie shoes so he'll stop wearing those zipper shoes please someone anyone 😰

  15. anna petite

    anna petite5 days ago

    my throb is chesting

  16. SimplyGoated

    SimplyGoated5 days ago

    Little did teruteru know he killed his mom cooked her and ate her soooooo yea

  17. Nxito x

    Nxito x5 days ago

    41:28 Teruteru sounds like party music glitching

  18. Beanie Boo

    Beanie Boo5 days ago


  19. missryuko

    missryuko5 days ago


  20. s p i c y g u y m a m e

    s p i c y g u y m a m e5 days ago

    Teruteru need to chill with aggressive asf Cajun accent 😭

  21. Ian Depressions_backup_2

    Ian Depressions_backup_25 days ago


  22. Zoei Casamingo

    Zoei Casamingo6 days ago

    When teruteru said: Egg's benedict me: you mean Michael??😃

  23. Pleb UwU

    Pleb UwU3 days ago


  24. YandereGaming

    YandereGaming6 days ago

    47:02 don't question I have bad memory

  25. Frenchie Fraz it’s a nickname

    Frenchie Fraz it’s a nickname6 days ago

    24:02 Teru teru: What are you talking about theres no way! Me:tell that to the amount of evideince🙂✌️

  26. Frenchie Fraz it’s a nickname

    Frenchie Fraz it’s a nickname6 days ago


  27. _Cyber_

    _Cyber_6 days ago

    TeruTeru just wanted to see his mother again X'C

  28. ValentinesEve1996

    ValentinesEve19967 days ago


  29. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma7 days ago

    Mmmm Teruteru tempura.., put some Mondo butter on it then there ya go! A lil snack.😚👌

  30. Helena Grace McWhirter

    Helena Grace McWhirter7 days ago

    1:41 How did he guess that teruteru would die like that?!

  31. Kiyoko San

    Kiyoko San7 days ago

    The haikyuu names are getting to me

  32. purplebunnygirl

    purplebunnygirl8 days ago

    A bit spoilers for this trial By the way it's implied Nagito was expecting Teruteru to kill him, he wasn't necessarily planning to kill someone (though I don't know if he would have killed someone himself if Teruteru didn't) a lot of people don't catch that when Nagito said he never expected to be the one to survive

  33. missryuko

    missryuko8 days ago


  34. Amore wilson

    Amore wilson8 days ago


  35. ValentinesEve1996

    ValentinesEve19968 days ago


  36. Kokichi Oma

    Kokichi Oma8 days ago

    *oN tHe MeAt BoNe*

  37. Pxstel_Candii :3

    Pxstel_Candii :39 days ago

    I didn't even realize I was watching this 1 hour straight-

  38. Ashley Smith

    Ashley Smith9 days ago

    I just love it when hiyoko roast chicken everyone

  39. Solin Ciagaa

    Solin Ciagaa10 days ago

    am i the only one looking back at this and seeing all the characters that died and got executed? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  40. Wildanny Acevedo

    Wildanny Acevedo10 days ago

    32:29 got me crying

  41. Mochiii Fox

    Mochiii Fox10 days ago

    Jay: all the girls in this game are so soft spoken Ibuki: 🎤 👁 👄 👁

  42. yourmom

    yourmom10 days ago

    mondo butter 😭

  43. ValentinesEve1996

    ValentinesEve199610 days ago

    44:33 Lol

  44. PlusUltra Natsuki68

    PlusUltra Natsuki6810 days ago

    32:36 Perfection.

  45. Rory Sneddon

    Rory Sneddon11 days ago

    Kubz scouts didn't you hear teru teru he hid it in avril lagvine

  46. Z2BX YT

    Z2BX YT11 days ago

    Games with trials: *EXAMINE* *OBJECT* *EVIDENCE* *THINK* *EXAMINE M O O O O O R E* *TRIA A A A A A A AL* IT WAS YOU Games with trials if they could search for fingertips: *search* IT WAS YOU

  47. stephanie leyva

    stephanie leyva11 days ago

    Everyone can't understand teruteru yet there's me who's not having a problem at all Uh..... am I too ghetto? 😂😂😂

  48. 椅営る【Jet】

    椅営る【Jet】12 days ago

    45:12 ‘i think my throb is chesting’ *i think the game is too pressured- so as jay*

  49. gamingbyDoge

    gamingbyDoge12 days ago


  50. Taek Some Jinchim

    Taek Some Jinchim12 days ago


  51. RACanime

    RACanime13 days ago

    you think jay would like Kokichi from drv3?

  52. Ccs633 Student

    Ccs633 Student13 days ago

    stop with the slander >:(

  53. squxdii・ᴗ・

    squxdii・ᴗ・13 days ago

    jay really gonna get himself in r/notlikeothergirls

  54. Phoebe Goodrich

    Phoebe Goodrich13 days ago

    The third game voting thing it much different than the first and second game just letting you know

  55. Q-LIN

    Q-LIN13 days ago

    His accent starts at 32:37 or 32:42

  56. HoneyX Bee

    HoneyX Bee14 days ago

    So this is random but you guys see those mushrooms on monomi’s head? I believe those are a sign of bad/sad/depressed thoughts? Uhhh I just feel so bad for her she seems like a great teacher and friend! Everyone’s just bullying her 😭

  57. Jeffrey McNamee

    Jeffrey McNamee14 days ago


  58. I'm so stupid.

    I'm so stupid.14 days ago

    People who play FNaF, 15:57 😌👍

  59. kirby Yarrell

    kirby Yarrell14 days ago

    My throb is chesting? Ok

  60. Willie Wester

    Willie Wester14 days ago

    I've just came back you just to see/hear his accent and Jays reaction



    I really just cried 🥺 can't believe Byakuya really died

  62. Marlon time

    Marlon time15 days ago

    I feel sad for teruteru i would have been sad if i could not see my mama

  63. Dawnelle Carr

    Dawnelle Carr15 days ago

    They live in Japan right just wondering

  64. •Milkshake_bunny•

    •Milkshake_bunny•15 days ago

    I love how when it says: "BREAK" An add comes on like an actual break 🤣😏

  65. Green_ Gacha

    Green_ Gacha15 days ago

    if Jay plays drv3 as meets korekiyo and hears the voice I wonder what his reaction will be

  66. Butter

    Butter15 days ago

    Imagine if Byakuya was a survivor in this game too

  67. Butter

    Butter14 days ago

    @midnight _star Idk

  68. midnight _star

    midnight _star15 days ago

    wait are you mono? but in the butter form???

  69. x Misfortune x

    x Misfortune x15 days ago

    [11:41] Jay just did a minecraft eating sound effect

  70. Crying cloud•

    Crying cloud•15 days ago

    Teruteru: it's a lies I won't believe this (and stuff) Kokichi: NEHHEE- wait no that's my line

  71. 7789 be care full what you wish for 6789

    7789 be care full what you wish for 678915 days ago

    that guys accent got me

  72. 7789 be care full what you wish for 6789

    7789 be care full what you wish for 678915 days ago

    he said "pinche puta" I don't think he knows what that means unless he's Spanish, it means f****** w****


    KITTYMEWZIK15 days ago

    Gundham : I vented under the floorboards *gundham tanaka was an imposter*

  74. kenobi haidarakmal

    kenobi haidarakmal16 days ago

    so you heard things called knife and waifu huh? but have you heard of A KNAIFU

  75. Celestia Ludenberg

    Celestia Ludenberg16 days ago

    Well teruterus execution was Teru-frying

  76. Celestia Ludenberg

    Celestia Ludenberg16 days ago

    I had that joke in my head for like a month now

  77. Sonia Nevermind

    Sonia Nevermind16 days ago


  78. Deianeira Simbolon

    Deianeira Simbolon17 days ago

    Fun fact, Makotos and Nagitos voice his voiced by the guy who did Adriens voice in Miraculous ladybug! Adding on to that, Adriens voice actor also voiced Eren from AOT (Attack On Titan) in the English version. His name is Bryce Papenbrook.

  79. Kazoou eats kneecaps

    Kazoou eats kneecaps17 days ago

    meat on the bone Bone meat on the the bone meat on on the bone meat bone the on meat meat the on bone the meat bone on on meat bone the

  80. SaikoChanzz

    SaikoChanzz18 days ago

    Nagito is really just like Junko Sometimes....98% (Because he's feeling or mood always or Change too fast...)

  81. the struggler

    the struggler18 days ago

    this is the taste of a liar giorno giovanna

  82. Toca Pixie

    Toca Pixie18 days ago


  83. Reese's

    Reese's18 days ago

    its just the first trial and im already crushed

  84. yuvon gore

    yuvon gore18 days ago

    That embarrassing pose tho

  85. *『 Silvasantisteban 』*

    *『 Silvasantisteban 』*18 days ago

    When teruteru yelled Avril Lavigne I I was listening to music while watching this one time and That song Hello kitty song came on by Avril Lavigne-

  86. ItzLeafyWolf 7.0

    ItzLeafyWolf 7.019 days ago

    39:09 M O O D

  87. Dimitrije Zakic

    Dimitrije Zakic19 days ago

    Jay is actually evil he is junko number 2 😈😅✨🖤

  88. EliteNormie

    EliteNormie19 days ago

    I never liked Teruteru but that backstory had me tearing up.. I hate Monokuma lol

  89. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair19 days ago

    52:14 Awww I'm really gonna miss Byakuya

  90. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair19 days ago

    12:32 loll pitstop 53:20 53:45 dang you could hear the shriek in his cry

  91. Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda20 days ago



    YEET THE YOOT20 days ago

    It never even happened in the anime

  93. FrostedDrakes

    FrostedDrakes21 day ago

    Timestamp when Teruteru gets his accent 32:35

  94. Irene Rodriguez

    Irene Rodriguez22 days ago

    25:13 I'm just gonna leave this hear

  95. Super Gaming Bro XCVI

    Super Gaming Bro XCVI22 days ago

    Teruteru's accent coming out of nowhere aside, I feel sorry for him.

  96. Avalynne Snider

    Avalynne Snider23 days ago

    Jay 1st game: I love hangman’s gambit Jay 2nt game: I hate hangman’s gambit

  97. Jessica bowe

    Jessica bowe23 days ago

    *“Da-da-da-da-da...H m M”*

  98. Reddxiety Nox

    Reddxiety Nox23 days ago

    "Are you calling me a liar?" I AIN'T CALLING YOU A TRUTHER

  99. Rainbow Dip

    Rainbow Dip23 days ago

    the first trial in all the games were unintentional murders 😳

  100. Rainbow Dip

    Rainbow Dip23 days ago

    “what if that’s his execution? he gets fried” an hour later:

  101. Lindsay JABAMI

    Lindsay JABAMI23 days ago

    No u can see the comments Ugly person6738283: where are the comments

  102. Lindsay JABAMI

    Lindsay JABAMI23 days ago

    Spoilers Teru fried chicken wonder if Akane would like it

  103. LOVE

    LOVE24 days ago

    ₩ⱧɆⱤɆ ₥Ø₦ĐØ ฿Ʉ₮₮ɆⱤ...

  104. Amanda Ong

    Amanda Ong24 days ago

    43:43 No Sonia it's Voldemort's wand

  105. Lou Gaming 2007

    Lou Gaming 200724 days ago


  106. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face24 days ago

    Akane, girly. The button on your shirt has some god like strength, huh?