My Last Video EVER In This Room After 6 Years

I might have 1 or 2 videos from this room but they're recorded beforehand, i just want to thank you to everyone that has supported this channel, anyone who doesn't watch anymore, but checked out at least one video, whether you liked it or not, THANK YOU for your time! Much love & more to come!
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  1. Dahlylah Krauklin

    Dahlylah Krauklin9 days ago made it

  2. Jeaye

    Jeaye19 days ago

    Why does jay always trash his hair? Like my guy it looks great

  3. M M

    M M21 day ago

    wait if jay was were 24 when he first started and it's 6 years later then Jay's 30????? woah, been watching you since like fifth grade and now being in high school i'm like damn, Jay has really improved since then and succeeded ...yeah yeah cheesy i know

  4. samiyaa m

    samiyaa m12 days ago

    lmao right

  5. Internet Potato

    Internet Potato28 days ago

    "Theres only 1 or 2 videos before i record in the new house" Me, now at the future: I think you mean 69 videos (yes i counted)

  6. sophi `

    sophi `Month ago

    I'm so proud of you Jay! I've been watching you for like 4 years and you always make my day no matter what. I got really busy from school, I was grieving bc my dad passed away just this January, and I also discovered new hobbies so I wasn't watching your videos for a few months. Today I was really down, and I remembered you. I want to feel happy again like the last time before everything has gone to shit. So I watched a recent video of yours and it immediately made me feel better. Then I come across this video and I feel so happy for you. I'm so glad I was part of all this, into helping you reach your dream. You deserve all those abundance because you worked hard and you're overall a genuinely good person. I hope I'll meet you someday because you're one of my favorite youtubers, and even if I'm not yet certain of what path I'm gonna take, you've proven to me that I can do anything I want if I just give in my best. Thank you for existing, Jay! Love you and I hope you always take care. I'll always be here supporting you 'til the end. From Philippines ❤

  7. •Yuna•

    •Yuna•Month ago


  8. The D. Su

    The D. SuMonth ago

    What happened to the new house?

  9. Kyle Goode

    Kyle GoodeMonth ago

    Does anybody know if the trump 2020 flag in the drawer😱😒🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  10. Kyle Goode

    Kyle GoodeMonth ago


  11. Tuachi Xiong

    Tuachi XiongMonth ago

    Gonna miss this background. Literally my first video of Jay, was one of his old yandere myths videos. Man the memories.

  12. tRaPbUnNy

    tRaPbUnNyMonth ago

    Don’t thank us, thank you because you have helped me through so much and I’m proud that your able to do the stuff you do for us and we love you for that 💓. I know you won’t see this, but it’s ok :) love you and can’t wait for future videos 🥳!!

  13. Lil Kuggs

    Lil KuggsMonth ago

    There's A Lot Of Good Memories Here : My Brain : If Your Cool With That And Your Down With That Everybody Get Ready And Buckle The FUCK UUUUP CUZ HERE WE GO

  14. Lil Kuggs

    Lil KuggsMonth ago


  15. ellie taking a break from uploading

    ellie taking a break from uploadingMonth ago

    Nani he has kids

  16. Red Days

    Red DaysMonth ago

    Jay one month you are still in the room

  17. GayWolf

    GayWolfMonth ago

    Thanks for the motivation. Congrats on making it this far and good luck with your new house!

  18. Luna Oak

    Luna OakMonth ago

    Affinity photo is like photoshop but so much cheeper and you don’t have to rebuy it every year- would recommend

  19. annie odear

    annie odearMonth ago

    he posted this on my birthday😂

  20. ashley costner

    ashley costnerMonth ago

    In my personal opinion, your already one of the greats! I've been a fan for a while and have always loved watching your videos when I am feeling a little down or need a bit more confidence for the day because you always seem so passionate and excited in all your videos! I always felt like your videos were different than other creators because their content always felt so staged and scripted but yours seemed to be more personal and real.

  21. DarkDato

    DarkDato2 months ago

    last video in this how maybe to or three pre records* 1 month later* the new house: am i a joke to you

  22. Ashley Antone

    Ashley Antone2 months ago

    Jay: There were so many good memories Me: remembering Mason and smiling

  23. Adil S3N

    Adil S3N2 months ago

    Its been a month but he is still in the same room

  24. California Miami

    California MiamiMonth ago


  25. Nathaniel Calderon

    Nathaniel Calderon2 months ago

    what kind of computer is that?

  26. Gavin Wingler

    Gavin Wingler2 months ago

    This is depressing you’ll get depressed if you wach this

  27. Thunder Wolf

    Thunder Wolf2 months ago

    Jay is so hot tbh

  28. Loulou

    Loulou2 months ago

    I want a house tour and dudeee u should so do videos of u taking abt life or cooking videos would be freaking cool 😭. I’ve also been a fan about a year after u started... you and ihascupquake has always been a favorite of mine lol

  29. Loulou

    Loulou2 months ago

    All of these old quotes form them videos is killing me 😭😭💀the old videos Oml

  30. Havva Mehmed

    Havva Mehmed2 months ago

    There's so much passion in his eyes. The way he talks about this channel and the people supporting it makes me respect and love this man even more than i did before. Keep your head up Jay! You are one of the only people that i look up to this much and you're always here to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. So thank you!



    I just wanna say something a friend of mine said he's a huge fan of Jay but is jealous of his success I am so sorry but if you are a real fan you would be hella happy for him like all of us if you only like him in his bads and not his gods 😔😔 I don't know what to tell you

  32. Vintage tears

    Vintage tears2 months ago

    Jays room is changing after 6 years But yan sim still hadn’t changed since the last time I played it in 2017

  33. solsticebabie

    solsticebabie2 months ago

    diy king🤩🥺

  34. khaotic

    khaotic2 months ago

    this video is so wholesome ewaefjwjluielbklNEUIW

  35. Rawr

    Rawr2 months ago

    Jay: "There's a lot of good memories here." Me: *Remembers when Jay froze Granny and broke her*

  36. Rawr

    Rawr2 months ago

    Jay: "There's a lot of good memories in here." Me: *Remembers when Jay microwaved a cat in Kindergarten 2*

  37. Rawr

    Rawr2 months ago

    I've been watching you for 5 years now and I'm definitely going to miss this room.

  38. Micro Wave

    Micro Wave2 months ago

    i love the fact that he and nini split but he still is kind enough to appreciate what she got for him and what she did. he is very mature... i think. my respect to you jay.

  39. aftab hassan

    aftab hassan2 months ago

    Lol, I love the "What the spider in my room sees" POV.😂

  40. Nightbot

    Nightbot2 months ago

    The people that unliked are the people that were stalking you inside your old house

  41. SimplySnowii

    SimplySnowii2 months ago

    Wtf i came back to this?

  42. k1ll3r k1nG

    k1ll3r k1nG2 months ago


  43. Jerren Annah

    Jerren Annah2 months ago

    Jay, you seriously about to make me cry with yo damn speech 😭 i mean, i ain't no gamer but your story just hitting me bruh 🤧❤️

  44. Jerren Annah

    Jerren Annah2 months ago

    to be honest, i don't think i was listening to a word u said throughout the video. I was just smiling the whole way lmao, i love u Jay! 😅🤣🤣🤣

  45. Bacon Bro

    Bacon Bro2 months ago

    jay is honestly my number one favorite youtuber, ik this might sound hard to believe but he help me get a gf just by mentioning his name 😭✨

  46. Aaila Gaming

    Aaila Gaming2 months ago

    The most Dope room I've ever seen

  47. Avery's.astronomical. Hair

    Avery's.astronomical. Hair2 months ago

    Ah, Yes like the time you were fan girling over RM

  48. Avery's.astronomical. Hair

    Avery's.astronomical. Hair2 months ago

    "There's a lot of good memories here" Me : *Papi chulo 😟😟*

  49. Contour Cactus

    Contour Cactus2 months ago

    The neighbours at 3 am: “What was that?!?” “It starts of watery and then it gets creamy”

  50. Emily Dickinson

    Emily Dickinson2 months ago

    I'm a bit late to this video but oh my god, it feels like just yesterday I was in grade 4, watching some of Jay's earliest Yandere Simulator videos and just having a great time as Jay eventually became my favourite youtuber. It seems weird to say but the Kubz Scouts channel has been a significant part of my childhood and early teen years and I just want to say thank you to Jay for all of his hard work and dedication that he's put into the channel, and for all the memories and entertinment his videos have to offer. I hope to watch him for as long as he'll make content on USlikes, no matter what it is (because either way I know it will be great), and I'll never forget the fun I had sitting with my crappy old tablet as a kid, watching his videos without a care in the world (except for when I didn't have earphones in and was deadly afraid of my parents hearing him say something bad that I didn't anticipate lol). Thank you again for everything you've given us over the years, Jay.

  51. Maple Leaf

    Maple Leaf2 months ago

    I was here for the past 4 years I think. Or 3. I’m proud to have stayed with you for that long. Your my favorite youtuber keep at it man your amazing ♥️


    LILIAN IANNICCARI2 months ago

    the best quote i ever heard: $10 mic with the sock on it


    LILIAN IANNICCARI2 months ago

    jay: any thing is possible me: so i can just go on a killing spree and get away with it

  54. NixMixer

    NixMixer2 months ago

    R.i.p Room 2014 To 2020

  55. Shutup Mazzmaxx

    Shutup Mazzmaxx2 months ago

    Your doing great jay, keep it up, still waiting on those baller basket ball vids, yeah that was cringey but whatevs

  56. alren coloma

    alren coloma2 months ago

    Is your room hot?

  57. FlexFinder

    FlexFinder2 months ago

    I know I'm late here, but you should do a build video like jayztwocents did with his home gaming room, that he does his gaming videos and live streams in

  58. Diamante Enriquez

    Diamante Enriquez2 months ago


  59. 20kStxckk

    20kStxckk2 months ago

    How old is jay it’s been so long?

  60. geneva xx

    geneva xx2 months ago


  61. tessa mendoza

    tessa mendoza2 months ago

    Dude when Jay stops youtube... im going to cry hard, Jay ive been here from the first vid and you make me smile and laugh even when you just look into the camera i would start to laugh and i just want to say thank u so much and you are really cool! and also u look alot like my brother, but thank you so much and i really really love you thank you for bringing the bad days down again i love u thank u so much!

  62. Manjit Kaur Sahota

    Manjit Kaur Sahota2 months ago

    Jay:this is my last video Jay 17 videos later still in same room 🤨

  63. ಠωಠ KIRA요시카 게

    ಠωಠ KIRA요시카 게2 months ago

    5:35 dunno but that hat reminds me of someone

  64. Beefy the cow

    Beefy the cow2 months ago

    I believe in you Jay :3 I’ll be here

  65. Pat that gamer

    Pat that gamer2 months ago


  66. Commander Waddles

    Commander Waddles2 months ago

    Yeesss, can't wait to see you doin them new activitiiiees! Definitely house tour please!

  67. Xawkward_swineX

    Xawkward_swineX2 months ago

    This comment makes no sense

  68. deemon710

    deemon7103 months ago

    Thanks Robert. I always appreciate what you create.

  69. exphxric night

    exphxric night3 months ago

    He says this but the latest videos are still in this room

  70. Bree Calvo

    Bree Calvo3 months ago

    I shouldn’t be crying right now or maybe I should. I’ve been watching you for like forever.

  71. Kaleb

    Kaleb3 months ago

    I feel like jay is very humble person and when he said he wants to make his son proud that hit diff

  72. Kaleb

    Kaleb3 months ago

    But can we get a new house tour???

  73. zumin kyat

    zumin kyat3 months ago

    Him:last vid in this room Me:YOU LITERARY HAVE 7 VIDEOS AND YOU'RE STILL IN THAT ROOM No hate

  74. simbol 33t

    simbol 33t3 months ago

    I will miss this old room

  75. Savanna LaVera

    Savanna LaVera3 months ago

    Omg ... Literally every comment is the same. Aren't y'all tired 😴💤

  76. Savanna LaVera

    Savanna LaVera3 months ago

    Jay so cuuute

  77. Queen Weeblett

    Queen Weeblett3 months ago

    Things no one is ready for: •Class 1-A graduating •The world ending •Jay stops making videos I’m too pessimistic sometimes...

  78. Zoe - Rose Impellizzeri

    Zoe - Rose Impellizzeri3 months ago

    jay:this vid the last vid in this room :( also jay:'makes 7 more vids

  79. Hermelinda Damain

    Hermelinda Damain3 months ago

    Imagine buying Jay’s old house 👁👄👁

  80. Bouncingowl85

    Bouncingowl853 months ago

    Any one miss the Rachel Amber poster?


    THAT JUICY BOI3 months ago



    THAT JUICY BOI3 months ago



    THAT JUICY BOI3 months ago



    THAT JUICY BOI3 months ago



    THAT JUICY BOI3 months ago

    2 houses? wow! i can imagine the stress

  86. Miriam Cornejo

    Miriam Cornejo3 months ago

    Dang. It’s been 6 years! 👁👄👁

  87. Luka

    Luka3 months ago

    Jay: My last video ever in this room. Me: are you sure about that?

  88. lavish 263 team

    lavish 263 team3 months ago

    Can we get an f in the chat

  89. Paranoia

    Paranoia3 months ago

    Holy shit, it's been a while since I've watched Kubz Scouts, and he looks rip af.

  90. Alexis Canzoneri

    Alexis Canzoneri3 months ago

    jay doing cooking videos? YES

  91. Kaede

    Kaede3 months ago

    Gonna miss you recording in that room 😔

  92. sen, short for absinthe

    sen, short for absinthe3 months ago

    the last video,,,,,

  93. vera BBQ

    vera BBQ3 months ago

    Noooooooo i love this room☹️😶😐 And I like your hair too👌👍

  94. christian paulo pascua

    christian paulo pascua3 months ago

    Jay's neighbors are gonna miss his screams

  95. it's joke

    it's joke3 months ago

    jay watching 2 to 3 basketball games while editing... as a female, my multitasking skills feel threatened.

  96. Stefania Diamond

    Stefania Diamond3 months ago

    You deserve it!

  97. Mini Moriah

    Mini Moriah3 months ago

    this is *The Room Were It Happens*

  98. Anya Glitz Gacha

    Anya Glitz Gacha3 months ago

    Man, imma miss this

  99. Dang3r0us

    Dang3r0us3 months ago

    Jay says things like 'look at that dirty stain on my wall or shirt' and most of us would never even notice that until he pointed it out.

  100. iimoonlightrøse

    iimoonlightrøse3 months ago

    Bet: Jay wasn’t wearing pants in this video (Not in a weird way)


    ANTH0NY VENTUR03 months ago

    I rember that Conner from the bully series 😭😭😭🤧


    ANTH0NY VENTUR03 months ago

    🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭 I've been whacthing since your first yandere simulator vid

  103. ꧁Emzy. føx gamer꧂

    ꧁Emzy. føx gamer꧂3 months ago


  104. Sahara Nicholas

    Sahara Nicholas3 months ago

    house tour 100%