Surviving A Pandemic Challenge In 60 Seconds ReAtomized Part 2 (Impossible Ending)

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Surving A Pandemic is already hard, doing it in 60 seconds is hard hard
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  1. Jeffrey Meyer

    Jeffrey Meyer19 hours ago

    I havent watched you videos in a while and this made me laugh my pale as head off. Great vid and keep it up!

  2. Thatguy Bozzap

    Thatguy Bozzap22 hours ago

    my man is a tomato

  3. Legendary sword Gaming

    Legendary sword GamingDay ago

    I just got 60 seconds and 60 seconds reatomized today

  4. Nicholas Sinsay

    Nicholas SinsayDay ago

    I haven't been keeping up with all his videos...and I am ashamed about it

  5. YellowIsCoolAndBest

    YellowIsCoolAndBestDay ago

    I have a challenge THE MAFIA You Have to Be Hostile At all Times You Can Get Pancake If you Want Get all the family For Every Expedition Bring Axe Or gun with you Only Twins Ending And Add More Rules (put suggestions in comments) Everyones Roles Ted is the godfather Dolores Is the underboss Timmy And MaryJane Are Capos

  6. FryGuy

    FryGuy2 days ago

    I have a challenge the insane survive -no weapons at all - no map or radio (you can get cards and checkers also pancake I don't care) - play on tsar BOMBA and bring everyone - give food when they need it same with water - only Timmy and Mary jane can scavenge - have to get saved by twins - bring no gas mask when scavenge - when they are sick leave them sick for 5 days don't die good luck

  7. Timothy De Maar

    Timothy De Maar2 days ago

    : 3

  8. Timothy De Maar

    Timothy De Maar2 days ago


  9. Timothy De Maar

    Timothy De Maar2 days ago

    h A h A.~.

  10. Timothy De Maar

    Timothy De Maar2 days ago

    : D D

  11. Daylon French

    Daylon French2 days ago

    Guys can you please tell me how TF I repair my rifle..I have the book and the damaged rifle but no option to repair

  12. C̶o̶w̶

    C̶o̶w̶3 days ago

    Your epic I subbed years ago. . You deserve fame

  13. Raymond

    Raymond3 days ago

    You need to stop shouting so loud it's annoying

  14. Kammia Owens

    Kammia Owens4 days ago

    Ah yes the time when we where still in quarantine and we still in quarantine thanks covid

  15. Robert IulianDanilă

    Robert IulianDanilă6 days ago

    5:51 give them some of that WATTTAR

  16. Bözsi a Lláma

    Bözsi a Lláma6 days ago

    I feel like he cheated by going OUTSIDE to do the card ritual thing

  17. Charley the snow wolf

    Charley the snow wolf7 days ago

    He didn't complete the chalinge. He gave Mary Jane water when she was Sick

  18. hayden jones

    hayden jones7 days ago

    Definition challenge you can only take one item from each room water and food limitless take both kids be Ted don’t take dorlores you have to get pankake and sharicov in the bunker no padlock and no scavegeing until day 20 if bandnits come use the most violent opinion

  19. sasha Jean Francois

    sasha Jean Francois9 days ago

    He cry

  20. Mr Bowler

    Mr Bowler9 days ago

    Kubz Scouts looks like he has not aged a day since his first 60 seconds video.

  21. Julian Jaimes

    Julian Jaimes9 days ago

    NO CUSSING!!!!

  22. Itz Snowi

    Itz Snowi4 days ago

    You you dont like cussing then leave

  23. Sparx

    Sparx9 days ago

    Jay I got a challenge. I know you've done the only say yes challenge and the only say no challenge, but have you done a yes then no challenge? For every choice, say yes, then say no, then say yes, then say no. Includes item choices.

  24. Ava Jones

    Ava Jones10 days ago

    Saraboma for ya momma BUCKLE UP CUZ HERE WE GO it will never get old

  25. Nathan Clayton

    Nathan Clayton10 days ago

    you should do a no item or food/water challenge

  26. Jennifer Salvia

    Jennifer Salvia10 days ago

    No items challenge: Basically you can’t get any items but food and water family members also don’t count good luck

  27. Sparx

    Sparx9 days ago

    I believe he did something like this in the only food and water challenge from a while back!

  28. Miray Rex

    Miray Rex10 days ago

    Yooo, I think the other 60 Seconds game, (60 Parsects? I dont remember clearly) is gonna get an update about the mad scientist ending. Maybe this family actually ended up in a planet from the rocket and the other crew found them. That would be insane

  29. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker11 days ago

    “TED YOU GOTTA BE TIRED!” -Kubz Scouts

  30. RyeGachaWolf

    RyeGachaWolf11 days ago

    Damn. Shame on me I guess.

  31. Benjamin Jorge

    Benjamin Jorge11 days ago

    Merry Christmas Jay here's a medkit

  32. Laya And rose

    Laya And rose12 days ago

    I did not

  33. Itz_UwU Gacha

    Itz_UwU Gacha12 days ago

    Hey, can someone write a five nights at freddys challenge?

  34. bronson wid

    bronson wid13 days ago


  35. luna eclips gacha club

    luna eclips gacha club13 days ago

    Can you stop swearing iam young

  36. Alex_ strawberry

    Alex_ strawberry13 days ago

    Can you please do the Divorse Challnge again

  37. Jiwan Y

    Jiwan Y13 days ago

    No food and water challenge: - you can take anything but food and water into the bunker - must take all family members - cannot scavenge until day 3 - must survive 20 days with all 4 alive

  38. NaNzEr41

    NaNzEr4113 days ago

    Guys don’t worry 60 seconds challenges Are back

  39. Ace Plays

    Ace Plays13 days ago

    I have a challenge for you! The rules are simple. You basically have to do what the game/family tells you to do. So for example, when Dolores cracked the code she said she was willing to go to that location, so you have to let her go. When the scenario comes up where you have to kill the old people, the family says that their wellbeing is more important and that these old people will die soon anyway, so you have to kill the old people. If it's not clear what the family thinks, you can choose what you do. And you're THAT DUDE!

  40. Crafts for life

    Crafts for life14 days ago

    (60 seconds) Unequal Challenge! Must be on tsar bomba No Dolores Both kids Get 6 food and 3 waters No boy scout book or med kit Must get cards checkers and harmonica Anything else you can get Feed every 7 days and water every 3 you can never have more than 3 waters and 6 food in the shelter Must get pancake Have to get the scientist ending This will prove if jay is THAT DUDE! Enjoy!

  41. Hotchetosonic hotchetosonic

    Hotchetosonic hotchetosonic14 days ago

    Wut did you saw that the days went fast

  42. Creeper Creeper

    Creeper Creeper14 days ago

    Make sure Timmy lives couse he is a legend at going out side he always gets a lot of food and stuff super helpfull

  43. Creeper Creeper

    Creeper Creeper14 days ago

    U get so much content for playing 60 seconds I love when u play

  44. clove is enby

    clove is enby14 days ago

    I haven't been on this channel for probably 2 years. I missed hearing you say 'S/HE'S THE REAL MVP'. Brb gonna go binge all the 60 second challenge videos. Starting with my fave, 7 deadly sins

  45. mochi weeb

    mochi weeb14 days ago

    *a whole ass pandemic going on* Mary jane:Im a chicken

  46. xiangyin He

    xiangyin He14 days ago

    The Henry stickmin challenge, Your henry stickmin (Ted) Teams:The Governments or The Toppats. Government team is take Timmy and the wife(Ellie) leave mary jane behind because she is the Toppats and take all wepons screw the packlock and hemroicor, you like interesting things so trade when ever possible and you and Ellie, only the military ending. Toppats: Take Mary Jane and the wife, betray the government (leave Timmy behind) and also like the governments only take weapons and trade, you can make anyone go on a expeditions,any endings. You must rob, not get mutant Mary Jane and can't get pancake or the cat (so means no cat lady ending) Hope you have a job time jay:)

  47. Alpha

    Alpha14 days ago

    omgg hes still making 60 videos lmao its been like 5 yearssss

  48. Dakota Hocking

    Dakota Hocking14 days ago

    Had no one told you to stay out of people's holes!?

  49. Daniel Blue

    Daniel Blue14 days ago

    The false familiar famous hose proximally apologise because step happily count through a orange south america. grouchy, puzzled camel

  50. pauljas4

    pauljas414 days ago


  51. LiamBro and the angel of darkness peyton

    LiamBro and the angel of darkness peyton14 days ago

    IMPOSSIBLE challenge 1. Take every family member with you 2. Get only 2 canned soup and 2 bottles of water 3. Only go on expeditions 2 times 4. Only get the military ending 5. Don't cure anyone that is sick except for Timmy and Ted and MJ 6. Win with all of the family members 7. Put it on tsar bomba

  52. Sophia Lomenzo

    Sophia Lomenzo15 days ago

    When Timmy was sick you should have sent him out and he could eat out there at mc Donald or something and he would live

  53. I'm a waste of space smh

    I'm a waste of space smh15 days ago

    say it dont spray it jay

  54. James Abbott

    James Abbott15 days ago

    Dude please play this more I missed when u used to play this a lot

  55. spring trap

    spring trap15 days ago

    Kubz scouts: 1234 ok thats 4 water like my guy you missed one

  56. Rose

    Rose16 days ago

    Can you please play Yandery simulator

  57. Clean Chips.

    Clean Chips.16 days ago

    WOW YOU STILL DO THIS! I HAVENT WATCH YOU IN LIKE 2 YEARS!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  58. Armani’s Awesome Adventures

    Armani’s Awesome Adventures16 days ago

    Happy new year 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  59. Ninjaturtl

    Ninjaturtl17 days ago

    Yandere challenge (edited) I didn't know someone else had done this challenge when I originally posted so you can call it a different version* Must play as Doloris Ted can't die Must always collect stuff from Teds side (you must collect ONLY the kids if they aren't on Teds side) Any time you have the option to kill someone or something, do it Play on hard mode Coming in contact with people is a option, but you can only accept a maximum of 10 requests from another *person* outside your family (things like cracking the safe don't count cuz they arnt from someone outside your fam) Pancake is allowed, thats why I highlighted *person* Must get a weapon (gun or axe, both if you want the challenge to be harder)[End their lifu] The kids are your rivals for Ted, but you must take them into the shelter with you (They can be called osano and oka) Must eliminate the kids within 50 days (10 "5 days" weeks) All endings are possible since (from my research) each ending includes at least two people rescuing you, any ending with just one person rescuing you is banned

  60. Mr. Advance

    Mr. Advance17 days ago

    Bro Jay have you tried getting everything done at the same time

  61. Trisha Gray

    Trisha Gray17 days ago

    Jay: f****** s*** Me: bruh there are kids watching this and your videos so you better practice your language and I’m a kid to but I’m on my moms account so stop saying bad words as you are influencing little kids to say them too and that’s not a good thing

  62. Allan Roman

    Allan Roman17 days ago

    No one had to freak out of toilet paper becuz if you don’t eat food you don’t poop

  63. DOminic Neri

    DOminic Neri17 days ago

    No Timmy

  64. DOminic Neri

    DOminic Neri17 days ago

    Oh my gosh Timmy Timmy’s gonna die

  65. Alexandre Ghavamian

    Alexandre Ghavamian18 days ago


  66. faith

    faith18 days ago

    please do a follow up!!

  67. itz_ gracie

    itz_ gracie18 days ago


  68. Z. Kelly

    Z. Kelly18 days ago

    New 60 seconds challenge: stranger things. Timmy: Will. Will is not aloud to go outside as they don’t want him to get sick. If will dies, game over. Mary Jane: Eleven. Eleven must be mutant and tortured (Send her out as many times as you can and don’t give her items on scavenges, starve her as much as you can, don’t do anything in her favour) if she dies than no one cares. Ted: Jim. Jim is fearless and can go out to help fbi, military, twins etc. If there is anything wrong with the bunker, you cannot take no for an answer (If you are unable to choose yes, then it doesn’t count. Delores: Joyce. In the end, she and will should be the only ones left. (If there is anyone else left the challenge is over). Pancake and sharikov: you cannot get them as they may be bad creatures. If cockroaches, rats etc attack and you don’t do anything about it, the challenge is over. I hope you choose this challenge 👍

  69. ¡?¿star speaker¡?¿

    ¡?¿star speaker¡?¿18 days ago

    Raiders: "that dude, that dude, let me in Jay: "Not by the pubes of Chiny, chin, chin

  70. BallBallSlime The Hoodie

    BallBallSlime The Hoodie18 days ago

    Kubz scouts really did lose his skills in 60 seconds after a few months lol

  71. RaZar On Cwack

    RaZar On Cwack19 days ago

    Hes honestly annoying

  72. Tbhl Ight

    Tbhl Ight19 days ago

    Lol only 60 seconds try a year

  73. The Outlaw QuRubyX

    The Outlaw QuRubyX20 days ago

    Sup Jay I was subscribed to this channel recently. And from the past couple of weeks and the days I watch your videos and said in my head this dude really is good content creator so yeah love you videos and tell Jay from the Kubz Scouts is THAT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    him scrims in my ear"this is fine.

  75. J-James

    J-James20 days ago

    Jay becoming a karen

  76. Sku77y Cth

    Sku77y Cth20 days ago

    ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▇▆▅▄▃▂▁▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▇▆▅▄▃▂▁▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▇▆▅▄▃▂▁▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▇▆▅▄▃▂▁▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▇▆▅▄▃▂▁▁▂▃▄▅ Service error 305: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be charged to your account.

  77. Aaron _

    Aaron _20 days ago

    27:48 danganronpa reference

  78. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami20 days ago

    Hey Jay! i have a challenge the DANGANRONPA challenge! Makoto Naegi: lasts 10 days,your the ultimate hope, Delores is junko so you cant get her. Makoto dislikes despair so you must too. if someone gets sick/injured you MUST heal them,Makoto wants to help everyone. if there's a phone call you have to answer. Kyoko Kirigiri:Lasts 10 days, she's a good detective and searches EVERYTHING so you have to scavenge whenever its possible., Byakuya Togami: lasts 10 days. Your rich so you you don't need anything else, so No scavenging,trading,or getting more items, you don't care about anyone exept yourself,so no healing anyone if they're injured/sick Toko Fukawa: lasts 10 days, all you care about is your master byakuya, so you try your best at everything to praise him, when toko sneezes she turns into genocide jack/jill/syo, so if anyone gets sick (NOT INJURED) you have to act violent until they get better. Aoi Asahina: lasts 10 days, you love swimming! so you have to drink water when anyone requests it. she is caring to her friends and tends to their every need just to make them happy,if anyone is depressed/tired you must give them food/water. Yasuhiro Hagakure: lasts 10 days, Your right 30% of the time so you must predict during times. also Your THAT DUDE your videos are EPIC! :D

  79. CaidenYT

    CaidenYT20 days ago

    Idea: grand impossible Have to be on tsar bomba Only 2 water and 2 food to start Only one weapon Timmy only (Ted is still allowed) You can only answer the door 5 times. No pancake Can only decide between Boy Scout book and the map Can only use your one weapon once That’s it

  80. Sheena-Lee Lemaire

    Sheena-Lee Lemaire21 day ago

    Whatttaaaaaa and sooooooouuuuuuuuuppppp

  81. chloe ellis

    chloe ellis21 day ago

    I have a challenge its called naked and afraid challenge in naked and afraid a man and a woman try to survive 21 days in the wild so bring only ted and Dolores each person choose 2 items so when scavenging inly bring 4 things (2 each) u only have to not die for 21 days so play on hard also u can go longer that 21 days if u want

  82. Kardo Dslisay

    Kardo Dslisay21 day ago

    I lile the "shame on you, because you should be watching my videos"

  83. Kid Geiger

    Kid Geiger21 day ago

    The jumpsuit guy is from fallout 1 or 2 I can’t remeber

  84. Eli And Bailey's World W

    Eli And Bailey's World W21 day ago

    I'm 60 seconds late

  85. SaRah TaKaNo

    SaRah TaKaNo21 day ago

    damn is so long since see jay playing 60 seconds.

  86. Sunny Devil

    Sunny Devil22 days ago

    Dolores died because you forgot to feed her and give her water on day 15

  87. • Ciel Phantomhive •

    • Ciel Phantomhive •22 days ago

    11:21 I love how jay didn’t saw Tammy sick 🤣

  88. helvetica

    helvetica22 days ago

    I was gonna be like, you can only survive with Delores and Timmy cause they’re the only two that are social distancing lol

  89. Dot_thecreator Simon

    Dot_thecreator Simon22 days ago

    Who is the MvP in this vid (vote in the comments)

  90. Jack Pettigrew

    Jack Pettigrew22 days ago

    They get sick because they’re starving


    Shuki Shuki INFINITY GAUNTLET22 days ago

    This is weird umm I don’t like 60 seconds because it makes me scared but I still watch it because it’s jays content XD

  92. Little_nony

    Little_nony23 days ago


  93. unique unicorns and marvellous mermaids

    unique unicorns and marvellous mermaids23 days ago

    Ik it's been 3 weeks but when I saw this in my recommendations I was so happy :D

  94. Emma Delima

    Emma Delima23 days ago

    Mary Jane: *Thirsty* *Tired* Timmy: *Thirsty* *Tired* Dolores: *Thirsty* *Tired* Tes: *Tired* Jay: Ted your not tired? 𝗬𝗢𝗨 𝗛𝗔𝗩𝗘 𝗧𝗢 𝗕𝗘 𝗧𝗜𝗥𝗘𝗗!?!

  95. -justcloudy -

    -justcloudy -23 days ago


  96. Aoi Asahina

    Aoi Asahina24 days ago

    Don’t give into despair Ted Me:he’s in boys he did it he said it

  97. Matt Berry

    Matt Berry24 days ago


  98. Shadow

    Shadow24 days ago

    You know for the the record, this video is longer than 60 seconds. Did you catch the mistake?

  99. Blayze 2012

    Blayze 201224 days ago

    Sorry jay I accidentally tapped dislike but I liked it phewww

  100. Fletch

    Fletch24 days ago

    Fun fact: most people watching haven’t even played this game.

  101. Just Danganronpa

    Just Danganronpa20 days ago

    Shhhhhh , don’t expose me

  102. Asad Naseer

    Asad Naseer24 days ago


  103. game boycaln1221

    game boycaln122124 days ago

    the scavenge challenge you can't take water or food .you can only scavenge and the most thing you have to get is the axe and the gun and get the gas mask and you can get the radio or get the twin ending and get other stuff to