Friday Night Funkin But It's A Duet Battle With Senpai From Yandere Simulator

Senpai from Yandere Simulat has joined the battle and with Duet mod in Friday Night Funkin' it's non stop til we drop, so Senpai Week 6 hits different but i'm build different so we'll be alright
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Duet mod by Lord Scout:
Senpai Skin by FoxFable:
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  1. kaleb plays

    kaleb plays2 hours ago

    0:08 he should've said, "if you think im bad thats cap"

  2. xXhappy cookieXx

    xXhappy cookieXx10 hours ago

    Me: *watching the video* Jay: ok ok I'll be quiet Me: let's see about that Jay: *stays quiet until it ends* Me: WTF-

  3. Djdheh Dhjdjd

    Djdheh Dhjdjd11 hours ago

    When the 2 quiet kids rap battle

  4. Kassy R

    Kassy R14 hours ago

    It would have been cool if they used the flame demon as the demon

  5. GachaFluffyYT

    GachaFluffyYT16 hours ago

    It sounded like only boyfriend was singing XD

  6. Actually Wrong

    Actually Wrong19 hours ago

    Jay's freestyle goes hard god damn my guy

  7. a elemental monster

    a elemental monster20 hours ago

    “I’m built different as missing next ten notes” jay kubz scouts 2021

  8. Apollo 11

    Apollo 11Day ago

    i'll never understand how there's people who can play standing.

  9. Яна Диордиева

    Яна ДиордиеваDay ago

    Imagine if Yan chan had rap battle with her rivals

  10. Annie Ramirez

    Annie RamirezDay ago


  11. Ellie G

    Ellie GDay ago

    Honestly I come back to this video for Jay’s rap at the start more that I would like to admit

  12. TheExtraLongRuller Baldi

    TheExtraLongRuller BaldiDay ago

    Jay (voice as boyfriend): Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub Yo da dub dub Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub Yo da dub dub Also Jay: I am the sca- Jay:PFTTTH HAHAHAAHAHAA

  13. Strawberry Molk

    Strawberry Molk2 days ago

    Highly upset that it’s literally just a recolor

  14. Marvin Cannon

    Marvin Cannon2 days ago

    That freestyle at the beginning tho😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Lun Itach

    Lun Itach2 days ago

    Yo what happen back then in the morning we’re u was hitting all those combos

  16. hyperboi

    hyperboi3 days ago

    well i mean flippy can do it, just better

  17. Aunayasia Romero Jackson

    Aunayasia Romero Jackson3 days ago

    3:00 perfect timing with the sparkle sound effect

  18. The Ace Card

    The Ace Card3 days ago

    Bro legit in the first dialouge idk how spell it after bf says his dialouge senpais eyes turn red and black when its his turn

  19. Fugazi Roblox

    Fugazi Roblox3 days ago

    I DO NOT DRINK FROM A- Jay: *Engine noises*

  20. klf1285

    klf12853 days ago


  21. patrick cat

    patrick cat3 days ago

    *jay doesn't sees senpais eyes* Meh : bro senpais a *quacking* a literal demon

  22. LegendaryRock

    LegendaryRock4 days ago

    '' Oh my god, I can even Impress myself. '' - That Dude

  23. Brandon Seglah

    Brandon Seglah4 days ago

    What happend at 6:02?

  24. Mya Creswell

    Mya Creswell4 days ago

    You made my day 🥺

  25. Bllve

    Bllve5 days ago

    Nobody: Jay:"I love doing this nonstop"

  26. Bllve

    Bllve5 days ago

    the disrespect

  27. M Y S T I C

    M Y S T I C5 days ago

    Ultimate focus! *Jays introduction card plays*

  28. · ғ ʀ ᴏ ɢ ɢ ʏ ·

    · ғ ʀ ᴏ ɢ ɢ ʏ ·6 days ago

    They should make a mod that Boyfriend is ayano, girlfriend better be senpai but standing i guess- and the enemies should be her rivals. Maps should be school places from yan sim. Maybe custom songs. Week 6' background can maybe be the same but the bg girls are random students from yan sim. Like fnf but based on yan sim

  29. Flapper Dapper

    Flapper Dapper6 days ago

    The thumb nail is mob pshyco

  30. Ayden M

    Ayden M6 days ago

    nobody: Jay: "i wanna do this non-stop"

  31. do you are have spEED

    do you are have spEED6 days ago

    Game: Funky lil rhythm game USlikes: "Eh, looks like Yandere Simulator to me."

  32. Jose Ortiz

    Jose Ortiz7 days ago

    3:07 haha funny ninja moment

  33. MartinAndre Rosas Oftiz

    MartinAndre Rosas Oftiz7 days ago

    USlikes: Ah yes, Yandere Simulator

  34. Victoria Woods

    Victoria Woods7 days ago

    I beg of u to play pico’s school

  35. that1. fello

    that1. fello7 days ago

    Senpai on roses is wearing a whole mask

  36. LayOreo

    LayOreo8 days ago

    Mason is gonna see this video's intro in years and be like *"dad wtf"* And 'Im convinced Jay is gonna be like *"ah yes"*

  37. InJaKo Tour

    InJaKo Tour8 days ago

    This drawing kinda BS and dislike this comment

  38. -Laurenthia-

    -Laurenthia-8 days ago


  39. -Laurenthia-

    -Laurenthia-8 days ago


  40. BeastX

    BeastX8 days ago

    Nobody: Jay:I like to do it nonstop

  41. OofProductions1 0

    OofProductions1 08 days ago

    this: clearly fnf mod youtube: ah yes, yandere simulators new rap uptade.

  42. موسى محمد

    موسى محمد8 days ago


  43. Peyton Groteluschen

    Peyton Groteluschen8 days ago

    I love that ugly face, and of course we want that hand cam, you could be the next corpse.

  44. Geo Slime

    Geo Slime9 days ago

    Imagine not liking Jays face 😶

  45. TheMuffinMasterWeeb

    TheMuffinMasterWeeb9 days ago

    nOBoDy: jAy: i LoVe dOiNg tHiS nOn-sToP.

  46. ume

    ume9 days ago


  47. Kymberli Bradley

    Kymberli Bradley9 days ago

    I take what he said very sexual

  48. alex

    alex9 days ago

    Spiting flames jay nickname spitinflamesjay

  49. Lydia Cervantes

    Lydia Cervantes9 days ago

    This mod should have made the gf osana and then the bf aka the player lobster head

  50. Dog dares

    Dog dares9 days ago

    The senpai when he has the black pushed back hair looks like tanjiro

  51. Princemolah

    Princemolah9 days ago

    "And i put it in her guts" Noice. R E D E Y E S Nobody,,,,,, J A Y : i want to do this all night long

  52. Demoni Kati

    Demoni Kati9 days ago

    I just realised there are only two girls in the background, and they are cloned

  53. Chance Yang

    Chance Yang9 days ago

    Everyone at 8:42: DAMNNN Jay:Wow

  54. Stabfenn

    Stabfenn9 days ago

    Nobody: Jay: I wanna do this all night long or whatever I said.

  55. A normal Eevee

    A normal Eevee10 days ago

    Nobody: Jay: I love doing it all night

  56. AgapeForgotten

    AgapeForgotten10 days ago

    Don't be like that, they want a hand cam just to see the magic happen, not to insult you.

  57. Burlier Earth7

    Burlier Earth710 days ago

    “Nobody: Jay: I wanna do this all night long or whatever I said” - Jay

  58. chloe Elliott

    chloe Elliott10 days ago


  59. chloe Elliott

    chloe Elliott10 days ago

    who else thinks jay should make a rap song

  60. Zion Ross

    Zion Ross10 days ago

    He sings the same note again

  61. your_local_weirdo

    your_local_weirdo10 days ago

    thats n0t senpai thats SenPa

  62. DaisukeT

    DaisukeT10 days ago

    That DUDE :3

  63. Liza Brown

    Liza Brown11 days ago

    If you pause at 1:16 That face your mom makes when she about to whoop you

  64. Vicky Calipso

    Vicky Calipso11 days ago

    When he laugh I chuckle a bit...

  65. Ausome Syd

    Ausome Syd11 days ago

    nobody: jay: i want to this all night

  66. goodpuffer

    goodpuffer11 days ago

    0:30 you be speaking facts

  67. Meme_ItOut

    Meme_ItOut11 days ago

    I still hate your face

  68. Mostafa abdel sattar

    Mostafa abdel sattar11 days ago

    (jay and his girl in bed) Nobody: Litterly nobody: Jay: "i wanna do this non stop."

  69. Nighttale233

    Nighttale23312 days ago

    This is probably visually the worst mod I have ever seen.

  70. pizza girl

    pizza girl12 days ago

    I filled in the blank:"cause I get it wet"😳 that's what he said

  71. Keyonna Logan-Jackson

    Keyonna Logan-Jackson12 days ago

    Nobody; Jay: I won’t talk Jay: still talking Everyone: are you serious TvT

  72. Alan Garcia

    Alan Garcia12 days ago

    😎😎😎😎😎😎💥💥💥💥💥🇸🇲🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰skill coool

  73. Knife Shadowfade

    Knife Shadowfade12 days ago

    can you play little nightmares 2 pls jay i love this series to i play this vid on repeat

  74. Denielb Mariano

    Denielb Mariano12 days ago


  75. Jojozz The Muffin

    Jojozz The Muffin12 days ago

    I like how scuffed the sprite is like the game-

  76. Marnie_

    Marnie_12 days ago

    Hey Jay not gonna lie I haven't watched this video yet but gotta say... your rapping is getting better my dude And remember you are *That Dude* Jay

  77. applebunny knight

    applebunny knight12 days ago

    Apples go brrrrrr

  78. Victor Rubio

    Victor Rubio13 days ago

    so about the description, this is not yandere simulator.

  79. seann was here

    seann was here13 days ago

    "How often do you clap cheeks?" Jay: 7:23

  80. Chance YT games

    Chance YT games12 days ago


  81. A L I E Nシ

    A L I E Nシ13 days ago

    Jay got barsssss

  82. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna13 days ago

    Why does senpai look like on the delinquents? It's just the way he dresses that reminds me of them

  83. Sir Tomake

    Sir Tomake13 days ago


  84. Jasaun Suggs

    Jasaun Suggs13 days ago

    I’m talking trash and nailing these notes then dies after looking at himself thinking he’s a disgrace

  85. Gerrard Jr

    Gerrard Jr13 days ago

    is it just me or when the talk he turns into a monster for a second

  86. Rex Atienza Jr.

    Rex Atienza Jr.13 days ago

    but is more like butterfly or buttersotch

  87. fixyri

    fixyri13 days ago

    Jay your kinda good at rapping ngl

  88. hange zoe

    hange zoe13 days ago

    We can all imagine ayano as the boyfriend and senpai as the girlfriend

  89. kukuh iman putra raharja

    kukuh iman putra raharja13 days ago

    waiting for crash bandicoot to woah-ify the woah memes out of fnf.

  90. NickIsBlind

    NickIsBlind13 days ago

    Jay: couldn't rap Jay plays 1 episode of fnf Jay: *in Cory's Samurai rap team*

  91. Luisanna marcelino ventura

    Luisanna marcelino ventura13 days ago

    shigaraki lip balm

  92. Mikú

    Mikú13 days ago

    3:19 pls

  93. Bln_draco

    Bln_draco13 days ago

    Imagine being a better rapper than CORY when you don’t even raaaap😂😂😭

  94. ᆞAstralope

    ᆞAstralope13 days ago

    Last phase shoulda been yandev's spinning meme

  95. Torrel Mensah

    Torrel Mensah14 days ago

    lol 6:03

  96. doge the doggy

    doge the doggy14 days ago

    "I wont say any words" me: CAP 8:01 few seconds later 8:32

  97. Antonio432 Alfredson359

    Antonio432 Alfredson35914 days ago

    I find it funny how when you have a good concentration everything goes smoothly but then when you start talking you start messing up

  98. Stubzy

    Stubzy14 days ago

    Well crap, he figured out the week 6 death ;v;

  99. vxnilla bean

    vxnilla bean14 days ago

    “I’ll let you fill in the blank for that one” 😭😆😆😆😆

  100. Amari Coates

    Amari Coates14 days ago

    Who could possibly hate jay's "so ugly it's cute" face😂

  101. Alondra Caloca Patricio

    Alondra Caloca Patricio14 days ago

    hey jay I love your face and fank them your that dude

  102. Marek LACZKO

    Marek LACZKO14 days ago