Friday Night Funkin But With More Nagito (And New Song)

Friday Night Funkin + Nagito = Ultimate Dope
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Nagito skin by InkyCat:
B-Side remix mod by RozeBud:
Ex song by AjtheYandere:
Friday Night Funkin' Game link:
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  1. sugar 777

    sugar 777Hour ago

    Ok, but make it Kokichi or Byakuya

  2. Shailey K.

    Shailey K.2 hours ago

    Petition to make Nagito our Mascot!!!

  3. Josalyn Wallberg

    Josalyn Wallberg3 hours ago

    Week 5 is out know so DOOOOO IT

  4. Christian Delgado

    Christian Delgado4 hours ago

    and try the Hatsune Miku Mod

  5. just justin

    just justin5 hours ago

    Hey kubz scout there week 5 of firday night funkin

  6. Christian Delgado

    Christian Delgado5 hours ago

    the beats are insane

  7. thekryptboy

    thekryptboy6 hours ago

    the new week 5 come out

  8. xxLilygamesxx

    xxLilygamesxx6 hours ago

    i like how its kinda like nagitos ingame character sprites

  9. ᴄʜɪʜɪʀᴏ ꜰᴜᴊɪꜱᴀᴋɪ

    ᴄʜɪʜɪʀᴏ ꜰᴜᴊɪꜱᴀᴋɪ7 hours ago

    Nagito knows how strong he is *He just trys to hold it back-*

  10. PsychoCookieYT

    PsychoCookieYT11 hours ago

    What’s the last song name tho? It’s so smooth and it felt like I was in a dream 13:54

  11. j10win Roblox & Dragon Ball Legends

    j10win Roblox & Dragon Ball Legends22 hours ago

    imagine playing nagito on low fps

  12. BunniezPlay

    BunniezPlay22 hours ago

    Nagito is chill Jay your just hating

  13. master bunny

    master bunnyDay ago

    That last song reminds me of celeste the game

  14. Cloud Lover

    Cloud LoverDay ago

    OMG THats cool- DAMN I WOULD TELL HIM "screw her lez go out instead papi ;)))

  15. Kusou Saiki

    Kusou SaikiDay ago

    I'm sorry I haven't been watching the Dangonronpa series I would have but I don't want spoilers for when I get the game 😭

  16. Zion Mahmud

    Zion MahmudDay ago

    The new song beat is so cool! What’s it called?

  17. Siya Patil

    Siya PatilDay ago

    Nagito really be givin' Jay some despair.

  18. Minmin PiPichu

    Minmin PiPichuDay ago

    Well still didn't put the (MOD) in the title

  19. Izzy Raymond

    Izzy RaymondDay ago

    When are we gonna see Danganronpa V3? O.O

  20. Neorita Gwen

    Neorita GwenDay ago

    Jay:nagito my guy where did you learn all this Nagito:I learned this from *HOPE*

  21. •Nagito Vibes •

    •Nagito Vibes •Day ago

    Jay: "I love this game so much, its puts me in a good mood" **A few minuets earlier** Jay: "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-"

  22. Mark Takahashi

    Mark TakahashiDay ago


  23. meldion Rosalita

    meldion RosalitaDay ago

    Me watching this: More despair please

  24. A180CombatBowser Game pro

    A180CombatBowser Game proDay ago

    dangan night ronpa

  25. CattyGamesYT

    CattyGamesYT2 days ago

    It be so cool if the gf was chiaki and the bf was hajime

  26. Lixeon Sabers

    Lixeon Sabers2 days ago

    I bet jay feeling some despair after losing for a bit

  27. sushi chipz

    sushi chipz2 days ago

    I have no idea what this game is but HOW IS NAGITO THERE

  28. Nnenna Ezeugwu

    Nnenna Ezeugwu2 days ago

    To be honest, I was rooting for Nagito..

  29. Rokuu

    Rokuu2 days ago

    Imagine if the girlfriend was Chiaki and the guy was Hajime- Lol I would love to see that

  30. Ianeatscake

    Ianeatscake2 days ago

    This game free?

  31. JelloFruitIsADeadMeme

    JelloFruitIsADeadMeme2 days ago


  32. Detroitsmashyourlife

    Detroitsmashyourlife2 days ago

    There's a mod called FL chan mod it really a cool mod and the song I very enjoyable to listen. Can you please play the mod

  33. 《さいこ》。。。

    《さいこ》。。。2 days ago

    Who else was cheering Jay on even tho he couldn’t hear you?



    chiaki as the gf mod exist




  36. Trashytrash

    Trashytrash2 days ago

    Oh how I MISS Nagito

  37. zevbra Munkh-Ochir

    zevbra Munkh-Ochir2 days ago

    c side

  38. The true gachamn 69

    The true gachamn 692 days ago

    Jay did you know you can be the girlfriend and it is a mod

  39. Some Dummy

    Some Dummy2 days ago

    He’d definitely play ultra despair girls just for sexy nagito

  40. Ash Yuno

    Ash Yuno2 days ago

    To be perfectly honest, I think Ibuki taught him this shit

  41. デレオンダン

    デレオンダン2 days ago

    Does Jay plan on playing the third game of danganronpa??

  42. Absol-Lootley

    Absol-Lootley2 days ago

    He isn’t sure. He said he wouldn’t play the rest of the games, but you know how feisty his fans are, they’ll probably convince him, or he’ll play it just to make us happy

  43. Akamaru the nin-dog

    Akamaru the nin-dog2 days ago

    Nagito: you can do it Jay! All you need to do is believe in the power of hope and everything will be ok.

  44. WiddleMeemas

    WiddleMeemas2 days ago

    Y'all know what the creator of the game said :(

  45. The Duck

    The Duck2 days ago

    No one: Nagito: 🙂😮🙂😮🙂😮🙂😮

  46. Aiden Schwab

    Aiden Schwab2 days ago

    And I thought brutalities were advanced.

  47. AestheticallyStoopid TAT

    AestheticallyStoopid TAT2 days ago

    Nagito really said: if I got no mercy I shall show you none either. Taste my despair 💀

  48. Trina Troth

    Trina Troth2 days ago

    jay was swetting omg-

  49. Kelsey Jenifer

    Kelsey Jenifer2 days ago


  50. Martina Skye

    Martina Skye2 days ago

    he went from being obsessed with hope to spitting bars for hope

  51. i use this account to

    i use this account to2 days ago

    *Me and jay vibing to the music*

  52. Bohema

    Bohema2 days ago

    I wish there was a Rantaro mod, I can see him doing some chill rap ...totally not me hoping to see my favourite dr character in one of my favourite games

  53. Smiley bear

    Smiley bear2 days ago

    Nagito lives in this channel

  54. Evi.

    Evi.3 days ago

    Am i the only one who kinda was looking at the girl the whole time

  55. Hitokirijr

    Hitokirijr3 days ago

    There is a way to make the game harder, just follow these steps: 1: Go to any week or level and make it hard mode 2: Go in it and go to the debug menu 3: Go to song 4: Then look at the number above bf 5: Put 3.0 for Very Hard mode, 5.0 for Insane mode, 10 for Impossible mode, or 0.1 for Sabotage mode on the bottom number 6: Click enter and get ready!

  56. Арсен Чернов

    Арсен Чернов3 days ago

    Hope or dispair?

  57. Ghazel -Gh0st

    Ghazel -Gh0st3 days ago

    Where’s pico?

  58. Darrell Clark

    Darrell Clark3 days ago

    I'm you know that I'm character keep breaking up bones right I know the character Friday night funkn anger and you drop your microphone when you broke your bone

  59. MaximBlox [Parkour]

    MaximBlox [Parkour]3 days ago

    Imagine this is the real dangaroupa just selects 2 guys and they need to rap battle who loses gets executed also the girl standing is monokuma

  60. Fat ugly Piece of shit

    Fat ugly Piece of shit3 days ago

    We need a mod that replaces gf with junko enoshima

  61. Spookie.

    Spookie.2 days ago

    Oooo and like bf is gonna be spoiler : Izuru kamakura and pico is nagito

  62. EpixStyle Y.T.O

    EpixStyle Y.T.O3 days ago

    At the near last part I was confused if he was disgusted or happy.

  63. Nigel Erhabor

    Nigel Erhabor3 days ago

    A game where they speak enchantment table. Amazing

  64. Penguin ASMR

    Penguin ASMR3 days ago

    It’s all good with Nagito until you remember his death-

  65. Superspeedguy TLO

    Superspeedguy TLO3 days ago

    Press R in the middle of a song in Friday night funkin and see what happenes

  66. Angel Valenzuela

    Angel Valenzuela3 days ago

    whats thesong called the new one

  67. samalyy

    samalyy3 days ago


  68. Kezia Aurelia Nur

    Kezia Aurelia Nur3 days ago

    13:15 You're a what? Oooohh!!! You're a goat! :D 🐐

  69. Error Message404

    Error Message4043 days ago

    Nagito is causing me ultimate despair lololololo

  70. Kokichi Oma WeebDemon

    Kokichi Oma WeebDemon3 days ago

    Everything is better with more Nagito


    ALL MIGHT3 days ago

    The ultimate rapper with his buddy Nagito

  72. Scott Stone

    Scott Stone3 days ago

    N A G I T O K E M A D A

  73. atslushee

    atslushee3 days ago

    this makes me want to draw jay and nagito vibing or sumn. just wholesomeness

  74. Zachy Santana

    Zachy Santana3 days ago

    Can you do a miku mod

  75. Des Jo

    Des Jo3 days ago

    Nah not y'all adding nagito to this game GTFOH 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  76. Paul Anthony Lacson

    Paul Anthony Lacson3 days ago

    The ad showed mi pan zu zu zu and i hate it

  77. Maryann Fatongiatau

    Maryann Fatongiatau3 days ago


  78. Gundham Tanaka

    Gundham Tanaka3 days ago

    yes sister

  79. Loli Pog

    Loli Pog3 days ago

    Nagito spittin

  80. Beep Boop

    Beep Boop3 days ago

    I'm convinced that people who have played PJD could one take this.

  81. Delan The Ultimate Hacker

    Delan The Ultimate Hacker3 days ago

    *I love Nagito how obsessed Jay is with Nagito sad that he’ll never meet Kokichi...*

  82. aesology

    aesology4 days ago

    4:15 this part is amazing

  83. ackjug 23

    ackjug 234 days ago


  84. Google photo Sans

    Google photo Sans4 days ago

    my rating of the song 5/5 your skill 4/5

  85. Toyoda car

    Toyoda car4 days ago

    Hm yes brlwlawrl

  86. The_SkunkApe Bill

    The_SkunkApe Bill4 days ago

    Jay your not dont with e Friday night funkin because the lemon head guy night has a part to but it's the dad with new music not the lemon head guy so go check it out

  87. The_SkunkApe Bill

    The_SkunkApe Bill3 days ago

    Actualy there is one song but it's not the second monster song so I don't know how to get it to play and the dad will sing it with you

  88. traustin kemie

    traustin kemie4 days ago

    did he want him die 1:28

  89. Puppy Girl gacha club

    Puppy Girl gacha club4 days ago


  90. ꧁soul꧂

    ꧁soul꧂4 days ago


  91. mob psych

    mob psych4 days ago

    jay: this one’s a slow song so maybe it’ll be easy on us nagito: *starts rapping* jay: oh...shit

  92. Pink Boi

    Pink Boi4 days ago

    its soggytoe but yes "Friday Night Funkin + Nagito = Ultimate Dope

  93. Mara Norris

    Mara Norris4 days ago

    Play daganrompa v3 please!

  94. Conection Err0R

    Conection Err0R4 days ago

    Having nagito for this song is appropriate

  95. Malia Fujii

    Malia Fujii4 days ago

    jay is a nagito Kinnie no one can tell me otherwise

  96. Charizardslash

    Charizardslash4 days ago

    There are Celeste and Chiaki mods too.

  97. Nikki Green

    Nikki Green4 days ago

    how come the GF ain't hyped for nagito? *confusion*

  98. It's A Lie!! !

    It's A Lie!! !4 days ago

    they should have one with junko and all the songs are damn near impossible- even on easy

  99. xbuttercup

    xbuttercup4 days ago

    aight chiaki is the girlfriend and hajime is the boyfriend sadly thats how it is because i dont like nanata

  100. Kyoko Kirigiri

    Kyoko Kirigiri4 days ago

    9:11 this really is the NINE ELEVEN

  101. Angry with you

    Angry with you4 days ago

    11:37 you missed there was a litle green left in the long note

  102. ༄cutie cookie UwU༄

    ༄cutie cookie UwU༄4 days ago

    Am i the only one who just wants Nagito, Hajime and Chiaki to be in the game and Nagito vs Hajime trying to win Chiakis heart🤣 i feel like that be so cool!!!

  103. Rose naime

    Rose naime4 days ago

    Nagito: *i have the ultimate luck!* Jay: *well im the ultimate capper!*