PLAYING UNTIL I GET A CITATION | Papers, Please (Revisited in 2020)

Playing Papers, Please again in 2020 feels so good, GLORY TO AROZTOTZKEEEE
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  1. Alex

    Alex5 hours ago

    Jay 4 years ago - "This will be the last time i say GLORY TO ARASTOZKIIIIIIIII" Jay 2020 - hehe arstotzka go brrrr

  2. ••hopeless Aesthetic ••

    ••hopeless Aesthetic ••2 days ago

    make part 2

  3. mmyrxo

    mmyrxo4 days ago

    ...the hoodie

  4. Jeremy Berger

    Jeremy Berger19 days ago

    i miss papers please so much please post more

  5. just fred

    just fredMonth ago

    If I did this the video would be like 15 seconds long

  6. Starcade X

    Starcade XMonth ago

    You can't, you are required to get at least one citation.

  7. Panda Shoo

    Panda ShooMonth ago


  8. stupidkid

    stupidkidMonth ago

    I love thst at 12:40 bay thinks he had wrong but the city was spelled wrong on his Password so it was acctually correct

  9. Zero0Zero GAMING

    Zero0Zero GAMINGMonth ago

    Pls play more😔

  10. Kindle Condis

    Kindle CondisMonth ago

    WHY DIDNT I SEE THIS SOONER I watch papers please to fall asleep I love watching you play it so much 🥺

  11. MustacheTiffany

    MustacheTiffanyMonth ago

    I love this game because of you and one of my fave series!

  12. Isa Bella

    Isa BellaMonth ago

    If you ever do papers please again, please let that resistance group in I've heard it's the best ending.

  13. SnowyMary_ 2007

    SnowyMary_ 2007Month ago

    0:18 damn Jay looks like a baby, (・ω・) 😂 Still good tho

  14. Fire Ice Ghaca

    Fire Ice GhacaMonth ago

    Jay: Ok i will end this episode. Jorji: Hey check my passport please im your friend you say im your favorite character in this game :'( Me: (Jorji!? Jay whyy you don't check him? Just one more just Jorji ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ)

  15. Warfare 0G

    Warfare 0GMonth ago

    Fun fact: The thumbnail for this video was taken during jay in bed.

  16. hope world

    hope worldMonth ago

    this game is kinda transphobic lmao

  17. Raddest Of Lads

    Raddest Of Lads2 months ago

    Another comment saying play this again plz

  18. Glorious Arstotzka

    Glorious Arstotzka2 months ago

    You been arrested for forgetting about Papers, Please. The penalty is Death. Your family was taken in for questioning about their involvement. Glory to Arstotzka.

  19. Reaper Cat

    Reaper Cat2 months ago

    I want Yandere Simulatorrrr :( is his is also one of my favorite games ;)

  20. ROBZone

    ROBZone2 months ago

    Aww, I missed this game. Would like it if he got his blue hoodie. Oh well

  21. lukaaa aa

    lukaaa aa2 months ago

    I cant believe that this video was 3 weeks ago

  22. mango lango

    mango lango2 months ago

    Hey Jay can you make a series with this game just like you did for 60 seconds like don't challenges and stuff

  23. Vilatic

    Vilatic2 months ago

    Okay hold up. If I remember clearly having watched your previous papers please videos back when they were uploaded- Man time sure does pass quickly Glad to still have that Dude around heh

  24. Games Fixity

    Games Fixity2 months ago

    Bro Jay! I love watching your vids I see the happiness while doing this! And I love how you’re always motivated! Love you and you’re that dude! Also when’s part coming out my guy? *cough cough*

  25. Senju Ghxst

    Senju Ghxst2 months ago

    Lmao Jay the guy that you denied and approved had that city spelled wrong so it's good he got denied

  26. Kappamoo

    Kappamoo2 months ago

    I was just happy to see George 😀

  27. Ilena Frau

    Ilena Frau2 months ago

    Jay accidentally did the right thing by denying that one guy... The city was written wrong but he didn't notice

  28. Delia Chambers

    Delia Chambers2 months ago

    He is using the same voices he did the first time he played this game.

  29. HeyItzRay

    HeyItzRay2 months ago

    I was about to rewatch this series too.

  30. Lil Person

    Lil Person2 months ago

    12:41 Jay freaks out about not letting the guy in but the name is spelled wrong on the passport anyway 😂

  31. Dana A

    Dana A2 months ago


  32. MisterFudgy PH

    MisterFudgy PH2 months ago


  33. Xian Salv

    Xian Salv2 months ago

    I love games like this with no edit

  34. Eraider

    Eraider2 months ago

    YES I used to watch all of his old papers please videos

  35. Ashie

    Ashie2 months ago

    Please please do another episode- 🥺

  36. Aduzzu

    Aduzzu2 months ago

    Jay. You didnt get penalized at 12:39 because his passport said he was from tsinkeido. Not from tsunkeido. So its the passport was forged

  37. Kyla Scarborough

    Kyla Scarborough2 months ago

    It said matching data for the fingerprints not the name

  38. Michael Alvarez

    Michael Alvarez2 months ago

    Jay whatchu been eating in 2016? You look chunkier back then🤣

  39. Aragog King

    Aragog King2 months ago

    He was supposed to be denied so you accidentally got it correct

  40. Kathleen Macnicol

    Kathleen Macnicol2 months ago

    please reply this game! i'd love to have the nostalgia again

  41. Iseabhail Gallagher

    Iseabhail Gallagher2 months ago

    pls pls pls play this through again

  42. Mimeko san

    Mimeko san2 months ago


  43. kirionic027

    kirionic0273 months ago

    19:19 the last two fingerprints look off 🤔

  44. Phsiic

    Phsiic3 months ago


  45. OceanDrinker17

    OceanDrinker173 months ago

    This is the first series I ever watched that got me addicted to watching Jay. I had the flu really badly and was quarantined inside my room for a week and I binged this series.......well, I fell asleep a ton of times but I went back to the videos a lot. Anyways, this brings back memories both good and bad

  46. Chains Broken

    Chains Broken3 months ago

    Good old papers please

  47. _Local._Idiot XX.

    _Local._Idiot XX.3 months ago

    It would be awesome if Jay played papers please all over again 👀

  48. Gi U

    Gi U3 months ago

    no one: Pop smoke: 0_0

  49. Julianna Colbeck

    Julianna Colbeck3 months ago

    do another video of completing this!!! PLEASE!!!


    LOVELY BABY3 months ago

    Play it again please, I have been waiting for it. :(

  51. King Leo

    King Leo3 months ago

    You should make another video if you get nothing wrong

  52. King Leo

    King Leo3 months ago

    Nvrm.. make more videos 💀💀

  53. Sherlyn Ortiz

    Sherlyn Ortiz3 months ago

    Please do more jay 🙏

  54. pls help me

    pls help me3 months ago

    If I get a citation, I’ll just look into camera and end the video. I’m not THAT DUDE if I get a citation. Gets a citation Tell ur friends that jay from the kubz scouts is THAT DUDE Bruh.

  55. MeAmGod

    MeAmGod3 months ago

    DAYUM i missed this game

  56. 「 m a c a r o o nいちごくん」

    「 m a c a r o o nいちごくん」3 months ago

    12:48 be like: Luck: let's just- **slowly guides Jays hand towards 'denied'**

  57. Nina Mariscal

    Nina Mariscal3 months ago

    YES i was just playing this the other day!! nostalgia ;u; also yes pls do a no edit challenge for papers please!!!!!

  58. FBI Myth

    FBI Myth3 months ago

    More paper please

  59. Angel Moon

    Angel Moon3 months ago

    You did go through your promise when you said you were going to stop playing till you got a citation. some random question: would you ever consider playing VR, if so, consider playing face your fears 2

  60. Doggy

    Doggy3 months ago

    12:40 also jay you did it right because his district was wrong. Tsinkeido and Tsunkeido

  61. Giorgi Tkemaladze

    Giorgi Tkemaladze3 months ago

    Jay i have a good game suggestion, it's called "the letter" it really scary and really interesting please play it. at least check it out, it has really good game graphics, voiced and you have to read only little. you play through 7 characters, it's about a girl who finds a latter and it says "help me" in blood. after that a ghost keeps following her and her friends, you choose the fate of the characters and their relationships, they can die and they can date each other, there's a lot of endings please check it out, you can find it in play store, by yang yang mobile. check it out it's really good and worth it, i'll warn you you have to pay 20$? i think, but it really is worth it. plus the first chapter's free so if something you can quit if you don't like it and not waste money

  62. Foxy the pirate Fox

    Foxy the pirate Fox3 months ago

    this man likes his own videos XD

  63. That Dude

    That Dude3 months ago

    Mehr Papiere, Bitte

  64. sweetymel

    sweetymel3 months ago

    Jay plz plz plz continue playing this cuz i love it

  65. Matthew H

    Matthew H3 months ago

    12:42 the game saved you......

  66. Hael Ottman

    Hael Ottman3 months ago

    YOO I USED TO LOVE THIS SERIES. I remember binge watching it in 8th grade. The nosalgia bro

  67. Keira Anne

    Keira Anne3 months ago

    I cannot believe ive been watching for FOUR YEARS!!!!! Your channel has grown so much!

  68. Emily Trevino

    Emily Trevino3 months ago

    Where’s your blue hoodie 👉👈

  69. Jacob Creutzmann

    Jacob Creutzmann3 months ago


  70. LermAsour

    LermAsour3 months ago

    Jay should be a voice Actor

  71. Anna J

    Anna J3 months ago

    Please do a no edit of this game!!.

  72. Kurami Curse

    Kurami Curse3 months ago

    Jay: I'm going to play until I get a citation Nathan Fannshi: I'm about to ruin this whole man's career.

  73. Just Some Bear With Internet Acess

    Just Some Bear With Internet Acess3 months ago

    I got a tip anyone person like anyone who gives you a strip club card will not give you citations

  74. SkarX

    SkarX3 months ago

    Only The real OGs remember Jorji

  75. Tara Farrell

    Tara Farrell3 months ago

    My birthday is on November 24th-

  76. Peter Griffin but Mexican

    Peter Griffin but Mexican3 months ago

    He was so much whiter when he was young 😭

  77. Olivia Rodriguez

    Olivia Rodriguez3 months ago

    Where is persona 5?

  78. Anasakino

    Anasakino3 months ago

    Papers Please no edit

  79. TeamMystic123

    TeamMystic1233 months ago

    I can tell a lot of Jays new subscribers don’t like this game considering it doesn’t have as many likes as the game episode. Just saying...

  80. Cali Williams

    Cali Williams3 months ago

    At 7:55 am I the only one who said thicker than a snicker

  81. Jurawan Tongla

    Jurawan Tongla3 months ago

    haven't gotten excited for a video in so long

  82. kicksSMD

    kicksSMD3 months ago

    only ogs know😔

  83. hari lakshmi

    hari lakshmi3 months ago

    Please do the full series again,... Please?

  84. elle

    elle3 months ago

    this was one of my fav series you did, i'm happy to see you revisit it c:

  85. Nitcha Phonamnuai-suk

    Nitcha Phonamnuai-suk3 months ago

    papers please me:here a drawing of jay

  86. •Liichii •

    •Liichii •3 months ago


  87. Kylie Rochin

    Kylie Rochin3 months ago

    Thank you so much for playing this again! I grew up watching you, since I was 10. You are a part of my culture. Thanks for bringing back the vibes.

  88. We Wooo

    We Wooo3 months ago

    Part 2

  89. Wifelirious

    Wifelirious3 months ago

    Jay: Get the hell out of my country Trump: Look at my Filipino here

  90. Gianni Reece

    Gianni Reece3 months ago


  91. Savannah Sorton

    Savannah Sorton3 months ago

    Knowing that the papers please series was all the way back in 2016 makes me think about how long I’ve been subscribed to Jay💀 It’s been a good 6 years now, wow

  92. xAnthony22 3

    xAnthony22 33 months ago

    The nastolga oh lordy lord childhood

  93. Mr. Understandable, have a great day.

    Mr. Understandable, have a great day.3 months ago


  94. Rie A

    Rie A3 months ago

    Jay should definitely play more of this (just sayin')! 😁

  95. Cameron Jones

    Cameron Jones3 months ago

    I would love to see another playthrough of this game jay🔥🔥

  96. Miss.T Gamer

    Miss.T Gamer3 months ago

    I miss Jay doing all the different character voices and I when you said "glory to Arstotzka" that brought nack some memories

  97. Luz Diago

    Luz Diago3 months ago

    That dude that he accidentally let go of was actually suppose to leave because the city name on the passport had a typo. The passport said Tsinkeido but the city name was actually Tsunkeido.🧠🤓 Big brain headass😂

  98. Boom

    Boom3 months ago

    Jay you actually got it right, The guy's passport is from Tsinkeido while it's actually Tsunkeido. That's why you didn't get citation😂😂😂

  99. sebastian briles

    sebastian briles3 months ago

    i hate how he doesn't use a russian accent while saying "GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA"

  100. Josie Vo

    Josie Vo3 months ago

    FINISH THE ENTIRE GAME PLEASE JAY!!! I’ve been with you since you played back in 2015 and I’m so glad you’re playing it again. Please continue this game through!

  101. WTPuffGaming

    WTPuffGaming3 months ago

    Please play this again