Among Us But This Was My Best Impostor Game (ft Berleezy, CoryXKenshin, LaurenZside, Gloom & More!)

Had SO much fun playing Among us with a good group of people such as Berleezy, Rico The Giant, John Wolfe, CoryxKenshin, Poiised, Gloom, Yub, LaurenzSide & 8bitRyan! The more I play, the better I feel i'm becoming since i'm getting more familiar with the map and I know when to speak up, when to lie & when to just shut up! The impostor
round I had was filled so a lot of kills! Leave a LIKE if you want more!
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Thumbnail by: nero_arts_
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  1. B J

    B J7 hours ago

    Idk why I was so exited jay got imposter 😂

  2. LittleBPR and fox

    LittleBPR and fox12 hours ago

    I am excited for yub

  3. yashichanx

    yashichanx20 hours ago

    The way jay used Danganropa for the body report

  4. Jennice Rodriguez

    Jennice Rodriguez2 days ago

    The Danganronpa sounds though... Jay really got into Danganronpa didn't he?

  5. gaming with emman

    gaming with emman3 days ago

    Play in your phone girla is like you killing but senpai helps you to drag the body

  6. GAMES_

    GAMES_4 days ago


  7. Marites Culaton

    Marites Culaton5 days ago

    jay: the buddy system you feel me? 2 seconds later.. jay: *wat the?*

  8. Makayla Reuploads

    Makayla Reuploads5 days ago

    my favorite USlikesrs are Rico the giant and Berlezzy

  9. Thando Makwatu

    Thando Makwatu6 days ago

    Is it just me or is jay cute

  10. 【《。strawberry sugar。 》】

    【《。strawberry sugar。 》】6 days ago

    The danganronpa references 😩😩😩😩

  11. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia7 days ago

    Can u do more Minecraft videos.

  12. Calliara Takamori

    Calliara Takamori7 days ago

    i liked it and i disliked it just to like it even more. I did it jay

  13. Mercy Win

    Mercy Win8 days ago

    Jay can you play Endless Nightmare game,please🙏?I'm too scared to play😖.Love u❤.

  14. Nagito Dorito

    Nagito Dorito8 days ago

    ding dong bing bong



    Oh sorry i'm jay




  17. Lkhagvaa Chuluunbaatar

    Lkhagvaa Chuluunbaatar9 days ago


  18. Lkhagvaa Chuluunbaatar

    Lkhagvaa Chuluunbaatar9 days ago


  19. TheGalaxyBunny

    TheGalaxyBunny9 days ago

    Jay whenever somebody’s near him: YOOOO WHAT YOU DOING CALM DOWN WITH THAT

  20. Jacob Heinz

    Jacob Heinz9 days ago

    This probably won't be seen but KubSkouts OkaPlays (Yes as in from Yan. Sim Oka) wants you to notice her

  21. Kids Amber Show

    Kids Amber Show11 days ago

    You are duda

  22. Weeb Girl

    Weeb Girl11 days ago

    I think Phoenix Wright is starting to take over jay bc jay do be doin some “OBJECTION!”

  23. Maggie Brooks

    Maggie Brooks12 days ago

    Love this💛💛

  24. SomeWeeb Gal

    SomeWeeb Gal13 days ago

    Cory: Silent Jay: Also silent Cory why you so quiet you sus.

  25. Jaray Ivery

    Jaray Ivery15 days ago

    Why berleezy and you why 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭noooooooooooooooooo....nooooooooooooooooo

  26. Wolf den gaming !

    Wolf den gaming !15 days ago

    Crying inside bc jay is wearing red headphones (If you don’t understand the reference that’s fine)

  27. Sydney Townsend

    Sydney Townsend16 days ago

    You should play danganronpa v3 it’s so good 🙈

  28. William Thang

    William Thang17 days ago


  29. XxrilenxX

    XxrilenxX17 days ago

    Jay I pray you see this but I was watching vines for no reason and then I heard CORYXKENSION IN IT BECAUSE HE SCREAMED FROM A GAME bro I was in tears like it was Hella funny I will spam this until you notice btw

  30. HOKIE

    HOKIE17 days ago


  31. Alena Yang

    Alena Yang17 days ago

    **cory casually walking in security with everybody** **kills white in front of everybody and runs away from body than self reports** my guy though he was SLICK SYUHGH

  32. Faith-Anne McNemar

    Faith-Anne McNemar17 days ago

    You should play cube escape birthday it's a scary game

  33. Kairi Chaparro25

    Kairi Chaparro2517 days ago

    5:35 **flashbacks**

  34. Fricken Person

    Fricken Person17 days ago

    Jay should watch promised never land 😏

  35. i_am_ninjapirate

    i_am_ninjapirate18 days ago

    Love you and gloom dude

  36. Abear

    Abear18 days ago


  37. Betty

    Betty19 days ago

    U know Jay, I named myself as Jay in an among us game with the same things u wear and every one believed me I'm the real Kubz Scouts!!

  38. amelia

    amelia18 days ago

    You're proud of that? Don't impersonate.

  39. Isabella Hammer

    Isabella Hammer19 days ago

    If you go on yonder Ray simulator try this out The box on make a bloody make sure you get cot and then make an excuse anything taking the box off you are bloody

  40. Sghetti25 XD

    Sghetti25 XD19 days ago

    To many buckle ups

  41. Sghetti25 XD

    Sghetti25 XD19 days ago

    I been watching u for 5 years

  42. Midari Ikishima

    Midari Ikishima20 days ago

    *Ace attorney music plays* me: ahhh memories I miss that, the memories staying up late before school a year ago 😔

  43. Marie nancy jean-marie

    Marie nancy jean-marie21 day ago

    Hey Jay look on USlikes dwku and kacchan love pls and what i see it hmmm....😳😳

  44. Dalton Stowe

    Dalton Stowe23 days ago

    can yoυ gιve мe a ѕнoυт oυтpleaѕe. мy cнannel ιѕ ĸιngĸaтyт

  45. Sweet Kisses

    Sweet Kisses23 days ago

    this drama man is up to 100

  46. Ñ ä ė m ø ø ñ ł Ï g h ł

    Ñ ä ė m ø ø ñ ł Ï g h ł24 days ago

    😂 LOL XD

  47. jerome alex

    jerome alex24 days ago

    who noticed the pheonix wright ace attorney cross examination sound in each meeting

  48. laalaaisboring Online UwU

    laalaaisboring Online UwU25 days ago

    7:26 XD

  49. That Boi animate

    That Boi animate25 days ago

    If Cory was about to vote someone out even though he was the inposter why didnt he shouldve did it wile no one was in the area

  50. FROSTY

    FROSTY25 days ago

    Wow I would like to play among us with u

  51. Lazyfaze Tayz

    Lazyfaze Tayz25 days ago

    Why you do Cory like dat lol

  52. Krackyoin Norikracky

    Krackyoin Norikracky26 days ago

    who's just trying to sync their cursor with jay's? I sure as hell don't think I'm the only one doing it..

  53. Heath Suarez

    Heath Suarez27 days ago

    Cory was getting his ACTING on like he PREPARED to yell at the top of his lungs and blame rico lol

  54. Lynn Ackerman

    Lynn Ackerman27 days ago

    cory: whoever reports the body will be first to speak also cory: *continues speaking*

  55. Adrianne Ramos

    Adrianne Ramos28 days ago

    I forgot how to breathe-

  56. Armando Jimenez

    Armando Jimenez28 days ago

    Because I never seen you in a long time John Deere simulators Saint Jason latest

  57. Addison Hunt

    Addison Hunt29 days ago

    Totally not me trying to click the play again button after each game ended

  58. cami c

    cami c29 days ago

    I love your vids p.s YOUR THAT DUDE 😁

  59. Dxrk_ Sxul_

    Dxrk_ Sxul_29 days ago

    Gloom dresses like me in among us 😂

  60. Modesty Hunter

    Modesty HunterMonth ago

    im trying to make the ok hand thing ______--___-_-----_--____--------___-______--___-______--------_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_--_--_-_-_--_---_-_-_-_----_-_----_-_--___------_-----_-_-_- and this is how it game out

  61. Nini Media

    Nini MediaMonth ago

    RIP Henry Stickman Loving friend and child August 27, 2008 -Sep 29, 2020

  62. Barbara Oliveira

    Barbara OliveiraMonth ago

    I wish you and Gloom would collaborate again:((

  63. Despair Mikkī

    Despair MikkīMonth ago

    my sister walked by when u guys wer etalking about killing lmao she walked away fast

  64. Anime girl Aaliyah

    Anime girl AaliyahMonth ago

    My moms close friend/kinda my dad is named Rico too🤭

  65. T H I C C gurl

    T H I C C gurlMonth ago

    Hey jay can you do a yandere simulator cuz u have a good one 1-kill all the teachers 2-wait until is the this lol ⛪ 3-see it if the teachers are still there

  66. The Alexithymia

    The AlexithymiaMonth ago

    Bruh, I feel like this is boring because I just played among us with winning every round up until its up too the other crewmates to figure it out on there own... I feel like this is just... inadequate. Like not good enough/ smart enough for me.

  67. xXKotoko UtsugiXx

    xXKotoko UtsugiXxMonth ago

    Who else realized that in the thumbnail the body was the head and not the legs 🚶‍♂️

  68. Kyuua효

    Kyuua효Month ago

    theres one braincell among us.

  69. Obreezy

    ObreezyMonth ago

    Cory: AYAYAYAYAY hey what was YOUR last task jay😡 Jay: it was the astroids with lauren😏 Cory: Lauren can you confirm that🤨 Lauren: NOPE🤐

  70. 《VĶØØĶĮ3》

    《VĶØØĶĮ3》Month ago

    Fact : If Cory was an Imposter he can't contain himself and started to blame everyone plus he'll scream

  71. Porsha Robinson

    Porsha RobinsonMonth ago


  72. Abod Katan

    Abod KatanMonth ago

    Like in the video if you like nuggets

  73. A R

    A RMonth ago

    5:35 IDK y but it just scared the shit outa me

  74. John Benidict Ugali

    John Benidict UgaliMonth ago


  75. Margaux Tan

    Margaux TanMonth ago

    Jay: Like- me: *likes* Jay: then unlike- me: oh. *unlikes* Jay: then like it again to do it harder! me: PICK ONE JAY

  76. Banana

    BananaMonth ago

    Aka she kinda bad tho 💀💀💀

  77. Ayanna Wesley

    Ayanna WesleyMonth ago

    Cory: kills rico in front of everyone Also Cory: who did that? Gloom yeah let’s get her guys

  78. Hi Oof

    Hi OofMonth ago

    Hey THAT DUDE will you do more minecraft

  79. AlyviaaTuchelle

    AlyviaaTuchelleMonth ago

    Berlin and Rico 🥺💜💜💜

  80. Nyome Coverdale

    Nyome CoverdaleMonth ago

    Dead 🤣🥲Cory shouting it was Rico seconds after we saw him kill

  81. Amy Hyde

    Amy HydeMonth ago

    Man, jay’s Phoenix Write skills be helping lol

  82. Kubz Scouts Fan

    Kubz Scouts FanMonth ago

    I liked it, unliked it and liked it harder.

  83. skull _coffee

    skull _coffeeMonth ago

    Jay what happened to your instagram? Some fan page took it

  84. Peko Pekoyama

    Peko PekoyamaMonth ago

    I SWEAR TO THE LOVE OF BUDDA CHRIST among us is the new secret neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Sophie Hewitt

    Sophie HewittMonth ago

    I leave from the yandere simulator and when i come back like idk a year or what later? hes doin among us and i didnt know. IM ASHAMED OF MYSELF

  86. Abigail Vargas

    Abigail VargasMonth ago

    Sorry I'm late but if you still play yander simulated I have something to tell you if you listen to the tapes about the head master he's talking about the mom of the yander girl (sorry I forgot her name but your playing her)

  87. Gladis Hernandez

    Gladis HernandezMonth ago


  88. Viona Wakonyo Gitonga

    Viona Wakonyo GitongaMonth ago

    i blame laurenz

  89. Itz Alison _gacha

    Itz Alison _gachaMonth ago

    He literally names every award in history. Dammmmmm

  90. b l i s s x f u l l

    b l i s s x f u l lMonth ago


  91. PïñkpüppÿRÊÅŁ

    PïñkpüppÿRÊÅŁMonth ago

    I think we all know the main word, *that dude*

  92. Zebby Zebra

    Zebby ZebraMonth ago

    You don't even know who is the imposter but Jay is a phoenix Boy

  93. wcoco

    wcocoMonth ago

    it's nav

  94. ゴ JUSTIN ゴ

    ゴ JUSTIN ゴMonth ago

    i do

  95. ゴ JUSTIN ゴ

    ゴ JUSTIN ゴMonth ago

    Who watches YuB

  96. Chantelle IsAfricaBound

    Chantelle IsAfricaBoundMonth ago

    Victory ⚔️🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😄🤩🤩😃🤩😃😃😃😄🤩🤩😄🤩😃

  97. Constance McDade Parks

    Constance McDade ParksMonth ago

    i love your video's

  98. Sad chill

    Sad chillMonth ago


  99. Sean Shuck

    Sean ShuckMonth ago

    Please do 60 seconds with everything in the house

  100. The Epic Katz

    The Epic KatzMonth ago


  101. Angel

    AngelMonth ago

    Its hard not to smile during this gameplay with jay