What Are You Doing, Step Sis?! (Free Random Games)

Step Sis acting different when mom and dad leave
More Kubz Scouts Free Random Games:
Game 1: jclipperton.itch.io/mothers-little-helper
Game 2: muelmackenzie.itch.io/stepsister
Game 3: kuckidev.itch.io/a-house-of-thieves
Song is "Where we wanna go" from youtube's free audio library
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  1. Sue Smith

    Sue Smith2 hours ago

    I love your videos Jay also I've never been so scared to watch -this XD anyway have a good day UnU your also my favorite youtuber => yes I'm very weird plz don't judge me

  2. Kayla Keglar

    Kayla Keglar14 hours ago


  3. C.C

    C.C19 hours ago

    The 3rd game isn't even scary its just stealing but Jay my mannn your scaring the shit out of me with those screams😩

  4. JustCallMehManda

    JustCallMehMandaDay ago

    Can we talk about how wrinkled Jay's forehead was in the beginning? 😂

  5. 1B30 YAN YI TING 殷懿廷

    1B30 YAN YI TING 殷懿廷Day ago

    My theory of the first game is like his mother is making soup for his husband and she is having SERIOUSLY BRAIN ISSUES and she is just imagining things and then she is possessed suddenly OzO , that’s my theory

  6. 1B30 YAN YI TING 殷懿廷

    1B30 YAN YI TING 殷懿廷Day ago

    When Jay said 9:32 said Hide, hide, HIDE- HOHAHAHO I totally lost it and giggled XD

  7. Patrick Gardner

    Patrick GardnerDay ago

    Plz watch 2020 USlikes rewind

  8. Katsuki Bakugo

    Katsuki Bakugo2 days ago

    I have my volume at 0 and I can still hear Jay yelling at his step sis.

  9. Lillianna Evans

    Lillianna Evans2 days ago

    Lets go get some school glue and glue your back on

  10. I watch you sleep

    I watch you sleep2 days ago

    Hey Jay!I love your videos! Btw YOU ARE THAT DUDE! :)

  11. Honeqq _

    Honeqq _2 days ago

    how can i got scare with that thieves game than the other 2 first game

  12. Zafina Fox

    Zafina Fox3 days ago

    Dang the sister with the legs face literally can run a lot

  13. Lizzie

    Lizzie3 days ago

    Jay were screaming so I scream

  14. coolgrant10

    coolgrant103 days ago

    when jay didn't see that football at the beginning of 3rd game i got so mad

  15. QueenKitty MeowMeow

    QueenKitty MeowMeow4 days ago

    Has anyone else realized he doesn't say 'guys' as much in his Free Random Games intros anymore

  16. Eunice capuno

    Eunice capuno4 days ago

    "What are you doing step sis?" Ahahaha

  17. LiliexEnid

    LiliexEnid4 days ago

    That stuck on the drier thing ... I know what u mean🤣🤦🏻‍♀️😳it’s disgusting

  18. tσXiclE爪σŇ

    tσXiclE爪σŇ4 days ago

    the ending... lmao

  19. Rosa Medina

    Rosa Medina5 days ago

    2:28that gave me the chills

  20. Milė Bieliūnaitė

    Milė Bieliūnaitė6 days ago

    Can you play ''Evil Nun'' 2 they released a second game!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. A girl that cried over Joe Tazuna

    A girl that cried over Joe Tazuna6 days ago

    9:05 That scared the shit out of me PLEASE😭😭✋🏻

  22. Rose naime

    Rose naime6 days ago

    Jay is one of the few people i let scream in my ear

  23. Tristan Redmon

    Tristan Redmon6 days ago

    It's only in a poodle and a phone

  24. Tristan Redmon

    Tristan Redmon6 days ago

    Play Roblox

  25. SSugarr

    SSugarr6 days ago

    10:38 Was Jay's best moment 2021

  26. SSugarr

    SSugarr6 days ago

    9:32 He said what he said HAHA

  27. Shafiqah Ikah

    Shafiqah Ikah6 days ago

    He do be screaming and making me deaf tho..

  28. Alijan Ahmadi

    Alijan Ahmadi7 days ago

    Jesus christs that scream scared me more then the nun sound ohh dear God

  29. Alijan Ahmadi

    Alijan Ahmadi7 days ago

    9:05 omg

  30. Luciano Hernandez

    Luciano Hernandez7 days ago


  31. Luciano Hernandez

    Luciano Hernandez7 days ago

    I thought this would be some washer shot

  32. Spy Guy

    Spy Guy7 days ago

    9:05 *Best tom scream of 2021*

  33. Shade Bloodrose

    Shade Bloodrose7 days ago

    Jay is more scared of being caught in the guys house than the guy is scared of a thief strapping his stuff

  34. Sovii_

    Sovii_7 days ago

    Her mother tho-

  35. Ashura Otsutsuki

    Ashura Otsutsuki8 days ago

    When he said get ready and buckle up I literally went up to my dad‘s car and buckled up🤣

  36. Clementine

    Clementine8 days ago

    Jay your hair my guy-

  37. Beverly Kell

    Beverly Kell8 days ago

    That third game ... dude misspelled his list ... dude be out stealing food ... conclusion: dude is a starving bum lol

  38. KSper

    KSper8 days ago

    does anybody ever notice when he says buckle up he gets soo redd

  39. Mocha Weeb

    Mocha Weeb9 days ago

    My mans really called a coffee pot a “Cofé pot”

  40. ღBellaCupcakezღ

    ღBellaCupcakezღ9 days ago

    2:28 😂

  41. Kezia_ UwU

    Kezia_ UwU9 days ago

    9:04 That scream tho, yo 😂😂😂 I'm gonna adapt that scream one day

  42. Meiela Espinoaa

    Meiela Espinoaa9 days ago

    This was great I loved this episode of random games

  43. Jen-N-Juiice

    Jen-N-Juiice9 days ago

    Dude breaking and jumping windows out to chase Jay must be a cousin of Hello Neighbor or something. 💯 Lol 😂 Also, look @11:32 for a big ol' Jay smile!!!! 😁

  44. youraverageaddisonPuke

    youraverageaddisonPuke9 days ago

    5:12 I do my lil dance dance dance

  45. Winnie the Pooh겨울 T

    Winnie the Pooh겨울 T9 days ago

    * Jay girly man screaming * Neighbors kids: mommy why is that man screaming? Mom: Erggghhh....nothing kids, put your headphones on.

  46. Zoe Conley

    Zoe Conley9 days ago

    2:28 AHHAHAHH

  47. Jopans

    Jopans9 days ago

    Am I the only 1 who saw Jay's outro after the other-

  48. Ahmique Lewis

    Ahmique Lewis9 days ago


  49. Cringe Muffin

    Cringe Muffin9 days ago

    What The HeCk! Jay was about to say that dude but a fRiCking Ad INTERRUPTED JAY!😤😤😤😡

  50. kate law

    kate law10 days ago

    Jay screaming scares me so bad dude 😭

  51. картошка

    картошка10 days ago

    я первый русский

  52. Katsuki Bakugo

    Katsuki Bakugo10 days ago

    does king jay respond?? i've been watching his videos for years now

  53. Aiden Frias

    Aiden Frias10 days ago

    At the first game he played when he screamed I jumped

  54. Keith Rosacay

    Keith Rosacay10 days ago

    The second game reminds me of the meme where a blue shirt kid runs away from a yellow shirt girl

  55. Zoey Bustos

    Zoey Bustos10 days ago

    Elephant step sis:wHaT aRe yOu DoInG sTeP bRo!!!! Jay:AhahAhHaHahahHahHHAAH

  56. Clover

    Clover10 days ago

    What are you doing, step bro?!

  57. Venus Tv

    Venus Tv10 days ago

    The comment under me 🙂

  58. Quinnlyn’s ASMR Studio

    Quinnlyn’s ASMR Studio10 days ago

    Yo Jay I downloaded this game chapters and I named myself Nigelpisswaterhass a wap I’m literally laughing so hard it’s so funny

  59. Kyanite14

    Kyanite1411 days ago

    Jay didn’t even check what the last ingredient was

  60. The Three Muskateens

    The Three Muskateens11 days ago

    When jays scream scares you more than the actual jumpscare

  61. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair11 days ago

    9:05 lol Jumpscare

  62. mcy_tae

    mcy_tae11 days ago

    0:58 Factsss.

  63. Xx_Its_Cherry_xX

    Xx_Its_Cherry_xX11 days ago

    Lmao thanks for the random thing at the end😂✨

  64. Mr Zappy

    Mr Zappy11 days ago

    Free random SCARY games is the new name lol

  65. doodle guy

    doodle guy11 days ago

    off topic but jay with that slick cut nice

  66. J'aria ?17¿

    J'aria ?17¿11 days ago

    Okay... :v maybe this is really out of topic😀👌 But S E R I O U S L Y- in 0:16 3:36 6:01 ... I hear NCT U - BOSS intro👁️👄👁️👉👈 (my nctzen heartu💚 litteraly just jump-and I scream fr🙂🔫)

  67. Friendly avocado

    Friendly avocado11 days ago

    Woow jay...like not joke I have not seen you with your hair like that

  68. Purple Raccoon

    Purple Raccoon11 days ago


  69. alastor

    alastor11 days ago

    Ah yes jays scream is pure entertainment

  70. Gxcha_ Iced Coffee

    Gxcha_ Iced Coffee11 days ago

    Hey Jay, I see little gray in that douchebag haircut

  71. draalien

    draalien11 days ago

    I really thought I replayed the video but it was just a failed intro 😭

  72. bluemoon Vids

    bluemoon Vids11 days ago

    Why are my notifications so broken I receive this 3 days after you’ve uploaded 😔

  73. Melissa Smith

    Melissa Smith11 days ago

    Someone give Jay a voice acting job now lol

  74. Tristan Buchanan

    Tristan Buchanan11 days ago

    My mom looked at the title and was like 🧐

  75. Tristan Buchanan

    Tristan Buchanan11 days ago

    My mom looked at the title and was like 🧐

  76. merien art make up and all

    merien art make up and all12 days ago

    This is a question for the game of yandere simulator so when you murder someone or the k i l l someone takes a picture and you do the same thing the k i l l will someone find the two you know bodies and find the picture and arrest you or will they not arrest you

  77. ⟭⟬yoongi_isthedae_tomychwita⟭⟬

    ⟭⟬yoongi_isthedae_tomychwita⟭⟬12 days ago

    Jay: shes doing some type of dance the elephant lady: dO tHe sTanKy LeG, Do ThE sTanKy leG

  78. Serenity Dugar

    Serenity Dugar12 days ago

    being chased irl? nah, video game

  79. Austin Hewitt

    Austin Hewitt12 days ago

    I haven’t watched you in 3 years

  80. b r u h

    b r u h12 days ago


  81. Galaxy Eyes

    Galaxy Eyes12 days ago

    Jay: she gonna pop outta the dark i just know it not even 5 seconds later she popped outta the dark just like Jay said at 5:27

  82. XxQueen_ Rose957xX

    XxQueen_ Rose957xX12 days ago

    Jay's shenanigans makes me laugh 😂

  83. vamp

    vamp12 days ago

    he changed the intro

  84. Xx s t a r l i g h t Xx

    Xx s t a r l i g h t Xx12 days ago

    What is up with the tumbnail

  85. JENNIE!3

    JENNIE!312 days ago

    “Why am I taking brown baIIs to the face?” -jay

  86. Katie Doucet

    Katie Doucet12 days ago

    Forever my favorite sereies on this channel and USlikes

  87. zeefeer

    zeefeer12 days ago

    2:45 that "mom?!" was so genuine

  88. Madison Nichols

    Madison Nichols12 days ago


  89. Larssonお兄ちゃん

    Larssonお兄ちゃん12 days ago

    damn jays hair be lookin good ✨ ✨

  90. Tokyo Thompsom

    Tokyo Thompsom12 days ago

    Jay is the reason I’m afraid of anything running at me or near me☠️

  91. Nadia Afiqah

    Nadia Afiqah12 days ago

    6:19 Where can I get myself some Diamond hand soap?

  92. angelovly1

    angelovly112 days ago

    He is my 1st fav youtuber for so many reasons🥰

  93. Kotoko Kookie

    Kotoko Kookie12 days ago

    i’m lowkey vibing with this new intro music

  94. Chezca potpot

    Chezca potpot12 days ago

    Me who knows shotaxbigstepsis thing in nh*ntai: 😼

  95. •wild bear•

    •wild bear•12 days ago

    Jay you always make my day much better ❤️

  96. Nero

    Nero12 days ago

    Oh jeezus

  97. Nakiaha Brown

    Nakiaha Brown12 days ago

    Nobody: Jay: wait a second wait a second wait a hold on 😂😂

  98. EllipticBreeze

    EllipticBreeze12 days ago

    9:02 when jay realises he didn’t click to open the door

  99. London Antanios

    London Antanios12 days ago

    In the first game the dad was abusing them and the mom had enough so she killed him so her and the kid could be happy

  100. Hope Bagel

    Hope Bagel12 days ago

    Jay, I just wanted to say that you save me from a breakdown everytime. We love you so much and you are really THAT DUDE. Hope you are doing well and be sure to take a break one in a while 💕

  101. c h i l d

    c h i l d12 days ago

    Ohhhh I get it *step*-sister