It's the 4th class trial in Danganronpa and the killer quickly confessed to the crime..but why is it hard to believe & why would they confess in the first place?! 50K Likes and i'll upload the next episode ASAP!
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  1. Cadence _

    Cadence _23 hours ago

    I really like this playthrough.

  2. no name yet :P

    no name yet :P2 days ago

    Last episode doesent appear for me 😔 but atleast i still have some more episodes to watch :'D

  3. Maddie Tannie

    Maddie Tannie3 days ago

    Oh shit... V3 spoilers I realized that V3 utilizes a locker room murder

  4. Kittyco animated

    Kittyco animated4 days ago

    Me: kyoko holds this group together. I hope she doesnt die. Danganronpa fans: Haha... Idk if she dies but I thought of that

  5. Wolfie Edits

    Wolfie Edits5 days ago

    Y'all this is like watching a live of among us there's always the smarts ones the imposter and the third imposter

  6. WaterSoldier09 9

    WaterSoldier09 97 days ago

    W8 what happened to sakura? Did I skip a episode?

  7. Midaris Revolver

    Midaris Revolver4 days ago

    did you find it ? if not I know this is late because i am watching this because danganronpa2 hasn't been uploaded yet but it mightve got taken down , but he put it back ! its thelast episode in the playlist

  8. Just Some Trap With A Mustache

    Just Some Trap With A Mustache9 days ago


  9. RealMelodyHope

    RealMelodyHope11 days ago

    Hey, I think Episode 11 is gone...

  10. Elaine Yu

    Elaine Yu11 days ago

    18:17 Jay: "I definitely can't fit in this room with him, his ego is way too big"

  11. Ms. Gamer

    Ms. Gamer12 days ago

    Petition to raid Adopt Me and spam it with komahina people who joined:

  12. Lynn Claywood

    Lynn Claywood12 days ago

    I haven't finished the video yet, I'm about to watch the class trial... but my theory is that Hana did it, and Sakura let her. Even helped try to frame the others so that Hana would graduate. This would also explain why Hana was especially quick to jump to conclusions, and could connect to a few other clues. Anyway, Monokuma says that thing about emoticons changing the whole meaning of a statement. How smileys can turn a negative statement positive, and vice versa for frowns. Sakura was smiling. Is this foreshadowing?

  13. Luka Lilane

    Luka Lilane13 days ago

    Bro can yiu get out of Makoto's grill.

  14. Leila Wilson

    Leila Wilson16 days ago

    pocket trash hasbeen added to the TAKA TAKA TAKA TAKA...

  15. PinkStarkr

    PinkStarkr17 days ago

    DInG dOnG BinG boNG BAby!

  16. owo team & uwu team

    owo team & uwu team21 day ago

    well rip ai

  17. NoSleep

    NoSleep21 day ago

    Also tbh i feel like it was a suicide that she wanted to pin on Toko cuz she hurt Hina ( ತ_ʖತ )

  18. NoSleep

    NoSleep21 day ago

    I know people are getting murdered but am i the only one jamming out to the music

  19. Iris Canbaz

    Iris Canbaz25 days ago


  20. MissOtaku

    MissOtakuMonth ago

    You know how many times I stress thinking the dead body/murderer is gonna be Kyoko?

  21. NoSleep

    NoSleep21 day ago

    I know.. i stress everytime TwT

  22. MissOtaku

    MissOtakuMonth ago

    Killer: *Confeses* Everyone: *wait. that's illegal*

  23. Abigail Hornsby

    Abigail HornsbyMonth ago

    Jay: they where not playing chess they where playing checkers Me: uhhh that’s Othello but yea checkers, wow.....

  24. _Kyle _uwu_

    _Kyle _uwu_Month ago

    I only watched the anime, ig I just totally forgot Hiro did it 😿😿😿

  25. I'AM Naturals

    I'AM NaturalsMonth ago


  26. starlight

    starlightMonth ago

    1:17 hell yeah Zero Escape reference

  27. Mrs. Jackson

    Mrs. JacksonMonth ago

    I'd call it the gun of truth UwU

  28. rylee guinacaran

    rylee guinacaranMonth ago

    9:47 jay sounds like von stroheim at this part

  29. Jelle

    JelleMonth ago

    That ain't chess, that's othello

  30. sea slug

    sea slugMonth ago


  31. sea slug

    sea slug21 day ago


  32. NoSleep

    NoSleep21 day ago

    Spoiler(?) >:(

  33. sea slug

    sea slugMonth ago

    Nvm :p

  34. kendra balogova

    kendra balogovaMonth ago

    Go to yander simulator and try to make one of the boys that Cocona likes and make the boys have a low thing and see if cocona likes them still

  35. It’z Trashie

    It’z TrashieMonth ago

    I love how Jay says: *”And her big juicy mUsCLeS”*

  36. piss in a cup

    piss in a cupMonth ago


  37. Toko Fukawa

    Toko FukawaMonth ago

    41:00 is Jay putting lip balm?

  38. Alice Kelly

    Alice KellyMonth ago

    school bell: *rings* british accent jay: DING DONG BING BONG BAY-BE

  39. Gaming Tacocat

    Gaming TacocatMonth ago

    This is the bottem and top piece of a bottle so this must be a bottle

  40. Cailyn Glover

    Cailyn GloverMonth ago

    Correct that Kyoko and Byakuya are the primary antagonists

  41. Jiggly Jellyfish

    Jiggly JellyfishMonth ago


  42. Awesome Human

    Awesome HumanMonth ago

    Man I love the four Eyed guy. He's awesome. He gets a bit cocky and high of himself but still

  43. nicholasluigi GB

    nicholasluigi GBMonth ago

    Killer: Confesses Jay: Hold up, wait a minute, something ain’t right!

  44. Double Sided

    Double SidedMonth ago

    44:33 nothing special just saving my time incase this is closed out

  45. brass

    brassMonth ago

    "it was obviously written using a finger, but..." "SAKURA CANT READ!"

  46. •Confused_ Artist•

    •Confused_ Artist•Month ago

    Ok I’m at 5:09 and I wanna say my theory on who it is before hand- I think it’s Aoi because 1- she’s the one who first found Sakura 2- she doesn’t want hiro, (and the other 2 people who I can’t spell the name of) To look at Sakuras body which is 3 less people to investigate 3- she gave Sakura candy but she could’ve easily poisoned it Edit- hiro is sus now. 👀👀

  47. Cygnus Mutai

    Cygnus MutaiMonth ago

    I love how the DR team made the blood pink.. *M O N I T I S A T I O N*

  48. WOLFGAMER312

    WOLFGAMER312Month ago

    AHHH GODDAMNIT! I clicked the wrong video and now I know that someone is dead because Jay said it in the first ten seconds!

  49. Toxic Pennywise

    Toxic PennywiseMonth ago

    I’m at 5:00 rn and I have a theory 🤔🤔Maybe Hina poisoned the candies? She gave one to Sakura and Jay even said she could’ve been poisoned! Idk why she would do it but she even said she didn’t want anyone else to eat them. Maybe she was mad at Sakura for lying to her??

  50. LiamDiamond

    LiamDiamondMonth ago

    How come every USlikes forgets about the focus?

  51. NoSleep

    NoSleep21 day ago

    Idk they be impatient

  52. link pink

    link pinkMonth ago

    Because Sakura can't read

  53. NoSleep

    NoSleep21 day ago

    I swear i laughed so hard

  54. Monet Thongchanh

    Monet ThongchanhMonth ago

    spoiler but ok so like I just realized something. Hiro's prediction was correct. Sakura committed suicide, alter ego was executed, and if I'm remembering correctly everyone else survives.

  55. Daniela Delano

    Daniela DelanoMonth ago


  56. Too Bin

    Too BinMonth ago

    Somebody has to hire Jay as a voice actor in a anime or game

  57. Cute Cat GirlCZ

    Cute Cat GirlCZMonth ago

    32:37 Makoto: She was stronger than anyone i know Mondo: Am i a joke to you?

  58. RandomKidThatAnimates

    RandomKidThatAnimatesMonth ago

    6:22 I'm wheezing--

  59. RobloxMasrer Outerspace

    RobloxMasrer OuterspaceMonth ago


  60. Nefeteria Douglas

    Nefeteria DouglasMonth ago

    jay: im not saying truth bullets any more also jay: 24:52

  61. VenomBeetle Rowl

    VenomBeetle RowlMonth ago

    3:47 Hmm, Yes, The floor is made out of floor

  62. Davj

    DavjMonth ago

    Hina is the only hot girl there

  63. NoSleep

    NoSleep21 day ago

    **Coughs in Kyoko Is best girl**

  64. Davj

    DavjMonth ago

    Not a fan of the anime style of game but I like the concept

  65. kyle

    kyleMonth ago

    wait dude Sakura was so nice :((( im sad she died

  66. ihaveatot

    ihaveatotMonth ago

    34:49 then what would be the point of a class trial?

  67. NotEileen

    NotEileenMonth ago

    31:30 That’s legit me because I love smiley faces since it can be used from positive stuff to pure sarcasm-

  68. NotEileen

    NotEileenMonth ago

    25:57 I BELIEVE IN MY GIRL, SOME FRICKER IS FRAMING TOKO AND I’M ABOUT TO SLAP THAT PERSON- (Unless it’s Sakura herself. Then. Uh. Yeah. I’m gonna die before I do.)

  69. NotEileen

    NotEileenMonth ago

    I finished watching the episode, I... I STILL BELIEVE HER BECAUSE- like, seriously, Toko wouldn’t do it and Jill isn’t that type of serial killer(if that even makes sense)

  70. NotEileen

    NotEileen2 months ago

    Trigger warning for *VERY VERY* messed up and offensive stuff because some people reading might have actually suffered through this and I don’t want them to...You know. To be honest, the logic of “don’t go to the comment section if you don’t want to be spoiled because you should know it’s everywhere so it’s your fault if you get spoiled” is the same as “don’t go outside at night if you don’t want to be r****, you should know bad people are everywhere so it’s your fault if you get r****” This only applies to people who DID NOT put a warning and said this. Because if they DID put a warning and you clicked because you weren’t able to resist, bruh. That IS your fault. It’s like agreeing to it and afterwards say it’s all the other person’s fault because iT’s nOt LiKe yOu aGrEeD oR aNyThiNg.

  71. NotEileen

    NotEileen2 months ago

    15:31 Jay: Well can she like...Smell this pepper that I have in my hand real quick? Me, a complete and utter Toko stan: *DYING OF LAUGHTER*

  72. Catalina Pedraza

    Catalina Pedraza2 months ago

    I'm sorry jay, jut if can't guess what the difference in those bottles were, again, love and respect you man, BUT PLAY SOME CHESS OF SOMETHING.

  73. Wagner Simon

    Wagner Simon2 months ago

    25:40 Glitch?

  74. chickennoodle 4308

    chickennoodle 43082 months ago


  75. chickennoodle 4308

    chickennoodle 43082 months ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else not like kyoko???

  76. _ c l a r a _

    _ c l a r a _2 months ago


  77. void

    void2 months ago

    "why the sudden hostility" says the serial killer with a split personality

  78. Dorito Clara

    Dorito Clara2 months ago

    Why do a lot of them die from a blow to the head lol

  79. Cyber Echo

    Cyber Echo2 months ago

    Honestly, how is Hiro still alive?

  80. NoSleep

    NoSleep21 day ago

    Tbh how is Makoto still alive

  81. Capt'n Cassie

    Capt'n Cassie2 months ago


  82. anna needs help

    anna needs help2 months ago


  83. mari 6661

    mari 66612 months ago

    Hiro calling Sakura Ogre is the shittiest thing and i still hate him for it

  84. FlameTheFaithful

    FlameTheFaithful2 months ago

    22:20 Ah yes... section A, B and 3... hmmmm

  85. Noon_Sunflower

    Noon_Sunflower2 months ago

    *SPOILERSSSS SO DONT COMPLAIN IN THE REPLIES* Ok so everyone who doesn’t know left? Ok. Here we go. Sakura is now the best person because she sacrificed herself for them🥺

  86. hugh janus

    hugh janus2 months ago

    Upload the next oneeeee 😩😩😩😩

  87. aesthetic rxse

    aesthetic rxse2 months ago

    Anyone notice how Aoi’s ponytail changes when she is in different moods?

  88. NoSleep

    NoSleep21 day ago

    It does?

  89. Sheila Gunter

    Sheila Gunter2 months ago

    nobody not even ghosts Monokuma: *You're at an picnic and you find an dead body* XD

  90. SaLoNi

    SaLoNi2 months ago

    "she was like "that's true :D oh wait sakura's still dead :("" lmfao im done with jay roasting aoi ahahahahaha

  91. tej boyal

    tej boyal2 months ago

    here are 3 good youtubers i recemend 1.kubzs scouts duuuhh 2.lazarbeam [does A TON OF MEMES fortnite occasionally mincraft somtimes roblox and mainly fortnite oh iforgot fall guys lol] 3.lachlan [he also does fortnite sometimes fall guys used to do minecraft[

  92. tej boyal

    tej boyal2 months ago

    in nearly all video games footsteps are hella loud or just normal loud

  93. tej boyal

    tej boyal2 months ago


  94. Kammi38

    Kammi382 months ago


  95. Teruukin

    Teruukin2 months ago

    fun fact: hina shares a voice actor with morgana from persona 5! i can't unhear it.......

  96. A Nobody

    A Nobody2 months ago

    6:22 YaH for her big juicy muscles

  97. Ticcy Rock

    Ticcy Rock2 months ago

  98. Ianeatscake

    Ianeatscake2 months ago

    Dude I've been watching this playlist the whole day and haven't stopped I'm so close to the ENDING!!!!

  99. SploonCraft

    SploonCraft2 months ago


  100. Anna Chang

    Anna Chang2 months ago

    33:15 XD lol

  101. Touka kirishima

    Touka kirishima2 months ago


  102. Mari O

    Mari O2 months ago

    spoiler 31:54 *sad seesaw kiyo noises*

  103. Emma the demon

    Emma the demon2 months ago

    Its obviously suicide bruh or she accidentally put the poison powder in her protein coffee

  104. Person

    Person2 months ago

    Spoilers? Idk, depends on how you look at it. Geez I keep forgetting Makoto’s name and I keep calling him Nagito

  105. X of Reality

    X of Reality2 months ago

    < (°~°) >

  106. GhostNeko 05

    GhostNeko 052 months ago

    I hope jay gets the next trial right to get to the good ending. Save Kyoko jay!! Like if you agree. I wanna see jay find out what’s really happening in the school.

  107. Eville

    Eville2 months ago

    39:56 winkitty wonk

  108. kokichinu —

    kokichinu —2 months ago

    I'm only 17 minutes in and I already know who it is

  109. gore enthusiast

    gore enthusiast2 months ago

    I love how quickly Yasuhiro gave in lmaooo, he said "yeah i tried, im not smart enough for this. kill me quickly please!"

  110. GloryTheGlorious And AshleyTheAwesome

    GloryTheGlorious And AshleyTheAwesome2 months ago

    Spoiler warning! The fact that this episode is titled “the killer already confessed” is ironic considering that in this trial three different people confess to the murder and none of them are the actual killer. Trial 4 is truly something, isn’t it?

  111. B L U E

    B L U E2 months ago

    Wait jay give the hit 50 thousand a long time ago

  112. Ice falls, Snow storms

    Ice falls, Snow storms2 months ago

    Ooo 50K likes yess