I Was In The Mood To Roast & Block Unfunny Submissions | Try Not To Laugh (Fan Submissions)

If I Don't laugh, You Get Blocked...the rules are simple and the submissions are....well...can you make me laugh? Try here:
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  1. Alphiome Gezy Lopez

    Alphiome Gezy LopezDay ago

    The title must be Jay laughing Hes Ass Off Compilation

  2. A Random Wolfman From Darkwood

    A Random Wolfman From DarkwoodDay ago

    1:16 That jellyfish do be freaky doe.

  3. Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl

    Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl8 days ago

    4:59 LOL 😂

  4. girl

    girl8 days ago

    Nobody: Jay: doesnt laugh at submission Also jay: scrolls 1 inch and starts laughing at caillou

  5. Cheese Productions

    Cheese Productions10 days ago

    I pour my milk to the point that it looks ok

  6. Leleponpon

    Leleponpon15 days ago

    When you submit some you took hours finding but the comments make jay laugh:👁👄👁

  7. Phantom Wolfy

    Phantom Wolfy15 days ago

    7:53 when there are still chunks in your mashed potatoes 8:20 when the spider falls on you

  8. Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl

    Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl16 days ago

    4:36 My mom just walked in and she was like "WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO?" 😧

  9. Turbo Diamond

    Turbo Diamond17 days ago


  10. Zander Bunnell

    Zander Bunnell18 days ago


  11. Brandyn De la paz

    Brandyn De la paz19 days ago

    What is your insta because it showed a person that is not you


    LZ VIDEOS20 days ago

    Love your try not to laugh it always makes my day love your videos and try not to laugh

  13. Jordan Monroe

    Jordan Monroe20 days ago

    Jay your dog is so cute

  14. Rene Sorto Granados

    Rene Sorto Granados20 days ago

    me:watching random kubz scout video jay:laughing hard like a tomato 🍅

  15. Friday Night Funkin: Week 2

    Friday Night Funkin: Week 223 days ago

    i like my cereal when its moist to the point where u can actually eat it and taste some of the cereal and the milk, not to the point where it overpowers edit: the submissions are doo doo, but some got me

  16. Jacob Alcala

    Jacob Alcala24 days ago

    2:01 had me crying lol

  17. ladyviking22

    ladyviking2225 days ago

    7:26 XDDD I DIED

  18. Juto The Saiyan

    Juto The Saiyan25 days ago

    8:56 Was funny

  19. Broken_ Hooman U-U

    Broken_ Hooman U-U25 days ago

    5:34 ngl I choked on my water from that one LMAO 😂

  20. Mykal Boyce

    Mykal Boyce26 days ago

    6:50 i understand she be doing some "requests" to get those a's

  21. NetPinky

    NetPinky27 days ago

    dat kick doe

  22. TheGalaxyBunny

    TheGalaxyBunny28 days ago

    Personally, I like when there’s more milk so I can either give some to my cats, or to drink.

  23. Sad_girl :l

    Sad_girl :l28 days ago

    6:39 it was so unfunny that he started talking about his cereal 😂







  26. Mel Bienert

    Mel BienertMonth ago

    Honestly if Jay followed me that would be the best day of my life

  27. Hương Candy

    Hương CandyMonth ago

    Love whenever you laugh, you become a tomato 🤣

  28. R e t r o _ W a v y y

    R e t r o _ W a v y yMonth ago

    Jay sittin over here red as his headphones

  29. Jefferson Galicia rivas

    Jefferson Galicia rivasMonth ago

    Watching videos: Jay eating and talking about cereal

  30. culture

    cultureMonth ago

    The fact that the comment made Jay laugh than the video 💀

  31. Corin L

    Corin LMonth ago

    Please stop doing this. You know people can unsubscribe from you if you block them. I MEAN COME ON WHY ARE YOU BLOCKING FANS?!?! That isn't right.

  32. Derpix

    DerpixMonth ago

    2:05 i cant-

  33. Malaya And Mira

    Malaya And MiraMonth ago

    Y’all remember that spongebob episode

  34. Malaya And Mira

    Malaya And MiraMonth ago

    How can just a photo no caption make us laugh

  35. Malaya And Mira

    Malaya And MiraMonth ago

    I had a whole emotional breakdown cause my dad told me to let my little cousin in my room and she don’t listen I’m crying then my bestfriend got me laughing and I’m mad cause he made me let her in my room so I went to the living room

  36. Pine Tree Forest

    Pine Tree ForestMonth ago

    I am from new york and that is not how it is said

  37. Warden Wrath

    Warden WrathMonth ago

    I am not the villain of this story. I do what I do because there is no choice

  38. Atharv

    AtharvMonth ago

    ppl say "laughing is the best drug" i see it now when jay calls jesus while wearing his headphones 4:19

  39. Matthew Aven

    Matthew AvenMonth ago

    I love that at the 6:37 video, he gave zero fucks and just talked about his cereal. LMFAO.

  40. Kjeana Forde

    Kjeana FordeMonth ago

    I love how Jay just randomly and wholesomely just starts talking about cereal 🥣. 😇

  41. Cowardly

    CowardlyMonth ago

    dislikes are from people who got blocked

  42. Betsy Quacktierrez

    Betsy QuacktierrezMonth ago

    7:33 *The girl’s breath smells so disgusting it made the picture under the post wrinkled in disgust.*

  43. person xie

    person xieMonth ago

    I absolutely hate that one guy with the distorted voice reacting to memes

  44. Manzanita

    ManzanitaMonth ago

    He talkin on the phone with his headphones

  45. •*JUST SAYORI*•

    •*JUST SAYORI*•Month ago


  46. Oxyduh

    OxyduhMonth ago

    1:56 - 2:07 Whats The Video

  47. mack hill

    mack hillMonth ago

    Who think his dog and the one in the video look the same

  48. Alexa _UwU official

    Alexa _UwU officialMonth ago

    7:36 🕺🕺🕺⚰️🕺🕺🕺

  49. Alexa _UwU official

    Alexa _UwU officialMonth ago


  50. theweirdblonde

    theweirdblondeMonth ago

    7:35 they go together so well i cant

  51. ERR0R SITE

    ERR0R SITEMonth ago

    I really can't wait for your next don't laugh vid because I have a good one😁

  52. Olivia Moore2

    Olivia Moore2Month ago

    7:36 I literally peed myself cause of the I wonder how her breath smells

  53. Alexa _UwU official

    Alexa _UwU officialMonth ago

    Omg same-

  54. Ally Gator

    Ally GatorMonth ago

    soggy cereal: 🤮🤢😷 cereal is dope tho

  55. 4k_Jxrdan n

    4k_Jxrdan nMonth ago

    7:50 no joke i've been laughing at this picture for 20 minutes now

  56. [] ʟ ᴇ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ []

    [] ʟ ᴇ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ []Month ago

    “I wonder how her breathe smells like bro” Caillou: *chokes on air*


    KAZI SANYMonth ago

    7:33 cailou smelld her breath

  58. 2020 we living the pleb life

    2020 we living the pleb life2 months ago

    i think i just lost my sence of houmer

  59. Christine

    Christine2 months ago


  60. Kendal Holland

    Kendal Holland2 months ago

    His commentary made me laugh harder

  61. Mirage

    Mirage2 months ago

    Mostly throughout this video is just jay toasting the shit out of people

  62. julian lujan

    julian lujan2 months ago

    can some one tell me what type of dog does jay have

  63. GachaTheory

    GachaTheory2 months ago

    If jay don’t laugh I don’t laugh. If jay laughs I laugh.

  64. london ross

    london ross2 months ago

    idk if m mom will let me get twitter because but she let em have insta but she didnt say anything about twitter so but i want to

  65. Ken Mylie

    Ken Mylie2 months ago

    6:12 Omg jay...... you haven't finished the whole thiiIIINGGG THERE'S A SURPRISE THERE

  66. zorigoo m

    zorigoo m2 months ago

    yooo that roo guy tho hhha

  67. Cua Le

    Cua Le2 months ago


  68. Abigail Anderberg

    Abigail Anderberg2 months ago

    Parent's don't understand that during coronavirus, technology is the new way to communicate, but they always say that kids have to play with toys, unless we will communicate with other people. If you want us to communicate, then give us our devices back, please and thank you :)

  69. Nicholas Abbott

    Nicholas Abbott2 months ago

    Omg the one with the C4-...

  70. Luazanne Van Wyk

    Luazanne Van Wyk2 months ago

    WTF stop eating cornflakes really

  71. HazbinJoy

    HazbinJoy2 months ago

    9:47 just use a screen recorder OOF

  72. Abhinav Thevan

    Abhinav Thevan2 months ago

    How bout making a series "try not to cry"

  73. Calvin Lewis

    Calvin Lewis2 months ago


  74. Saosko

    Saosko2 months ago


  75. David Salas

    David Salas2 months ago

    1:37 WHY YOU BULLY ME if you want to see what I mean go to 1:37 AND YOU'LL SEE WHY

  76. Dina Klemencsics

    Dina Klemencsics2 months ago


  77. Saosko

    Saosko2 months ago

    💀 🍅

  78. Lauren Foster

    Lauren Foster2 months ago

    im watching this at 4 am man, i cant be laughin like dis

  79. Kakashi Kogane

    Kakashi Kogane2 months ago

    I laughed so hard at 5:52 I honestly feel bad I laughed at it cuz Jay didn’t😞

  80. Fem!NekoInk Or, Fem!izukuMidoriya

    Fem!NekoInk Or, Fem!izukuMidoriya2 months ago

    Me: hasn't been on the channel for months Jay: *Has beard* Me: WAT

  81. Biggboo2789

    Biggboo27892 months ago

    cory laugh at the nay nay one to

  82. luis hernandez

    luis hernandez2 months ago

    world of dance

  83. •_Rhion_•

    •_Rhion_•2 months ago

    Jay : eww bro i wonder how her breath smell Not even a sec later Jay didn't know what is waiting for him the baby went ;> XD

  84. Eros' Nests

    Eros' Nests3 months ago

    Jay pls watch markipliers try not to laugh pls try that

  85. Tamara Baker

    Tamara Baker3 months ago

    jay y

  86. XR Spiralz

    XR Spiralz3 months ago

    Jay please make more of there videos

  87. Project Alice

    Project Alice3 months ago

    His laugh is so CUUUUUUTE🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤭🤭🤭

  88. Jaki_ 1124

    Jaki_ 11243 months ago

    this is the first time i ever felt alive 7:36

  89. itz_gacha V

    itz_gacha V3 months ago

    I'm so freaking jelouse that Jay has A FREAKING CUTE DOG!!!!!!

  90. null skull

    null skull3 months ago

    do the one with the title of "when work asks me to stay late" for the next video

  91. Calebs Shieldz

    Calebs Shieldz3 months ago

    Jay:let me bring my dog Dog : you woke me up just for this bullshit

  92. Calebs Shieldz

    Calebs Shieldz3 months ago

    He so cute

  93. Itzabella Guel

    Itzabella Guel3 months ago

    Jays laugh is just the most greatest thing EVER

  94. Leo Roy

    Leo Roy3 months ago

    your videos are slowly altering my sense of humor

  95. Olivia Mchargue

    Olivia Mchargue3 months ago

    Like i watched this video like 3 times and when that part when it says "nae nae before you get a whoopin'" , i kept laugh so hard at it cuz my brother kept saying the same sh8t to me! :) I was laughing to hard, he thought that he need to do the heimlich on me!

  96. Kamran Chima

    Kamran Chima3 months ago

    How do people find the spongebob ones 🤣

  97. řēđțhêçöøłğüý8766

    řēđțhêçöøłğüý87663 months ago

    Dang jay died

  98. Tygamer 602

    Tygamer 6023 months ago

    I sent you that spongebob one before 😞

  99. Evangeline Hernandez

    Evangeline Hernandez3 months ago

    7:38 me when i noticed someone ate the last slice of pizza

  100. Brooklyn Lehto

    Brooklyn Lehto3 months ago

    Jay's laugh is what keeps me motivated :)

  101. Emilie Faulkner

    Emilie Faulkner3 months ago

    It is 12:39, and I'm laughing my ass off!!😐😑😐☺😀😃😄😆😆😆😆😆😆

  102. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon3 months ago

    i remember that thigh slapping challenge its from victorious uwu i loved when Tori won against her ex best friend / bully and how she did those moves so perfectly