I used to watch a lot of weird and crazy stuff on the internet as a kid, this game made me re-live one that kept me awake at night..
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:
Song is "Candelabra - NATASHA" from USlikes's free audio library
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  1. **panda gamee**

    **panda gamee**9 hours ago

    10:54 do you know what show that is?

  2. :D I dunno!

    :D I dunno!18 hours ago

    2:38 “i do not know what’s in that TV. If that PERSON comes in here-“

  3. Sandra Gunnestad

    Sandra Gunnestad19 hours ago


  4. Papababbibobo

    Papababbibobo23 hours ago

    *The note on the side of the last game saying “Even ID is Prohibited”* Jay: I’m gonna pretend I don’t see that

  5. Kokoro Paul

    Kokoro Paul23 hours ago

    can you play little nightmares 2

  6. Edgar Delgado

    Edgar DelgadoDay ago

    The video that jay mentions at around 10:54, is called “Obedece a la morsa.” I don’t think I saw anyone mention it yet, or maybe I didn’t look too well.

  7. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

    TheKawaiiestGamerChanDay ago

    Day 34 of asking jay to wear a turtle neck in one of his videos

  8. Ari

    AriDay ago

    I wish someone could list all the videos in the third game

  9. Shea Genix

    Shea GenixDay ago

    That tv game stole the thumb bad guy from the spy kids movie

  10. Universoul

    UniversoulDay ago

    obey the walrus

  11. C o v e r h e r e

    C o v e r h e r e2 days ago

    "Monster with a monster dong".... Quote of the year

  12. Rondeen Thomas

    Rondeen Thomas2 days ago

    Me the whole time watching the first game REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  13. Jake Wells

    Jake Wells2 days ago

    Is it only me or did I just get like 100 ads this video

  14. Alyssa Carr

    Alyssa Carr2 days ago

    is no one talking about his unbeHEHEevable

  15. eri and deku chan kaddy

    eri and deku chan kaddy3 days ago

    I am cool with that and I am down with that :D

  16. Janayshia Thompson

    Janayshia Thompson3 days ago

    Bruh i start using the boota now 😂

  17. Bimmble Bee

    Bimmble Bee3 days ago

    My small pet likes watching jay too

  18. Xx_Mel Bxgs_xX

    Xx_Mel Bxgs_xX3 days ago

    Jay: sees a hand First thing that comes to Jays mind: What’s this hand for? Is it gonna touch my inner thigh or something?

  19. Blacky Cutie

    Blacky Cutie3 days ago

    Can someone give me the link of jay's video to the one he said that he already played

  20. Kathryn benson

    Kathryn benson3 days ago

    1:10 my mans should have pulled out the he he

  21. Dr Vinschpinsilstien

    Dr Vinschpinsilstien3 days ago

    9:24 is it just me or does she/he looks like Six from Little Nightmares 🤣

  22. Waleed

    Waleed3 days ago

    Thank you jay for the mirror:)

  23. sleepy dancer

    sleepy dancer3 days ago

    "this dude is unbelheeheevable" AHAHAHA NOOO

  24. _Tipsy_

    _Tipsy_3 days ago

    the unknown bunny girl i think she was called, my sister was also *traumatized* from that video

  25. Bellakat Setay

    Bellakat Setay4 days ago

    Jay totally didn't understand the last game, kept messing up the ID part..

  26. golden 24

    golden 244 days ago

    0:03 his flow is on point

  27. ćůťê bøý

    ćůťê bøý4 days ago

    How old are you jay? Sorry you don't have to answer!

  28. Amoras Queen

    Amoras Queen4 days ago

    new subscriber over hereeee, you're dope 👏🏾

  29. Angelica Vargas

    Angelica Vargas4 days ago

    jays scared of a tv- 😀

  30. ILikeToTalkAlot

    ILikeToTalkAlot4 days ago

    "How do i stop this Nightmare?" Jay's response: *ai ai a?*

  31. Nickkleee

    Nickkleee4 days ago

    5:14 ayaya

  32. Whispher Fn

    Whispher Fn4 days ago

    Jay is an amazing person/ content creator I've never seen his veiws down b4 (I've been watching for like 2-3 years btw) luv

  33. Sameth

    Sameth4 days ago

    Do another reacting to horror story animations

  34. Wade sama

    Wade sama4 days ago

    Featherless biped? THAT IS A MAN

  35. Samruddhi

    Samruddhi5 days ago

    Play yangire mode in the latest version of saiko no sutoka

  36. midnight watcher

    midnight watcher5 days ago

    3rd game was nightmare fuel

  37. Lars Ulrich C Badeo

    Lars Ulrich C Badeo5 days ago

    Hey Jay try playing ( little nightmares )

  38. The Three Muskateens

    The Three Muskateens5 days ago

    Jay, you make me laugh and that's all I really need, so thank you

  39. ahmad Ahmad

    ahmad Ahmad5 days ago

    The 2nd game the player is tall like byakuya😙😙😌😌😌

  40. Romeo

    Romeo5 days ago

    Wait wait, the video from the last game, was the morsa? Y’all that frightened me, it was such a big thing in Mexico I think, djememdmmd

  41. W Arcenaux

    W Arcenaux5 days ago

    Lemme. Say it for the one time. TELL A FRIEND THAT JAY FROM THE KUB SCOUTS IS THAT DUDE! 🥰☺🥰

  42. Lily Evans

    Lily Evans5 days ago

    not me being 13 and jay talking about the woman dancing scared him when HE WAS 13 nahhhhh bro get it out of my face dude 10:42

  43. Masked Sunflower

    Masked Sunflower5 days ago

    Jay on the right in that last game it said odd numbers prohibited and when that guy said his ID was 9 that's why it said it was wrong 😂

  44. BWJay

    BWJay5 days ago

    1:00 Jay:i’m so slow. Jay:

  45. gabriel albanese

    gabriel albanese5 days ago

    day 15 of asking jay to play muse dash

  46. Oh No!

    Oh No!5 days ago

    That tv though

  47. exotiny games

    exotiny games5 days ago

    damn that is one good looking mirror

  48. XxPanda's eat BambooxX

    XxPanda's eat BambooxX5 days ago

    is Jay filipino or sum

  49. Gabie Vlogs

    Gabie Vlogs5 days ago

    Ily jay

  50. Marcia Tugwell

    Marcia Tugwell5 days ago

    Super corny

  51. Marcia Tugwell

    Marcia Tugwell5 days ago

    So corny

  52. Emily Therese Trajano

    Emily Therese Trajano5 days ago

    I still find it hilarious That jay's intro raps faster than eminem

  53. GR_ potato

    GR_ potato5 days ago

    4:12 I'll do you one better: Why is the front door

  54. pickle irena

    pickle irena5 days ago

    You should play Octodad

  55. Lőrincz Lili

    Lőrincz Lili5 days ago

    Can you play danganronpa V3?

  56. Almond Milk

    Almond Milk5 days ago

    THAT video that he said gave him nightmares as a kid is said to really me cursed

  57. apprecihated

    apprecihated5 days ago

    rip obey the walrus 💔

  58. It’s queen Halai

    It’s queen Halai5 days ago

    yo jay.....🤣 he did the Michael Jackson slide he unbelie~he~he~vable

  59. Jalynn Nugent

    Jalynn Nugent6 days ago

    2:13-2:15 he said he was a capper . Lol I’m glad u know jay

  60. FairyxBelle

    FairyxBelle6 days ago


  61. leo belle

    leo belle6 days ago

    11:28 tho 👁👄👁

  62. Winnie the Pooh겨울 T

    Winnie the Pooh겨울 T6 days ago

    "He doing unbelie-hee-heevable." I'M WHEEZING. AND WHY IS THE I FEEL FANTASTIC GIRL IN HERE?!

  63. Crystal Hoke

    Crystal Hoke6 days ago

    Am I the only one creeped out by the idea of a walking TV?

  64. •Bored Undertale Fan•

    •Bored Undertale Fan•6 days ago

    I was watching this and I forgot I was on a call so when he unmuted I though it came from the video so I got scared XD

  65. Yua - san

    Yua - san6 days ago

    Day 1 asking jay to play little nightmare 2!!

  66. lxrkuroko

    lxrkuroko6 days ago

    Please make a little nightmares 2 gameplay.... I know I'm late, I'm sorry school had me busy but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee jay pleaseeeeeee

  67. Tatiana

    Tatiana6 days ago

    Jay: “Do you see da nips?”

  68. Homie Grizz

    Homie Grizz6 days ago




    Is it just me or did the second game have creepypasta music? That's what it sounded like giving me Sally vibes👁👄👁

  70. Nefarious Gaming original

    Nefarious Gaming original6 days ago

    2:50 Jay : Let me go back to my hunny before dinner Time.

  71. slurp deedeedee

    slurp deedeedee6 days ago

    5:49 Where's your hat Skulduggery Pleasant?

  72. itz sky

    itz sky6 days ago

    Is it just me or is there a face at the end of game three

  73. Kite

    Kite6 days ago

    The random hand lmao 🤣

  74. Buranko

    Buranko6 days ago


  75. ダニDanimations

    ダニDanimations6 days ago

    ...So why isn’t anyone talking about the pregnant Shrek in the bed in 11:28

  76. Sarai Marin

    Sarai Marin6 days ago

    10:46 that is la morsa is scary😓

  77. Gladis Garcia

    Gladis Garcia6 days ago

    Me too do i got chills

  78. _Itz your Cloud_

    _Itz your Cloud_6 days ago

    Me: Watching Jay play scary games on Fridays (at night) then regrets everything cuz I can't sleep so it leads to me staying up late still watching his scary videos because their good and I can't stop. Can anyone relate or is it just me?

  79. チェリー

    チェリー6 days ago

    I wanna see Jay react to ena

  80. Eden H.

    Eden H.6 days ago

    JAY!!! just wanted to remind you that Little Nightmares 2 is out :] I'm really excited, please make a gameplay series!!

  81. sladja xd

    sladja xd6 days ago

    that obey the walrus thing still haunts me when i go to sleep

  82. Eg

    Eg6 days ago

    What's the link of the game with the lady that showed on the TV

  83. #facts maclovespink

    #facts maclovespink6 days ago

    Tbh the tv was cute😭 it should be my best friend but then again no 😭😭

  84. Dess Lenterna

    Dess Lenterna6 days ago

    that mannequin lady scared me to death when jay played it before

  85. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ MilkTea-Chan

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ MilkTea-Chan6 days ago

    Heyyy Jay, if you wouldn’t mind me recommending a game to you, it’s called Genshin Impct. I wanna see you play it and what you think about it Please!

  86. Moppa 05

    Moppa 056 days ago

    0:46 Not even a 1 minute i allready jumped cause of jay's voice



    Jay: 2:38 saying we are awesome Me: who tf took the picture of the mirror

  88. Olivia Gransbury

    Olivia Gransbury6 days ago

    **jumpscare** Jay: AHHHHHHHHHHHH **sudden ad** gRaMmaRLlY cAn HeLp iMprOve yOuR LaNgUaGe sKillS

  89. Darkpg

    Darkpg6 days ago

    I saw the thumbnail at 1am

  90. Yuuki

    Yuuki6 days ago

    Why do I love this series?

  91. mr.pumpkin

    mr.pumpkin6 days ago

    Jay every time he starts a video djebehbdvdhdvddbxbxbdbdbdbdhjd

  92. Kayay Malfoyyy

    Kayay Malfoyyy6 days ago

    Jay: why can’t get sleep Me: *gets add* Also me: BECAUSE OF ALL THESE DANG ADS!

  93. Dead Inside

    Dead Inside6 days ago

    Pov:ur feeling uncomfortable watching the third horror game and reading the the comments while jay does it😰😰

  94. Dog Lover

    Dog Lover6 days ago

    Day 4 of telling jay to play gta 5

  95. Casey

    Casey6 days ago

    Nobody: Not your mom: Not mason: TV: Wanna watch some cursed videos

  96. Princess Pastel

    Princess Pastel6 days ago

    Jay, Danganronpa v3 is WAITING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLAY IT

  97. Dog Lover

    Dog Lover6 days ago

    Day 3 of telling jay to plat gta 5

  98. Kisses Cohn

    Kisses Cohn6 days ago

    4 mil sooonnnnnn 😏

  99. Choffeechr

    Choffeechr6 days ago

    5:46 Ayyy, Gaster what are you doing here?

  100. theforgottenpoet

    theforgottenpoet6 days ago

    Jay: DOUBLE S*** *gets flashback from dashie’s gd video*