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  1. dina Muenchen

    dina Muenchen8 hours ago

    Ad's:wOw "pushd" oH No UhG

  2. Katica Grund

    Katica Grund10 hours ago

    Lmao- How did i just realise that Yan-chan has a life note poster?! Im a death note fan and like- Wha-

  3. Mel Keat

    Mel KeatDay ago

    Do more Yandere simulator

  4. Rock of Rocks

    Rock of RocksDay ago

    Wow how creative he game Amai a guard too instead of doing something else.

  5. James Letourneau

    James LetourneauDay ago

    Idk why but Jay is just so...attractive

  6. Yazzy The Catty Weirdo!

    Yazzy The Catty Weirdo!Day ago

    He said "ass master 9000" 😂

  7. Dino Nugget

    Dino NuggetDay ago

    News Flash:I cut My MF FINGER-

  8. Luca Giachero

    Luca GiacheroDay ago

    You could actually try to poison the food for the students to eat it and then get her expelled 😈

  9. Jasmine Leonard

    Jasmine Leonard2 days ago

    Love your videos

  10. - Luna -

    - Luna -2 days ago

    Maybe you need to join the gardening club to put clothes or bodies inside the graves

  11. Thess Cacal

    Thess Cacal2 days ago

    I think Jay forgot that he can join the paint club to be less suspicious because of the apron

  12. Chalice Liam Capistrano

    Chalice Liam Capistrano2 days ago

    use blunt weapons

  13. Dedicated to Corpse Husband

    Dedicated to Corpse Husband2 days ago

    How could you forget jay..

  14. Gil Gascon

    Gil Gascon2 days ago

    Yay a new video I looooveeee ittt

  15. Star Mya

    Star Mya3 days ago

    What if jay put the apron on and then tried to frame Amai?

  16. Ahmad Nurul Aswad

    Ahmad Nurul Aswad3 days ago

    It work or not?

  17. Ahmad Nurul Aswad

    Ahmad Nurul Aswad3 days ago

    You can not kill osana girl friend but you can kill osana girl friend went osana talk to her

  18. Mrs. Cunk

    Mrs. Cunk3 days ago

    Omg i literally love you where have you been

  19. The Galaxy's Songs

    The Galaxy's Songs3 days ago

    I was so hoping chips would work because you could simply electrocute and boom done

  20. HQ Productions

    HQ Productions4 days ago

    Easy way to eliminate her: 1. Pour water in a bucket 2. Set a trap to make her run to the bathroom 3. Get the pipe wrench (as it leaves no blood behind) 4. Kill her 5. Hide her body 6. Wait till class time 7. Till everyone is away ,dissolve her body 8. Congrats! You won.

  21. sugarr_storm

    sugarr_storm4 days ago

    i get way too attached to the rivals to the point where I don't wanna kill them lol

  22. Reading with maja _math

    Reading with maja _math4 days ago

    Jay,here’s a myth 1.get apprehended 2.snap What will happen?


    CHEERIOLK4 days ago

    Mom; FINISH THE BOOK ALREADY me; 1second later:

  24. Amai Odayaka

    Amai Odayaka4 days ago

    when will u do another myth video??? because i have a myth what happens if you (try) poison someones bento with all of the poisons what animation will they do?

  25. Saina Salimi

    Saina Salimi4 days ago


  26. Ray

    Ray4 days ago

    its out faster than we expected-

  27. `JoeyKnowy`

    `JoeyKnowy`4 days ago

    You could do Amai's task to befriend her, then you can ask to follow her then you can go to the girls locker room. Kill her and dispose her body in the gardening club. Then clean all evidence.

  28. Jae Tay

    Jae Tay4 days ago

    Jay, I found a few myths. Please try one: 1. Go into cyborg mode and attack Raibaru. You will slice and dice her but the screen will spaz out and she will still fight you. 2. Go into bad time mode and kill Senpapi. Osana will freak out and think Senpai is Raibaru. 3. Go into Witch mode and kill the teachers. Pick one up and you will have a ghost chair and paper that will follow you.

  29. moon psycho Kitty

    moon psycho Kitty4 days ago

    Question are you able to frame someone with the box cutter knife and then killed them with it and what would the police say?

  30. Dzeydee Visbal

    Dzeydee Visbal4 days ago

    Do more pls

  31. alex_xd

    alex_xd4 days ago

    Anyone noticed Phoenix Wright's "TAKE THAT!" at 6:20 lol

  32. ChrisIs Average

    ChrisIs Average5 days ago

    You should be able to create a bucket of paint and fill it with blood so if you kill someone. Drain the blood. Let someone else use the blood as paint. Then the police will kinda frame the person that used the blood

  33. gachaprinceflames Salde

    gachaprinceflames Salde5 days ago

    Am so sad cause my laptop broke cuz my sister broke it 😭😭 theres my yandere simulator .

  34. Ivanka Pao

    Ivanka Pao5 days ago

    bucket and a mop thats so wet

  35. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer5 days ago

    The demon powers?

  36. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer5 days ago

    Deep voice Jay mode: **Smooth** Me:👁👄👁

  37. THEsmileymiley

    THEsmileymiley5 days ago

    Deep voice Jay isn’t real, he can’t hurt you... Deep voice Jay:

  38. Sanariya Dilman

    Sanariya Dilman4 days ago

    Imagine super high pitched jay lol

  39. Yvette Jmz

    Yvette Jmz5 days ago

    Can you do the Amai challenge again please jay

  40. Yvette Jmz

    Yvette Jmz5 days ago

    Jay I Love your video😊

  41. Kenji Jimenez

    Kenji Jimenez5 days ago

    Question can you incapacitate somebody and put them in the acid

  42. Scream edits

    Scream edits6 days ago

    Maybe you could have tried cracking her neck with the baseball bat and dragged her to the bathroom that way there wouldn’t be any blood on the clothes

  43. Naeem Ahmed

    Naeem Ahmed6 days ago

    looks like the demo is turning into the full game yeee

  44. Steriø’s Music

    Steriø’s Music6 days ago

    Hey, you should try the kokona killing somebody. Unless you did already because, its on tiktok rn. I wanna see the process

  45. fatma sönmez

    fatma sönmez6 days ago

    jay ı got one 1 kille s sototent kewnselr 2 go tu bek sel 3 waht eel b tehy rehaksene

  46. xoadri

    xoadri6 days ago

    i basically just did amai’s task and told her to go away while she was at the bake sale, waited for her to get away from everyone and killed her. I disposed the clothes and weapon in the acid along with her corpse

  47. Cindi Williams

    Cindi Williams6 days ago


  48. PinkPuppyShake OwO

    PinkPuppyShake OwO6 days ago

    It doesn't show that for me :(

  49. ok liz

    ok liz7 days ago

    People who just kidnapped Amai and made her a mind slave so she would kill herself either way | v

  50. oink oink

    oink oink7 days ago

    nobody never answered me but... if u kill someone n burn the body n weapons ect. and put in the door blood trap and before the student is clean you end the day? what does the police say ( you must leave som blood in the floor so polices come)

  51. Peyton Lamia

    Peyton Lamia7 days ago

    im surprised after all these years you are still playing this i love you and your videos are amazing

  52. ・Cxtton Cxokies・

    ・Cxtton Cxokies・7 days ago

    Jay, if you try putting something in the pool it will spawn outside, so it does the same with the hole.

  53. ichigo blanca

    ichigo blanca7 days ago

    can u go to senpai and take your clothes out im evil hehehe!!!

  54. Roxanne_ plays

    Roxanne_ plays7 days ago


  55. Christian TheAwesome

    Christian TheAwesome7 days ago

    Plot twist: Amai and ayano fall in love

  56. Charlie

    Charlie7 days ago

    The way jay said " *Amai Odeyaka ignore a giggle* " scared me

  57. Charlie

    Charlie5 days ago

    @jake alguzar ?

  58. jake alguzar

    jake alguzar5 days ago

    do you mean the ''jay way''

  59. Rida Imran

    Rida Imran7 days ago

    I just have a question 1. Since Senpai comes back to life *after* the day he was killed, what happens if you kill him on Friday? Will Kokona confess to Senpai or talk to thin air?

  60. Lorkiah Duo

    Lorkiah Duo7 days ago

    I like 🧚🏿‍♀️

  61. Kiib0 the ultimate robot

    Kiib0 the ultimate robot8 days ago

    Can you outrun the delinquents in cyborg-mode if you show them a body???

  62. BadzG

    BadzG8 days ago


  63. BadzG

    BadzG8 days ago


  64. BadzG

    BadzG8 days ago

    i watched kubz scoutz since i was like 6 yrs old or 5 now im 9

  65. Macha- chan

    Macha- chan8 days ago

    I just thought that when you were trying to frame Amai with the box and box cutter I imaged Amai being like ok I'll help you let me just put my gloves on 😂

  66. Kailyn James

    Kailyn James9 days ago

    You know you can kidnap herAnd pick to kill someone that’s not in the game yet and then she will kill herself

  67. Aiden Kowalski

    Aiden Kowalski9 days ago

    Amai when she gets chips: maybe later? Me when I get chips: hell yes

  68. • m̸i̸u̸ i̸s̸ w̸a̸i̸f̸u̸ •

    • m̸i̸u̸ i̸s̸ w̸a̸i̸f̸u̸ •9 days ago

    Yall i thought amai was nagito- 😭🤚

  69. Mᴀɢɪᴄᴀʟ sᴋʏʏs

    Mᴀɢɪᴄᴀʟ sᴋʏʏs9 days ago

    If u poison the food at the food stand she will get arrested for making people die/sick

  70. softbeom

    softbeom9 days ago

    hey👋i’m jay💁‍♂️from🎫the🪀kubz🗝scouts💡welcome back☺️🎗to📸another🌀episode📺of🥉yandere🔪simulator⛓

  71. Victoria Garcia

    Victoria Garcia9 days ago

    Hey jay what happens if you go in snap mode and try to kill the new rival will that work?!

  72. Briana Mora

    Briana Mora10 days ago

    can u make a delinquent a mind slave??

  73. Shaitlord

    Shaitlord10 days ago

    Surprised he didn't try the bloodless method- Joining the sports club and choking with a bat.

  74. - darcey loves n.flying

    - darcey loves n.flying10 days ago

    when me and my sister went on we had a mind slave in our basement who we’d tortured on the last day because we were bored so she was at 0% sanity. we just let her kill amai. we didn’t even realise the amai challenge was a thing. good thing we had the slave haha

  75. niki lung rai

    niki lung rai11 days ago

    Wait can you tell me the student student names But all the school Children Can you tell them all mine all their names please

  76. niki lung rai

    niki lung rai11 days ago

    😁😁😀 l love

  77. Eri TheBear

    Eri TheBear11 days ago

    Wait, doesn't baseball bat not cause blood?

  78. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya11 days ago


  79. Douny Ray

    Douny Ray11 days ago

    Why didn’t you just join the art club and where the art uniform?

  80. miojo

    miojo11 days ago

    You just need kill her with a baseball bat,simple

  81. Rexy

    Rexy12 days ago

    You can dissolve clothing, weapons and bodies in the acid just do ya know

  82. Lara Santos

    Lara Santos12 days ago

    Join the art club bc then blood would be considered paint and you wouldn’t have to change big boy brain

  83. minecraft 10

    minecraft 1012 days ago

    What happend if a mindslave is right about to kill someone and then you kill the mindslave will the other students be mad at you and call a teacher/happer hand you or they'll thank you

  84. Cockroach

    Cockroach12 days ago

    I tried to eliminate Amai, but it said that the furnace was out of order, and I couldn't use it-

  85. Shitass

    Shitass13 days ago

    Took him 6 years to put one character in

  86. Ris Violla

    Ris Violla13 days ago

    Use tha pipe wrench so no blood get on yo clothes and use the gloves as well

  87. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat13 days ago

    This game makes me question why girls like the lamest character in every anime.

  88. mïkø -chan

    mïkø -chan13 days ago

    Myth: make kokona sleep in the locker then save the game then got to the game(might not work)

  89. Kemit's Toes

    Kemit's Toes13 days ago

    ahhh I miss. the old intro lmao

  90. AnoyyK 48

    AnoyyK 4813 days ago

    Why didn't you put it in the thing to the right in the gardening club and dismember the body that way

  91. DeathBunnix

    DeathBunnix13 days ago

    13:58 He's so distraught he started sounded like a whole different person

  92. Duck

    Duck13 days ago

    It’s 2am and I’m currently being grounded for screaming “AMAI IS IN THE GAME”

  93. MochiMikaa!

    MochiMikaa!13 days ago


  94. Jada Leonard

    Jada Leonard13 days ago

    I Dare you in One of your new videos to try and kidnap send pie which is your crush ha ha ha

  95. Jesusa Valdez

    Jesusa Valdez14 days ago

    jay be like: this task is a grueling one

  96. Princessismya Kingdom

    Princessismya Kingdom14 days ago

    What is this gam called

  97. King Ninja

    King Ninja14 days ago

    Anyone else still playing the update before the demo and never played the demo before?

  98. Kira Ferrell

    Kira Ferrell14 days ago

    You could expelle her

  99. ReginaPlayys

    ReginaPlayys14 days ago

    yandere sim question: murder someone and clean up everything but the bloody uniform and body. get sent to the counselor and blame the delinquents. end the day. when the police come, will you get arrested fr murder or will you not because you talked to the counselor.

  100. vanessa peter

    vanessa peter14 days ago


  101. vanessa peter

    vanessa peter14 days ago

    Hey jay I watch somebody got the Mr saikou is megami and you will get the megami/Mr saikou

  102. Zanana split

    Zanana split14 days ago

    I have a question Can u eliminate Usana the senpia ,will they be still there talking

  103. Mark Nobody

    Mark Nobody14 days ago

    At least Yandare dev is learning from his past mistakes but all we do is wait if he can pull it all off in the end