Another Kubz Scouts Yandre Simulator Osana elmination episode!! We're slowing getting through the elmination since Osana has many ways she can be eliminated...this time we not only eliminate Osana, we take of Raiburu in this episode as welll...leave a LIKE for more Osana in Yandere Simulator!
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  1. Itz Just Mal

    Itz Just Mal12 hours ago

    : D the last thing i shippped just died x-x osana x kyuji

  2. Joanna Marie B. Azares

    Joanna Marie B. Azares18 hours ago

    wait, why the f is the title name "RaiRuBU''-

  3. Isaiah Hill

    Isaiah HillDay ago

    Hey Jay heres a question if you kill someone and put there body in the dumpster will it be there the next day ?

  4. Joseph Ortega

    Joseph OrtegaDay ago


  5. Oopsie - funny gameplay

    Oopsie - funny gameplay2 days ago

    I’m sorry, w h a t ?

  6. mᎪx.ᎾffᎥᏟᎥᎪᏞ.

    mᎪx.ᎾffᎥᏟᎥᎪᏞ.2 days ago

    12:03 *look at this ticko shit*

  7. CasuallyBread :P

    CasuallyBread :PDay ago

    Oh frick why Raibru- why

  8. Krissie Power

    Krissie Power2 days ago

    Jay I've got one:can u put a note in senpis locker?

  9. MIles Edgeworth

    MIles Edgeworth2 days ago

    You DIDNT properly do kidnapping,try NOT bringing them. Back for it to be kidnapping

  10. Della McGarity

    Della McGarity2 days ago

    Ending is you kill everybody then when you kill everybody that means that you have to kill senpie

  11. Della McGarity

    Della McGarity2 days ago

    Please put my answer in your video:3

  12. Della McGarity

    Della McGarity2 days ago

    Because he will not be with you because he knows that you’re a psychopath so you have to kill him and that’s the bad ending

  13. Kyla Marie Bibat

    Kyla Marie Bibat2 days ago

    He ruined the moment 🤣

  14. Duckie Angels

    Duckie Angels3 days ago

    I think this is a myth try to kill osana

  15. Lu Lu

    Lu Lu3 days ago

    Hello can you PLEASE pin me?

  16. Gemma Keable

    Gemma Keable3 days ago

    Raiobaru probably have feelings for osana

  17. DaisukeT

    DaisukeT3 days ago


  18. Amaliya Faqihah

    Amaliya Faqihah3 days ago

    I don't know Sorry that's All i don't Understand Guys

  19. Florabel Castilla

    Florabel Castilla3 days ago

    OMG jay why are you always says knivu lifu and you are so not confessing senpai

  20. E̺.m̺.m̺.a̺

    E̺.m̺.m̺.a̺4 days ago


  21. Rebecca O Sullivan

    Rebecca O Sullivan4 days ago

    What would happen if you get heartbroken when senpai confesses under the blossom tree to Osana can you use snap mode?

  22. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose4 days ago

    10:14 No cap 👁👄👁

  23. jackie chee

    jackie chee4 days ago

    Someone who’s been all the time with me always beside me Me: raibaru?

  24. Kyria Breazzeal

    Kyria Breazzeal4 days ago

    WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!OSANA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU OSANA

  25. Alee Chan

    Alee Chan4 days ago

    I think i have a myth. 1. Ask Budo for his task 2. Kill him Can you ask Raibaru to go to him?

  26. Alee Chan

    Alee Chan4 days ago

    I dont know what i just sent

  27. Trinity

    Trinity4 days ago

    Raibaru: *Is invincible* also Raibaru: *dies from being gently poked in the back by a baseball bat*

  28. Victor Sosa

    Victor Sosa5 days ago

    This show should be called random things of yandery sim idk how to spell it even tho it’s right in front of me

  29. Black Crewmate

    Black Crewmate5 days ago

    the titile says "RAIRUBU" fifdfsd

  30. Abdulaziz Al-Yafei

    Abdulaziz Al-Yafei6 days ago

    Jay: This is the large black BOX, IT CAN'T GET ANY LARGER OR *BLACKER* Me: Is that a bit racist... Comment Section: Nah, I don't think so.

  31. Jennifer Barbata

    Jennifer Barbata7 days ago

    I SHIP

  32. Xxx_ Frozen

    Xxx_ Frozen7 days ago

    Jay:oh my god are you kidding me you green dodo head looking girl Me:🤣

  33. ElizabethJade56 Games

    ElizabethJade56 Games7 days ago

    Its been a while since we saw kokona

  34. •smart _ potato•

    •smart _ potato•7 days ago

    17:07 yes everyone likes to kiss air-

  35. Heng Menghak

    Heng Menghak7 days ago

    I wish Sempy will reject Osana and say that he hate her more then anything els

  36. zairel 303

    zairel 3037 days ago

    Cub scout plsss play scp contaiment breach its fun and scary plsss play it😭

  37. عائشه الحربي

    عائشه الحربي7 days ago


  38. Melbryant Tomines

    Melbryant Tomines7 days ago


  39. Ødd Chan

    Ødd Chan7 days ago

    Osana: “Senpai! I saw Ayano kill someone from class 2-1.” Jay: “YOU MAD SUS, OSANA. THATS CAP. I just had Kocani do that for me, you mad sus.”

  40. Nyan Cat 2008

    Nyan Cat 20088 days ago

    No one Just no one Title:RAIRUBU

  41. Colin Conroy

    Colin Conroy8 days ago

    I made the dislike 666 but I like him

  42. Waffle Gaxha

    Waffle Gaxha8 days ago

    Its funny when he yells BUCKLE UP CUS HERE WE GO

  43. Sush1_bro

    Sush1_bro8 days ago

    Kubz scouts: I maybe haven't eiped my ass in a week... Me who didn't wipe my ass in a year: Yeah...

  44. Emirhan Görgen

    Emirhan Görgen8 days ago

    7:45 when Osana says Raibaru i lought so much İt was a funny tone of voice

  45. PeterNightzGamingz

    PeterNightzGamingz8 days ago

    No one: Me looking at the description: Another Kubz Scouts Yandre Simulator Osana elmination episode!! Also me: lol

  46. Deku Izuku Midoriya

    Deku Izuku Midoriya8 days ago


  47. Tabitha WhiteHorse

    Tabitha WhiteHorse8 days ago

    A day to confess to um simpie And then kill every girl in the school

  48. Emilijo Ramadani

    Emilijo Ramadani8 days ago

    Raibaru is lesbien

  49. HHH A

    HHH A9 days ago

    Jay you should watch How Senpai Rejects Osana In Yandere Dev video.

  50. HHH A

    HHH A9 days ago

    Ayano will grin at the end when he rejects her.

  51. Jenika Zeyanne Bartolome

    Jenika Zeyanne Bartolome9 days ago

    now that i heard osana crying and screaming raibaru's name i feel bad :((

  52. Coffee

    Coffee10 days ago


  53. Dorita Thedog

    Dorita Thedog10 days ago


  54. pearl ortiz

    pearl ortiz10 days ago

    jay i got a myths 1.kidnapped/mindslave anyone 2.pick a target 3.kill the same target what happen will the mindslave cant kill the target if she/he already died

  55. Beth Babijes de Guzman

    Beth Babijes de Guzman10 days ago

    Raibaru: **Stronger than the martial arts club pres.** Osana: **Can’t even protect her own cat** Both of them: **best friends** Ayano: Aw hell nah

  56. Chan hon fatt

    Chan hon fatt10 days ago

    I read osana wrong i thought it was obama

  57. Among Us

    Among Us10 days ago

    5:09 Raibaru is Osana's Bestfriend so she let osana kill her

  58. bruh boy

    bruh boy10 days ago

    He spelled raibaru wrong in the title

  59. Elina Wang

    Elina Wang11 days ago

    At8:00 Wow Osana, that’s a wonderful way to hold a phone!

  60. am I a anime guy?

    am I a anime guy?11 days ago

    There are a percentage of 0.00000000000000000000 times I played yandere school and

  61. Little No Little eh

    Little No Little eh11 days ago

    Great job dude. Honestly 5 years playing one game is amazing well I mean lol but anyway! You have been doing good since the start of day one!

  62. Brenda Credle

    Brenda Credle11 days ago

    Hey Jay what if you get ribaru to take out the box cuter then give it to the mindslave.can you frame her

  63. Paul Pearce

    Paul Pearce12 days ago

    I'm just shocked that Osana is a cat person not a dog person SHE DESERVS TO BE KIDNAPPED OR DIE WTF I HATE BLOODY OSANA

  64. sude naz

    sude naz12 days ago

    why the fuk senpai loves every single girl who confess feelings to him

  65. Stranger wolf

    Stranger wolf12 days ago


  66. Kama-kun

    Kama-kun12 days ago

    10:22 Senpai: I feel the same way about you Background: *BOIIIII*

  67. Gamble Queen

    Gamble Queen12 days ago

    How do you open the phone?

  68. Coraline Jones

    Coraline Jones13 days ago

    There is know reason you need to block blood unless your video is titled for kids its just annoying seeing little flowers spreading across the screen

  69. stop shipping bakudeku

    stop shipping bakudeku13 days ago

    Raibaru Probably likes Osana

  70. Spill the Tea sis

    Spill the Tea sis14 days ago

    7:15 this how it be playing among us

  71. Avery Wood

    Avery Wood14 days ago

    Why do I find myself mouthing Jay saying, “BUCKLE UP, CAUSE HERE WE GO!” Every time he says it?

  72. Yvonne Es

    Yvonne Es14 days ago

    Wait a vid say that senpai loves Ayano or its just me

  73. DuckyGameN!

    DuckyGameN!14 days ago

    Don't know if you are still checking new comments, but I have no idea where to post for Yandere Myths... I was wondering if you found a way to poison Osana with the lethal poison, then got rairubu to stand by osana instead of sitting during lunch, and then killed one of the sisters, what would happen if osana and the sister died at the same time? Also what would senpai do? Would senpai, the alive sister, and Rairubu all come after you, which i made sure when coming up with this that there would not be enough to attack you. Please read and do in your next (Myth) video???????? :)

  74. Justin fogle

    Justin fogle14 days ago

    I hope I can get yandere simulator one day

  75. bintang Official

    bintang Official15 days ago

    The tranquillizer wasnt check on attempt 2 for kidnapping osana

  76. pnkyadriano

    pnkyadriano15 days ago

    Raibaru didn't try to attack Osana, she was to surprised that her best friend is attacking her, therefor- its possible to see raibaru being murdered. but its clearly impossible to try and ATTACK raibaru own your own.

  77. シ Kazum1 シ

    シ Kazum1 シ15 days ago

    If you set osana’s reputation really low osana will.... hang herself

  78. tiffany tan

    tiffany tan15 days ago

    Can you give a mind slave a bat or the magic girl wand

  79. Faze Jones

    Faze Jones15 days ago


  80. Noob Does Random Things

    Noob Does Random Things15 days ago

    Student: commits suicide osana: *YOU GOOD M8?!?!* us playing: new ending: *MINDBROKEN*

  81. Noob Does Random Things

    Noob Does Random Things15 days ago

    Osana hurt me feelings. I no dum u dummmm xdxddxddzdxd I loneli

  82. Lilly Timentwa

    Lilly Timentwa16 days ago

    We're did you get this game?

  83. Aeliazahra

    Aeliazahra16 days ago

    But what at the ending? what does senpia reacts??

  84. norliani mahadi

    norliani mahadi16 days ago

    kill sempai


    SHYLA GRAY-TRAIMANY17 days ago


  86. llladybugxi lldupaini

    llladybugxi lldupaini17 days ago

    “Why is the x, WHY IS THE X!” *stabs*

  87. FNAF Nie straszny

    FNAF Nie straszny17 days ago

    Hey can you tell me what version of yandere are you playing? Plz prototype or normal

  88. Skulls Of Ammo

    Skulls Of Ammo17 days ago

    Jay:Osana is a big snitch Me:More like a witch-I was gonna say something else =>=

  89. Nerdly Girl

    Nerdly Girl17 days ago

    Jay: IT DON'T GET ANY LARGER AND BLACKER THAN THIS Me: J-Jay? Got something to tell us, my man?

  90. Livia Trifan

    Livia Trifan17 days ago

    My favorite charecter is Osana

  91. thegoldenberry213

    thegoldenberry21317 days ago

    I love how osana is so so happy but she's a high schooler,,,, they gon break up in 3 weeks 💀

  92. Genevieve Claire Velasquez

    Genevieve Claire Velasquez18 days ago

    I love it when how he say knife

  93. Arielle Mularski

    Arielle Mularski19 days ago

    Who else ships Raibaru with Osana because of her reaction to Raibaru dieing?

  94. Dauntless

    Dauntless19 days ago

    you big *DUMMY*

  95. Guillermo Gonzalez Perez

    Guillermo Gonzalez Perez19 days ago

    you are THAT DUDE

  96. sierra patrei

    sierra patrei19 days ago


  97. Olivia Cardwell

    Olivia Cardwell20 days ago

    this may sound wierd but i think osanas confession was kinda cute

  98. NOT a real Yandere

    NOT a real Yandere20 days ago

    senpai:*being such a hoe * me:but my cousins name is ayano maybe this game is controlling her life cause i saw her crying back home XDD

  99. Maritza Valdez

    Maritza Valdez21 day ago


  100. Anime Otaku

    Anime Otaku21 day ago

    jay you gotta get rid of osana and then raibaru doesnt have anyone to follow and she will talk to you.

  101. LEo Her

    LEo Her21 day ago

    Wats happen if u kidnap everyone

  102. Karen goREE

    Karen goREE21 day ago

    Definition of Osana's scream: *DeMoNiC cHiPmUnK sQeAk*

  103. justin wu

    justin wu21 day ago

    Can you try changing Osana’s name in the files or change it to “Reserved”

  104. El MariaJin

    El MariaJin21 day ago

    Hey Jay! I'm a new subscriber and this is my first video of Yan-sim watching on your channel. I have a theory which is not related to this part of the episode but it is related to the Student Council President leader, Megami Saikou. Megami is not attending school for some reason, but we have listened Basu sisters talking about the person who made the school premises. Also, when we kill one of the student council member....Megami introduces the security cameras and metal detectors in school + she too starts coming to school. Can we assume that Megami Saikou is the daughter of Mr. Saikou who have made that school for his daughter?? Bcz how can she install metal detectors and security cameras even if she consult to Headmaster. What do you think?? Is Megami Saikou really the daughter of Mr. Saikou who developed that school?? Btw, you are doing great Jay!

  105. Peppa

    Peppa22 days ago

    6:48 are the delinquents hovering-