Reacting To Scary Animations While I'm Sick (It Made Me More Sick)

I'm back reacting to these scary animations and i'm feeling sick...leave a LIKE and i'll feel better
Meat Canyon:
Wansee Entertainment:

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  1. Trudie Brown

    Trudie Brown6 hours ago

    You don’t have to do videos for us if you’re sick 🤒 or if you’re not feeling well

  2. Shams LP

    Shams LP11 hours ago

    bro i cant be the only one who thouhg tthat the first part about losing weight was sad :(

  3. Gabriella Fiador

    Gabriella Fiador19 hours ago

    I'm taking that toilet paper

  4. Spice

    SpiceDay ago

    At exactly 2:00 I got a webtoon ad, I was gonna skip it but it was a good fricking webtoon ad so I didn't, 2 minutes long so I forgot I was watching this video, when the ad ended I clicked skip and I was greeted by tony the tiger irl and I screamed..damn it webtoon 💀

  5. Cloudy Afton

    Cloudy Afton3 days ago

    Is it just me or does stories always make no sense especially when the main character dies, like who’s telling the story the killer or the ghost of the main character?

  6. C9111

    C91114 days ago

    I'm very sick i got Tissue I'm very deppression I got Issue

  7. Maela

    Maela5 days ago

    I love how everyone thought jay was gonna say “bullshit”

  8. Maela

    Maela5 days ago

    One of my favorite episodes in the series

  9. Frank Evans

    Frank Evans5 days ago

    Rip jay F for get better.

  10. •Toasty•

    •Toasty•5 days ago

    "Everybody get ready and BUH-HUH-CKLE UP, CUS HEHER WE GOHO!"

  11. Audrey Jane Estiller

    Audrey Jane Estiller5 days ago

    me be like at the 7:20 : wait for what? what should I say? ;-; me saying: ablah blue?

  12. Mashible Playz

    Mashible Playz5 days ago

    Bud bud bud if that killer teacher and here goons went up to me there’s gonna be three bodies with guns shots in them

  13. Flashshadow 90

    Flashshadow 906 days ago

    I always wonder why does the person not punch the supernatural thing like you just standing there yes i know your afraid but if you are going to die just fight it

  14. Niffty The One Eyed Demon

    Niffty The One Eyed Demon6 days ago

    Jay: Theirs the Gang Gang! Monokubs: That’s not us-


    ΙΩΑΝΝΑ ΤΟΠΗ7 days ago

    6:33 you scared me so bad holy.

  16. pampa master

    pampa master7 days ago

    why did i hear "onesie entertainment"? lmaooo

  17. Logan Griggs

    Logan Griggs7 days ago

    “Who’s my little piggy” “I am” proceeds to eat on spoon ful

  18. Bubbstercrumbssss

    Bubbstercrumbssss7 days ago

    Jay: Frosted Flakes SUCK! Me:eating Frosted Flakes:yea.. I agree

  19. darnell jones

    darnell jones8 days ago

    Yo Jay you be saying some real SUS stuff

  20. Jaysthebeast

    Jaysthebeast8 days ago

    Anyone else hear the voice crack at 0:21 LMAO

  21. Phelix Kaylen

    Phelix Kaylen8 days ago

    When Jay said let's say it in 3 in stead if saying what a twist I said Bullshit

  22. lsmark Hater

    lsmark Hater8 days ago

    Why does Tony look like that

  23. luzdeleon

    luzdeleon8 days ago

    3..2..1.. WHAT A TWIST

  24. Person H

    Person H8 days ago

    "1... 2... 3---" Me: "BULLSHI----" Jay: "WHAT-A-TWIST!" Me: "O-oh, you ment that?" "..." *"W H O O P S"* Edit: I'm well aware i'm not the only comment like this.

  25. iz_Phoenix X

    iz_Phoenix X9 days ago

    That wtf at the beginning got me I laughed so hard

  26. Noplian Dynamite

    Noplian Dynamite9 days ago

    11:29 the ghost looks like saki from my dreams.

  27. Krystal Canfield

    Krystal Canfield9 days ago

    Got to appreciate a man how makes videos when he's sick. More power to you.

  28. ꧁Ducky3Mine Plays꧂

    ꧁Ducky3Mine Plays꧂9 days ago

    I thought the girl was on level 6 in the 2nd story was a Friday night funkin character with all those movements

  29. Diana S

    Diana S10 days ago

    when u say u know what im gonna say me- bullshit u- what a twist me- oh... uhm nvm

  30. sirdyy

    sirdyy10 days ago

    but.. i had breakfast on a Wednesday??

  31. Zz Adams

    Zz Adams12 days ago

    What a twist

  32. Xx_AftonGirl_xX

    Xx_AftonGirl_xX12 days ago

    me tryin to sleep watching this......

  33. mango

    mango13 days ago

    8:40 bro I'm bout to act up

  34. Zuzanna Przybyszewska

    Zuzanna Przybyszewska13 days ago

    is it bad that instead of 'what a twist!' i said 'big mommy milkers!'

  35. cereal guy

    cereal guy16 days ago

    i actually am sick (i actually puked)

  36. Kenlyn Smith

    Kenlyn Smith16 days ago

    Man that kid looked like a off brand arnold from magic school bus i can't

  37. imfeelinggreat

    imfeelinggreat20 days ago

    Jay sometimes I'm so close to placing tape over your mouth

  38. NXLminty

    NXLminty20 days ago

    Use me as what the hell did I just watch button

  39. Harlow Vibes

    Harlow Vibes21 day ago

    Tip: Eat hot food to clear that STUFFY nose enough hot food gonna make ye nose runny (most of the time-)

  40. Vealocity's Edits

    Vealocity's Edits21 day ago

    None of those were scary... I didn't even flinch.

  41. Cheeky The Birb

    Cheeky The Birb22 days ago

    why spooky ladies always have to burp

  42. Little_wispcrisp UnU

    Little_wispcrisp UnU22 days ago

    7:19 WHATA TWIST wait what-

  43. Anime Dictator

    Anime Dictator23 days ago

    Is the first one really a scary one?

  44. Bliz

    Bliz23 days ago

    Guy: just trying to send some emails Jay: he was probably checking his only fans

  45. Mr. Nibbles

    Mr. Nibbles23 days ago

    Okay you can tell that he's sick cause his voice is just so low , god-

  46. Elizabeth online :0

    Elizabeth online :024 days ago

    Jay: * does anime girl run* me:HAHAHAHA

  47. mootopia

    mootopia24 days ago

    7:46 the text on the building says "wansee" lol, it's in korean.

  48. Boredom

    Boredom25 days ago

    Tony the Tiger has that hour glass shape 😩

  49. Lamiss Al Hussein

    Lamiss Al Hussein25 days ago


  50. Nathan Gray

    Nathan Gray26 days ago

    Im sick as well 😊

  51. mochi -san

    mochi -san26 days ago


  52. Allan Amaya

    Allan Amaya26 days ago

    Hello. How’s your day?

  53. itsMageSonic 15

    itsMageSonic 1526 days ago

    That thumbnail is cool to see

  54. itsMageSonic 15

    itsMageSonic 1526 days ago


  55. {Asthetic green tea }

    {Asthetic green tea }27 days ago

    The last story idk how they didn't know who that figure was but yk what i`ll tell you IT'S THE FRICKIN GIRL FROM THE RING! JESUS WTF SHE LOOKS LIKE THE GIRL FROM THE RING OMFG IDK HOW THEY NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS LIKE WTF?? Anyways I`m calm dont worry

  56. s

    s27 days ago

    im a simp for u sir

  57. Ava Chavez

    Ava Chavez28 days ago

    I’m sick and watching this lol 🤧

  58. Jack Anestal

    Jack Anestal28 days ago

    J is funny and cool

  59. Jack Anestal

    Jack Anestal28 days ago

    I am your big,s fan j

  60. Evalee Ursel

    Evalee Ursel29 days ago

    Jay: okay we’re gonna say it at the same time, 3...2...1...- Me: what da f- Jay:WATTA TWEEEEEST me: yeah uh- i was gonna say that-

  61. Nathalie Rivera

    Nathalie Rivera29 days ago

    Did you hot chip bc your fingers were red -😔

  62. Naomi

    Naomi29 days ago

    Girl I'm sick too rn (allergies qwq)

  63. Stqrii Miilki

    Stqrii Miilki29 days ago

    Litteraly the first animation : **Picks up food off fridge at 3 A.M**

  64. Minty

    MintyMonth ago

    This is me rnnnn

  65. The.Official.Aftons

    The.Official.AftonsMonth ago

    This reminds me of someone/something 🤔 4:22

  66. Evelyn Noble

    Evelyn NobleMonth ago

    Well I have grandma grandma did you play the part I can I have a motel among us and I really among us among us now I can play that house where is it at your house

  67. Sonia Hines

    Sonia HinesMonth ago

    Just gonna scare the sickness outa here

  68. ThePhantoMMaster

    ThePhantoMMasterMonth ago

    Everybody pause on 0:20 and see the beauty.

  69. Cadence

    CadenceMonth ago

    Wait so if you want to lose weight you can’t eat cereal what all this time ?

  70. lulu lemon

    lulu lemonMonth ago

    If you have a running nose put your tongue on top of your mouth and put your thumb on your forehead and between your eyebrows and it should go away

  71. yu liu

    yu liuMonth ago

    Hope you feel better by something well I was sick and when I watch this I am bout to vomit bruh

  72. Vanessa Gomez

    Vanessa GomezMonth ago

    What if the fourth floor ghost thing instead of being scared you just punch her and assert dominance so she knows you ain’t messing around

  73. josh Michael berding

    josh Michael berdingMonth ago


  74. josh Michael berding

    josh Michael berdingMonth ago

    My real name is joshua

  75. Junkos SIDE

    Junkos SIDEMonth ago

    “I was so freaked out I almost pissed myself”

  76. Chica Girl117

    Chica Girl117Month ago


  77. Baggie Mations

    Baggie MationsMonth ago

    Yandere chan who?

  78. Jacob Loja

    Jacob LojaMonth ago

    the first one i'll literally laugh to death lol

  79. BakuColdBeef BakuFan

    BakuColdBeef BakuFanMonth ago

    The first one was so scary!!!!!!😥😨😰🥶😱😙😭

  80. Mega Stonks

    Mega StonksMonth ago

    'It Made Me More Sick' *well that aged well*

  81. Abby Patch

    Abby PatchMonth ago

    I'm going fullscreen boys wish me luck.

  82. Phoenix Glover

    Phoenix GloverMonth ago

    I watched this while sick 😑btw thanks for still posting 😊

  83. Vanessa ortiz

    Vanessa ortizMonth ago


  84. Karim Ammar

    Karim AmmarMonth ago


  85. Premila G

    Premila GMonth ago

    i hope you get better :>

  86. Z i n

    Z i nMonth ago

    Video: it said it was on the 6th floor something Ad plays The ad: *a guy saying he's spiderman but then falling off the shelf*

  87. Tash

    TashMonth ago

    pov:your watching all jays old videos 🖤

  88. {idk}

    {idk}Month ago

    Me: ill never gonna use the floor 4 ever when im using the elevator also me : I live at floor 4

  89. pragaro bliūdelis

    pragaro bliūdelisMonth ago

    I always thing breakfast was like breaking youre bones by being fast

  90. Jasmine Viney

    Jasmine VineyMonth ago

    Laughter is the medicine.

  91. Warren Landreneaux

    Warren LandreneauxMonth ago

    "jay":sick "Also jay":literary roasting everybody and everything

  92. Yumiko Nai

    Yumiko NaiMonth ago

    I will never look at Tony the Tiger the same now...

  93. Gold_watcher 25

    Gold_watcher 25Month ago


  94. Dianna Rodriguez

    Dianna RodriguezMonth ago

    I'm sick

  95. Orchid Groves

    Orchid GrovesMonth ago

    Are you ok?

  96. Komaru Naegi

    Komaru NaegiMonth ago

    Tony the tiger looks like a cheeto😟😭

  97. LaDonna Brown

    LaDonna BrownMonth ago


  98. Rylie take out the trash

    Rylie take out the trashMonth ago

    Lol on the 4th floor one i said, ✨GrAnDmAAaaaa~✨ when i saw that one lady

  99. C.C.C

    C.C.CMonth ago

    Jay is always buckled

  100. Gerrit Van Ess

    Gerrit Van EssMonth ago

    ¡Sí, está “enfermo” al igual que sus videos!

  101. Howling Nights

    Howling NightsMonth ago

    What a twist!

  102. Keasha Bear

    Keasha BearMonth ago

    I think frosted flakes taste like *Nothing* with *milk*