Reacting To Scary Animations While I'm Sick (It Made Me More Sick)

I'm back reacting to these scary animations and i'm feeling sick...leave a LIKE and i'll feel better
Meat Canyon:
Wansee Entertainment:

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  1. 丂ㄩᘜ卂.waralSan n

    丂ㄩᘜ卂.waralSan n5 hours ago

    7:23 me thinking it was gonna be bullsh-

  2. Memphis Haggard

    Memphis Haggard8 hours ago

    All this guy does talk and you can't pay attention to the animation

  3. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer10 hours ago

    That black girl wouldn’t scream Hands were put up and folding was occurring

  4. flxwermoon

    flxwermoon18 hours ago


  5. Tarranco brothers

    Tarranco brothersDay ago

    cristian ph

  6. Justin Warren

    Justin WarrenDay ago

    when i ate frosted flakes they made me throw up

  7. Ayoub Farraj

    Ayoub FarrajDay ago

    Toilet paper bruh

  8. gaming whith Tony king

    gaming whith Tony kingDay ago

    Did you that here name is carn let me speak to the manager

  9. Jean-Marie Poindexter

    Jean-Marie Poindexter2 days ago

    Hope you feel better 🤧🤧🤗🤗😅

  10. Sad Dayz

    Sad Dayz2 days ago

    Let's hope he aint got covid.

  11. Spirit Nation

    Spirit Nation2 days ago

    whats the point of disliking just stop hating and leave gosh

  12. Kara Morgan

    Kara Morgan2 days ago

    hope you feel better soon jay

  13. Aaron Partridge

    Aaron Partridge2 days ago

    "We found out that the nerd was helping the fired teacher with murder. I dont know why he did that." I'm sorry but it's so obvious why he did it and I feel bad for him and I dont like snitches either but the reason he did all of that was because he got bullied.

  14. Kyson Taylor

    Kyson Taylor3 days ago

    Jay 1 2 3 Me bullshit jay what a twisttt Me oh I thought we was saying bullish- nvm

  15. jimin you got no jams

    jimin you got no jams3 days ago

    All the kpop stans watching jay

  16. MrBonez

    MrBonez4 days ago

    When he said “We’re all gonna say it together” at the end of the first animation I expected him to say something else and screamed “BULLSHIT” right when he screamed “WHAT A TWIST”

  17. BAYA꧂ NNA꧂

    BAYA꧂ NNA꧂4 days ago

    Jay: that DUDE!

  18. Constance Truggle

    Constance Truggle4 days ago

    On that elevator story when I looked at the d e m o n: "Damn she busty"

  19. 、•Messy• 、

    、•Messy• 、4 days ago

    Oh.... I sharded

  20. -INeedSleep;p-

    -INeedSleep;p-4 days ago

    So uhm- when the teacher smiled my phone glitched out and kicked me off USlikes ;-; I don’t know what to think right now

  21. Moppa 05

    Moppa 054 days ago

    jay:lets say it toghether 1.. 2.. 3.. WHAT A TWIST!! Me:WHAT A TWIST!! my mom:SHUT UP YOUR ADOPTED!! me: WHAT A TWIST!!

  22. pandaloversam🐼

    pandaloversam🐼4 days ago

    The way he said "here we go" was funny

  23. Adrina Chiappe

    Adrina Chiappe5 days ago

    you kinda look like mess your self

  24. Caleb Cappa

    Caleb Cappa5 days ago

    1... 2... 3 Jay: What a twist! Me: Bullshi- uh Whata twist!

  25. Caleb Cappa

    Caleb Cappa5 days ago

    Man, that tp roll is SCREAMING FOR HELP right now.

  26. Super_Supreme_savage savage

    Super_Supreme_savage savage5 days ago

    Not the tigerr

  27. V1oneDanii

    V1oneDanii5 days ago

    Maybe we should use stairs now🤠

  28. Theresa LaForte

    Theresa LaForte5 days ago

    i said with him WHAT A TWIST

  29. animee simp

    animee simp5 days ago

    Everybody has that one snitch in there class when you do one thing wrong you get snitched on 🤧👌🏻

  30. Administrator SuperUser

    Administrator SuperUser5 days ago

    kubz: ok on 3, 1, 2, 3 Me: BULSHIT! Kubz:wut a twitzt! Me: oh fuck

  31. Beanie Weens

    Beanie Weens5 days ago

    I keep looking at my door im scared because im just watching scary things

  32. Alexandria Erson

    Alexandria Erson6 days ago

    Jay:WhAt ThE fUcK Me:WhAt ThE fUcK Me:ayyyyyy

  33. Vanessa Chavez

    Vanessa Chavez6 days ago

    Jay :saiding you no what I going to say Me:what a twist? Jay:what a twist!

  34. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man6 days ago

    11:27 Spider-Man deleted scenes

  35. Merf

    Merf6 days ago

    7:23 1,2,3 Me: BULLSHIT! Jay: WHAT A TWIST! Me: oh, YEAH WHAT A TWIST

  36. Chophead Rich

    Chophead Rich6 days ago

    Yo jay you corpse

  37. {Mini Flower Muffin}

    {Mini Flower Muffin}6 days ago

    Jay- lets say it together... 1 2 3 Me- I smell bull shit Jay- what a twist Me- oh, wrong words😑

  38. Aleli Reyes

    Aleli Reyes6 days ago

    0:40 when u catch ur son stealing ur credit card

  39. Sarah Vo-Vinkos

    Sarah Vo-Vinkos7 days ago

    i so scard

  40. meimei •

    meimei •7 days ago

    his phone background tho🥺

  41. Mari Rodriguez

    Mari Rodriguez7 days ago

    I was watching this while cuddling my boyfriend

  42. Emi Pickering

    Emi Pickering7 days ago

    The end u-u

  43. Emi Pickering

    Emi Pickering7 days ago


  44. Caidence Reid

    Caidence Reid7 days ago

    Jay makes me happy smh

  45. Leslie Duncan

    Leslie Duncan7 days ago

    I feel like this content creator is the kind of person who hotmics their music in chat when they play video games. Stfu.

  46. Weird Gacha

    Weird Gacha8 days ago

    I’m ハンガリー I just really want 食物.

  47. Charles H E C K

    Charles H E C K8 days ago

    I accidentally shouted out BULL SHIT instead of WHAT A TWIST

  48. White Crewmate

    White Crewmate8 days ago

    No tony i dont think so

  49. Mercy Sanopao

    Mercy Sanopao9 days ago

    jay: did i said horror twice idk me yes you said it

  50. Endyourlifu 。

    Endyourlifu 。9 days ago

    Jay : were gonna say it at the same time ready? Me: yeah! Jay : 1 2 3 Me: BULLSHIT! jay: What a twist! Me: oh ..

  51. kristen cain

    kristen cain9 days ago


  52. Gacha life Movie by jasmine

    Gacha life Movie by jasmine9 days ago

    My poor eyes they are like O_O

  53. アビゲイル

    アビゲイル9 days ago

    the first one is kinda scary and funny, but it is hard to lose weight when it is almost bringing you back to your bad habits.

  54. アビゲイル

    アビゲイル9 days ago

    girl I dont care about my weight, she got a body like a hour glass I got a body like a cereal box. (this is a meme but its so wholesome I love it)

  55. Cutthecameras dead*ss

    Cutthecameras dead*ss9 days ago

    Not gonna lie the nerd looked like the ginger in Sally Face

  56. foolnala

    foolnala10 days ago

    Animations: and they were murdered Jay: just laughing and making it into memes

  57. talentless ho

    talentless ho10 days ago

    2:33 they be smoking chalk out here

  58. van trieu

    van trieu10 days ago


  59. •Clover Gacha•

    •Clover Gacha•10 days ago

    im not sleeping tonight :D

  60. Paradraw Zombie

    Paradraw Zombie11 days ago

    Wtf was with that tony animation

  61. Fulumbis Trilumbis

    Fulumbis Trilumbis11 days ago

    I'm literally watching this on a Wednesday

  62. sleepy XD

    sleepy XD11 days ago

    4:37 Jay:"gang gang it's the gang gang" "What the f-" "That not my gang gang my gang gang doesn't have knifus like that" Me:*starts giggling* Why would he even say that lmao🤣

  63. DJhon Jhon

    DJhon Jhon10 hours ago

    Knife + Wifus = Knifus

  64. Dustinmarttidajoya Agulay

    Dustinmarttidajoya Agulay12 days ago

    The security guard of the school was probably like, oh a creepy lady and a bunch of boys with weapons. Ill let them in the school

  65. WingsOfFireFan Glory

    WingsOfFireFan Glory12 days ago

    Jay still has his enthusiasum even when he's sick.

  66. DynnnanEh

    DynnnanEh12 days ago

    Why does Jay's fingers always look like he was eating Takis before filming😂

  67. itz_bløødy player_YT

    itz_bløødy player_YT12 days ago

    Jay watches scary animation Me:not scary My battery runs out:AAAAAAAA 911

  68. レモンLemon

    レモンLemon12 days ago


  69. jrcspiderman2003 getoffmybackyoutube

    jrcspiderman2003 getoffmybackyoutube6 days ago


  70. レモンLemon

    レモンLemon12 days ago

    i eaten fork a

  71. レモンLemon

    レモンLemon12 days ago


  72. Gaming with blue

    Gaming with blue13 days ago


  73. Shania Hobbs

    Shania Hobbs13 days ago

    Wear a mask while watching this vid yall👀 *cardi b voice* CORONA VIRUS👀😭😂jk jk. Get well soon jay!

  74. aes

    aes13 days ago

    lol when he said "we're gonna say it at the same time, 3...2...1" I thought he was going to say bullsh!t

  75. K A W A I I B A N G T A N

    K A W A I I B A N G T A N14 days ago

    Only og's remember tomato jay

  76. Jayden Echevarria

    Jayden Echevarria14 days ago

    Am I the only one who realises that some of these story are told by the same people who told other story

  77. HoopityDoopity

    HoopityDoopity14 days ago

    "I know my nose is stuffy but i brought protection" that's what she said

  78. MartinSees

    MartinSees14 days ago


  79. Dian Intishar

    Dian Intishar14 days ago

    what the F*UCK my brother is sick and then when Jay start talking im SICK !!! ok bye have a lovely day BYE!!

  80. chris meyer

    chris meyer14 days ago

    I watch the first one befor

  81. WolthiGachaYT

    WolthiGachaYT14 days ago


  82. Nur Khayla Mohammad Khairullah

    Nur Khayla Mohammad Khairullah14 days ago

    Jay:nobody is that excited to go to a Internet cafe .me: well I am since we don't have that IN SINGAPORE or it's EXpENnSIvE

  83. JEDI hunter

    JEDI hunter14 days ago

    Me right now being like we got plenty guns

  84. Ishimondo

    Ishimondo15 days ago

    Is it just me or is that nerd sounds like smol bean ishimaru?!

  85. Kailan Park

    Kailan Park15 days ago

    ''Ready guys" "yessir" lets say it together" "I gotchu" "1..2..3" "Bullshitttt" "WHAT A TWIST !!" "wait what?"

  86. Aurora Suarez

    Aurora Suarez15 days ago

    At 00:12 - My thoughts: I thought you had to blow your nose not snort them back in😂😂😂

  87. Giavonni Covington

    Giavonni Covington15 days ago

    Do u got it

  88. _Marinime_

    _Marinime_15 days ago

    La llorona stepping her game up

  89. Raquel Rivas

    Raquel Rivas15 days ago

    Can you be quiet when their stores at least put pause

  90. FlavoredCandyCanePlayz NMakes

    FlavoredCandyCanePlayz NMakes15 days ago

    8:07 mista: the number 4 is indeed bad luck DONT CHOOSE IT

  91. Izuku M.

    Izuku M.15 days ago

    Soup: "don't worry Partners I'll Watch this dude with Tissue"

  92. Paechy

    Paechy15 days ago

    Jay : Frosted Flakes are ass Me: *watching this video with my favorite breakfast combo, Frosted Flakes with extra sugar* oh

  93. Nia Salas

    Nia Salas15 days ago

    I had a panic attack right after watching the part where he got off the elevater and the girl was There

  94. Deema Tarek

    Deema Tarek15 days ago

    You are amazing working when you are sick

  95. mallekie atkins

    mallekie atkins15 days ago

    I cant take that first animation seriously 😂

  96. Elijah Jones

    Elijah Jones16 days ago

    I made g3

  97. That Dog

    That Dog16 days ago

    But what if he accidentally broke the button

  98. That Dog

    That Dog16 days ago

    You dead

  99. GODxBK 2 DEF

    GODxBK 2 DEF16 days ago

    Omg jay I love you but you need to SHUT UP sometimes

  100. That Dog

    That Dog16 days ago

    What if the nerd killed everyone

  101. Tt anonymous Hates soup

    Tt anonymous Hates soup16 days ago

    I like how Evan if he’s sick he still try’s his best to make us happy...

  102. hayato kawajiri

    hayato kawajiri5 days ago

    @Heaven Gamers 22 nope, it's a typo, he meant to type "even"

  103. Charleia Tan

    Charleia Tan6 days ago

    I am a big fan

  104. Heaven Gamers 22

    Heaven Gamers 227 days ago

    his name is evan?

  105. agus yadod

    agus yadod16 days ago

    nobody litterly nobody jay: 7:34 TrUe OlDhOrE bUiLdiNG hOrRoR sToRy AnImAtEd

  106. Miraculous fan club

    Miraculous fan club17 days ago

    Not true old horror building horror story animated it’s true old building horror story animated lmao