I Just Want To Be Happy

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  1. Sophia Lothan

    Sophia Lothan2 days ago

    I like seeing you in pain :) 😀



    " I HATE YELLOW TEAM! " *Me crying cause im in yellow team in school*

  3. Lucid Yumeko

    Lucid Yumeko12 days ago

    I'm literally screeching for that dude.

  4. Jaleel Warren

    Jaleel Warren18 days ago

    We went from this to among us in 3 weeks

  5. Scarlet 1902

    Scarlet 190229 days ago


  6. Jůpïťěř ÇéłłS

    Jůpïťěř ÇéłłSMonth ago

    Sees title- Yall feel whats comin??? *sometimes i dont wanna be happy*

  7. Christina wheeler

    Christina wheelerMonth ago

    jay:i like melons me:what kind? ;)

  8. Christina wheeler

    Christina wheelerMonth ago

    jay:its good that nobody is watching this video me:um..this has 370,707 views

  9. chel vlog

    chel vlogMonth ago

    I swear jay has the best man girl scearm ever

  10. Gundham Tanaka

    Gundham TanakaMonth ago


  11. My_bakudeku _123

    My_bakudeku _123Month ago

    Jay: “I’m the ULTIMATE team player” Also Jay: **Screams a his teammates** “YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS” 😂😂😂

  12. Echo

    EchoMonth ago

    25:15 Jay trying to be monokuma over here tho "What's it gonna be... what's it gonna beeee"

  13. Holley McIntyre

    Holley McIntyreMonth ago

    ight, he better play among us next lol

  14. Gamer Sisters

    Gamer SistersMonth ago

    Jay: thinks we arent watching* Us: think again jay

  15. ack ack

    ack ackMonth ago

    Jay scored a hat trick

  16. an apple

    an appleMonth ago

    A tip on how to be good on games. Just Be good.

  17. Jillian Gulledge

    Jillian GulledgeMonth ago

    play more

  18. Silver Revlis 2

    Silver Revlis 2Month ago

    Him.I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY ME.dont we all🙂

  19. Marissa Maté

    Marissa MatéMonth ago

    Yaaass!! I LOVE fall guys!

  20. J3on_Xook

    J3on_XookMonth ago

    The fuckinf title

  21. l3lu boiツ

    l3lu boiツMonth ago

    You scored that I'm not gon cap

  22. Chance Richardson

    Chance RichardsonMonth ago

    Sees first ten seconds I don't even wanna see the rest because that was so painful to watch yikes

  23. Chance Richardson

    Chance RichardsonMonth ago

    wait a minute keep looking at how that played out and Jay actually grabs the person before elimination

  24. Draw Tails

    Draw TailsMonth ago

    You need to play this on yt more 040


    AV THE GAMERMonth ago

    0:09 , pause on tht and get a funny face ;0

  26. Maya Le

    Maya LeMonth ago


  27. Pierson Gilliam

    Pierson GilliamMonth ago

    jay had me worrying a lil bit

  28. Deanna Deshaies

    Deanna DeshaiesMonth ago

    just get good at the game

  29. K-popxEditz Withspice

    K-popxEditz WithspiceMonth ago

    jay should make a no edit challenge with this :')

  30. Unknown 73

    Unknown 73Month ago

    Come on jay chill with your anxiety and besides you nearly scared half of your subscribers!😂

  31. bio luminescent duck

    bio luminescent duckMonth ago

    Title: "i just want to be happy" Me: not you too :( 💔 Jay: *plays fall guys* *Everyone disliked that*

  32. A random user passby

    A random user passbyMonth ago

    *Silence Haters, I do not wish curse anymore. I just want to be happy*

  33. Breathing Stick

    Breathing StickMonth ago

    Jay: I'll wait for it to open. Me: Wow, Jay's being patient? Jay: MOVE YOU BASTARDS Me:...Nevermind. Love you Jay :)

  34. sofiat500

    sofiat500Month ago

    jay is literally carrying the whole blue team 20:43

  35. sofiat500

    sofiat500Month ago

    watching 30 mins of a dude screaming, worth it

  36. The Meme

    The MemeMonth ago


  37. Alsikor

    AlsikorMonth ago

    Jay: hopefully I'm on the good team Jay a second later: the yellow team?! This is the piss team!!

  38. LiamDiamond

    LiamDiamondMonth ago

    “I dishonoured my family”

  39. baguette wolf

    baguette wolfMonth ago

    Title:i just want to be happy Jay:smiling Every fan: something's wrong I CAN FEEL IT!

  40. baguette wolf

    baguette wolfMonth ago

    Somebody should make a perfectly cut screams all based on jay

  41. King Monst

    King MonstMonth ago

    Jay so bad get him 5.89k subscribe yay!

  42. Aeslyniie

    AeslyniieMonth ago

    Jay: Yellow team rocks!! *20 seconds later* Jay: Eww, Yellow team fricking sucks!

  43. AbnormalAsian

    AbnormalAsianMonth ago

    Everything people hate: Pigeons, yellow team, team games, and tail tag

  44. Gaming BNA

    Gaming BNAMonth ago

    You should do more videos about fall guys

  45. Daily Geek

    Daily GeekMonth ago

    Hey, Jay, if you’re ever looking for a new game to try, I wholeheartedly suggest Identity V! It’s an extremely fun mobile/computer game where you’re either a Hunter or a Survivor. Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether or not you play it, but if you’re ever bored and need a new game to try, I suggest trying it!

  46. Sadie Miller

    Sadie MillerMonth ago

    They give me a 69 add while watching this 😭

  47. OI InnitMateYeah

    OI InnitMateYeahMonth ago

    Did no one notice the hot dog push the guy off the edge at 25:34 in the background of fruit match? 😂😂😂

  48. Stroopis

    StroopisMonth ago

    Jay: fall guys USlikes: wipeout

  49. ᴅᴏɢɢᴇʀ ᴘᴏɪɴᴛꜱ

    ᴅᴏɢɢᴇʀ ᴘᴏɪɴᴛꜱMonth ago


  50. Veyron8 zx

    Veyron8 zxMonth ago

    25:34 aww that guy got pushed off lol 25:54

  51. Elia Almazan

    Elia AlmazanMonth ago

    Sometimes I don't wanna be happy...

  52. Kim

    KimMonth ago

    “ i love balls in my face “ bro ?

  53. OK Sandbox Productions

    OK Sandbox ProductionsMonth ago

    Jay: Where our balls? Me: They”re in between your le- Me: I mean I don’t know where they went maybe an opposing team took it?

  54. lemonsaaa

    lemonsaaaMonth ago

    jay: FALL GUYS!! youtube: WIPEOUT!!

  55. Maria Fabiana Lugo

    Maria Fabiana LugoMonth ago

    listen to 22:35 till 22:43 with ur eyes closed 😭

  56. Michelle

    MichelleMonth ago

    I’ve played something similar to the hex game on Minecraft servers lol. I always beat it. How I did it is DONT RUN AROUND THE MIDDLE. Go in a full outer circle first then slowly go in. So you’re saving your blocks that are falling. If someone already did run the middle try to find one with the most hexs and repeat the same thing again going outer first then in. You save more time lasting.

  57. Willow Amber

    Willow AmberMonth ago

    I think jay has mixed emotions when hes playing fall guys, like are you gonna win or not jay, also Renner your TAHT DUDE

  58. Itz shadow here

    Itz shadow hereMonth ago

    Lol he said that he hates yellow team and it’s piss

  59. yourdailydoseofidiot

    yourdailydoseofidiotMonth ago

    When your mom walks in the room and the video is at 6:25 😳

  60. BaddestPuppet69

    BaddestPuppet69Month ago

    “I don’t want to be horny anymore, I just want to be happy..”

  61. cattales

    cattalesMonth ago

    Why did I get scared when I saw the title

  62. aiyanna:D

    aiyanna:DMonth ago

    12:03 danganronpa really got to him guys

  63. dub dab ダブダブ

    dub dab ダブダブMonth ago

    Awwww happy jay is adorable


    GUINEVERE MLMonth ago

    Play among us

  65. Arianna Delicata

    Arianna DelicataMonth ago

    Kubz scouts: About to die but passes Me: falls off my bed in excitement that he won

  66. Abigail Lopez

    Abigail LopezMonth ago

    If you do grab them or try to push them off you'll get the reward of bully because I got that reward 🤣

  67. UwU

    UwUMonth ago

    i thought this would be all dramatic pff

  68. Heavenly Offline

    Heavenly OfflineMonth ago

    ive seen youtubers play more than 6 hrs trying to get a dub on twitch or yt whilest u have jay..... *raging for **29:59* ....o.k

  69. Heavenly Offline

    Heavenly OfflineMonth ago

    how the hell did i miss this notification im watching

  70. morbidly depressed Satan

    morbidly depressed SatanMonth ago

    Me thinking he’s about to go all out on us about being in a slump and needing to take a break:👁👄👁 Him playing fall guys: 🙈❤️

  71. Cousin's 4 Life

    Cousin's 4 LifeMonth ago

    Jay you should bring bit life and 60 seconds back plz

  72. dice

    diceMonth ago


  73. Name Invalid

    Name InvalidMonth ago


  74. Lesa Rickman

    Lesa RickmanMonth ago

    Jay, I love your Persona 5 merch in the background

  75. Maryam M

    Maryam MMonth ago

    The funny thing is i was just playing fall guys then i see this

  76. ItzPlug

    ItzPlugMonth ago

    Kubz scouts the Balls Lord

  77. Pepper xWolfxPlayez

    Pepper xWolfxPlayezMonth ago

    Bro Ezsacty 30 mins that god Danm skill i dont care who you are

  78. • Galaxy Sally •

    • Galaxy Sally •Month ago

    My heart skipped a beat seeing that title-

  79. jangmi chan

    jangmi chanMonth ago

    this is the first time I have ever seen fall guys and fuck yellow team Lmao Idk What im doing

  80. UnpeakingzWRLD

    UnpeakingzWRLDMonth ago

    "Big balls in my face, that aint new, ive been taking balls to the face" ayyoo

  81. Gal Anonim

    Gal AnonimMonth ago

    Nah Jay, you're not an Ultimate Team Player, you're a That Ultimate Dude

  82. Rhinstovia

    RhinstoviaMonth ago

    9:03 jay being confident for the level me : yeah and you got lucky to qualified too 😂😂

  83. Winter coffee

    Winter coffeeMonth ago

    for some reason when you die in fall guys they sound like damn owls

  84. AsAzz

    AsAzzMonth ago

    Me when I seen the title: nonononoGodplsno When I clicked on the video: omfgthankyoulord

  85. Arwa Salem

    Arwa SalemMonth ago

    In the seesaw one try not to jump from one to another instead just fall on it, cus jumping will make you trip and fall

  86. ryanshepoopard

    ryanshepoopardMonth ago

    he really said he watched people play hexagone and then still just ran around and didn't just slow jump each bit

  87. Yenndo

    YenndoMonth ago

    Wipeout: 16 episodes

  88. thaa0nly.Treyyy

    thaa0nly.TreyyyMonth ago

    me: *reads caption* also me: SoMeTiMeS i dOnT wAnNA bE hAPpyY

  89. Athessa

    AthessaMonth ago

    yo papi, for the hexagone, don't run everywhere willy nilly; wait for literally the last second before it falls the jump onto the nearest one and make 'em last

  90. Sgt cereal

    Sgt cerealMonth ago

    I actually like this content

  91. snow wolf

    snow wolfMonth ago

    so yall thout jay was de

  92. Critizon ツ

    Critizon ツMonth ago

    2:55 A god dang hacker...

  93. Blob _

    Blob _Month ago

    Dude anyone know the name of this manga in which after an accident the mc who is still a kid starts to see lines by following which he can cut anything and the first thing he cuts is a table using a fruit knife

  94. minh chau

    minh chauMonth ago

    i'm crying and watching you makes me laugh whille crying

  95. EVD Normality

    EVD NormalityMonth ago

    I just wanna die

  96. Raoul Frasson

    Raoul FrassonMonth ago

    Jay: Getting excited for winning 3:0 in soccer Me, who once won 15:0: *The path to greatness starts with the small things*

  97. A Fellow Human

    A Fellow HumanMonth ago

    I'm...actually worried for Jay

  98. Themagicphonebooth Q

    Themagicphonebooth QMonth ago

    Me too 😢

  99. just_david d

    just_david dMonth ago


  100. just_david d

    just_david dMonth ago

    All his vids are awsome

  101. just_david d

    just_david dMonth ago

    He so happy and his commentary hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣