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  1. Bob Manzano

    Bob ManzanoDay ago

    Kubz scouts is boring

  2. Bob Manzano

    Bob ManzanoDay ago

    Your cray man hahahaaaa 😆😆😆😆😆😆😈😈😈😈

  3. anime girl

    anime girl6 days ago

    "V3 whatever the hell that means" danganronpa fans: 👁👄👁

  4. Benjamin Yeager

    Benjamin Yeager6 days ago

    i have been here sense the beginning and all of your vids make me laugh like hell

  5. Juan Miguel De Leon Mendoza

    Juan Miguel De Leon Mendoza11 days ago

    Jay: "V3 or whatever the hell that means-" Danganronpa fans: "IT'S A SIGN!!"

  6. Gacha_Cream K

    Gacha_Cream K20 days ago

    Sometimes...You make my ears hurt

  7. Cha 11

    Cha 1122 days ago

    Anyone realize the baybayin in the bathroom stall door? Is it BU SA TA N??

  8. epik name

    epik name24 days ago

    3:32 all the pervs been knew

  9. doom guy

    doom guy29 days ago

    what a twost

  10. Sadiya Pindar

    Sadiya PindarMonth ago

    "A little bit of V3 in my life" "A LITTLE BIT OF V3 IN MY LIFE! A LITTLE BIT OF V3 BY MY SIDE-" ~Amaya

  11. Kaimta

    KaimtaMonth ago

    How is no one talking about the sound Kate was making?

  12. Benileen Sebastian

    Benileen SebastianMonth ago

    Is it just me or the signs on the first game look like filipino alibata?.... Ok just me?

  13. cheeky •v• birb

    cheeky •v• birbMonth ago

    dude imagine looking out your window and seeing some person being chased by monsters while holding a umbrella

  14. Thomas Darland

    Thomas DarlandMonth ago


  15. Jennifer Barbera

    Jennifer BarberaMonth ago

    Oh, I thought the phone was going to say "Hello, hello, hello".

  16. ghost 76

    ghost 76Month ago

    00:27 tf did u compare me to .

  17. Aldrich Acoritay

    Aldrich AcoritayMonth ago

    watching this while taking a dump 👁️👄👁️

  18. Rachel DeMattia

    Rachel DeMattiaMonth ago

    Gimme love :(

  19. moved account!

    moved account!Month ago


  20. kaylieslife

    kaylieslifeMonth ago

    Jay's intro tho LMAO

  21. Wolfy !!

    Wolfy !!Month ago

    Have you play Dude theft wars (on android) And even Roblox (U can play roblox on pc or computer and android and mobile)

  22. Bella the cookie :3

    Bella the cookie :3Month ago

    yo jay i BET that if he werent in YT he would be a flight attendant "EERYBODY BUCLE UP CUZ HERE WE GO"

  23. Gamer Beast

    Gamer BeastMonth ago

    Me: scrolling thru the comments looking for the people who tell when the jumpscares happen😂

  24. Pancit Canton

    Pancit CantonMonth ago

    1:53 I just realized that those characters are "Baybayin" ancient writing from the Philippines.

  25. Why Stop

    Why StopMonth ago

    8:52 when he said "STOPP" he actually sounded ultra mad

  26. Belen Montoya

    Belen Montoya2 months ago

    I love your videos

  27. asha gnoosh

    asha gnoosh2 months ago

    "V3 whatever the hell that means." Danganronpa fans: wait a dAMN MINUTE

  28. Leona Balogh

    Leona Balogh2 months ago

    The "ghost" looks like the man behind the slaughter :)))

  29. Leona Balogh

    Leona Balogh2 months ago

    i says the same thing :)))

  30. okana

    okana2 months ago


  31. Xx gamergirlxX

    Xx gamergirlxX2 months ago

    You should play call of duty j

  32. embsh nsgsi

    embsh nsgsi2 months ago


  33. Craig Chance

    Craig Chance2 months ago

    Jay buckle up: headphones:yeah I'm leaving I'm gone

  34. Faith Garcellano

    Faith Garcellano2 months ago

    watch me try and figure out if the baybayin actually spells words and get completely confused because it could be another dialect

  35. Kierra Demers

    Kierra Demers2 months ago

    Have to say, Jay looks BOMB with earrings. Never saw them cuz of the headphones

  36. لينا المطيري

    لينا المطيري2 months ago

    The first game scared the crap out of me

  37. Slycooper14

    Slycooper142 months ago

    All those dislikes are from people who didn't buckle up

  38. Sondra Capulong

    Sondra Capulong2 months ago



    BEST LYRICS2 months ago

    me when a bug passes by me 8:53

  40. XCreamX

    XCreamX2 months ago

    i feel like my brother is your look-a-like because you look JUST like him lmao

  41. Majestilc lijo

    Majestilc lijo2 months ago


  42. Aaron

    Aaron2 months ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about the PornHub intro playing at 3:32?? 😳

  43. Reese Espiritu

    Reese Espiritu2 months ago

    the writings on the bathroom stall( game 1) looks like baybayin "BUSALAN" ?? :0 (filipino here)

  44. Vasw Ts

    Vasw Ts2 months ago

    2:39 This was a legit movie acting on jumpscares-

  45. Vasw Ts

    Vasw Ts2 months ago

    *_0:31_* _Jay to the Butthole_ *_SING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_*

  46. Hawk_n_ Izzie.Animates

    Hawk_n_ Izzie.Animates2 months ago

    R u gonna fight the chicken like on family guy

  47. Kalynn_

    Kalynn_2 months ago


  48. Sally Register

    Sally Register2 months ago


  49. Bentlee Isley

    Bentlee Isley2 months ago

    That scared the shit out of me game 1

  50. ••Not shy, not me ••

    ••Not shy, not me ••2 months ago

    This video: *Exists* Me: *Spends literally 35 minutes laughing after watching it*. My concerned mother: What is wrong with you child-

  51. Basp2005

    Basp20052 months ago


  52. Sophia Jacobs

    Sophia Jacobs2 months ago

    Is no one else bothered with the fact that the last game used the wrong “you’re” at the beginning? 😭😭😬

  53. Kokichi’s middle finger

    Kokichi’s middle finger2 months ago

    0:32 jay is slowly turning into Ariana grande

  54. Itzmeh Peachy

    Itzmeh Peachy2 months ago

    Bruh I swear to God these commnets are gonna be the end of me 😭🤣💀

  55. Kokichi Oma

    Kokichi Oma2 months ago

    That is what kokona see when ayano peek on her with her sanity low

  56. okana

    okana2 months ago

    kate rlly went "yoeyoeyo"

  57. P1X3L B1N4RY

    P1X3L B1N4RY2 months ago

    cream soda is actually my fav colddrink :D

  58. sophie

    sophie3 months ago

    jay's headphones falling off was so cute

  59. Aki

    Aki3 months ago


  60. Brandon Singleness

    Brandon Singleness3 months ago


  61. hanari.komorebi_

    hanari.komorebi_3 months ago

    2:35 i think those letters are called Baybayin (the first alphabet in the Philippines) it's just looks like it

  62. Ta'teyanna W.

    Ta'teyanna W.3 months ago

    15:24 bruh somebody better notice this but tell me why that cleaning thingy look like that one toy that the bully in toy story made with the baby doll head and spider legs🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. P&J Nation

    P&J Nation3 months ago

    I just noticed that he never blinks when he does in intro/ outro 🤣

  64. Slime Monster 379

    Slime Monster 3793 months ago


  65. Gacha_InThe_CORNER

    Gacha_InThe_CORNER3 months ago

    I thought someone farted when the dude growled I didn't see it because I was reading the comments then I heard Jay yell Everything for me changed after I resumed the moment I died laughing

  66. Gacha potato

    Gacha potato3 months ago


  67. dark link

    dark link3 months ago

    2:41 William afton's brother or cousin (It is a fnaf joke)

  68. brewedkophie

    brewedkophie3 months ago

    1:14 aren't those characters "alibata"? the old filipino alphabet? or am i trippin- edit: i think it says bosalano/busalanu/busalano/bosalanu

  69. Raven Snow

    Raven Snow3 months ago

    RIP headphones

  70. X.Rayne.X

    X.Rayne.X3 months ago


  71. Micah Castro

    Micah Castro3 months ago

    2:42 That make me shout inside🤣🤣🤣 I love Jay's intro!

  72. Precious Lakez

    Precious Lakez3 months ago

    Me, thinking Jay's doing a run at 0:31 ;w;

  73. Silent Konami

    Silent Konami3 months ago

    Hey I’m G from the club scouts

  74. Gacha potato

    Gacha potato3 months ago


  75. batsethman 00

    batsethman 003 months ago

    Don't look up

  76. Terra Bites

    Terra Bites3 months ago

    Nothing scares me more than first person horror games where you’re being chased

  77. Matyi Family

    Matyi Family3 months ago

    Bro did no one else here this?? 2:55 "Second video for today's episode is..." Even edit Jay didn't see this???

  78. julie and the phantoms fan

    julie and the phantoms fan3 months ago

    The game:the thing in the other stall Jay:*jumps* oh no Me:holds my heart like I had a heart attack

  79. Giorgi Tkemaladze

    Giorgi Tkemaladze3 months ago

    Jay i have a good game suggestion, it's called "the letter" it really scary and really interesting please play it. at least check it out, it has really good game graphics, voiced and you have to read only little. you play through 7 characters, it's about a girl who finds a latter and it says "help me" in blood. after that a ghoast keeps following her and her friends, you choose the fate of the characters and their relationships, they can die and they can date each other, there's a lot of endings please check it out, you can find it in play store, by yang yang mobile. check it out it's really good and worth it, i'll warn you you have to pay 20$? i think, but it really is worth it.

  80. sorbet shark simp

    sorbet shark simp3 months ago

    1:41 i seem to read it as “bosadan” it’s in baybayin, I believe. It seems to be the old filipino alphabet)

  81. Athena Marcelo

    Athena Marcelo3 months ago

    No one's gonna talk about the baybayin in the first game? LOL

  82. WolfeNumderOne Allende

    WolfeNumderOne Allende3 months ago

    Jay dose a better voice for a girl then a man

  83. Egg

    Egg3 months ago

    What a twist

  84. lora 523

    lora 5233 months ago

    So does anybody else when they get tired get super silly? Because all I did was read the title and I'm ugly laughing.

  85. Pizza_Chica Butcher

    Pizza_Chica Butcher3 months ago


  86. Staplesworld

    Staplesworld3 months ago

    Cream soda is actually a very commonly used name for a popular soft drink here in South Africa 😅

  87. Kaelyn Branch

    Kaelyn Branch3 months ago

    What a twist

  88. RosesAre Red

    RosesAre Red3 months ago

    The first game is you tryna take a dump with your homie peeping.

  89. Itsyaboi_Petgamer 2.0

    Itsyaboi_Petgamer 2.03 months ago

    *Fetishes too the next level*

  90. Jaax Attack

    Jaax Attack3 months ago

    Ngl the noises kate and the other people were making made me so frickin uneasy man

  91. Ricky Walker

    Ricky Walker3 months ago

    when he went to like that basement in the last game it reminded me of like something called the backrooms or something

  92. Gxxcha_ Nugget UwU

    Gxxcha_ Nugget UwU3 months ago

    jay scream's get me everytime...😂😂😅

  93. Ofelia Melon

    Ofelia Melon3 months ago

    Jay: is it because my shits are that stinky? Me: BWAHAHAHAHA JUST LIKE MY DAD

  94. StarrAngel Howard

    StarrAngel Howard3 months ago

    He has a ghost in his ass

  95. 《 H e i d e n W a l t e r 》

    《 H e i d e n W a l t e r 》3 months ago

    Why he be looking like a tomato?

  96. Mad Toad

    Mad Toad3 months ago

    Bruh I jumped when I saw the robot spider come out of nowhere

  97. Ameila Rosalina The Hedgehog

    Ameila Rosalina The Hedgehog3 months ago

    This is so funny and hilarious I love your videos so much

  98. akabanemilk ‘

    akabanemilk ‘3 months ago

    0:24 toilet bound hanako kun type beat❤️

  99. Tychoorzo

    Tychoorzo3 months ago

    I'm here in the comments watching the vid too because I'm actually scared 😂

  100. wierd animator

    wierd animator3 months ago

    wata tuwist

  101. Ghost WølfXx

    Ghost WølfXx3 months ago

    12:29 Oh wow I like how the security did like: wom 12 times

  102. Ghost Hatty

    Ghost Hatty3 months ago

    Why was Purple Guy hanging around at the bathroom stalls?