Among Us But I Just Woke Up (And Still Won) | Among us ft Gloom, Sykkuno & More!

Among us with big brain players like Gloom, Sykkuno, Smajor, Laurenzside, Quarter Jade, Neekolul, OMGChad, Showthyme & Bobby isn't going to be easy, but you know your boy is ready for the challenge! Leave a LIKE for more!
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  1. Xx Miss._.NonOriginalStuff xX

    Xx Miss._.NonOriginalStuff xX8 hours ago

    Part 10000000 10 years later… 000000000001 of Jay Raging/Swearing

  2. 460 dgrs

    460 dgrs11 hours ago


  3. BAYA꧂ NNA꧂

    BAYA꧂ NNA꧂23 hours ago

    bro i like you say THAT DUDE l am so liked🙂

  4. Thruster Cannon

    Thruster CannonDay ago

    The ace attorney music though

  5. • simplysxnxdee •

    • simplysxnxdee •4 days ago

    jay is getting better at lying in among us because I was playing among us while listening to him play and at the end I thought he was a crewmate while they were voting someone at the last vote time and he fooled me when I got back to USlikes to see him sabotaging XD keep up the work jay

  6. IthinkIWillHaveAGoodYouTubeExperience

    IthinkIWillHaveAGoodYouTubeExperience4 days ago

    Dat Ace attorney music doe


    ATHENA HTET4 days ago

    "My small brain went smaller"

  8. Amira Butkovic

    Amira Butkovic4 days ago

    ay maybe kubz scouts maybe you can play with the boys:joshdub,juicy,eddie,mully,narrator and more ! they are just like you! hope you like the idea and pls sub to kubkz scouts and the boys!

  9. Sergio Beltran

    Sergio Beltran4 days ago

    Jay: *AGRESSIVLY TYPES* Me: that's on anger issues

  10. Johanna Tayaban

    Johanna Tayaban5 days ago

    Speaking of children LAUREN'S PREGNANT!!!!

  11. uwu owo

    uwu owo5 days ago

    I just kept chanting domestic violence the whole video because it's cruel and hilarious when people notice it😂😂😂😂

  12. The lost nerf dart

    The lost nerf dart5 days ago

    Jay's getting better

  13. The Otaku Sh0gun

    The Otaku Sh0gun5 days ago

    'Bruh Jay is like Phoenix Wright in "Ace Attorney", wth that IQ--

  14. Jasmine Walker

    Jasmine Walker6 days ago

    I love that background music anyone remember what it’s from 😏😏😏😏😏

  15. Mari -chan

    Mari -chan7 days ago

    I was dying when I watched gloom's live

  16. Because Why Not

    Because Why Not7 days ago

    Not Jay using Ace Attorney sounds when he stopped playing the series 6 months ago :/

  17. IamHorrible28 With Appalling Videos

    IamHorrible28 With Appalling Videos7 days ago

    That dude strikes again… 20 Murders in one day.

  18. 90sspit

    90sspit7 days ago

    The Next Kira

  19. Sharon louise Fanning

    Sharon louise Fanning9 days ago

    Jay have vocals

  20. Kathryn Woolems

    Kathryn Woolems9 days ago

    Hey I've got an'll take some convincing of your friends but it'd be fun and interesting to watch. Idea: Among Us Danganronpa style. Meaning if you find the body you have to wait for 2 more people to "discover the body" before you can call it. This could be a good way for killers to get multi kills as well as to get sus off them or blame others for also being at the body. Those at the body have to call out that they found the body. This might only work for the first round or two seeing as eventually there won't be enough people for 3 people to discover the body. Or you can play this game mode with 1 imposter.

  21. sushi anime

    sushi anime10 days ago

    I love jay when he laugh

  22. Mateo

    Mateo10 days ago

    The dude himself just woke up, *he hearted every comment*

  23. Penny Lane

    Penny Lane11 days ago

    Sykkuno as crewmate: it could be me Sykkuno as imposter: It could be me

  24. Pengus Play game

    Pengus Play game11 days ago

    Jay is a bad ass killer

  25. Irene Cabucos

    Irene Cabucos11 days ago

    Jay: *Wakes up Late* All of em':WhEn Do yOu ThInK iS JaY gOnNa JoIn...

  26. • saphire Wulff・

    • saphire Wulff・12 days ago

    Among us imposter be like: ima take this knifu and end your lifu

  27. pixelwhite 43

    pixelwhite 4312 days ago

    Bobby on the first round I'm stuck with this guy

  28. TBP Bricks

    TBP Bricks12 days ago

    Can I call jay jay daddy

  29. Sarah Clayton

    Sarah Clayton12 days ago

    I wanna see a Gloom and Jay imposter game so bad

  30. apd_a4

    apd_a412 days ago

    11:18 what are you doing step bro?!

  31. ꧁- Asher -꧂

    ꧁- Asher -꧂13 days ago

    15:32 What the hell was that neekolui!? Pls tell me I wasn't the only one that heard that!

  32. Heba Elsayd

    Heba Elsayd13 days ago

    How do I even- this dude, no no no, THAT DUDE just woke up and thought ¨it would be cool if I say I just woke up¨ knowing damn well that puts u in a disadvantage and friggin gets impostor- i swear this game hates him.

  33. Jake Wade

    Jake Wade13 days ago

    the phoenix wright sound effects make this game funnier

  34. anonymous llama

    anonymous llama13 days ago

    I know I'm late but: I played among us with some friends from Italy and that round I was the Impasta.(no offence to anyone)

  35. Jhope's Sprite

    Jhope's Sprite14 days ago

    I love how Jay decided to not wait to turn off the lights and just killed him right there 😂

  36. ꧁- Asher -꧂

    ꧁- Asher -꧂13 days ago

    Ikr 😂

  37. The legendary steak

    The legendary steak14 days ago

    Jay you should of waited to kill sykuno instead of Cassie in the first round then if you killed him in the perfect time you could of blamed Cassie.

  38. Julia Msp

    Julia Msp16 days ago


  39. Gameboy Mastery

    Gameboy Mastery16 days ago

    Me imagining to play with Scott: this is so fun People playing with Scott irl: dam. This guy's big brain

  40. Alziyad Ladjahindo

    Alziyad Ladjahindo17 days ago

    jay play erie


    IAN SERRANO17 days ago


  42. Janice Hamlet

    Janice Hamlet17 days ago

    Jay i love your chamg🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  43. Yumeko Jabami

    Yumeko Jabami18 days ago

    Is it just me who thinks Sykkuno sounds like Nagito??

  44. Soms DRC

    Soms DRC18 days ago

    seeing two of my fav youtubers, lauren and jay, in the same vid is already great enough, but seeing them be an imposter team together is even better!!

  45. Jeanette Rodriguez

    Jeanette Rodriguez18 days ago

    Jay couldn’t play Sykkuno cus he knows Corpse’s tricks lol

  46. Snowflake14

    Snowflake1418 days ago

    Have you heard of the 11th player lobby among us Creepypasta?

  47. Dude De Coop

    Dude De Coop18 days ago

    "Goddamnit Bobby"

  48. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith19 days ago

    Lol who else loves how Gloom says admin

  49. Vicki Truong

    Vicki Truong19 days ago

    When Jay died from smajor you could see the frustration in his face

  50. grecia sal

    grecia sal19 days ago

    this will forever be my favorite colab

  51. un known

    un known19 days ago

    smajor sounds like razz

  52. Mikayla444

    Mikayla44419 days ago

    I didnt watch you for some time and JESUS CHRIST YOU'RE SKINNY, GJ DUDE

  53. Jahnia Rios

    Jahnia Rios19 days ago

    Play with corpse

  54. emily morales

    emily morales19 days ago

    i wish corpse were playing with them too 😔

  55. satan

    satan19 days ago

    I love it when he’s happy

  56. The#1 missinglink

    The#1 missinglink19 days ago


  57. Sophia Valenzuela

    Sophia Valenzuela19 days ago

    you know jay is thinking real hard when hes stroking his beard

  58. Ace-Can BCT

    Ace-Can BCT19 days ago

    I like how there's godly music whenever Jay is the imp 😂 it makes jay sound epic 😎

  59. Marīrin

    Marīrin19 days ago

    4:29 "We'll be okay"

  60. Anabel Garcia

    Anabel Garcia20 days ago


  61. Anime tiktok

    Anime tiktok20 days ago

    Jay can u do more

  62. Anime tiktok

    Anime tiktok20 days ago


  63. kayuncensored

    kayuncensored20 days ago

    upload another video of danganronpa please :(

  64. rn

    rn20 days ago

    i like how everybody was yelling about jay being late then he just joins and says quietly “i just woke up” 💀😭

  65. J.inthis

    J.inthis20 days ago

    is sykkuno senpai's voice actor tho

  66. Dva plays

    Dva plays20 days ago

    You are that DUDE! I love your videos I think they are really funny :D

  67. Retro _Uzu

    Retro _Uzu20 days ago

    Gloom: why do i hear boss music??? Jay ( imposter ): Omae wa mou shindeiru

  68. Blair

    Blair20 days ago

    I like the dramatic music 😂

  69. Your biggest fan It’s true

    Your biggest fan It’s true20 days ago

    Jay I have a question Ik this video isn’t about yandere but can you maybe ask yandere dev (if I said that right) if he can add a mod where you can play as senpai

  70. BS nugget

    BS nugget20 days ago

    I shat myself thinking that scott played it off

  71. Liam Ross

    Liam Ross20 days ago

    4:27 Lauren is pregnant OwO she'll have to do some explaining to that baby soon

  72. Unknown Dreamer

    Unknown Dreamer20 days ago

    The only thing that comes outta Jay's mouth is cap

  73. Smtjnima 02

    Smtjnima 0220 days ago

    Respect bro

  74. precious mj

    precious mj20 days ago

    i love this man.

  75. •Pøtatø cłips•

    •Pøtatø cłips•20 days ago

    Jay: struggling his first time being imposter Jay now: *Im Your nightmare*

  76. Jsjdhdh Jdjdjdjdu

    Jsjdhdh Jdjdjdjdu20 days ago

    That hair tho

  77. galaxy DA wolf

    galaxy DA wolf20 days ago


  78. [ KatZapp ]

    [ KatZapp ]20 days ago

    "are you eating breakfast!???" me in every classroom meeting

  79. Robyn Harris

    Robyn Harris20 days ago

    Yo tell me why this man look like cory sherere( I don't know how to spell his last name).with the hat off😂

  80. Alizabeth Oliger

    Alizabeth Oliger21 day ago

    Jay are u ever gonna do 60 seconds vids anymore? Like if u think he should!🥰

  81. Lil London Gacha

    Lil London Gacha21 day ago

    This is frickin hilarious 🤣

  82. krabbiekassie

    krabbiekassie21 day ago


  83. krabbiekassie

    krabbiekassie21 day ago

    Little off topic but I'm so glad that Kassie's getting more confident and talking a lot more than she used to

  84. David Mrad

    David Mrad21 day ago

    The first round was wow😂

  85. ArwenOfTheRings

    ArwenOfTheRings21 day ago

    I like how jay said his small brain went smaller instead of small brain went smooth Or was it already smooth?? The world may never know

  86. Demonslayerx Kpop

    Demonslayerx Kpop21 day ago

    Why is youtube giving meh a notif 3 days later that Jay posted

  87. C o d y

    C o d y21 day ago

    Jays smile is so contagious 😂

  88. NoisyKitty Meow

    NoisyKitty Meow21 day ago

    Play w mike again!!

  89. Nurin Damia

    Nurin Damia21 day ago

    So I was watching all the videos and Jay klil like everyone if Bobby was klil all people if Jay would like klil everyone and everyone know that Jay suck at imposter I'm just saying that was funny lol😂 and is THAT DUDE

  90. Acc Acc

    Acc Acc21 day ago

    I want jay to play with corpse ✋😂

  91. Viktoria Scheuerer

    Viktoria Scheuerer21 day ago

    Can you play with corpse husband pls🥺😍 you both are my favorite youtubers

  92. Salwa world

    Salwa world21 day ago

    i like jay's headphones 🎧

  93. Bloomare

    Bloomare21 day ago

    We stan jay for clear skin 😌✋

  94. HaloMuffin

    HaloMuffin21 day ago

    Hey jay, do you ever host any games. For fans?

  95. HaloMuffin

    HaloMuffin21 day ago

    You are very inspiring and cool jay 👁👄👁👌👌👌

  96. Dhakshana Amalasuthan

    Dhakshana Amalasuthan21 day ago

    When they were guessing how late Jay would be and then Jay appears brushing his teeth and just waking up: I'm Jay when me and my friends are playing 😂

  97. SmallChillyBoii

    SmallChillyBoii21 day ago

    jay, if you want your tasks and when a body gets reported to be smooth, then turn on vsync

  98. Ritechoa

    Ritechoa21 day ago

    Jay so handsome! Also I wanna see the baby!

  99. Aldrich Mappala

    Aldrich Mappala21 day ago

    Hello Jay pls continue phoenix wright

  100. Zephaniah

    Zephaniah21 day ago

    I want to play with you guys. Hate playing with randoms and I'm lonely, have no friends to play with 😔

  101. Y Kim

    Y Kim21 day ago

    Istg one day detective training gon be Among Us and Danganronpa smh