YOU GUYS TOLD ME NOT TO LOOK INTO AN ENDERMAN'S EYES (I Looked Into It's Eyes) | Minecraft [2]

Looked into this sucker's eyes smh, leave like for part 3
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  1. C

    C9 hours ago



    CRAZY GAMER4216 hours ago

    Bro he gets into his fellings soooooo deep it’s funny 😆 5:46

  3. Daydreamer _Cookie

    Daydreamer _CookieDay ago

    Jay should play Minecraft horror maps, it would be really cool! :D

  4. Wolf

    Wolf2 days ago

    Jay, pls read. U remember the “spikey snail” that u saw in that ravine? (Big opening like a crack in the mine) The spikey snail indicates that a stronghold is nearby.Strongholds contain the portal to the end.(and good loot!) lol i just realised that this was posted 3 months ago

  5. Violeta OwO

    Violeta OwO2 days ago

    Please stop looking at him it is 10:33 pm and im shaking in my short more than the ender man

  6. Ghusoon Ali

    Ghusoon Ali2 days ago

    Don’t stare at the Enderman or he will kill you and he also teleport

  7. Ghusoon Ali

    Ghusoon Ali2 days ago

    Yes so lucky 😶

  8. Rheanna Telles

    Rheanna Telles4 days ago

    Jay:*looks in endermen's eye*AHHHH AHHHHHHHH!! Endermen:Bish come back here I need to kill you Me:BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Victoria Hadfield

    Victoria Hadfield4 days ago

    Enderman fact: they hate water if you kill it you get this thing when you throw you go somewhere

  10. Super Potato

    Super Potato4 days ago

    I should get back on Minecraft

  11. Megin Hill

    Megin Hill5 days ago

    Jae:StOp PlAyIn WiTh Me!?! Also Jae:SpIkY hAIReD SnAiL!?!?🥴😧🥴😦

  12. Low quality Naruto Uzumaki

    Low quality Naruto Uzumaki5 days ago

    Jay of you ever accidentally look at the Endermans eyes go to body part of water they hate water

  13. Leafty

    Leafty6 days ago

    Jay if you wanna do more damage when fighting , then there’s a bar in the middle of your screen and when it fills up you should hit because it does more damage, also use a axe because they do 9 attack and swords do 4

  14. Vixtion

    Vixtion6 days ago

    I love how jay was heckling the enderman and then shit his pants when ti teleported

  15. Depyal gaming channel Rai

    Depyal gaming channel Rai7 days ago

    And cap

  16. Depyal gaming channel Rai

    Depyal gaming channel Rai7 days ago

    No j you have to look right up in the eyes

  17. Yoyo Bunny

    Yoyo Bunny7 days ago

    Tip: stay in the water when an enderman attacks you cuz they hate water

  18. Robloxgrlfan6745

    Robloxgrlfan67458 days ago

    It’s bedrock

  19. Gerlie Masbate

    Gerlie Masbate8 days ago

    you see those blocks that you cant block?? its called bedrock

  20. jake_Plaz 21

    jake_Plaz 218 days ago

    has anyone told him that endermen cant walk in water

  21. Sky Stoehr

    Sky Stoehr8 days ago

    i like the zelda ocarina of time music in the back :)


    SHIRLEY TAN Moe9 days ago

    is a emerald good? Since I just got 3 emerald's in a banned village : ^


    MZZNINJETTA9 days ago


  24. Moonlight _ marshmallow 1.0

    Moonlight _ marshmallow 1.09 days ago

    How jay says the Minecraft mob’s names: Ender man=great value slender man Skeleton=shooting thing Silver fish= spiky haired thing 👁👄👁 💧 💧

  25. Delson Barr

    Delson Barr10 days ago

    Jay:he can't get me ender man:are you sure about that

  26. Roberta Celedinaite

    Roberta Celedinaite10 days ago

    pease do more

  27. Arlie Guest

    Arlie Guest10 days ago

    minecraft is not scary

  28. Arlie Guest

    Arlie Guest10 days ago

    he is so funny

  29. Jaylen Christinholley

    Jaylen Christinholley10 days ago

    i love your choice in zelda music

  30. Aa Ss

    Aa Ss11 days ago

    Why aren't you listening to us we said don't look into he's eye's but that's ok...

  31. Ronnie Smith

    Ronnie Smith12 days ago

    Can't every time Jay screams I start laughing I can't I can't take it 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. chamtastictv

    chamtastictv12 days ago

    Jay : Oh god... OH DEAR My POV : ...Are you old sir? :/

  33. chamtastictv

    chamtastictv12 days ago

    10:10 wow did you even know about the endermans THEY CAN TELEPORT YA KNOW?

  34. Kyra Stehura

    Kyra Stehura12 days ago

    Fight him like a MAN Jay!!

  35. Kyra Stehura

    Kyra Stehura12 days ago

    Where you find emerald you have to watch out for silver fish

  36. Itzkatzgachaz

    Itzkatzgachaz12 days ago

    He scared of an enderman? I have one word to say, LOL

  37. XxTrusting SinsxX

    XxTrusting SinsxX12 days ago

    Jay you can also find diamonds near bedrock, I found diamonds near bedrock before you might be lucky

  38. Uriel Martinez

    Uriel Martinez12 days ago


  39. Anandbazar Ganzorig

    Anandbazar Ganzorig13 days ago

    he crafted the shield and didn’t even used it

  40. XxSleepy_CookiexX :3

    XxSleepy_CookiexX :313 days ago

    btw if you want to defeat an great value slenderman use water craft a bucket get water and pour it on great value slenderman they will get weaker bcus they hate water also you get a enderpearl if you kill it (i have really bad english)

  41. abad ali

    abad ali13 days ago


  42. Guy Pace

    Guy Pace13 days ago

    dats why you don't mess with a enderman!!!!


    SHOKO TODOHOENI14 days ago

    "Spiky haired snail"

  44. BaconSlayer GG

    BaconSlayer GG15 days ago

    2:42 Spiky haired snail LMAO XDDD got me laughing so hard

  45. Rose naime

    Rose naime15 days ago

    His screams scare me more than the actual game

  46. Samantha Seibold

    Samantha Seibold15 days ago

    If you go six or ten blocks above that end of world rock, you have a more likely chance of finding diamond. That is where it spawns

  47. Jena Templin

    Jena Templin15 days ago


  48. menma 8eueheh7djdnr

    menma 8eueheh7djdnr16 days ago

    This man pissed off the great value slenderman

  49. gamingwithalyssa

    gamingwithalyssa16 days ago

    boy had a golden apple and took the bread

  50. navya singh

    navya singh16 days ago

    I love how accurate Jay voiced us commenters

  51. Animations by nope

    Animations by nope16 days ago

    Me: Pls make minecraft videos be on dream level 💯 Jay: challenge accepted Dream:😱

  52. Banana

    Banana16 days ago

    omg I can't when jay got scared 4:14

  53. Classic beepobob Dad

    Classic beepobob Dad16 days ago

    Video notice: if my man didnt have water near his base he would have died. And btw Jay endermen can be hurt by water

  54. Tonella Alexander

    Tonella Alexander17 days ago

    Jay: guys why didn’t you tell me this is the scariest game ever In part 1 jay: this is relaxing game

  55. Kittycute Gacha

    Kittycute Gacha17 days ago

    Robert: Hahahah this dude cant get me 1 sec later: AHHHHHHHHHHH LM SORRY

  56. gacha dema

    gacha dema17 days ago

    yes that was the end of the world that was bedrock it can't break but if you break it in creative mode under it is the *void*

  57. lana bean

    lana bean18 days ago

    the zelda music in the background is such a vibe 🎶:-)

  58. Geetha ps

    Geetha ps18 days ago

    🌹merry chirstmas🌹lol i am laughing right now😂why? Thats because looking at hes house Like.. Why he bulid hes house underground 😂😂like... DUDE

  59. Lucky Blue

    Lucky Blue18 days ago

    Kubz: I like gold Everyone:it’s literally useless

  60. Lucky Blue

    Lucky Blue18 days ago

    Me:takes a few minutes to make a house outside Kubz:builds house underground Me:I knew undertale would come back to haunt me

  61. Blob Brothers

    Blob Brothers19 days ago

    this is my favorite video on the channel. maybe above senior woofers.

  62. Alrom Vincent Pascual

    Alrom Vincent Pascual19 days ago

    Do more Minecraft pls

  63. Alrom Vincent Pascual

    Alrom Vincent Pascual19 days ago

    Do more Minecraft

  64. Jan

    Jan19 days ago

    9:54 lollll

  65. Jeishamia Pino

    Jeishamia Pino20 days ago

    I like minchaft

  66. Anni Thomas

    Anni Thomas20 days ago

    Jay just has a way of making things so much scarier... like I was not scared of endermen before this video

  67. Rain Aquino

    Rain Aquino20 days ago

    If you have a lot of domons you can mack dimon armor that you can were and that black thing is called a ender man

  68. The TrashCan

    The TrashCan21 day ago



    ANIME STUFF21 day ago

    𝔹𝕣𝕦𝕙 𝕕𝕚𝕕𝕟'𝕥 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕟 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕘𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕟 𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕝𝕖

  70. ioixoi

    ioixoi22 days ago

    Enderman just was giving a nice pose for the video, why u gotta do him like that man

  71. Neshialo

    Neshialo22 days ago

    now, stare at enderMEN

  72. TharaEvelyn

    TharaEvelyn24 days ago

    Endermans are afraid of water.

  73. Nukawin

    Nukawin24 days ago

    Endermen are my favourite mobs XD I really enjoy their company when they aren't ripping my base apart with their block-stealing antics.

  74. Pretty Kitty

    Pretty Kitty24 days ago

    :( I also couldn't find a SINGLE SINGLE SINGLE EMERALD!!! i only would find, Lapiz, Gold, Iron, and coal and the other thingy coal which idk the name, only a little diomands, i just found 4 diomands. How lucky

  75. [ruby_Luna]

    [ruby_Luna]25 days ago

    17:32 jay: where am I !?! Spider:Hell

  76. Lance Pria

    Lance Pria25 days ago

    9:51 ah yes every first encounter reaction

  77. N3PET4!!!!

    N3PET4!!!!25 days ago

    Ik this is from 2 months but they’re scared of water so if it’s chasing u go in water

  78. Elian garcia

    Elian garcia25 days ago

    the only way to kill an ender man is to place water on the ground and the ender man is there

  79. シュレック

    シュレック26 days ago

    FACT: it helps if you don’t spam click when your swinging with your sword (it charges up your critical hits I think)

  80. Remedios Sison

    Remedios Sison28 days ago

    etiqa is it decorate anyo anyo composer

  81. Guiljen Dela Rosa

    Guiljen Dela Rosa28 days ago

    it will never break in survival

  82. Guiljen Dela Rosa

    Guiljen Dela Rosa28 days ago

    the rock that you cant mine was bedrock

  83. Guiljen Dela Rosa

    Guiljen Dela Rosa28 days ago

    emerald was the most rare ore in the game

  84. Yandere _ Painfall

    Yandere _ Painfall28 days ago

    Jay understands why minecraft is so famous.

  85. Elaseo Martinez

    Elaseo Martinez29 days ago

    Enderman) they hate water DONT look in it's eyes (again) water hurts them there tall.

  86. lily leon

    lily leon29 days ago

    These the scariest Minecraft series LFMAO

  87. Courtney Kingsbury

    Courtney Kingsbury29 days ago

    Does jay know gold is better than diamonds ;-;

  88. YoungOasis

    YoungOasis29 days ago

    endermen are 3 blocks tall, the player is 2. So the reason it didnt follow you all the way is it got stuck, and then you got out of range for it to teleport. Also those spikey snake things are silverfish. They appear in a place you need to beat the game, and mountain biomes. You were most likely mountain biome because the place you need to beat the game is DIFFCULT TO FIND. Its known as a stronghold to be specific. Edit: Oh and endermen are scared of water so you wont see them when it rains or out in the water.

  89. Milky Way UwU

    Milky Way UwUMonth ago

    One thing Jay, if you wanna avoid the enderman get some water bucket. Enderman hates water. (Dunno why tho)

  90. Suniana Alam

    Suniana AlamMonth ago

    whatever he uses to pick up the stuff for Nintendo it a but if he presses it twice then he picks up the same item that's spread around the chest

  91. Boba tea PlayzYT

    Boba tea PlayzYTMonth ago

    Pepper rock: I am food Pepper: Eat me

  92. PO TATO

    PO TATOMonth ago


  93. Logan Stanback

    Logan StanbackMonth ago

    If you look at his eyes for a secondHe will attack you


    DANK ILIAMonth ago

    I mean u are that dude so u got to decision

  95. Janleo Delfierro

    Janleo DelfierroMonth ago

    9:57 Jay - That's cute Enderman - Y'CALLED ME CUTE HUH?

  96. Euphoric Tigress

    Euphoric TigressMonth ago


  97. MoonLight Games

    MoonLight GamesMonth ago

    My friends always got mad at me cause i build my houses in most hardest and highest spots. Hanging from a cliff ot in it and use a fake house to fool them XD

  98. Gamer Girl

    Gamer GirlMonth ago



    FIONA EIK PING MoeMonth ago

    Jay: "Ooh shit.... Oh he's close-- Enderman: *teleport beside Jay* Jay: *triggers*

  100. Iris LuvStar

    Iris LuvStarMonth ago

    Imagine if Jay went to the End That would be a great video

  101. Suechung Koh

    Suechung KohMonth ago

    The block you can't mine is called bedrock You can't break it because it's the last block underground. In the Nether, its at the top