Playing Danganronpa; the most requested game on my channel after Persona 5 and Phoenix Wright...are we doing this right now?! Let me know if you want Part 2..
Danganronpa game link:
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  1. Frog Mania

    Frog Mania11 hours ago

    It’s 11037. NO THATS WRONG!

  2. Red_404

    Red_404Day ago

    Hey jay, what was your reaction when you found out Sakura ogami was a girl

  3. Jada Moore

    Jada MooreDay ago

    You should watch the actual anime if you haven’t

  4. •Celestia Ludenburg •

    •Celestia Ludenburg •3 days ago

    I acted so smart in this 😌👏

  5. •Celestia Ludenburg •

    •Celestia Ludenburg •Day ago

    @Sgt_Pasty I know.

  6. Sgt_Pasty

    Sgt_Pasty2 days ago

    bruh you died.

  7. Eunji21

    Eunji214 days ago

    Makoto Naegi is the ultimate average lol edit: no hes not the ultimate average... HES THE ULTRIMATE PREDICTOR!! like me uwu. Wait. Does that mean im useless too?

  8. oneday

    oneday4 days ago

    Should i just watch the anime?

  9. Sami

    Sami7 hours ago

    the games are way better, anime goes by way too fast and there's not an anime for all the games

  10. Sage Haupt

    Sage Haupt5 days ago

    Jay: *skips introductions of the characters* Me, who knows nothing about this game: 👁👄👁

  11. FoxZero99 Gaming

    FoxZero99 Gaming5 days ago

    Tip my hat at sayaka maizono FOR THE ONLY ONE THAT IS PROBABLY WEARING A PROPER UNIFORM sad thing is she got knifed

  12. ysonde

    ysonde6 days ago

    please play danganronpa v3 i am BEGGING

  13. Truth Bullet

    Truth Bullet7 days ago

    Makoto...Maybe you have a talent after all... The ultimate stalker/creep!

  14. Ms Rosa

    Ms Rosa7 days ago

    Jay: *says danganronpa incorrectly* Danganronpa fans: And I took that personally. 😠

  15. Apollo Justice

    Apollo Justice7 days ago

    "I'd kill him second. No actually, I'd kill him at the same time as the four eyed guy" um.

  16. Kiki's Korner

    Kiki's Korner8 days ago

    Bro this show is the best! But can somebody help me find the second version of danganronpa ?

  17. Gloomy dark

    Gloomy dark10 days ago

    Jay finna go yandere-chan on them-

  18. Alondere

    Alondere10 days ago


  19. Monokuma

    Monokuma10 days ago


  20. お矢田アイキさん

    お矢田アイキさん12 days ago

    Anyone else rewatching the entire series again? No? Just me? Alright....

  21. •inset name•

    •inset name•6 days ago


  22. UwU Memix

    UwU Memix12 days ago

    i love the n word

  23. Cherry Sweetz

    Cherry Sweetz14 days ago

    Jay: *saying he'll kill hufumi and taka at the same time* Celetia:Hmm thats a good idea

  24. epickiller3723

    epickiller372314 days ago

    Man punched you like golden experience requiem

  25. Ashiro Sasaki

    Ashiro Sasaki14 days ago

    The outside of the classroom is kinda giving me vibes of Kamoshidas Palace

  26. •AnimeLover_109 •

    •AnimeLover_109 •15 days ago

    Isn't this like battle royal the movie?

  27. Bobby Gallardo

    Bobby Gallardo15 days ago

    Jay: ya'll probably already know these guys People who don't the characters: am i a joke to you

  28. Playful_ Artist

    Playful_ Artist15 days ago

    Me watching it on 10x speed cause I got school 🙂

  29. Unknown Weeb

    Unknown Weeb15 days ago

    Who has seen the Anime

  30. David Moore

    David Moore16 days ago

    I’m from the future a boo he is in for a ride

  31. Naruto Fox

    Naruto Fox16 days ago

    is it me or did i just hear "welcome to hoes peak academy

  32. Sad_eclypse

    Sad_eclypse16 days ago

    I finally made it. So this is where it all started. After 15 years. I finally see it again. And where jay saw it for the first time. 🙂 life is never too short

  33. Staralo

    Staralo17 days ago

    Yall talking about the foreshadowing in this game but araly noone gonna talk abt him mentioning Makotos height and weight I LOST IT THERE 😂😂😂😂

  34. Ulrica Gregg

    Ulrica Gregg17 days ago

    No cap I was 4 when this came out....🙃

  35. Melany Rivers

    Melany Rivers17 days ago

    his face when. monokuma showed up

  36. Gami Murasaki :3

    Gami Murasaki :318 days ago

    JAYYY TYSM for skipping the introductions!! They are boring when you know them all lol

  37. Pink Sus

    Pink Sus18 days ago

    Is jay Celeste in disguise?!?!

  38. Team Danganronpa

    Team Danganronpa18 days ago


  39. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda18 days ago

    Hoping by the time i finish rewatching both of Jay’s Danganronpa series, he plays V3

  40. Minerva Ferrer

    Minerva Ferrer18 days ago

    ⚠️Spoilers⚠️ Monokuma:Stabbing,strangling,bludegoning,crushing, *hacking* ,drowning igniting Me:Sees *hacking* Also me:How tf can you hack someone Also also me: *CHIAKI NANAMI THE ULTIMATE GAMER FLASHBACKS*

  41. Bella Howe

    Bella Howe19 days ago

    32:30 ummmmm... jay predicted the future

  42. Gudetama

    Gudetama19 days ago

    This video just has me questioning Jay’s sanity.

  43. The little Mushroom

    The little Mushroom20 days ago

    I just noticed- nagito and makoto have the same jacket *screams intensely*

  44. Chibi Flutter

    Chibi Flutter19 days ago

    Yup and in the game they have the same voice actor !

  45. Poo Man

    Poo Man22 days ago

    I love watching jay's face become so confused

  46. Indigoxox

    Indigoxox22 days ago

    im his is my first time watching bc my bf is making me get into their fandom

  47. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair23 days ago

    32:19 dang.... 32:33

  48. TL Productions

    TL Productions23 days ago

    *sigh* I liked maizono

  49. jeremy brown

    jeremy brown24 days ago

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Ochako Uraraka

    Ochako Uraraka24 days ago

    “Hes like, 6’7 with the hair tho” Ah yes, there is always one character in am anime with super long hair that stands straight up, Dangaronpa has hagakure, my hero academia has kirishima, haikyuu has nishinoya, bokuto, tendou, etc.

  51. Mariam N

    Mariam N23 days ago

    Ochaco what are you doing here👁👄👁

  52. cricket

    cricket24 days ago

    some videos in the series are gone :( i guess theyve been restricted?

  53. xx_Itzurdxmweeb_xx

    xx_Itzurdxmweeb_xx24 days ago

    Nice i'm the 11,500 comment

  54. Ellie Smith

    Ellie Smith25 days ago

    trust me, that model is nothing but average.

  55. Eric Chudzinski

    Eric Chudzinski25 days ago

    I don't even know the names

  56. Noon_Sunflower

    Noon_Sunflower25 days ago

    Don’t mind me just rewatching the series :)

  57. Kokichi oma

    Kokichi oma25 days ago

    me and my bff love leon and mondo idk why tho {spoilers ahead} not the leon ball or mondo butter :(

  58. Marigold

    Marigold25 days ago

    It makes me so happy that he played it this recently! I've seen clips and I always feel weird interacting with videos that are years old

  59. caligulasArmageddons

    caligulasArmageddons25 days ago

    Spoilers: Damn, Junko has some shite handWriting.

  60. caligulasArmageddons

    caligulasArmageddons25 days ago

    Y'all I've already played Danganronpa like three times, but I'm forgetful, so I'm watching it again 😭😭🙏🙏🙏

  61. Kokichi Kinnie Idiot

    Kokichi Kinnie Idiot26 days ago

    I love these games and I've played all three so I can finally watch this series. I'm really scared that Jay is gonna like toko even tho her character is really ableist and shit..

  62. Lyric K

    Lyric K26 days ago

    You few students- ad Me oh that's an unfortunate pause...


    HI_X_MOONLIGHTSS27 days ago

    Best anime

  64. Maya Gariepy

    Maya Gariepy27 days ago

    Hifumi Y A M A D A: *exists* Me: So whos your brother here Taro- ._.

  65. Lord Dragon

    Lord Dragon28 days ago

    I'll have two number 9's a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip two number 45 one with cheese and a large soda

  66. Catherine Bobatherine

    Catherine Bobatherine29 days ago

    Jay: wow theres so many characters in this game! Danganronpa fans: haha not for long

  67. Cars0mega Gamer God

    Cars0mega Gamer God29 days ago


  68. ꧁Lxmonade_Tee ꧂

    ꧁Lxmonade_Tee ꧂29 days ago

    Jay: I would kill Hifumi and Taka at the same time Celeste: ....You seem to have seen through my plan Something tells me that they will get along very nicely

  69. fandom mess

    fandom mess29 days ago

    SPOLIERS 35:06 Taka: Hit me! Celestia: Now that I understand and will do

  70. Ethan Collins

    Ethan Collins29 days ago

    13 - 8 = 5 6 dudes 7 girls 6 murders 1 suicider 1 double agent 1 master mind

  71. Nearpy

    NearpyMonth ago

    “Gimmie the baseball bat” Why does that sound so, Familiar.

  72. ツChimChim

    ツChimChimMonth ago

    Jay: I would kill him the same time i would kill the 4 eyes guy SPOILER!! Celeste: *allow me to finish this*

  73. Wickedz Poizon

    Wickedz PoizonMonth ago

    9:57 is when it basically starts

  74. nagito komaeda

    nagito komaedaMonth ago

    Nagito here :)

  75. jay g

    jay gMonth ago

    jay does it for the weebs thas it 😌

  76. ひとしずかな

    ひとしずかなMonth ago

    Jay when are gonna play Phoenix Wright!!!🙁🙁🙁

  77. makotonaegiisbuiltlikeshanedawson

    makotonaegiisbuiltlikeshanedawsonMonth ago

    Makoto Naegi is built like shane dawson

  78. vgc cvxfg

    vgc cvxfgMonth ago

    jay saying he would kill taka and hifumi at the same time.............. he’s got a surprise in for him

  79. Kayla Orchard

    Kayla OrchardMonth ago

    "how am I meant to take a chimichanga shit?" Oh man, this dudes gonna live nekomaru.

  80. Edward Berryman

    Edward BerrymanMonth ago

    here after watching danganronpa anime

  81. G4A 22 Cory

    G4A 22 CoryMonth ago

    Guess what "BYAKUYA" didn't die 💖

  82. 毛

    Month ago

    I wished Jay didn't skip the intros because back then i had no indea who the characters were or what their talents were

  83. Shika Shase

    Shika ShaseMonth ago

    I just have to watch this series!!! I've seen it in so many comments and videos of yours.. Love you Jay. You're the best!!!!

  84. The Toppat Animator

    The Toppat AnimatorMonth ago

    jays favorite things (and some of ours) jay being triggered Jay being happy jay causing havoc

  85. MoonBoone

    MoonBooneMonth ago

    44:36 put my mind in the wrong state lemme tell ya

  86. Kplay64

    Kplay64Month ago

    13:03 Hifumi: Seems like a good cutoff- * video cuts off *

  87. Emily Neicho

    Emily NeichoMonth ago

    47:49 you were correct...

  88. Phoopy

    PhoopyMonth ago

    i remember when i first found danganronpa and i thought it was dragonopera


    RANDOM TIMES TMMonth ago

    Makoto naegi THE ULTIMATE average

  90. Baha Gamal

    Baha GamalMonth ago

    I love how jay said about hifomy and take he want to kill by th Spoiler Cilicte no lite me doit

  91. Gracie Miller

    Gracie MillerMonth ago

    Jay: i love the idea that if you want to leave you have to kill somebody because the evil inside me loves that.. Me: *die laughing* ha same bro

  92. Moonlight Edits

    Moonlight EditsMonth ago

    Monokuma: Violence against headmaster is against the rules Alos Momokum: just kill eatchother Alos DANG the girls got the sewing kit hehe

  93. poo

    pooMonth ago

    comment section : “SPOILERS! 🛑” me: should i click it? should i scroll down? **clicks** AAAAAAAHH nvm nvm **scrolls as fast as i can**

  94. Stickmation

    StickmationMonth ago

    I have never heard of this game before

  95. Watery Guffman

    Watery GuffmanMonth ago

    yo I been hearing this game was amazing, but so far it's lookin kinda wack....

  96. Yxanthe_102 TMAAB

    Yxanthe_102 TMAABMonth ago

    "I'd kill four eyes" Me: *I have the urge to do a MHA refrence*

  97. Random Person

    Random PersonMonth ago

    Me watching this with my name being Hope: 👁👄👁

  98. Starry Pelt

    Starry PeltMonth ago

    37:15 oh my foreshadowing

  99. Hiiiiii

    HiiiiiiMonth ago

    32:35 i mean you were right💀 (don’t go to that time if you don’t want spoilers for one of the trials!!)

  100. 竈門サクラ

    竈門サクラMonth ago

    I love you Makoto ❤❤❤❤

  101. Mr Retro Tube

    Mr Retro TubeMonth ago

    Came here for the weird ass anime style. Now I’m dealing with this shit, (I know what happens)

  102. Emperor Dijkstra

    Emperor DijkstraMonth ago

    "Ultimate ball tripping"

  103. Sir this is a Wendy’s

    Sir this is a Wendy’sMonth ago

    I can’t tell if five months is a long time or a short time because this feels like it started so long ago but not at the same time

  104. Tis I, tanDIO

    Tis I, tanDIOMonth ago

    “Somebody hit me! Punish me! Spank me!” 💀🤚 oh my gosh i can’t

  105. N

    NMonth ago

    why does everyone in this game drag on everything so much 😭😭 like we got it 10 minutes ago. too much detail...

  106. syruppie.mp4

    syruppie.mp4Month ago

    i havent watched you in so long but then when i found out you started playing danganronpa i was SO READY MAN