If You Don't Hate Clowns..You'll Have A Fear Of Them By The End Of This Video

I've never really had a big fear of clowns, but this game Death Park has got to be one of the most anxiety inducing clown related games i've ever played in my lifu..shout out to Cory and Dashie for putting this game in my sub feed
Death Park game link:
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  1. Arianna Randolph

    Arianna Randolph2 days ago

    I can’t go a day without watching one of jays videos.

  2. Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl

    Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl3 days ago

    5:32 Mom: "Cuz I'm not here"

  3. Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl

    Itz Kawaii Chan Meow Girl3 days ago

    2:50 Everytime it gets me 😂

  4. Abigail Pedraza

    Abigail Pedraza3 days ago

    jay...baby....i am a clown🙈

  5. IDK

    IDK5 days ago

    the pickup sound for items sounds like the white day sounds.

  6. XxInsanityHellxX

    XxInsanityHellxX8 days ago

    No one: Me: [loves scary clowns even more now]

  7. マナンサラケイトリンロズ

    マナンサラケイトリンロズ9 days ago

    I remember Thinknoodles playing this lol. But Jay playing and screaming have me laughing.

  8. gacha Galaxy baby with a twist

    gacha Galaxy baby with a twist10 days ago

    I'm watching this at 1:18am I can't wait for 3am to come. by the way I love your vids Jay it enjoy me very much!(especially the scary ones) Hope your doing well and y'all guys during well in quarantine! Love you guyssssss!

  9. YuingYear

    YuingYear10 days ago

    Jake: IM GOING RIGHT Jake : *goes left*

  10. Angela Rodriguez

    Angela Rodriguez11 days ago

    i have a bid phobia for clowns but legit did for Jay. RIP my voice for all those damn scares

  11. yutika jha

    yutika jha11 days ago

    shiver me timbers 0-0"

  12. Sedalia Armas

    Sedalia Armas12 days ago

    baby game i was not scard i was scard by trash

  13. Victory Isabelle Pace

    Victory Isabelle Pace14 days ago

    Jay: Pay your damn electric bill Clown: Do you think I'm made of money?

  14. Kookie n AcupofTae

    Kookie n AcupofTae15 days ago

    Video : You’ll have a fear of clowns by the end of this video Me: Jokes on you, I already fear them since the beginning...

  15. lunala_wolfy _heavenly

    lunala_wolfy _heavenly16 days ago

    I'm not afraid of clown and if people are afraid of them then you have my prayers. But while watching this it made me love clowns even more i don't know why but i laughed so hard i started dieing

  16. lemon virus

    lemon virus16 days ago

    two of my fav youtubers is jay and eddievr

  17. The more you know

    The more you know16 days ago

    4:26 Me who is lowkey getting dizzy

  18. DeLana Post

    DeLana Post18 days ago

    jay I just started watching you today and I already love your vids so much! Please say hi to me :)

  19. Kuudere Cass

    Kuudere Cass20 days ago

    *”HOW DID THAT WORK?! What a moron!”* 😂😂😂

  20. ĸerмιт

    ĸerмιт20 days ago

    I spit out my coffee at 1:19

  21. Baily Lockhart

    Baily Lockhart20 days ago

    jay: walks down a dark basement like stairway me: casually turning down the volume on my headphones (#1 rule: NEVER go in the basement, there is a 100% of death)

  22. ElegantTea

    ElegantTea21 day ago

    I watched someone else play this on yt and they were like scared, but not rlly too and I was like 👁👄👁💧

  23. -A Random Floofy Panda-

    -A Random Floofy Panda-21 day ago

    Jay : *scared Mickey Mouse noises* ( 7:19 ) Me : *EVEN MORE SCARED FLOOFY PANDA NOISES BECAUSE I'M HELLA AFRAID OF CLOWNS*

  24. Jay_ Sam

    Jay_ Sam23 days ago

    Plot twist : the clown is actually ur dad that left when u were born and now he wants custody :)

  25. ・ ゚ 冰封夕阳 ゚・

    ・ ゚ 冰封夕阳 ゚・Month ago

    Welcome to the 5 stars comment section. There are cookies, hot chocolate, and Jay's dad jokes. There are no clowns, no creepy things, and no need to go into full screen and freak out. Enjoy your stay :)

  26. cherry _pxn

    cherry _pxnMonth ago

    0:21 u mean white day😂

  27. Vanny Afton

    Vanny AftonMonth ago

    I honestly jumped when the blood gushed out from the sink I screamed and almost dropped my phone

  28. bebe poo

    bebe pooMonth ago

    3:54? Only OGS know WATAAA

  29. •Isabella• •Love•

    •Isabella• •Love•Month ago

    I’m in love with jays videos!

  30. leafy bunnys

    leafy bunnysMonth ago

    0:45 😂 too funny

  31. Muyō Gomi 無用 ゴミ

    Muyō Gomi 無用 ゴミMonth ago

    This kinda reminds me of hello neighbor 2

  32. Woof i!

    Woof i!Month ago

    If Jay ever plays a horror Pokemon game *"I'm a Ho-Oh"*

  33. Ben Vogelpohl

    Ben VogelpohlMonth ago

    Moral of the story: always set an alarm for the morning

  34. neko

    nekoMonth ago

    Plot Twist: This is a gengutsu.

  35. Ashlyn Adams

    Ashlyn AdamsMonth ago

    I love you videos so much! Funny, scary, fun! Thanks for making me smile!

  36. Ramakrishna Subhashree

    Ramakrishna SubhashreeMonth ago

    Jay I literally RIP my heart 😱😱😱😱

  37. Emile Naginionyte

    Emile NaginionyteMonth ago

    the first time the only thing that scared me was Jay's scream and I was like 😅😅😅

  38. Ali McKelvy

    Ali McKelvyMonth ago

    go for it talk to my parents XD

  39. Nia McCain

    Nia McCainMonth ago

    He didn't notice that the clock was still there....so was it a dream?

  40. iinookie

    iinookieMonth ago

    I think I snapped by neck, from that first jump scare

  41. Undertaker dono

    Undertaker donoMonth ago

    I already got jumpscared at 1:20 ;-;

  42. Haley Darby

    Haley DarbyMonth ago

    jay:are you guys proud of me? me: yes yes daddy you did good

  43. ashr6

    ashr6Month ago

    The sound you meant was the white day noise. Correct?

  44. Justbloomy

    JustbloomyMonth ago

    I cannot with Jay's shrill screams 😂

  45. Cubie

    CubieMonth ago


  46. Dragon_ Fall

    Dragon_ FallMonth ago

    This game makes my anxiety level go up by a lot

  47. Michelle Becerra

    Michelle BecerraMonth ago

    i was eating and when you cussed in Spanish I was dying XD and chocking XD

  48. ARMIE D

    ARMIE DMonth ago

    My anxiety 📈📈📉📉📉📈📉📈📉

  49. ·。R u n a 。·

    ·。R u n a 。·Month ago

    I went like 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈

  50. AOX Playz

    AOX PlayzMonth ago


  51. manglexFoxythewhite

    manglexFoxythewhite2 months ago

    i still like clowns haha

  52. Jillian Knobloch

    Jillian Knobloch2 months ago

    I honestly like creepy clowns and this did not make me scared of them :>

  53. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear2 months ago

    I got this game I legit just got it this morning I am lost on what to do so I am glad I am watching this

  54. a l e x

    a l e x2 months ago

    "Wait, how do I not die?" "WAIT!" "WAIT HOW DO I NOT DIE?!" "WAIIIIIITT" "STOOOOOOOOP" 😂💀

  55. Fakhrul Iman

    Fakhrul Iman2 months ago

    i saw that game, me and my cousin were like "hmmm... should we download it??" me and my cousin has been best friends ever since we were kids. 😇

  56. Noah Uptain

    Noah Uptain2 months ago

    God damn.. You never fail to make me laugh my ass off

  57. pl2vio phile

    pl2vio phile2 months ago

    That hot ass breath at 0:32

  58. sally williams

    sally williams2 months ago

    Jay is the fist youtuber i see with high respect in the comments section

  59. bailey and gloria.randomthings

    bailey and gloria.randomthings2 months ago

    Jay takes care of us, THATS WHAT I LIKE~

  60. Ava Lucas

    Ava Lucas2 months ago


  61. Misty J

    Misty J2 months ago

    you know what um I am terrified but I still watch this vid over and over buuuuut I'm gonna have nightmares but I don't care im watching it only for jay

  62. Nisrina Dania

    Nisrina Dania2 months ago

    Me being scared of clowns but still watch the vid 👁👄👁 I almost die 😃👍

  63. [ Xx Luvlyanime xX ]

    [ Xx Luvlyanime xX ]2 months ago

    This *Diddd* make my anxiety levels high (´-﹏-`;)

  64. Betty Noire Plays Among us

    Betty Noire Plays Among us2 months ago

    Yay my new fear

  65. Nobody Important

    Nobody Important2 months ago

    What r u going to do when an animal bites your foot off but that was tomorrow but u found out I was a gorilla yesterday?


    GOKUTITAN2 months ago

    Why does dat clown low key look like Pennywise's ugly undead brother?

  67. Leah The tiktoker

    Leah The tiktoker2 months ago

    jay shouldn't add good luck sleeping tonight 😂 Edit: i have anxiety i hate when someone chases me in the dark it so scary😂

  68. Assassin Strike

    Assassin Strike2 months ago

    i hate clown sooooooooooo much now jeeeez

  69. Assassin Strike

    Assassin Strike2 months ago

    i love clowns 2 secs later i hate clowns aaahhhhh

  70. Fabiola Galindo

    Fabiola Galindo2 months ago

    Jay play ROBLOX! its cool😎

  71. Ch1_y0

    Ch1_y02 months ago

    Jay: woah i just murdered someone... Meanwhile him in yandere sim:

  72. Trina Tuazon

    Trina Tuazon2 months ago

    Heyyy jay can you play a horror game?? Bec I have a suggestionn It’s Don’t Be Afraid : The First Toy 👀

  73. Rosemary & Emm

    Rosemary & Emm2 months ago

    lets watch this even though i hate clowns already ;w;

  74. 7789 be care full what you wish for 6789

    7789 be care full what you wish for 67892 months ago

    this video game isn't scary by watching it but by playing it

  75. 7789 be care full what you wish for 6789

    7789 be care full what you wish for 67892 months ago

    i still don't have a fear of clowns

  76. nurhania sanny

    nurhania sanny3 months ago

    death park scary clown today friends kubz scouts meet ery ferdian

  77. neet 147

    neet 1473 months ago

    GUYS!! Let's make persona 5 happen!!! We can make this happen, let's be patient and even if it doesn't, I'm sure Jay will see these comments!! He would never leave his friends hanging! I know it!!!💖

  78. Niko_Gacha_UwU

    Niko_Gacha_UwU3 months ago

    this is very scafy for me tbh ,':> Edit: i think i have a meaning for the game and the clown and all that stuff, when you get a game over you apear to be in a hospital, right? (btw the floor of the death park looks like the walls of a heart) and when the clown is near to you, you hear your heart beating fast, well, i think that the kid that you're playing as has heart problems, and the clown is a representation of them, don't you agree?

  79. Jade Lane

    Jade Lane3 months ago

    Boi, Jay's screams scare me more than that thing ;-; He be like: AAAAAAH!!! I heard him and be like AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

  80. Jade Lane

    Jade Lane3 months ago

    Why is there always discussions in the coments instead of love?? Love you whoever you are❤ Love your vids jay,it makes me have fun and forget about my stress Thanks, wish you the best ❤

  81. Tendou Satori

    Tendou Satori3 months ago

    I love clowns tho- I even think *pennywise could be a boyfriend material-*

  82. Hewo Hooman

    Hewo Hooman3 months ago

    Doesn’t everybody get the Irish accent when they’re scared XD (sorry I have no idea how to spell)

  83. Aiden pants Gaming

    Aiden pants Gaming3 months ago

    That’s a boss battle well your in the clown thing

  84. Aiden pants Gaming

    Aiden pants Gaming3 months ago

    The song wus like a boss battle in the room in red is that a running boss?

  85. Candle 2.0

    Candle 2.03 months ago

    I should really stop watching these in full screen

  86. Uzma Almas

    Uzma Almas3 months ago

    Lemme guess, caulrophobia?

  87. Carol CHAPMAN

    Carol CHAPMAN3 months ago

    I play this game before lots of times

  88. oikawa's waifu

    oikawa's waifu3 months ago

    I love when Jay put memes sound or videos on his videos 😂

  89. Kheiyanni Davis

    Kheiyanni Davis3 months ago

    0:18 Idk if it's what jay thought of but it reminds me of the sound from white day lol

  90. ladybugo. exe

    ladybugo. exe3 months ago

    Him: USlikes friends Me: really?

  91. lynne cameron

    lynne cameron3 months ago

    8:55 that's a reference to the movie IT

  92. evo clyde Alang

    evo clyde Alang3 months ago

    Oh so you can play that game in PC or even in CP

  93. valkyri

    valkyri3 months ago

    8:56,jay's face lmaooo

  94. KP Mautla

    KP Mautla3 months ago

    jay you should also play the nun its also scarry and kinda fun me and my friends played so think you will like it

  95. Vika Zenova

    Vika Zenova3 months ago

    I saw the clown and was like-nop, already have a sevear fear of clowns so imma go

  96. Nyah Tischler

    Nyah Tischler3 months ago

    Jay: im cool with dying also him: that was my last life

  97. Alvin Pham

    Alvin Pham3 months ago

    I already hate clowns....

  98. Myfirstnamehere Mylastnamehere

    Myfirstnamehere Mylastnamehere3 months ago

    1:16 The Captions XDD

  99. Brandii Miller

    Brandii Miller3 months ago

    LMAO!xD 🤣 this video made my day,and im going to go download this


    ROBERTA SMALLS3 months ago

    Pennywise anyone