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  1. Purple Elluka

    Purple Elluka9 hours ago

    Game: You have free time now Jay (fangirling): *IT'S NAGITO TIMEEEE-*

  2. кυиαι キアラ

    кυиαι キアラ20 hours ago

    I imagine how Soda would react to Kiibo,, poor Keeboy..

  3. Nay Nay Killua

    Nay Nay KilluaDay ago

    I want a hug from Nagito :(

  4. Nay Nay Killua

    Nay Nay KilluaDay ago

    34:33 Tbh I'd be Nagito isn't it just cool bc I like him ✨✨✨

  5. anna da simp

    anna da simpDay ago

    I'd either be nagito, chiaki or hajime cuz I'd definitely close my eyes the whole way 😭😭

  6. ShatterCube

    ShatterCube2 days ago

    34:50 I would be sonia

  7. Waffle Cat

    Waffle Cat2 days ago

    im akane on the coaster for sure, i love coasters

  8. Ü

    Ü2 days ago

    wait- i’m confused- if they confirmed grape and strawberry tower or whatever are the same place how do the boys sleep in the strawberry and the girls sleep in the grape?

  9. My doggo barks

    My doggo barks2 days ago

    Oh so were tagging ourselves in the roller coaster? Im 10/10 gundham

  10. anime x anime

    anime x anime3 days ago

    18:09 Kazuichi really be copying a certain someone..

  11. ꧁ᴠɪᴋᴀ ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ꧂

    ꧁ᴠɪᴋᴀ ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ꧂3 days ago

    34:23 *all happy* nekomaru: :D

  12. hoez mad

    hoez mad5 days ago

    Seeing the other characters from the other game yk kinda hurt

  13. Kammi38

    Kammi386 days ago

    his mouth went “😦” from talking so much HEJJEJEJE 1:37:59

  14. Kammi38

    Kammi386 days ago

    42:58 DID JAY JUST MOAN KSKSKM My spelling is bad af

  15. YourFandomsRandomPotato ;-;

    YourFandomsRandomPotato ;-;7 days ago

    kinda sucks that nagito basically just confessed, and jay probably didnt realize it

  16. gacha camp

    gacha camp7 days ago

    30:24 33:39 1:30:32 1:37:51 1:38:32 don't mind me

  17. Rexer

    Rexer7 days ago

    I’m Sonia gundham akane nekomaru chiaki fuyuhiko maybe hajime and nagito. I’m talking about the rollercoaster

  18. Rexer

    Rexer7 days ago

    Jay your just scared of rollercoasters

  19. Sophie The loof

    Sophie The loof7 days ago

    1:38:30 earnd. e a r n d

  20. Firefly

    Firefly7 days ago

    Spoilers i guess Ofcourse Hajime isnt the traitor Hes the mastermind 🥰

  21. Qadeja Love

    Qadeja Love6 days ago

    Of course,

  22. Zen

    Zen8 days ago

    Nags likes Hajime? Damn

  23. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda8 days ago

    Top 3 strongest things in Danganronpa 3. Nagito 2. Junko 1. The button holding Akane's shirt together

  24. Nxito x

    Nxito x9 days ago

    Nagito needs more love, chiaki is overrated

  25. Please Help

    Please Help9 days ago

    This episode made me so hungry ;-;

  26. Pia Quijano

    Pia Quijano9 days ago

    28:44 Jay missed a monokuma doll🧍‍♀️

  27. Hacker Man

    Hacker Man9 days ago

    I would be nekomaru


    VILTIGLA10 days ago


  29. Margaret Rose Martin

    Margaret Rose Martin11 days ago

    And a long time ago I used to be Kazuichi

  30. Margaret Rose Martin

    Margaret Rose Martin11 days ago

    I’m basically Gundham and Fuyuhiko because Gundham looks like he faced god and Fuyuhiko because he just looks amused and scared Edit: and I wish I could be Nagito

  31. Ladygirlmomo

    Ladygirlmomo12 days ago

    Everyone: *talks* Jay: STFU btich Nagito: *smlies* Jay: 💓💖💓💘💖💚💜❤💙💚💙💗💗💚💛💜💛💜💓💖💙💜💚💕💘💞💘💜❤💙💗💛💘💞💙❤💙💚💛💘

  32. Gabriel Braatendesadier

    Gabriel Braatendesadier12 days ago

    nekomaru saying he was reborn with pure electricity nagito having a stroke about hope in the corner

  33. Orange

    Orange12 days ago

    I'm not even kidding- sonia, hajime and nagito are so cool omg

  34. MidoriEin

    MidoriEin12 days ago

    Baby Jay, if u do the secret events you will know what "It" is 😉

  35. 椅営る【Jet】

    椅営る【Jet】13 days ago

    Jay Are You Really 50 Years Old??? 😭😭

  36. Claudia Weier

    Claudia Weier14 days ago

    Anyone else notice the Sakura statue in the grape room?

  37. abby nevermind

    abby nevermind14 days ago

    i'd be a mix of sonia and nagito on the coaster-

  38. nyohoho

    nyohoho15 days ago

    46:27 :’)

  39. The 90s Experience

    The 90s Experience15 days ago

    POG the sakura( danganronpa 1 ) statue in the grape house

  40. Nagito Komaeda'sWifu

    Nagito Komaeda'sWifu15 days ago

    Jay speaks for every nagito stan UvU

  41. Nagito Komaeda'sWifu

    Nagito Komaeda'sWifu15 days ago

    im so sad that jay didnt notice that Nagito literally confessed to Hajime :,)

  42. Valkun Studios

    Valkun Studios15 days ago

    Man, it's late, i gonna watch this as soon as i can bruh

  43. XxGacha JedxX

    XxGacha JedxX16 days ago

    EVERY TIME R.I.P Earphone Users😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. my god is L Lawliet

    my god is L Lawliet16 days ago


  45. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin17 days ago

    Wheeeewhahaaaaaa I realized he hasn't taken care of his pocket pet this whole time hebsjjsjs

  46. M

    M17 days ago

    Can we just appreciate jay for reading the sentences without any mistakes or stutters xd

  47. Shadic The Gamer

    Shadic The Gamer17 days ago

    Who Watching in 2021

  48. •H•Ø•T• • T•R•ä•S•H •

    •H•Ø•T• • T•R•ä•S•H •16 days ago


  49. Sonia Nevermind

    Sonia Nevermind17 days ago

    peep the statue of sakura

  50. Hey hisoka nice as-

    Hey hisoka nice as-10 days ago

    @Sonia Nevermind how are you?

  51. Sonia Nevermind

    Sonia Nevermind10 days ago

    @Hey hisoka nice as- hello~♡

  52. Hey hisoka nice as-

    Hey hisoka nice as-10 days ago

    Hi Sonia *nevermind*

  53. Yandre Girl

    Yandre Girl17 days ago

    The it was a massage

  54. vampsjen87

    vampsjen8718 days ago

    I just want to say I got spoiled on the game not where i knew how the trials worked I just new the killers for chapters 2&4 because I saw there execution

  55. Jay plz make danganronpa 3 vids

    Jay plz make danganronpa 3 vids19 days ago

    Is it just me or does jay lowkey sound like nagito???

  56. waterwolf 190

    waterwolf 19019 days ago

    They got my man nekomaru out here dieing twice

  57. hm . . . .

    hm . . . .20 days ago


  58. Rainbow

    Rainbow20 days ago

    Okay, so Kazuichi doesn't trust Nagito but Nagito is the one who suggested Hinata was the traitor and he believed it?

  59. Rainbow

    Rainbow20 days ago

    I love it how everyone just knows Kazuichi simps for Sonia XD

  60. Rainbow

    Rainbow20 days ago

    They aren't useless functions.. if he's asleep it'll be easier to kill him and since he just told them how to do it..

  61. Rainbow

    Rainbow20 days ago

    34:56 are Gundhams' hamsters safe?!

  62. Rainbow

    Rainbow20 days ago


  63. Rainbow

    Rainbow20 days ago

    Is Kazuichi going to try to get into his insides and accidently kill him?

  64. Rainbow

    Rainbow20 days ago

    Nekomaru: Hey hey Me: You forgot the third "hey"! ..heh heh any Haiku!! fans know what I am talking about..?

  65. Kitten Litten

    Kitten Litten21 day ago

    f for sakura

  66. AngelX198

    AngelX19822 days ago

    34:38 I be Nagito for sure :v

  67. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair22 days ago

    35:06 lolll 2:47 9:02 17:00

  68. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair22 days ago

    3:38 oh my gosh lolll

  69. Kiarah Jones

    Kiarah Jones22 days ago

    No one gonna talk about the underwear-

  70. miles acosta

    miles acosta22 days ago

    Nagito and hinata is my favorite characters in dangaronpa-

  71. absolute Nermal

    absolute Nermal22 days ago

    1:38:00 i swear Nagito is suuuuuper lovestruck for hajime

  72. Stephanie Morejon

    Stephanie Morejon23 days ago

    1:41:54 did y'all hear Monokuma's laugh!?

  73. Jennifer Lira

    Jennifer Lira23 days ago

    1:50:46 yoo it’s Sakura

  74. Life Beautiful

    Life Beautiful23 days ago

    I actually like Kazuichi so much He's basically a pervy Kirishima and a mechanic too! I love how interested in Mechamaru's build he is ~

  75. Life Beautiful

    Life Beautiful23 days ago

    @Chris Manning indeed :D

  76. Chris Manning

    Chris Manning23 days ago

    He's the original Kirishima

  77. Crystal Artz

    Crystal Artz23 days ago

    Spoilers from the Danganronpa 3 future arc the anime I warned you Actually the future foundation is the good guys and if I can remember that Danganronpa 2 characters are tricked to assume that the future foundation is the bad guys (and Danganronpa 3 I think was also tricked too). Monomi is part of the foundation and Monokuma isn’t. Plus the survivors of Danganronpa 1 are also part of the foundation.

  78. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami24 days ago

    1:30:38 PLEASE-

  79. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami24 days ago

    1:24:52 Gundham is such a gentleman 😻

  80. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami24 days ago

    36:13 - 36:14 OMFG

  81. :P

    :P24 days ago

    25:43: exists Me: *flashbacks to Jay and Gloom's seven second riddles*

  82. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami24 days ago


  83. Honeygail Athene Mana-a

    Honeygail Athene Mana-a24 days ago

    No, future foundation is not an enemy Makoto naegi is also a member

  84. giedre ruckyte

    giedre ruckyte25 days ago

    Me having bad memories and not knowing who edgy baby is. Lmao

  85. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin25 days ago

    You just unlocked the skill, Trance! Give yourself a pat on the back. You've *e a r n d* it!

  86. Anime God 5000

    Anime God 500025 days ago

    its franky

  87. CripplingDepression

    CripplingDepression25 days ago

    24:25 so nobody is gonna talk about the “shitimi” sign posted on the door

  88. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami25 days ago

    1:05:18 Sakura......

  89. fuyuhiko with a gun

    fuyuhiko with a gun25 days ago


  90. Demon Rabies

    Demon Rabies26 days ago

    Its canon that nagito loves hajime. Because hajime actually spends with nagito and nagito appreciates it and he appreciates the hope inside of hajime even though hajime tries his best to not trust nagito despite worrying about him and being his friend

  91. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon26 days ago

    I feel like I'm a combination of akane and sonia lol

  92. Isabelle Depasquale

    Isabelle Depasquale27 days ago

    I just imagine when they find out that is the motive, i just imagine someone wipes out a pocket knife, turns it 90 degrees backwards and stabs the person next to them and says “So can we leave now?”

  93. Praxycho

    Praxycho27 days ago

    Im definitly nagito i dont show any emotions at amusment park😂

  94. duhbeast 445

    duhbeast 44528 days ago

    I likie how fuyohiko responded to jay 1:14:26

  95. Kjeana Forde

    Kjeana Forde28 days ago

    Does anyone else think that Nekomaru’s new Robot Eyes kind of look like big maggots?

  96. Caiti ♡

    Caiti ♡28 days ago

    1:38:01 His face made me laugh so hard, LMAO. That’s the face of Jay just now finding out that Nagito has a crush on Hajime. I was also waiting for his reaction to getting his underwear, and I was not disappointed

  97. Caiti ♡

    Caiti ♡29 days ago

    *V3 Spoiler* 1:20:20 *That’s robophobic!*

  98. vanillaverylonely

    vanillaverylonely29 days ago

    LMAOO JAYS FACE 1:38:01

  99. D.J. Rocks

    D.J. Rocks29 days ago

    1:04:34 is that a statue of Sakura 👀

  100. Demon Rabies

    Demon Rabies26 days ago


  101. Caiti ♡

    Caiti ♡28 days ago


  102. BLANKSPACE Lyrics

    BLANKSPACE Lyrics29 days ago


  103. Shoto todoroki

    Shoto todoroki29 days ago

    1:38:36 Nagitos Fan Girls (including Jay): *S N I F F*

  104. NothingTo SeeHere

    NothingTo SeeHere29 days ago

    I’m totally Nagito on the rollercoaster

  105. Aarunima Sharma

    Aarunima SharmaMonth ago

    Who is edgy baby pls tell

  106. Cherryirl

    CherryirlMonth ago

    @ 1:53:24 LMFAOOO

  107. Lindsy Julia Panzo

    Lindsy Julia PanzoMonth ago

    longest video you ever recorded? you had one episode in the first danganronpa that is 2 hours and 20 mins and you didn't complain a single time there

  108. Normal Anime Weeb

    Normal Anime WeebMonth ago

    Jay: i think the traitor is chiaki or Gundam Me: Ultimate detective

  109. Gideon last name not found

    Gideon last name not foundMonth ago

    Depending what type of rollercoaster it is I'm either Hajime or gundham