I CAME TO ROB A HOUSE AND ALL I GOT WAS A HEART ATTACK | House On The Hill (Scariest Game of 2020)

I thought House on the hill was going to be an innocent game where we rob houses and try to loot at much as possible..turns out we picked the wrong house to rob since it's not haunted by 1, but THREE evil entities....I played all the way til the end for you all too, hopefully you enjoyed!
House on the hill game link:
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We're here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! Thanks for watching!



  1. Victor Vizcarra

    Victor Vizcarra2 hours ago

    Jay: "Okay, don't stop moving" Camera dude: "WAIT!" Jay: *Freezes in fear*

  2. isaher07

    isaher076 hours ago

    who watching this at night

  3. Gabriela Rosario

    Gabriela Rosario11 hours ago

    I was fine through out the whole vid untill the dogs started crying

  4. Stardust Unicorn

    Stardust Unicorn18 hours ago

    Hello world

  5. eanok Fdo

    eanok Fdo19 hours ago

    Jay: thats freaking scary But you know what ? I'm not here to be scared 🙄I'm her for do not stop moving challenge 😂😂😂

  6. Mikayla Esterhuizen

    Mikayla Esterhuizen19 hours ago

    Me playing as kiri in roblox and when he said man up I said AM ALREADY MANLY >:D

  7. Savannah Buerk

    Savannah BuerkDay ago

    the dogs omg I almost cried

  8. C L

    C L2 days ago

    Im dying from laughter cuz of your reaction

  9. sandycheeks x

    sandycheeks x3 days ago

    Jay: Ok Jay don’t stop moving Man on mic: Wait! Jay: stops

  10. Neeko C

    Neeko C3 days ago

    I mean he’s not wrong after all, getting achievements for blinking and breathing have you played manual Samuel? 😂

  11. pangpang 1119

    pangpang 11193 days ago


  12. Kayla Gomez

    Kayla Gomez3 days ago

    at 12;32 of the video your scream scared me more then that t h i n g

  13. bokuto cant relate

    bokuto cant relate4 days ago

    Jay's screams scared me more than the actual jumpscares

  14. Icey Wolf

    Icey Wolf4 days ago

    When the jump scare happened I was like: SWEATY PALMS!

  15. •Ichigo モチ•

    •Ichigo モチ•4 days ago

    I'm convinced Jay actually went insane from all the jump scares in this game

  16. Mahmud Miah

    Mahmud Miah5 days ago


  17. Vroom

    Vroom5 days ago

    Is that a minecraft dog sound effect?

  18. OP Protagonist go Brrr

    OP Protagonist go Brrr5 days ago

    I realised the video is one hour long when the video ended Like GODDAMN!!

  19. Chaitanya Destiny Tababa

    Chaitanya Destiny Tababa6 days ago

    it reminded me of a kdrama lmao. a horror one. just because of that psychological somthn. "we will be together forever." thats the same exact line in drama lmao.

  20. Sophia Mathison

    Sophia Mathison6 days ago

    *any object looking remotely like a tiddy* jay: boutta make me ACT UP

  21. Skully

    Skully6 days ago

    who else herd the minecraft dog noise at 14:21

  22. TheEliteDoge

    TheEliteDoge6 days ago

    ''You came to the wrong house fool''

  23. Melo Creamシ

    Melo Creamシ7 days ago

    1 Footage for yall 44:49 Black Blood Coming out of nowhere.

  24. hunnybunnyxx tblr

    hunnybunnyxx tblr8 days ago

    Holly shit 1:07 woah

  25. Sophia Junger

    Sophia Junger8 days ago

    4:37 Oh, hi Peter the Great

  26. Ada Mejía

    Ada Mejía9 days ago

    I'm scared and laughing at the same time 🤣🤣

  27. Cailyn Dooms

    Cailyn Dooms9 days ago

    Jay:ohh you hear those footsteps?!some body be clapping them a** cheeks up there Also jay: fuuuuu- I ain't gonna say it we tryna stay family frliendly

  28. Little Guy

    Little Guy9 days ago


  29. hcneyy

    hcneyy10 days ago


  30. Ramakrishna Subhashree

    Ramakrishna Subhashree10 days ago

    The narator: I think we should look into the basement Jay: laugh because he's afraid the goast will beat the crap of him Me: Me afraid that jay is going insane

  31. IamHorrible28 With Appalling Videos

    IamHorrible28 With Appalling Videos11 days ago

    *Girly man screams p.2* 8:45 26:13 33:08 34:45

  32. 牛奶

    牛奶12 days ago

    38:10 the scariest part of the video bro how that mouth be so big though

  33. Jade Guillermo

    Jade Guillermo12 days ago

    dude the fact that this is a lil over an hour makes me laugh. xD 1 hour of jumpscares and an adult man screaming like a little girl XD (not meant to be offensive)

  34. Amor Ghabaee-Patterson

    Amor Ghabaee-Patterson12 days ago

    jay. some one is about to clap my cheeks me. like meawkasssssss with a tacooooooooooo and a sombraroooooo and a mariachi bandddddddd

  35. suqari

    suqari12 days ago

    54:51 you face is immaculate

  36. ma magadan

    ma magadan12 days ago

    Women no were ti be seen Jay: k let me take a pic Also: jay dint even look at pic Jay: wHeRe ThAt PeRsOn Go Later Jay: tami gosta nomi gosta :l Jay: poloroid oh god Jay: i love this game :) AMAZING-hahaha Flash lights breaks Cries* Ahhahahah

  37. Jahn Suyen

    Jahn Suyen13 days ago

    Ok so when i watched the first thing i checked is the video is 1 hour!? I didn't check cause i was busy finding some new videos to watch next lol

  38. paulina morales

    paulina morales13 days ago

    49:55 is when things get real

  39. Kat the sans fangirl

    Kat the sans fangirl13 days ago

    Jump scare list: 6:52 8:45 12:27 16:39 17:51 19:05 22:02 24:42 26:13 whoooose 28:09 whooOooO 28:11 helloo boi? 28:13 ohh god 28:15 ook 29:29 33:08 34:46 38:10 basement 38:53 shimishimiya 51:08 54:22 54:43

  40. Pun Flower

    Pun Flower13 days ago

    im eating burger king but happy that jay have the most lound voice 👌🏽👁💋👁

  41. Katie M. Lambdin_24

    Katie M. Lambdin_2414 days ago

    What happened if he chose to keep writing?

  42. Sacha Gomez-Gomez

    Sacha Gomez-Gomez14 days ago

    why did i hide into the comments in the beginning but still got scared

  43. Itachi404

    Itachi40414 days ago

    Me this boring so far and it good and good

  44. X_Gingereli Chan_X

    X_Gingereli Chan_X14 days ago

    The game was, paranormal HK

  45. _Zilquo _

    _Zilquo _14 days ago

    I just realized this is a hour long like-

  46. 1101010110111111010001101110 doe

    1101010110111111010001101110 doe15 days ago

    So robbing the house is an allegory for his crimes, which also subsequently serves as an allegory for his own life? Or else it’s just a offshoot backstory separate from the main story beats of the family. With tenuous relevance. I guess? I’m inclined to believe that the maker had a plan, what with how detailed the game is. Otherwise it’s all a bit nonsensical.

  47. monabologna Cai

    monabologna Cai15 days ago

    how is this so guy so funny

  48. abdul lecky

    abdul lecky16 days ago

    Me: This is 1 hour and something minutes. Also Me: Getting chills for the whole video with my closet opened. Also Also Me: watches whole video and thinks its only been 12 minutes. Thank you for whoever is looking at this comment which i highly doubt!!

  49. Arianna Lashawn Williams

    Arianna Lashawn Williams16 days ago

    alse i am a big fan!

  50. Arianna Lashawn Williams

    Arianna Lashawn Williams16 days ago

    my mom is sleep next time be quret

  51. Selena

    Selena16 days ago

    i need to get back my brain cells that tells me when to be scared because I'm just here watching this like some cartoon, I watch too much horror movies😂

  52. Alishoe minhoe

    Alishoe minhoe16 days ago

    I'm rewatching this cause this is honestly SO good

  53. haz 1 sub?

    haz 1 sub?17 days ago

    666k views?? Nice jay :D

  54. BladeMaster 122

    BladeMaster 12217 days ago

    Boy Jay you wouldn't like resident evil 7 it is a lot like this game

  55. Purvi

    Purvi17 days ago

    I didn't know i needed this when i saw jay calling himself "babygirl" likee..😚😚

  56. Gaming Lizard

    Gaming Lizard18 days ago

    Who else jumped every time the murderer came into frame?

  57. Katrina C

    Katrina C18 days ago

    34:46 scared the living crap out of me. I got too focused watching so I didn’t expect a jump scare😭

  58. Gaming Lizard

    Gaming Lizard18 days ago

    Jay: They make an achievement for anything. I could be blinking and breathing and I'd get an achievement. Me: Manuel Samuel. Just Manuel Samuel.

  59. 『Random Fan 』

    『Random Fan 』18 days ago

    I was supposed to finish an assignment before 3:00 PM. It's 4:00 PM. This is why I should be restricted from youtube until I finish assingnments

  60. Tahlia Binetti

    Tahlia Binetti19 days ago

    this is probably the scariest video of Jays ive watched!!!!!!!

  61. Tahlia Binetti

    Tahlia Binetti19 days ago

    i feel like its better with Jay constantly talking... its a vibe :)

  62. Tahlia Binetti

    Tahlia Binetti19 days ago

    the fact that we all sat here for an hour strait...

  63. skinny legend

    skinny legend19 days ago

    I know I'm late But basically the robbery was never real it was just a fiction The narrator guy is the person who is the "robber" himself It kept repeating because it was just a fail I think this is what I'm getting

  64. Queen Sophia

    Queen Sophia19 days ago

    Jay: *I hate this game with my whole heart* Also jay: *This game is so cool damn* LOL

  65. Sugawara Koshi

    Sugawara Koshi19 days ago

    Yes love it

  66. Владислав Супрунюк

    Владислав Супрунюк19 days ago

    4:25 Jay's face expression

  67. Alhia Francisco

    Alhia Francisco20 days ago

    this video is longer than i thought...AHHAHHHAHAHAHA

  68. Anulekha Merugu

    Anulekha Merugu20 days ago

    he's probably an imaginary friend or something thats how some psychological horrors are

  69. daisy kills

    daisy kills20 days ago

    38:00 Jay has a fit over him saying we should go look in basement

  70. Anulekha Merugu

    Anulekha Merugu20 days ago

    Its never that simple Jay in any horror story or game

  71. Zabrina Vernon

    Zabrina Vernon20 days ago

    most of it was likable and I like the last ending... buuutt between where you entered the cave thing of the demon ending(?) one it was confusing... I tried analyzing what he was saying while watching but I couldn't make sense what he was saying ya know?

  72. Hanalyn Piang

    Hanalyn Piang20 days ago

    You will love it when your Mason smiles

  73. Lovina IsHere

    Lovina IsHere20 days ago

    Jay: I did it! I beat him! Me: Ohohoh.... Right you did

  74. ラーメン

    ラーメン21 day ago

    23:40 That's when he knew... *he f×'d up*

  75. Daniel Shelby

    Daniel Shelby22 days ago

    Me on the toilet when he says that scared the sh*t outta me 😔

  76. Super Soldiers

    Super Soldiers22 days ago

    Who else thought their screen froze 23:40

  77. Super Soldiers

    Super Soldiers22 days ago

    When you hit your first trick shot 12:26

  78. DJ MELON

    DJ MELON22 days ago

    I think it is all in his head and he is like reliving his past and hearing his guilty conscience and he is remembering all the robberies he did and everything that happened and he is hearing what his guilty conscience thinks about everything that happened.

  79. Pantsalonis

    Pantsalonis23 hours ago

    Its a book and the narrator is himself

  80. DJ MELON

    DJ MELON22 days ago

    Either that or it is just what he is thinking personally looking back on the events now or looking back at what he did and he did all of it just to get enough money for his son to live that’s what I think

  81. Anime-romance-Horror -Lover

    Anime-romance-Horror -Lover22 days ago

    Jay: "I'm gonna keep saying wow every time I see something that was'nt there before" Me singing be beauty and the beast: ~There may be something was never there before~

  82. I can't think of a name

    I can't think of a name22 days ago

    At 5:50 I had to click of this video, gather my thoughts, then come back -3- I hate games with jumpscares even though I play FNAF witch is what it's mostly about

  83. Zaniya Pearson

    Zaniya Pearson22 days ago

    anyone notice how the dogs whimpering were the minecraft dog sounds every few whimpers

  84. Strawburry Milk

    Strawburry Milk23 days ago

    The narrators entire problem with the bills could be solved if he lived in Canada lol

  85. Natsumi Edugawa

    Natsumi Edugawa23 days ago

    The guy's voice is so handsome argh

  86. ー ishtar

    ー ishtar23 days ago

    🧃 *Welcome to the safe comment section ~* - Teddy bears - Fluffy blankets - Comfy bed - Food & drinks - Warm hugs - Holy water to ward off the spirits! 💧 - Everyone is here for you . 🧃 *All these items are free!* ~ _good luck , stay safe and take care :)_

  87. Dedre Von Wielligh

    Dedre Von Wielligh25 days ago

    This was an amazing game. Almost had a heart attack, but this was fun to watch.

  88. Keith Nguyen

    Keith Nguyen25 days ago

    Say 2020 if you watched this in 2020 :)

  89. Cool Guy

    Cool Guy24 days ago


  90. Chan Enoshima, the ultimate rock climber

    Chan Enoshima, the ultimate rock climber25 days ago

    I think that spider thing was from paranormal HK.... Yeah it was!

  91. Blue Crewmate

    Blue Crewmate25 days ago

    Does anyone remember the “get ready and buckle the f up and here we go!”

  92. Elisabeth Kilpatrick

    Elisabeth Kilpatrick26 days ago

    Once I saw Him Got Jumped scared By The weird Ghost White girl I was Like NOPE I AM NOT PLAYING THIS GAME!

  93. Yuki Wolf

    Yuki Wolf26 days ago

    its his hell

  94. Itz JDN

    Itz JDN26 days ago

    14:21 minecraft dog 😳

  95. Wolfeon Wayz

    Wolfeon Wayz26 days ago

    Before I continue, I have headphones on...... :T

  96. RAmDomPeeps_ Moonie

    RAmDomPeeps_ Moonie26 days ago

    Jay:I hate this game *a ghost comes on the screen* Jay:*screams insanely*

  97. Danielle

    Danielle27 days ago


  98. Reyes Benavidez

    Reyes Benavidez27 days ago

    lol he said rewond

  99. dimsy :3

    dimsy :327 days ago


  100. Anna Belle

    Anna Belle28 days ago

    I realized in like the 30 minute mark that this video is over an hour long and I legit said "Fuck" out loud.

  101. NekoGaming

    NekoGaming28 days ago

    Jay: *Robbing a house* Also jay: I Killed The Threat

  102. don't look at me

    don't look at me28 days ago


  103. That person who messes up your day

    That person who messes up your dayMonth ago

    I'm still so confused on what happened