Teke Teke is the urban legend of a Japanese woman who was hit by a train and had her legs completely taken off. Surprisingly, she was still alive and tried to crawl and get help but a group of hungry cats started to feast on her remaining body parts....now she's trying to get her legs back and i'm on her list.
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  1. Bralene Davis

    Bralene Davis44 minutes ago

    Jay:gawd damn Me:officer gawd damn

  2. Andrew 9B • 13 years ago

    Andrew 9B • 13 years ago45 minutes ago

    Snarled: *Makes story popular* Game Developers: *"It's my time to shine"*

  3. Yeetykay9 Gaming

    Yeetykay9 Gaming10 hours ago

    Hakuru is wack.

  4. Hello Hi

    Hello HiDay ago


  5. Hello Hi

    Hello HiDay ago


  6. Ha Vy Le Nguyen Thai

    Ha Vy Le Nguyen ThaiDay ago

    Her just want ask a question

  7. Xena

    XenaDay ago

    You are a true fan of Kubz Scouts if you know what "cube scouts" Is.

  8. nicole

    nicole2 days ago


  9. Luana Zena

    Luana Zena2 days ago

    I cracked up when he said: stones made of tools XD

  10. Howl

    Howl3 days ago

    this is some scary shit bro and your that dude!

  11. Aimee Michelle

    Aimee Michelle3 days ago

    jay gets hurt* jay laughs in pain*

  12. Shahrear Farhan

    Shahrear Farhan3 days ago

    I think that is hakura tekeke kills hakura

  13. Alyssa Ruth Magsino

    Alyssa Ruth Magsino4 days ago

    Yea we freaky freaky

  14. Gacha deeryy :V

    Gacha deeryy :V4 days ago

    Okay... Teke Teke Is the girl who missed her leg She died in a train wreck

  15. Nasima B Chowdhury

    Nasima B Chowdhury5 days ago

    Fun fact:teke teke is an Japanese urban legend that somebody pushed her and she fell on a train track and a train came and she got hit by a train and lost her legs Sorry for bad english

  16. Bella Chen

    Bella Chen5 days ago

    24:58 we have finally seen jay's leg now..

  17. The Antagonist Club now with PG Ouma and Saihara

    The Antagonist Club now with PG Ouma and Saihara6 days ago

    Hippity Hoppity your legs our now my property

  18. Luna Galaxy

    Luna Galaxy7 days ago


  19. eleanor's tears

    eleanor's tears7 days ago

    kubz scouts has some girly man screams, he needs more subs

  20. SailorSunRoyaleHigh

    SailorSunRoyaleHigh8 days ago

    day 1 of asking jay to play the evil whitin or outlast

  21. Koalalover 93

    Koalalover 938 days ago

    24:25 I felt that jay, I felt it

  22. Husky kindacat

    Husky kindacat8 days ago

    She told me to give up in Japanese

  23. Alice Maxime

    Alice Maxime8 days ago

    if im playing this game? dude ill be stuck under that fcking table and dont move until teke teke goes away away awaaaayy 🤦🏻‍♀🤦🏻‍♀🤣

  24. CoolKids 21

    CoolKids 219 days ago

    I clicked this video at 3:12 in the morning after watching and asmr with my headphones all the way up and I have never jumped so much from just the start scream

  25. ANOOB13Z Channel

    ANOOB13Z Channel9 days ago

    Why The Toilet Of Japan Just like A Lil Bathub

  26. Anime Girl

    Anime Girl9 days ago

    24:25 dude i was playing with my peircing and that scared the shit out of me and now i have a cut in my lip

  27. Yassmine Es salhaoui

    Yassmine Es salhaoui9 days ago


  28. Yassmine Es salhaoui

    Yassmine Es salhaoui9 days ago



    JOSEPH JOSTA DA9 days ago

    Teke teke more like Tik tok

  30. Nasreen Hussain

    Nasreen Hussain10 days ago

    No one: Literally no one: Not even my mom: Jay:talking gibberish when he is scared (Boy go and learn some info abt Teke Teke

  31. Fan_of_vine 69

    Fan_of_vine 6910 days ago

    Why am I watching this at night...? Atleast my cats here with me..

  32. Sky Blue

    Sky Blue10 days ago


  33. Anna linea

    Anna linea11 days ago


  34. Caden Blockson

    Caden Blockson11 days ago

    0:03 his face is tomato red

  35. Ayano Aishi

    Ayano Aishi11 days ago

    Damn bro isn't Teke Teke a thing that can separate from its body and the closer it is the farther it sounds- Jay: *Has successfully passed the wattson Scott test without crying or giving up * Also Jay: * Gets scared when he opens a bathroom stall door*

  36. Annch4n _SA

    Annch4n _SA11 days ago

    i don't like this teke teke freakieh thing daddy >_

  37. Annch4n _SA

    Annch4n _SA11 days ago

    he just like "i don't know why i'm doing it but i like it, i slightly aroused" LOL !!!

  38. Precious Basil

    Precious Basil11 days ago

    So sorry Jay about your leg , sorry!😥😥😥😥😥

  39. Precious Basil

    Precious Basil11 days ago

    Sorry man

  40. Eli Plays

    Eli Plays11 days ago


  41. Eli Plays

    Eli Plays11 days ago


  42. Cartoony Reg

    Cartoony Reg11 days ago

    0:53 jay when he’s playing to much anime

  43. xanimex

    xanimex12 days ago

    I like how in half every youtube vid the preview shows people screaming

  44. TheLazy_ Frisk

    TheLazy_ Frisk12 days ago

    Me who is Japanese: これはちょっと面白いに- 😂😂😂😂😂👌

  45. Fionnghula Thell

    Fionnghula Thell12 days ago

    having head phone's on while waching Kubz scout's/Jay is a very bad idea my ear's hert from the high ariana note's that jay make's (no afens jay)

  46. Alyah Abduallah

    Alyah Abduallah12 days ago

    He lowkey looks like Travis Scott here😩 15:22

  47. ً

    ً12 days ago

    “Oh no a train ran me over and cut my legs, let me borrow your legs”

  48. Isolde Peets

    Isolde Peets12 days ago

    Jay: ya know those horror games where you get chased with loud music? yeah I'm all about that life ThReE MiNuTeS LaTeR Jay: OH I CAN RUN?? ah maaaaaan that means someone chases me... I HaTe ThAt In HoRrOr GaMeS rip jake's foot 😢

  49. Sidney G

    Sidney G12 days ago

    Im fast as fuckboiii

  50. Phat Soratanak Angelika

    Phat Soratanak Angelika12 days ago

    Jay:teke teke isnt that fast Me:oh she fast alright

  51. Aiya

    Aiya13 days ago

    The fact that he keeps playing games with the same house model.

  52. Y / N

    Y / N13 days ago

    22:00 bro 🤣🤣🤣 tf was that

  53. Justice Norfleet

    Justice Norfleet13 days ago

    Jay: you think this is my first rodeo?! bro that's a ghost I smelled her (sounding hella bold here) ... a few seconds later ... Jay: I'm not about this life 6:10

  54. •너Marsyaᅡᄀ•

    •너Marsyaᅡᄀ•13 days ago

    Idk if he knows what is "teke teke" 😂😂

  55. Matt30d2000 YT

    Matt30d2000 YT14 days ago

    10:49 i stopped and started cry laughing. its the house from house party.

  56. Matt30d2000 YT

    Matt30d2000 YT14 days ago

    hahaha yes a minute later he calls it out too

  57. Zaida Lillies

    Zaida Lillies14 days ago

    I watched this about a week late but honestly I was surprised about how surprising this game was, I couldn’t believe the screwdriver was for screwing and unscrewing 😳😮

  58. Family Ramirez

    Family Ramirez14 days ago

    I have a F in class your video made me feel like a a very very happy rat

  59. Shuddup Seriously

    Shuddup Seriously14 days ago

    PLS ✨JAY✨ THAT👀 JOKE💔 WAS🗣️ SO👁️👅👁️BAD😃😭💀


    NATSUKI AKABANE14 days ago

    Fun fact: Teke Teke is an Urban Legend about a girl who was pushed down a abandon train station railing, but there was a train that came out of nowhere and cut her in half, she is a vengefull spirit that seeks revenge on the people that pushed her. There are many versions of the story but this is my favorite one -w-

  61. the ugly organist

    the ugly organist15 days ago

    Damn she became a futa ghost

  62. ghost. _.plant

    ghost. _.plant15 days ago

    we not gonna talk about how we see this same house build in so many of the games he plays?

  63. Gavin Rodrigues

    Gavin Rodrigues15 days ago

    At 24:24 my soul left my body

  64. Ana c Ibarra

    Ana c Ibarra15 days ago

    hay jay i wont you to see these vids okay

  65. Ana c Ibarra

    Ana c Ibarra15 days ago

    its not scaery

  66. Ana c Ibarra

    Ana c Ibarra15 days ago

    the vid is clinic of horrors bianca year ....

  67. Sad

    Sad15 days ago

    I love how jay still calls himself the cube scouts 😂

  68. Brøken XD

    Brøken XD15 days ago

    OOOH! I didn't know it was teke teke, i love that urban legend!

  69. 【Red Sox】- Infernocus

    【Red Sox】- Infernocus15 days ago

    24:24 27:20

  70. MissMeShap StarryNight

    MissMeShap StarryNight15 days ago

    Jay playing a game that is from one of my favorite Japanese urban legend makes me happy ❤

  71. lyn say Say

    lyn say Say15 days ago

    Jay:teke teke tiki tiki *Also jay:freaky freaky*

  72. Brionne Vulimaibau

    Brionne Vulimaibau15 days ago

    *laughs at his own jokes* teachers:

  73. あみ

    あみ16 days ago

    I lagit texted my friend in ALL CAPS that jay from the Kubz Scouts is that dude. And she was like “Who tf is that?” And I be like BRUH. WHAT IS YO PROBLEM BOI.

  74. Jenna San Antonio

    Jenna San Antonio16 days ago

    Take teke got stuck in a rail of train that's how he die jay

  75. Nodner Rendon

    Nodner Rendon16 days ago

    well to be real im also scared so i have same notes

  76. Jennifer avelar

    Jennifer avelar16 days ago

    Me watching this in my school break : AHHHHHHH WTF

  77. Deily Low

    Deily Low17 days ago

    I love hearing your screams when I draw

  78. Ginge Horror L-Plays

    Ginge Horror L-Plays17 days ago

    Came here to watch Jay play so I could siphon his courage to start playing the game then nope the heck out when I start it up

  79. Cookie sqaud uwu

    Cookie sqaud uwu17 days ago


  80. Candy

    Candy17 days ago

    Jay, you missed the opportunity to name the video along the lines of "girl lost her legs in a accident, now she's tryna teke teke mine,"

  81. Stephanie

    Stephanie17 days ago

    "She jumped at me like a Magikarp" I can't--

  82. Ivory

    Ivory17 days ago


  83. 謙虚

    謙虚17 days ago

    This game is about an urban legend called teke teke about a young woman or school girl jumped on to the tracks while her body was cut in half by the train

  84. Angel Siu

    Angel Siu17 days ago

    teke teke finna gonna is take your legs

  85. Where Am I?

    Where Am I?17 days ago

    I;m crying lmaooo "she jumped at me like a magickarp"

  86. The-Manifested

    The-Manifested17 days ago

    Jay is my number one favourite USlikesr and I think it's mostly cuz he never stops talking. He's just like me when I play horror games xD

  87. Lois B

    Lois B17 days ago

    I got scared of Jay’s scream at the intro fls

  88. かつみ

    かつみ18 days ago

    My family is really into Japanese horror so I’ve kind of gotten desensitized but call me sadistic but I really enjoy watching people play them-

  89. Neforia

    Neforia18 days ago

    Jay: *opens window* "Oh, I can open the door?!"

  90. Royale Aquaxmatic

    Royale Aquaxmatic18 days ago

    Maria Carrie could Never

  91. Adam Moua

    Adam Moua18 days ago

    I think the game he is talking about is Go Home 19:18

  92. Princess Yuna MorningStar

    Princess Yuna MorningStar18 days ago

    *laughs at jay screaming his shit off* 👁👄👁

  93. Elijah Tyson

    Elijah Tyson18 days ago

    teke teke is an urban legend I reaserched her when I was going through my urban legend phase

  94. Kristin Hernandez

    Kristin Hernandez19 days ago

    He should play Aka Manto, it took 4 hours for Cory to finish it. I wanna see jay try to do dat

  95. Yatie Orkid

    Yatie Orkid19 days ago

    jay can be a singer. he has high note.

  96. Forever Vie

    Forever Vie19 days ago

    Why isn't Jay a singer yet?

  97. Moshi

    Moshi19 days ago

    I can’t wait to study another urban legend 🤪✋

  98. Sleeping all Day

    Sleeping all Day19 days ago

    Freaking wind scared the crap out of me so many times while watching this

  99. Kiyoshi Kasumi Bakugou

    Kiyoshi Kasumi Bakugou19 days ago

    Meat hammer: I am a meat hammer Jay: what okay best explanation ever I guess Me: 😂🤣

  100. Petal Sumner

    Petal Sumner19 days ago

    Does anybody else think the lay out of this house looks familiar?

  101. _kaneki. Todoroki_

    _kaneki. Todoroki_19 days ago

    I LOVE when Jay gets scared because he saying the dumbest shit and it’s so funny to me

  102. Maya Loya

    Maya Loya19 days ago

    Not jay getting hella scared and saying : 19:22

  103. Maya Loya

    Maya Loya19 days ago

    When your teacher asks you where to put the 1 in 3 : 5:34

  104. Aleks

    Aleks19 days ago

    No one: Jay: I say what I mean and I mean what I say

  105. Nautica Atlantide

    Nautica Atlantide19 days ago

    Teke teke is a urban legend Its about a girl that got cutted in half by a train D: