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  1. Garahe Bike

    Garahe Bike4 days ago

    The Cat Challenge (Cat Lady Ending) 1. Get all the family members 2. Turn Mary Jane into a Mutant 3. Send Mary Jane over and over again in an expodistion 4. Mary Jane is Mia, so she is the Mutant girl, If she is a Mutant now, Timmy is Mike, so he is the useless guy, even though, he's useful, Dolores is Carla, so she is the cat lady, so get alot of CATS!!! Ted is Kyle, so he is the brave and strong guy 5. Get how much soup and water you want 6. Play as Ted 7. play on tsar bomba since ted is the brave and strong guy those are the rules

  2. •Roxanne•

    •Roxanne•9 days ago

    13:47 What

  3. frisk the human

    frisk the human12 days ago

    a challenge I made up called hunger games ( idk if anyone else had this idea ) 1) you eat or drink every 3 days 2) you don't care of your surroundings 3) your allowed to use the bug spray ONCE 4) medkit can only be used until day 15 5) you say YES whenever there's a scavenge 6) your allowed to bring the cat or pancake bc you don't mind them 7) only ending allowed is the twin ending 8 ) if there's mutant marry Jane she's the only one allowed to scavenge 9) if any bandits come you only use weapons 10) gas masked only used 2 times ( ive tried to make it the hardest I could )

  4. •Roxanne•

    •Roxanne•9 days ago

    Thanks Frisk I have the same idea to lol But not all

  5. Mandy Lagunas

    Mandy Lagunas12 days ago

    he is pro gamer he go gamer mode 🖱🎮 🍅=soup=food plz ❤ this .

  6. Tromkas

    Tromkas15 days ago

    he fed them on day 11?

  7. Random Person

    Random PersonMonth ago

    Its not fair that there were 2 people- 1 imposter and 1 crewmate

  8. Random Person

    Random PersonMonth ago

    1:46 really disappointed he didn’t make the Ms.Fizzles WAP joke

  9. BabsTheArtist

    BabsTheArtist2 months ago

    Haihaihai... I have a challenge “Strict Parents Challenge” (I am not sure if you have done something close to this before... but anyways) 1) You need to play on Tsar Bomba (because having really strict parents is hard) 2) You have to play as Ted (which you usually do) 3) You may be a strict parent, but you want the best for your kids, so you obviously have to get both of them FIRST 4) Get everything possible to keep your kids safe (Med kit, Boy Scouts book, padlock, etc) 5) Get cards or something to keep them SANE 6) You MUST get the Military ending because you don’t trust other people to take care of your family 7) The kids ARE NOT allowed to go scavenging, MaryJane could come back with some rebel boyfriend, and little Timmy going out possibly overnight?? NEVER. 8) If one of the kids runs away, you have to restart (this is optional since you are playing on Tsar Bomba, and it’s harder) 9) MaryJane has a diary? Read it. 10) You can’t get Pancake :( I’m sorrryyy Jay!!! But who knows what happens if you help a dog from the streets?? It’s dirty, it could carry a disease, what if your kids aren’t responsible with it???!! 11) MaryJane can’t turn into a mutant thing 12) Dont steal form the elderly or from teachers because you want to be a good influence on your kids 13) If there are raiders, use the padlock (or help that guy that protects against raiders) :) I think I covered everything, if you do actually do this and you come across something I didn’t go over, just try to answer/ do something that a “strict parent” would do. Thanks ☺️

  10. Nem & Phin

    Nem & Phin2 months ago

    4:12 what

  11. Alrich Kim Argulla

    Alrich Kim Argulla3 months ago

    challange brave kids with dad basically u need to survive with timmy and mary janes u can pick delores or ted only kids can scavage basicaly dad or mom will be useless if your character ded its game over

  12. Alrich Kim Argulla

    Alrich Kim Argulla3 months ago

    mutant mary janes is alowed

  13. Dungeon Wolf

    Dungeon Wolf3 months ago


  14. Zanvis shipper For life

    Zanvis shipper For life3 months ago

    9:17 he didn’t come back sick you sent him out sick

  15. Jiosue Flores-Montero

    Jiosue Flores-Montero3 months ago

    dudeplaese do more please

  16. Shelby Paterson

    Shelby Paterson3 months ago

    Everyone sus Timmy...sus Mary Jane...sus Ted...sus Delores...sus Sharikov...sus Pancake yeah you guessed it ... NOT SUS

  17. Alfonso Lira

    Alfonso Lira3 months ago


  18. Lkhagvaa Chuluunbaatar

    Lkhagvaa Chuluunbaatar3 months ago


  19. bronson wid

    bronson wid3 months ago


  20. Kelsie Stringer

    Kelsie Stringer4 months ago

    "If you die, I will kill you" Yes, mr wall, you are a wall

  21. Benjamin Jorge

    Benjamin Jorge4 months ago


  22. Animation Studios

    Animation Studios4 months ago

    The death or light challenge You can pick if you want to be death or light IF YOU CHOOSE LIGHT You must take the cards the Checkerboard gas mask and med Kit and if you choose death you can’t use the must have items for the light IF YOU CHOOSE DEATH You must take the gun axk bud spray and map And if you pick light you can not get any of the light items Food water and anything else is Optional

  23. King James

    King James4 months ago

    13:54 when jay is sus for Ted 😟😟

  24. what a ruccus

    what a ruccus4 months ago

    isn't the military ending impossible if you never open the door to anybody?


    ELPHIE TOY4 months ago

    10:21 Jay:I feel it in my non existent soul Me:YOU OK DUDE?!

  26. k1ddystuff

    k1ddystuff4 months ago

    i have a CHALLENGE it's call'd the: Hard Challenge 1.Timmy go out evrey day unless he is sick or you don't have the Gassmask. You have to make ted crazy or tired. If Dolores gets sick and so dose a other Family member and you have a Medkit use it on Dolores! Mary jane get's water evrey 4 day's and eats evrey 6 day's. 2. Play on hard. If you can get Pankake GET HIM. The twin ending is the only ending your allowd to get. If you get 1 of the other ending you fail the Challenge . Warnig: You have 1 chance! So if you fail the Challenge then you have to share your darkest secret or eat the food you hat the most. (you can chose wich punishmet you want to do)

  27. Dan Dan

    Dan Dan4 months ago

    Sponge bob challenge! Things you’ll need: LOTS of water/food, axe, gun, medkit, flashlight and other stuff of your choice! Your spongebob (Ted) you r nice. Dolores is squidward she is mean. Mary Jane is sandy she is violent. And Timmy is mr krabs he wants to be the richest. Day 1-10 sponge bob You r nice you give them food and water every time they want it. Your only use the medkit. Get pancake (if you have the option) and no scavenging. Always choose the nicest option Day 11-20 squidward Your mean only give water and food to you whenever you want it everyone else eats/drinks every 5-10 days go scavenging with whatever but only let the kids do it choose the rudest option and NO GETTING PANCAKE (sorry Jay) Day 21-30 mr krabs Always do the cheapest option, get pancake if it doesn’t cost to much do anything for money go scavenging with nothing just in case we lose it. Eat every 7 days Day 30-40 sandy Say yes if it’s risky say no if it’s boring go scavenging with the most violent option. Get pancake with the most violent option and survive I’ve never played this game before so idk if your gonna survive. Good luck! Have fun! Your that DUDE! Please do this it took forever to write because I took a screenshot of when I did it on a different video and I had to keep switching back because sim on iPad also it wouldn’t let me copy and paste

  28. OliviaLoves Coffee

    OliviaLoves Coffee4 months ago

    jay: if ted dies, ill just end da video :I me: O.O what the fuc- NOONONONONO video: THAT DUDE me: HECK NO why bruh

  29. Emily Hval

    Emily Hval5 months ago

    ooh I just realized THAT DUDE posted this on my birthday lol love you DUDEEEEEE

  30. FroZen Oak

    FroZen Oak5 months ago

    Dangonrompa challenge rules: 1. You must make mary Jane mutant she's the culprit so once you make her mutant kill her by not giving her food 2. You can't pick up Timmy he's the victim 3. Once you execute mary Jane you can just find an ending you can progress the route but if you still have mary Jane you can't do it 4. If the rifle (truth bullets) or axe (truth blade) appear in a situation use them if both are in there choose one also you can't cheat by not picking them up so pick them up 5. One more thing if the soup event where someone ate the soup all ways pick Dolores if not her Ted and even if it's impossible if you only have mary Jane choose her 6. Also Dolores is mokoto Timmy is sayaka Ted is Kyoko and mary Jane is leon 7. Last thing you have to play as Dolores 8. HAVE FUN

  31. FroZen Oak

    FroZen Oak5 months ago

    Hey I have an idea your playing dangonrompa right now I got an idea DANGONROMPA CHALLENGE I'll say the rules in a bit

  32. Karlee Bullerman

    Karlee Bullerman5 months ago

    I have a 60 seconds challenge. It's the rags to riches challenge. start with nothing, end with every thing. 1. Get ALL water AND food. The flashlight and med-kit for pancake. You can get family members but you don't HAVE to. And the Kubz Scout book and gas mask because they is your only resource besides food and water. 2. you can't kill the bugs because normally you would be outside where there are bugs. 3. As the days go by, you should get more and more stuff. 4. You HAVE TO scavenge as much as you can. 5. You have to end with EVERYTHING, including checkers, cards, harmonica, suitcase, etc. and any family members you brought so no leaving for good or death. 6. you MUST end with the twins or military.

  33. Raelynne Ingersoll

    Raelynne Ingersoll5 months ago

    i have a challenge i call the kub scout book challenge rule 1: you have to check the kub scout book and do as it says every day rule 2: you must get pancake because why not rule three: you have to decline for everything for the cat rule four: you can live with as many family members as you want but it has to be at least two because of the pancake rule rule five: you need to get an ending and it can be any except for the scientist or the cat ending

  34. asian.noobles

    asian.noobles5 months ago

    as watching this that reminds me. A story my dad told me. So, there once was this man. His name was James. And he was drafted to war. Because at the time he arrived at the base, he was last in line for the gun supply. Once he got to the front, the commander said "Sorry soldier, we don' t have any more guns, here, have a broom." James was so confused, but he went along. Soon, he reached the knife base. Same thing, they ran out of knifes. They said, "Here, have a dust pan." Same thing, he went along. Once on the battlefield, he used the broom, a person from the other side ran. He held up the broom and said "Bang Bang" the enemy dropped dead. "Huh?" he was confused. Then another enemy came up. They were closer, so he used the dust pan and said "Stab Stab" the enemy dropped dead. "Uh ok." he said and then there was a guy who came running. He used the broom. "Bang bang." The enemy did not drop. The enemy came closer, he used the dust pan. "Stab stab." Nothing. Then from the enemy, they said "Tank tank tank tank tank." I CANNNNNTTTTTTTTTTT I WAS LAUGHING SO HARRDDDDDDDDDD

  35. Michelle Walter

    Michelle Walter5 months ago

    ted:*dies* jay: *ended the video*

  36. Alexander Foster

    Alexander Foster5 months ago

    If you use suitcase you can bring 4 ibom

  37. Maria Cano

    Maria Cano5 months ago

    New rule you can get pancake because it’s miny you.

  38. Maria Cano

    Maria Cano5 months ago

    Here’s a challenge rainbow and emotion you can get the dog aka pancake. Red:chose the most violent option if you go to scavenge get a weapon can’t get pancake. Orange:you are annoyed so you can’t get suitcases or the twins or anybody in the radio and phone or outside no pancake. Yellow:you are energetic so say yes to everything cause you are curries you can get the dog or the cat. Green:you are connected to nature so you got to scavenge every time with the food you got to feed everyone and if they are hurt you got to heal them and if someone dies you need to restart you need to get the cat or dog if the senerio pops up. Blue:you are coustios so yo need to pick the right answer you can’t get the dog or the cat because yo are cold hearted. Purple:you are shy and hide in the shadows so you can’t do anything only if you are in you’re buncker so no pancake or the cat. Pink:you are caring so you need to help everyone if you have the supplies and you can’t help anybody that’s mean like raiders and you need to get pancake or the cat ween the option is available. White:mostly the same as pink but you need to get the least violent opinion. Black:most violent option and sacrifice anybody that isn’t you can’t get pancake or the cat. Each stage last 10 days if you want it hard do on sarboma and extremely hard nobody dies.

  39. A Nugget

    A Nugget5 months ago

    Here’s a challenge The emotion challenge Stage 1: Fear day 1 - day 15 You are really scared that you might die in the shelter so you don’t go outside, open briefcases ect Stage 2: Joy day 15 - day 20 You can get Pancake if you get the opportunity because you are so happy at the sight of seeing him/her. When the option to trade or something comes you trade or open the briefcase ect Stage 3: Bored day 20 - day 30 You are so bored that you try to do anything, for example if Mary-Jane finds seeds you have to grow them, if Timmy has those ants, you have to let him keep them Stage 4: Lazy day 30 - day 45 You didn’t get enough sleep and you accidentally say no to everything. You can’t scavenge because you are too lazy to do it After day 40 you can either win or die to finish the game

  40. Spider Pig

    Spider Pig5 months ago

    the lovely people challenge 1 fine : treat your family like your own 2 ok: chose your sinarios 3 meh: no scavgeing for kids srry for bad spelling 4 crazy: go with most vilent 5 madness: care about yourself no food for 7 days each time family is fed you can get pancake in all stages (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ also ur that dude

  41. Eevee Plays

    Eevee Plays5 months ago

    Jay: if you die I will kill you me: you cant kill them there already dead

  42. Mini-Me

    Mini-Me5 months ago

    the last of us challenge 1: there can only be girls (Ellie and her Dina) ted is aloud only until day 15 then you must stop giving him food to let him die, this is to show Ellie watching ted die 2: Ellie is a risk taker so she will always open doors etc... 3: Ellie is always risking her life for Dina, so when being sent out only Ellie is aloud 4: Ellie is selfish so no giving supplies to the survivors 5: pancake is aloud only cos i love you jay and i don't want to see you upset 6: you are aloud to edit rules if i missed out something i doubt you will do this but jay p.s YOUR THAT DUDE

  43. Mini-Me

    Mini-Me5 months ago

    should i tell you whats sus? the amount of times jay called the family sus! lolz

  44. Mini-Me

    Mini-Me5 months ago

    this is how many times jay said 'sus' ✔✔✔

  45. Lost Minded

    Lost Minded5 months ago

    "I dont like that bang the only bang that I like is-" "Banging drums"

  46. Anna Paraskeuopoulou

    Anna Paraskeuopoulou5 months ago

    Hey Jay I have created a challenge that I really want you to play in 60 seconds its The Scooby Doo challenge! Mary Jane: Velma Delores: Daphne Timmy: saggy Ted: Fred -You must get pancake cause pancake is Scooby -Take most of the food,those are Scooby snacks -Because Velma (aka Mary Jane) is the smartest we must agree with everything she says and does(for instance in an argument or if she wants to do something)+she will not scavenge -Scavenge for ( clues ) whenever you can cause only that way you can solve the mystery -Whenever you send out Saggy you must always give him Scooby snacks to make him less scared even if he has already eaten the previous day -You can win with whatever ending you want preferably the scientist ending I’ve played it myself and its real fun although I didn’t get to finish it plz try it

  47. nnn ,-,

    nnn ,-,5 months ago

    He didnt feed ted 😂

  48. Olivia Heafey

    Olivia Heafey5 months ago

    is it just me or did 13:44 make anyone else uncomfortable

  49. bokuto has entered the chat

    bokuto has entered the chat5 months ago

    i have literally been binge watching your content mainly your 60 seconds video it’s gotten to the point we’re i’m rewatching your videos like the comment below me you are the only thing keeping me sane rn

  50. Khloes Gamer and Tik-Tok

    Khloes Gamer and Tik-Tok5 months ago

    Girls only 1 Play as Dolores 2 get Mary Jane and you can either get Ted or Timmy 3 when you’re in the bunker only. Boy you picked Will go out to scavenge whenever it pops up 4 get the cat Lady ending 5 Play on normal mode 6 girls get the med kit only 7 at the end The boy you picked must be dead Good luck you will need it

  51. cranky

    cranky5 months ago

    The week challenge ~ Stage 1 last 10 days: its a Monday so you feel absolutely terrible so you must stay in the shelter no matter what and you must eat every 3 days and take care of yourself more than others ~ stage 2 last 5 days: its TACO TUESDAYS!! Rhe family must eat everyday and must get food every chance if you get the option ~ Stage 3 last 15 days: its just something about Wednesdays that feels long so you must scavenge every chance anything to speed up time ~ stage 4 Thursdays last 5 days: Thursdays are regular days so do what you want or create a challenge for yourself😈😈 ~ stage 5 friday last 15 days: FRIDAY AT LAST you love fridays its a fact so you must be a family man and treat everyone including yourself and help beggars if they show up ~ Saturdays and Sunday last 20 days: must be lazy and eat and drink every 2 days Getting rescued is a bonus and if you see this your that dude and have a great week

  52. DaRe4lC0ldSte4l

    DaRe4lC0ldSte4l5 months ago

    NEW RULE FOR AMONG US CHALLENGE If a character gets injured like for instance lets say Timmy gets a cut/Dolores hurts her leg and u use an axe (or literally anything else that prevents them from getting sick ) on them they are cleared so even if they get sick later on you cant vote them out since they are clear.

  53. Among Sus

    Among Sus5 months ago

    How about you do the Challenge again but with 60 parsecs!

  54. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan5 months ago

    Jay! I was playing 60 seconds and Ted was ded. The next day, his skeleton turned into metal and his eyes were open. You need to try and get this!

  55. Galaxy_ Katt

    Galaxy_ Katt5 months ago

    Jay: **reads random notes** New fans: Alright, seems norma- Long-time fans: **starts panicking** JAY WHATS WRONG! ARE YOU OKAY! ARE YOU EVEN JAY! IS IT AN IMPOSTER?!? BLINK TWICE IF YOU NEED HELP JAY!!!! New fans: wth.... are y’all okay...? Long-time fans: **screams** NO!

  56. Autumn _OwO

    Autumn _OwO5 months ago

    Among us impostor edition! All the same rules apply except you have to kill everyone in the bunker. You have to either get everyone sick or disappear when scavenging. (Starving them is too easy + that’s one of their tasks) You can’t let Ted get sick or go crazy bc that’s sus and he’ll get voted out. You don’t have to get rescued but you must kill everyone. Good luck, you’re that dude!

  57. Xcritcal_B X

    Xcritcal_B X5 months ago

    Thanksgiving challenge: Step one: only grab food water family and rifle Step 2: dont get rescued until day 70 Step 3: threw the 70 days only help ur family and only scavenge every 10 days Step 4: ur only allowed to help if u get a benefit

  58. シSpaden

    シSpaden5 months ago

    You should do this with the space ship mode thing

  59. MrDisaster

    MrDisaster5 months ago

    I have an idea for a challenge : - The Randomizer challenge - You must use a randomizer wheel or any substitute of 7-15 items on the wheel. Spin 5 times and the items on wheel are selected to take during the scavenge, ( if your items don't include food or water you can get 2 water and 1 soup) nothing else besides what's on the wheel The items may include extras like one slot on the wheel is really 3 cans of soup or water, you get the idea... Also VERY IMPORTANT : You can't scavenge until day 25 (if you get extremely bad luck, then you can cut the scavenge to go at 15 days or h*ll even 10 if it comes to that) Survive until day 70 or higher, don't have to get saved...beside who needs the military or those weird twins Good luck Jay! .

  60. •LeleLie•

    •LeleLie•5 months ago

    Me 3 weeks late watching this at 12:30 in the morning: oh.... ok..

  61. dogeman

    dogeman5 months ago

    “That’s not the type of banging I like. The only type of banging I like is-“

  62. Melon Lord

    Melon Lord5 months ago

    13:46 I’m just gonna leave this here

  63. Ambrosio Carrillo

    Ambrosio Carrillo5 months ago


  64. Andrj

    Andrj5 months ago

    why is time going so slow

  65. Crista D

    Crista D5 months ago

    red sus

  66. OnlyAtDominos

    OnlyAtDominos6 months ago

    Dont starve challenge: You can only grab 1 food You can only grab 1 water And you need a gas mask to scavenge You can ONLY get food from scavenging U cant trade The only ending you can get is the army ending

  67. Unnspelar

    Unnspelar6 months ago

    The roblox adopt me challnge 1. You have to get all family members 2.if somone wanna trade you have to accept it. 3. You have to get panncake or the cat ( dont remeber the name) 4. You have to be nice to all animals 5. You have to survive to dag 40 whit panncake or the cat 6. You Can only get the lady cat endning or the twin endning Good luck

  68. My Name IS Pechy

    My Name IS Pechy6 months ago

    Like so jay can see! The Henry Stickmin 60 Seconds challange ! You have to get: Timmy = Henry. Dad = Charles. Mother/Daughter = Ellie. You can only take 1 girl. You can take both of the girls if you want extra challenge. 2nd girl = The girl that made you half cyborg. If you have both girls daughter is Ellie and mom is the girl that made you half cyborg. Also, you have to get a pet before day 30. Because with no pet Ellie will hate you and you will increase the difficulty The first 9 days are for preparing for the challenge so the first 9 days do what you want. Day 10 - 19. Henry part! Henry is very friendly and always says yes. Henry also doesn’t anyone to leave because he would feel lonely so no going outside. Any time there is a choice between who should go outside always choose Henry because Henry doesn’t want anything to happen to others. Day 20 - 29. Charles part Charles is overprotective over henry and won’t let him outside ( Henry can’t go outside ). If anyone is hungry or thirsty give them food or water. If anyone needs a medkit give them. If there is a yes/no option say no! Charles doesn’t want to risk it. Day 30 - 40. Ellie Part Ellie really likes Charles and henry! You have to help them in any way you can. You can’t expose anyone to danger. That includes scavenging. - Ellie hard difficulty ( without a pet ) Send anyone But Ellie outside. Always say yes as you don’t care. Give food to Henry or Charles as only if they are 1 foot into the grave, and Ellie eats every time she is even hungry Day 41 - 50 Extra part. So this is an extra part if you chose all family members. You have to feed them every 3 days! Always send someone out to scavenge. You can’t get any ending except army or doctor because the mother is a doctor so she doesn’t want to forget her skill. You can win ONLY after day 40. If you have every family member you can only win after day 50. If you only miss ONE THING you have to reset because these are the rules. If you could please do this challenge, Jay. Anyone can do this challenge, if you did it tell me how it went. Edit 1: So this is not thanks to anything yet I just want to say that it took me at least half an hour. Well, it took me an hour because when i was writing it for the first time I accidentally turned off the pc without posting this. So yeah can you please give me the like?

  69. The Marvel Universe

    The Marvel Universe6 months ago

    The Ted Challenge Must Get Pancake Survive 80 Days Rules No Medkit Or Bug Spray Dont Let Anyone Die Pancake Must Not Be Taken Away Get 4 Waters And Food Open Suitcases Must Open The Door Everyday Must Get Mutant Mary Jane Go Out Everyday Don’t Let Anyone Get Sick Get The Soldier Ending Only Mary Jane Pancake Ted Go Out Timmy And Dolores Do Nothing Don’t Kill Or Rob People Fix Everything With The Book Only Kill The Rat And Rodent Survive Before The Family Die

  70. 404 Failed_to_load

    404 Failed_to_load6 months ago

    No one: Jay: *reading the notes* I dunno guys... he seems kinda sus.

  71. Juliana Schlosser (2023)

    Juliana Schlosser (2023)6 months ago

    Dangonronpa 60 seconds challenge: rules: If someone gets sick (A sneeze) You must pick the most violent option until you heal them (Syo/ Jack). you MUST get the military ending (get saved by the future foundation). You must get everyone in your family- also must get either the cards or checkers (Like so jay can see!) day 1-10 (Toko): You cannot open the door to anyone bc Toko is anti-social- day 11- 20 (Byakuya): you may only open the door if it helps you or your family. day 21- 30 (Gundam): If pancake comes within these days you must get him. (Or the cat) day 31-40 (Chiaki): if the option comes up within these days you MUST play cards or checkers day 41-50 (Teruteru): you must feed everyone every day. (c h e f) day 51-60 (Monaca): You must give the kids whatever they want (p a r a d I s e) day 61-70 (Akane): You must feed ted every day (bc she hungry as heck) day 71- END (Monokuma): you must choose the most violent option (unless it interferes with the military ending) Like so jay can see!

  72. Thinos

    Thinos6 months ago

    him: if you died i will kill you? logic: do i exist?

  73. Friend of Edvin Thom

    Friend of Edvin Thom6 months ago

    Hey jay I was wondering if you could do a challenge with no items at the beginning

  74. Voice_Klutz

    Voice_Klutz6 months ago

    i wanna try make a challenge so THE DDLC CHALLENGE!!! Ted is monika, doloras is yuri, mary jane is natsuki and timmy is sayori! THE WHOLE FAMILY HAS TO BE WITH YOUUUUU!! Monika isnt allowed to go crazy, if he does then you failed the challenge!! You have to get the boy scout book, axe, gun, medkit, suitcase and bug spray. Plus if theres a bandit thing then you have to kill them or let them steal from you!! You can play like you normally would ,like how ddlc seems like a normal love game, but if you have to kill a someone (for example old people) YOU HAVE TO!! when sending people out you cant send out ted or your fav character (if monika isnt your fav cause ik you've played it). when scavenging yuri has to bring an axe/gun, natsuki has to bring suitcase and sayori has to bring a map at least once in the play through (unless one if them is your fav) to win the challenge you have to be saved by mc (litterally anyone who can give you a good game over) or everyone except monika dies. you can get pancake if you wanna but your not allowed to sacrifice someone for him. ik this challenge sucks and you wont do it but good luck!! i hope it makes sense-

  75. Didi Oparaocha

    Didi Oparaocha6 months ago

    15:18 🤣🤣

  76. Didi Oparaocha

    Didi Oparaocha6 months ago

    10:20 omggggg I'm dead😂😭☠️

  77. Ê̸͜r̶̩͌r̷̹͝õ̶͉r̷͙͝_̴̘̏l̵̟̔o̴͖͌a̸̭̒ḑ̴̊ị̶̚ñ̵͇g̴

    Ê̸͜r̶̩͌r̷̹͝õ̶͉r̷͙͝_̴̘̏l̵̟̔o̴͖͌a̸̭̒ḑ̴̊ị̶̚ñ̵͇g̴6 months ago

    simpsons challenge homer- lasts 10 days your homer you eat every other day you treat timmy and mary jane (bart and lisa) poorly and you don't leave the bunker or trade with anyone marge- lasts 5 days your marge you always do whats best for the kids by not letting them leave the bunker and you don't use the axe or the gun for anything bart- lasts 10 days your bart so you don't always listen to the parents you always do the most violent answer to the problem and if you ever leave the bunker use the axe or the gun lisa- lasts 20 days your lisa so you always think twice you always pick the answer that would be best for your family. you love animals so try to get pancake or a cat, and drink water every 2 days ,also no hurting anyone ! hope you enjoy the challenge

  78. mlaxii

    mlaxii6 months ago

    I have a challenge idea! It’s the divorce challenge AND another one that I made! Divorce challenge: whatever side Dalorce (I know I spelt that wrong) is on, you don’t get anything on that side, only get things on the opposite side of her, if you still have time, you can get some things on her side. The other challenge, which I call, “one person, one thing to do” Since Dalorce will never be their, she doesn’t have anything. Timmy always goes scavenging, Mary Jane always answers the phone, or goes outside for something, like the meeting with the twins, if she can’t, Ted takes her place. I really hope I get noticed!! :) btw your that DUDE! (Also I didn’t make the divorce challenge)

  79. Jaydenandtyrons playtime

    Jaydenandtyrons playtime6 months ago

    The 60 Seconds Challenge 1 - 25 The Coin Flip Challenge You Do The Same But A Little More Water And Feed In This Stage 25 - 45 Yes To Everything Challenge You Say Yes Everyday And Do A No For 1 Day 45 - 65 The No To Everything Challenge You Must Say No To Everything Or You Lose Get Pancake 65 - 80 The Love Challenge You Love Everyone So Open The Door To Everyone And Feed Everyone

  80. Monobear

    Monobear6 months ago

    Challenge: Time-Consumer challenge P.S: For the entire challenge you must scavenge every day. And, the gamemode is Tsar Bomba. Stage 1: Beggining. for the first 1-10 days you must only feed everyone when they really need it, and you must scavenge without gas masks, and if anyone is sick you must wait 3 days to give someone a medkit. Stage 2: Calming Down. Basically, you can do what you want here. (10-15 Days) Stage 3: Flaring up. For this you must ALWAYS send out Mutant mary jane because she cool and always comes back. And if anyone wants to go out you must let them out. (15-20 Days) Stage 4: Getting Worse. You must let the kids out if they wish. And if there’s any scenarios when someone needs to go out you must. (20-35 Days) Stage 5: Where it all Ends. Play normally until you die c:

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    The Hater Challenge :1 Get The Gun Nasty Weapon Get The Boy Scout Book The Fixing Book Get The Cards Fly Passposts :2 Get The Flashlight For Pancake Say No To Everything Everyday :3 The Passports And The Fixing Book Dont Trade Them For Reasons :4 Pancake Is The Nest Survive With Him And He Helps You :5 Must Get Rescued And If Ted Is Dead Or The Family Members You Lose :6 Must Not Be Attacking Raiders Of They Will Sick You Up :7 Must Let Pancake Help You Not Run Away By The Raiders :8 Raiders Are. Demon's So No One Must Be Dead With Them :9 If Pancake Is With The Demon's Raiders You Lose So Restart :10 Restart If Ted Is Dead And Get The Medkit Toilet Paper Bug Spray Hand Jall :11 You Can't Use The Gun Till Day 40

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    Jay: Timmy I Hate you! The next minute Jay: clap it up for timmy

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    Mode Tsar Bomba The Seven Deadly Monsters 1-20 Golden Reaper Kill And Say No To Everything 20 - 45 The Monster Kill The Old People And The Teachers 45 - 65 The Lava Ghost Monster Say Yes To Everything And Attack Everyone 65 - 85 The Evil Red Demon Feed And Water Them And Let The Kids Die 85 - 105 The Evil Demon Zombies You Need To Not Trust Anyone So No To Everything

  89. CloudE ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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    Jay I Have A Challenge For You! Minecraft Challenge: -Must Feed Them Food and Water at least every 4 days (cause your hunger bar goes down often) - Must Say Yes To Anything Option That Involves Exploring like phone calls, X mark on the map, scavenge etc. (Cause Everyone loves exploring in minecraft) -If Ted dies then restart (He's Your Character) -No Padlock Allowed (Screw Padlock and fight like a man) -Must Have Everyone (Their other players in the game) -You Must Have A Medkit (Your Respawn Button) -Live till day 60 before you get rescued (Time To Beat Minecraft) -Get Every Item In The Game When You get rescued (It's Your Loot) This Is Optional -Pancake Or Dr. Sharikov Is Also Optional (Cause You Can Get a pet if you want) Good Luck My DUDE!

  90. Aaliya Smith

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    I have an idea called the honey moon challenge Rules Get dalores and let her get whatever she wants and needs Don’t open the door for 10 days y’all might get freaky Don’t scavenge for 5 days so they can spend time together Kill everything such as roaches and rats because y’all want to be alone Live up to 50 days Don’t get the kids

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    Mode Tsar Bomba The 60 Seconds Challenge Stage 1 The No To Everything Challenge Do The Same Stage 2 The Deadly Seven Sins Challenge Do The same Thing But Feed Everyone Stage 3 The Among Challenge Do The Same

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    Him: If he dies ill just end the video Ted: dies me: you can live with 1 adult

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    Day 8 Hey Jay , Im still here even late I will still tell you about Identity V UwU. I probably should tell you about the little story at the start of the game . You will have the intro and you will play as a detective named Orpheus . After that the tutorial starts and the mystery of the game starts . You will be teach how to move , prime chipers machines, run from hunter , heal ,stun the hunter , look in chests , hide in lockers, open the gate , hunt a survivor, destroy a pallet ,terror shock a survivor and more essential things . I will stop here since i don't want to give to much spoilers. ^-^ Ty for taking ur time to read this even if u are a random person . If u want any advice for the game just tell me i would love to help anybody.

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