Move Over Yandere Simulator, This Yandere Game Is The New Wave

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  1. Anime Potato

    Anime PotatoHour ago

    2:33 Merlin that you?!

  2. celestia ludenBURNED

    celestia ludenBURNED5 hours ago

    what’s the name of the game i srsly wanna play this game on my own

  3. Patricia Lee

    Patricia Lee11 hours ago


  4. Laila Forman

    Laila Forman12 hours ago

    I actually missed the old yandere simulator I miss when you used to play it all the time make so many videos about it he would answer our questions I miss the old him too

  5. spooky gaming

    spooky gaming15 hours ago

    This actually looks like cheating tom

  6. CrimsonTheWorld

    CrimsonTheWorld18 hours ago

    Why tf does that school girl look like Merlin from Seven Deadly Sins

  7. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake21 hour ago

    Orochimaru what have they done to you I mean that's saf

  8. obi frye

    obi fryeDay ago

    what is the website he playing on damn the fighing was dope

  9. Asianx

    AsianxDay ago

    4:47 damn she knocked senpai back lmfao

  10. Blazing Saint

    Blazing SaintDay ago

    Wait if your gonna fight for senpai why would you give him up

  11. Dino Kalomiris

    Dino KalomirisDay ago

    Hey Jay! I have a question. In Yandere Simulator 1. Follow Kokona to the bathroom. 2. Take her phone. 3. Keep it until tomorrow. 4. What happens?

  12. JiggleMe

    JiggleMeDay ago

    Honestly, it's completely sad how this fan-made game has way more features and visual aspects than the actual Yandere Sim game. It shows how much Yan Dev is slacking.

  13. Jael Julesseus

    Jael JulesseusDay ago


  14. Julie Red

    Julie RedDay ago

    YANDERE DEV DO YO MAGIC BRO!! (We need this in YANDERE SIM!!!)

  15. Julie Red

    Julie RedDay ago

    The girl that ur fighting in the game kinda looks like Merlin from Seven Deadly Sins

  16. Apple pie

    Apple pieDay ago

    Jay: "i just hate when games do that like they tell you were to go and expect the person to be there" Game: *pops up weird add* Jay: *in the middle of talking* But- what the hell is this add-

  17. Lil_Whale35

    Lil_Whale35Day ago


  18. Lezinai Portee

    Lezinai PorteeDay ago

    I had that game but it keeps repeating itself

  19. niara

    niaraDay ago

    yandere dev is about to throw a tantrum

  20. Alim Kale

    Alim KaleDay ago

    3:52 why the hell is the sims there? 😭😭😭

  21. Aubrynn Croaston

    Aubrynn Croaston2 days ago

    where can I sign?

  22. Ella Bridgewater

    Ella Bridgewater2 days ago

    I have this game

  23. Jamilah Alissa

    Jamilah Alissa2 days ago

    Is nobody going to say that is Merlin from seven deadly sins and why they swimming with socks on

  24. Jimim - still crying

    Jimim - still crying2 days ago

    Not gonna lie, this game has more good animations than the actual yandere simulator game

  25. Gacha Spirit

    Gacha Spirit2 days ago

    lets see if this works

  26. Gacha Spirit

    Gacha Spirit2 days ago

    Kubz Scouts Kubz Scouts Kubz Scouts

  27. Rufina Canlas

    Rufina Canlas2 days ago

    Hi i am only five years old believe me because i'm just a child i am smart and i like knowledge 🤓 i like to go to school

  28. j1 doc

    j1 doc2 days ago

    If u lookin for name it is anime high school

  29. makanzie loli

    makanzie loli2 days ago

    OMG I got that game when I have my own phone

  30. Dragonair Dragon

    Dragonair Dragon2 days ago

    Ah, yes, Yandere Sim, but Yandere smoke anime crack and embrace the meme route.

  31. Noreen Maralag

    Noreen Maralag2 days ago


  32. Horizon

    Horizon2 days ago

    “That’s a me gusta from me dawg” why did that shit have me dead lmao

  33. Thonk

    Thonk2 days ago

    Damn teach got them polygons

  34. Norma Delvalle

    Norma Delvalle2 days ago

    That test mini game gives me nostalgia to one of old bad mini games that was mad fun to play it was actually like that game like a T



    Off brand Merlin is now in my nightmares

  36. Caitlin Mireri

    Caitlin Mireri3 days ago

    When you're crush is about to die and it was in the middle of his confession so you ran to the nurses office 4:12

  37. Shalini Uchoi

    Shalini Uchoi3 days ago

    Jay played my game thank you Jay

  38. Dead Eye

    Dead Eye3 days ago

    This just cheating Tom

  39. PurpleDevil Yt

    PurpleDevil Yt3 days ago

    I don't know if you do the Yandere Simulator myths, Easter eggs, and bugs videos anymore but I have a question I thought of(Since this is a Yandere video I thought to comment this): 1. Take a picture of any teacher 2. Kidnap someone 3.Make them a mindslave (I think you know where this is going) 4. When the person's at the area near the bush, give them a knife, box cutter, any small weapon,etc,etc. 5 (apart of 4). Have the mindslave kill the teacher by giving them the image of the bitchy worthless teacher (I hate the teachers cause they apprehend sorry lol) Will the teacher do the "Just what do you think you're doing?" phrase to the mindslave and apprehend them or will the teacher die?Or will something else happen like a dead or alive glitch?

  40. You're A Simp

    You're A Simp3 days ago

    Her skipping is the mood I wanna bring into this school year-

  41. SoftxXxMochaxXx Bee

    SoftxXxMochaxXx Bee3 days ago

    Is nobody going to talk about how she put on socks to go the pool? lol.

  42. Lou Lou

    Lou Lou3 days ago

    second signature!

  43. Nezuko Kamado

    Nezuko Kamado3 days ago

    Yo hand me that Petition, I’ll sign ✍️

  44. Sandra Onimus Sandra

    Sandra Onimus Sandra3 days ago

    This is the funniest shit I have ever seen

  45. Gameing With Amanda

    Gameing With Amanda3 days ago

    I played it

  46. XXpastel_ gachaXX

    XXpastel_ gachaXX3 days ago

    I have a question what if you find placeholder girl get her a target kidnap the target what will placeholder girl do?

  47. Chantelle IsAfricaBound

    Chantelle IsAfricaBound3 days ago


  48. Yemmy hagdisnvix

    Yemmy hagdisnvix3 days ago

    iS tHaT mErLiN

  49. waddledoof

    waddledoof4 days ago

    I have one: 1. go into ship girl mode 2.kill a student council member (not Megami) 3. when you go to school, will the metal detectors sense the metal on the ship?

  50. Rahaf Saeed

    Rahaf Saeed4 days ago

    I played this Before the video came out😂 X_X

  51. The Pokemonic

    The Pokemonic4 days ago

    That spy. When they were talking about basketball was merlin from seven deadly sins

  52. lucifxrm

    lucifxrm4 days ago

    2:34 i-

  53. Spinel quit I guess

    Spinel quit I guess4 days ago

    0:19 2:16 2:51 4:12 7:17 9:31

  54. TheSilverCat

    TheSilverCat4 days ago

    here you have another sign from me on that walk, i want it so bad lol

  55. Kkawesomegirl 2134

    Kkawesomegirl 21344 days ago

    Hey kubz scouts i don't know if you did this yet ( bc my memory is as ) but i have a little surprise for you. 1. Kill all the teachers ( Anyway you kill them is good but it is better if you use an Easter egg ) 2. end the day and wait for the police to come. 3. wait the next day and see the surprise 😌 Ps. I have been a fan since 2014 and your THAT DUDE!!!

  56. Kore

    Kore4 days ago

    I actually really love some of the animations in this game like the running, fighting animations, and the "getting splashed with water" animation. It's odd how more espressive animations and nice hair physics can somehow make the unity assest models look...kinda good? Also the tactic used to steal the laxatives by distracting the nurse with your "sick" friend is actually creative. I'm genuinely surprised that any thought went into this lol

  57. nekoXbelow

    nekoXbelow4 days ago

    Not lie the girl who farted in front of sinpie no cap why did yall make her look like Merlin from seven deadly sins😃

  58. Agnieszka Borowiecka

    Agnieszka Borowiecka4 days ago

    is rili cool

  59. Juju

    Juju4 days ago

    hold up is that merlin from the seven deadly sins?

  60. Jermaine

    Jermaine4 days ago

    I actually downloaded this before I saw this video yesterday it was kinda boring lmao cuz I I got this at my phone and too many ads

  61. josh8960 josh8960

    josh8960 josh89604 days ago


  62. Jerom Varghese

    Jerom Varghese4 days ago

    I like how it was my birthday

  63. x Bøba x Lee x

    x Bøba x Lee x4 days ago

    What is that Game called?

  64. Briel Li

    Briel Li4 days ago

    I love the game, but hey can u try the new build of sakura simulator if u haven't 😁

  65. WasabiSkies

    WasabiSkies4 days ago

    4:47 Senpai: i want to tell that i love yo- Girl: **farts Hard as Hell** Senpai: *YEET*

  66. MsBee 33

    MsBee 335 days ago

    Hey, I have a theory about the art club leader and why he isn't kicking you out. Maybe he has a crush on you and does the same thing? And then he has no choice but to kick you out after a while for his reputation. I'm not sure if we can prove this, but what if you killed someone in front if him? What is his reaction?

  67. ϟ I'm s h o o k ϟ

    ϟ I'm s h o o k ϟ5 days ago

    Yandere dev right now: *nervous sweating*

  68. Becca TV

    Becca TV5 days ago

    Oh wow

  69. moon Wolf anime fan

    moon Wolf anime fan5 days ago

    I've gotten this game before I do not trust it anymore as soon as I got to the loading screen it kicked me out 😤

  70. 0.o

    0.o5 days ago

    We gonna ignore Merlin from Nanatsu no Taizai

  71. It'ź_ Êmilý

    It'ź_ Êmilý5 days ago

    This video was sick

  72. uincorn spice

    uincorn spice5 days ago

    I have that game

  73. txkyo errors

    txkyo errors5 days ago

    Phyics quiz

  74. anime club

    anime club5 days ago

    I already laugh before the video start

  75. ᴛᴡɪɴᴋʟᴇ

    ᴛᴡɪɴᴋʟᴇ5 days ago

    why her lips look swollen

  76. Velrosey

    Velrosey5 days ago

    Why is that teacher just Mitsuru Kirijo Edit: after watching more, can confirm they used assets from other 3d models (hi merlin from 7ds)

  77. Hi bro Wazzz up

    Hi bro Wazzz up5 days ago

    Off topic, but the voices are just P E R F E C. T. I. O. N

  78. I T T Y Y

    I T T Y Y5 days ago

    Osana is out!


    DESHIREE B. ANGELES5 days ago

    I like the the girl openning the dor

  80. Spirit in the Sky

    Spirit in the Sky5 days ago

    i Play'd this they Need to Add more levels :I

  81. Rozita Iš buhalterijos

    Rozita Iš buhalterijos5 days ago

    Hey Jay I have a yandere simulator myth 1You do the steps to framing Osana 2When you have to change dont change your bloody clothes 3I wanna see who will the police arrest if the weapon has Osanas finger prints but ayanos outfit has the victima blood?

  82. •.•frozen tear•.•

    •.•frozen tear•.•5 days ago

    so at 2:23 it says in the desc "me gusta" i was laughing my ass off lol

  83. Astrix For Sure

    Astrix For Sure5 days ago

    I waited months for this game and when it came out I couldnt even play because of the amount of ads

  84. Sҩლäղζɦä βℜლäղ ლüղïä°ツ

    Sҩლäղζɦä βℜლäղ ლüղïä°ツ5 days ago

    Another thing I thought in the thumbnail it said "YOU TALKING TO MY SENPAPI!?" and then I rubbed my eyes I saw it was "senpai"

  85. ;-; Tu mamá

    ;-; Tu mamá5 days ago

    The rival looks like Merlin from the seven deadly sins

  86. Monette Bartolabac

    Monette Bartolabac5 days ago

    Whats the title of the game tho???

  87. Nymphia

    Nymphia5 days ago

    I played this game we can play it in phone

  88. Nymphia

    Nymphia4 days ago


  89. Honey - chan

    Honey - chan4 days ago

    @Nymphia Thx

  90. Nymphia

    Nymphia4 days ago

    Its anime girl yandere life

  91. Honey - chan

    Honey - chan5 days ago

    What's the name of it?

  92. Deidara The Missing Nin Idk

    Deidara The Missing Nin Idk5 days ago

    Me hearing KOBE!! In 2020 😔

  93. Anime Fan

    Anime Fan5 days ago

    2:54 - God Damn! 5:41 - Bruh, at this point I also don't know how to feel

  94. Mary Grace Delima

    Mary Grace Delima5 days ago

    That minigame represents the game called cheating Tom 3 but different

  95. Rei Elizabeth

    Rei Elizabeth6 days ago

    Lol I wonder how long this game took because honestly the coding is probably still better than yandere devs.

  96. Cahlan Moore

    Cahlan Moore6 days ago

    2:33 why she look like Michael Jackson

  97. S_Mai

    S_Mai6 days ago

    no because this game has better development in terms of everything. the protagonist eventually giving up on her crush?? queen behavior

  98. Moore Family

    Moore Family6 days ago

    yes we would love that run plz put it in

  99. Kozume Kenma

    Kozume Kenma6 days ago

    2:33 That's literally Merlin from sds 👀

  100. black lives matter

    black lives matter6 days ago

    delete before yandev sees and threatens these developers too lololol

  101. Nobody Justme

    Nobody Justme6 days ago

    Everytime Jay says "Salsa dancing" I always think he says "Sausage dancing"

  102. Nobody Justme

    Nobody Justme6 days ago

    I remember that one Yandere myth episode where the green headed butterfly ran to a group in the cafeteria and she called the police after seen a murder. Jay was zooming in on her horrifying expression on her face and commenting: "That's a face that says: "Holy shitto, I shit my panties!"!"💩

  103. toooruuu

    toooruuu6 days ago

    Jay: yandere should have some fighting like this Ayano and delinquents fighting be like:

  104. -XxxpiliphinesxxX- simon

    -XxxpiliphinesxxX- simon6 days ago

    I laugh when she enemy fart hahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂