Move Over Yandere Simulator, This Yandere Game Is The New Wave

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  1. TheAdoptMeYandere

    TheAdoptMeYandere14 hours ago

    i played this once

  2. Beggy

    Beggy20 hours ago


  3. Beggy

    Beggy20 hours ago


  4. Manel

    ManelDay ago

    3:54 wtf

  5. Wut

    Wut2 days ago

    I played it lmfao

  6. Ellliot RATina

    Ellliot RATina2 days ago

    im shocked i have this app😳

  7. Anlly Gonzalez

    Anlly Gonzalez2 days ago

    Is it just me or did yan-chan go swimming with SOCKS ON

  8. JuIcY_UwU

    JuIcY_UwU5 days ago a different universe.

  9. Mike Florea

    Mike Florea5 days ago

    5:00 The following 10 seconds or so remind me so much of The Sims (specifically the older versions) 9:41 +1 on that petition! :D

  10. TotallyNotSaikiKusuoッ

    TotallyNotSaikiKusuoッ8 days ago

    It hit me whenever Jay said," We don't have physic powers" You get it?

  11. Lianne Rebaya

    Lianne Rebaya9 days ago

    2:33 Is that Merlin from the seven deadly sins??!!

  12. Peaches Cream

    Peaches Cream10 days ago

    I played that before

  13. dxmonxii

    dxmonxii12 days ago

    2:32 LMAOAOOAOAI IS THAT MERLIN⁉️‼️⁉️‼️😨😭😭

  14. Michael Consiglio

    Michael Consiglio14 days ago

    There was more to the game tho should have played a little longer

  15. Oka Ruto

    Oka Ruto16 days ago

    I once played this and I kind of loved it-

  16. Fuckboy Bf

    Fuckboy Bf16 days ago

    Yandere Dev: ✍️🤨

  17. Osana

    Osana17 days ago


  18. Elvis Plansar

    Elvis Plansar18 days ago

    What i have no

  19. Pony Kids Shop

    Pony Kids Shop18 days ago

    Du u no dat techer dusen even car if u r cheting in clas

  20. GD Zharkx

    GD Zharkx17 days ago


  21. Muffin_smiles _

    Muffin_smiles _19 days ago

    haHaHAHA omg jay so true its corny

  22. Adrienne Hill-Sweet

    Adrienne Hill-Sweet19 days ago

    when he said what the heck is this app-

  23. Adrienne Hill-Sweet

    Adrienne Hill-Sweet19 days ago

    i downloaded it but my ipad is old stooped working today

  24. Chroma

    Chroma22 days ago

    where is your face cam

  25. {_Fluffy Clouds_}

    {_Fluffy Clouds_}22 days ago

    The diarrhea part is too much 😭

  26. {_Fluffy Clouds_}

    {_Fluffy Clouds_}22 days ago

    "I don't even do my own homework" Same....

  27. Ck Equinox

    Ck Equinox22 days ago

    Bruh this is like cheating tom

  28. Mallissa Obrien

    Mallissa Obrien22 days ago

    On 2:33 she looks like merlin from seven deadly sins

  29. starrlyn reynolds

    starrlyn reynolds24 days ago

    I have soooo much to say 1 the game makes me LOL. 2 hate the ads OOF

  30. VIDXQ Thaddeus

    VIDXQ Thaddeus27 days ago

    You whiped her butt

  31. ImSoProductive -///-

    ImSoProductive -///-27 days ago


  32. {Zone#} Minecraft

    {Zone#} Minecraft28 days ago

    Shape of the capsules how they will look for the areas I I don't know how to record without so hard I don't know how to record I never recorded in my life in please tell me how to download free when I just started the name of jaundice I just wanna know how you get on

  33. Kenadie_ Senpai

    Kenadie_ Senpai29 days ago


  34. ᴄᴏᴢʏ ɴᴀᴘᴘʏʜᴇᴀᴅ

    ᴄᴏᴢʏ ɴᴀᴘᴘʏʜᴇᴀᴅ29 days ago

    I also submit my signature as I have the animation, please.

  35. Rainii Days

    Rainii DaysMonth ago

    I played this on my iPad and it was like *BANG BANG BANG* It crashed ( I’m weird)

  36. Hatsune Miku [AbbyChan]

    Hatsune Miku [AbbyChan]Month ago

    This is copy of YanSim . Just look class 1-1 and the quiz class they same.YanSim is better but still in a demo it better in the full verson.And they say "This game is better than YanSim"

  37. Georgina Chua

    Georgina ChuaMonth ago

    me gusta

  38. Roselyn Mina

    Roselyn MinaMonth ago

    Yan dev be like:WHAT DUDE LOOK AT DIS

  39. Danielė Udrytė

    Danielė UdrytėMonth ago

    wait is that merlin?

  40. Gowther Simp

    Gowther SimpMonth ago

    ayow im just re watching sum of yall vids cos yes lmao. Just for now, I noticed the like rival looks like merlin from 7 deadly sins lol

  41. Blank_kv

    Blank_kvMonth ago

    2:31 they fr used an anime character- that is literally merlin from the seven deadly sins LMAO

  42. •-• AZ

    •-• AZMonth ago

    Those ads have Sims 4 character models...😠

  43. derp Nep

    derp NepMonth ago

    This years april fools build MUST BE THIS ONE

  44. Vineshia Simpson

    Vineshia SimpsonMonth ago

    Kubz Scouts: How did we know that? *6 seconds later_* Ad: Make Her The Prettiest Bride Ever Kubz Scouts: Yo What the-

  45. SimplyxLizard

    SimplyxLizardMonth ago

    I can't find the game

  46. lesbian mother90

    lesbian mother90Month ago

    I actually played this and I mean HI...

  47. Foxxy Sammy

    Foxxy SammyMonth ago


  48. Zodiac

    ZodiacMonth ago

    Doesn't izumi look like Merlin from seven deadly sins

  49. Yurie Danielle Moirae L. Ferrer

    Yurie Danielle Moirae L. FerrerMonth ago

    Oh a have that game but it so boring to play that

  50. a l e x

    a l e xMonth ago

    LMAO WTF 4:45 💀

  51. your_ local_weeb

    your_ local_weebMonth ago

    Omg 😂 I played that gameeeeeeee before I even saw this video

  52. Smiunie_Luv!

    Smiunie_Luv!Month ago

    I really like how this game is. Is it just me? or does Yan cnah feel more alive....

  53. Fati Farh* ???;.دى رى دردشة دردشة

    Fati Farh* ???;.دى رى دردشة دردشةMonth ago


  54. Goodgoku O

    Goodgoku OMonth ago

    Imagine she is the seven deadly sin marlin i think

  55. Goodgoku O

    Goodgoku OMonth ago


  56. Goodgoku O

    Goodgoku OMonth ago


  57. Gunna.j

    Gunna.jMonth ago

    I have that game

  58. mizzy _ playz

    mizzy _ playzMonth ago

    Omg you played my first game

  59. Jonathan de la Cruz

    Jonathan de la CruzMonth ago

    2:34 this woman do be lookin like merlin- ;-;

  60. Bunny

    BunnyMonth ago

    Your actually about to hit 4 million congrats!

  61. sulaiman sani

    sulaiman saniMonth ago


  62. Arianna Torabian

    Arianna TorabianMonth ago

    don’t know if anyone noticed this but whoever that rival was looked exactly like merlin from seven deadly sins ??

  63. Zykiya Barr

    Zykiya BarrMonth ago

    Why did the fight between izumi and asuka remind me of nemisis chan and yan chan LOL

  64. Waonwaon •w•

    Waonwaon •w•Month ago

    POV : Use autoclicker on the bat izuni.

  65. actxve_Natălie ツ

    actxve_Natălie ツMonth ago

    Is this me or?.. The backround music is very familiar....

  66. Ack Tack

    Ack TackMonth ago

    Can we talk about how senpai is literally quackity - the beenie

  67. njboysstan tbh

    njboysstan tbhMonth ago

    anybody else recognize that the post caption in the game said me gusta?


    GÜLSE TURANMonth ago

    2:33 my seven deadly sins fans will understand

  69. Sleepy CloudKid

    Sleepy CloudKidMonth ago

    Me: Mom can we buy yandere simulator My mom: We already have yandere simulator at home The Yandere simulator at home:

  70. Jacob Joel Estrada

    Jacob Joel EstradaMonth ago

    the cheat minigame wasn't that based on the app cheating tom

  71. family Ducta

    family DuctaMonth ago

    Jay i have a mith first get a mineslave second sumen the anshit evele make it kill anyone whiel its wen it will start killing spawn spawn a student council and you'll see

  72. Ur bootiful Idiot Quora

    Ur bootiful Idiot QuoraMonth ago

    RIP off version of yandere similator

  73. halozu.

    halozu.Month ago


  74. halozu.

    halozu.Month ago

    @shotarology i can't download it on my computer

  75. shotarology

    shotarologyMonth ago

    Anime High School Girl Life 3D

  76. magical buster

    magical busterMonth ago

    no not merlin from seven deadly sins being the thotty actin notty

  77. Ayyo_ dude

    Ayyo_ dudeMonth ago

    BRUH! I really want to play this game

  78. Milo

    MiloMonth ago

    I’m gonna come here to laugh at this after watching the scary test video, lowkey had a heart attack twice🥴

  79. Zea Solange Hera

    Zea Solange HeraMonth ago

    i just realize that nob 20, 2020 is my big sisters birthday XD and i like your vids even my sis!

  80. EclipseSeth

    EclipseSeth2 months ago

    Why are they swimming with socks on? What strange universe is this?!

  81. Amanda Rosing

    Amanda Rosing2 months ago

    And hiBJ Mike I like your soccer school simulator videos I am really a fan

  82. Amanda Rosing

    Amanda Rosing2 months ago

    Oh now you take the hand will be doing Mike said he said I play this game too thank you

  83. Amanda Rosing

    Amanda Rosing2 months ago

    I am JPJ Mike is talking Jake

  84. 3C(22) NG MEGAN 吳雨恩

    3C(22) NG MEGAN 吳雨恩2 months ago

    I got that app then i found this video lol

  85. Sassy Girl

    Sassy Girl2 months ago

    We all still missed Kobe Bryant

  86. K4L

    K4L2 months ago

    How he speaks like a gal is perfect and too funny, Hollywood Hire this guy

  87. Gia Charoite

    Gia Charoite2 months ago


  88. Dreams and Nightmares Baka

    Dreams and Nightmares Baka2 months ago

    Uhh I have this game but the song was different very different

  89. zaina waheed

    zaina waheed2 months ago

    I installed this game today but it isn't opening,after I made my character,It kept closing,😥

  90. Uwu Queen

    Uwu Queen2 months ago

    He did not just reilize the she had diarrhea on herself ._.

  91. Long Yin LI

    Long Yin LI2 months ago

    The rival is Merlin in seven deadly sins😅

  92. liu chang de

    liu chang de2 months ago

    This game could be better than yandere simulator

  93. Chocky

    Chocky2 months ago

    2:32 ayo wtf merlin?!

  94. Bunnieh Gutierrez

    Bunnieh Gutierrez2 months ago

    No one: Literally No one: Title:This Yandere Game is the new Wave Game:(Not a Yandere) You Joking??

  95. Bunnieh Gutierrez

    Bunnieh GutierrezMonth ago

    @shotarology Kk

  96. shotarology

    shotarologyMonth ago

    The characters kinda look like the characters in Yan sim, and the school is a legit replica of the Yan sim school that’s why Jay put that as the title 🗿

  97. Sharki-Kun LU

    Sharki-Kun LU2 months ago

    2:32 wth is Merlin doing in here

  98. •Itz_Yukii•

    •Itz_Yukii•2 months ago

    I know this game, it’s just umm.. well......

  99. nodrev verdon

    nodrev verdon2 months ago

    i have that game it look like yandere simulator

  100. alexchoulienrenroseann salutapajaritosibalinya

    alexchoulienrenroseann salutapajaritosibalinya2 months ago

    I play that game!

  101. im an ant and a stan of illumi

    im an ant and a stan of illumi2 months ago

    what si the game? i wanna download 😀

  102. im an ant and a stan of illumi

    im an ant and a stan of illumi2 months ago

    ok nvm its anime high school girl life 3D - yandere simulator

  103. Mochi

    Mochi2 months ago

    I’ve played this game and it is so trash for me

  104. Cupcake Sprinkle

    Cupcake Sprinkle2 months ago

    I have this game

  105. Your Local Psychopath

    Your Local Psychopath2 months ago

    2:33 To anyone who has watched The 7 Deadly Sins, does that girl look a bit like Merlin, or is it just me?

  106. Chloebrat 101

    Chloebrat 1012 months ago

    bro, is that merlin? 2:33

  107. ui goku

    ui goku2 months ago

    She storming a shit

  108. Hieu Nguyen

    Hieu Nguyen2 months ago

    I like that the kubz scouts say that dude

  109. gold gamer

    gold gamer2 months ago

    Yo..... I forgot to comment that there is some math questions....