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  1. Aashir Marshall

    Aashir MarshallDay ago

    Yea it can’t just be me or when the truth bullet came we can see ibuki body

  2. : Ace The Gay :

    : Ace The Gay :Day ago

    15:45 He’s simping bro 😌🤚

  3. : Ace The Gay :

    : Ace The Gay :Day ago

    At 22:52 more simping

  4. lauren

    lauren2 days ago

    bookmarking 4:45

  5. Hope Green

    Hope Green3 days ago

    Jay: that's my theory, its just a theory Me:A GAMER THEORY

  6. Tanner Ryan

    Tanner Ryan4 days ago


  7. Tanner Ryan

    Tanner Ryan4 days ago

    The only people it could be Sonia, Kazuichi, Guhndam and Chiaki. Imo Kaz and Gun are too big of p[...]ys to kill and Sonia is too nice; so that leaves Chiaki. Suddenly I hate the gamer girl *W i t h A B u r i n g P a s s i o n*

  8. Abigail Freeman

    Abigail Freeman5 days ago

    Jay: Imma talk to Kazuichi Also Jay: *Talks to Gundham*

  9. Luciano La Cruz

    Luciano La Cruz6 days ago

    Me when Jay is blurring the screen:*makes out with nagito*

  10. • Freezing Muffins •

    • Freezing Muffins •7 days ago

    Bro... Monokuma’s “accidental” hints always turn out to be so big and helpful lol. 😂😂😂

  11. irl ibuki mioda

    irl ibuki mioda8 days ago

    The only thing I want is to narrate a movie as amazing as that

  12. irl ibuki mioda

    irl ibuki miodaDay ago

    @Kat :D yes because im a god

  13. Kat :D

    Kat :D2 days ago

    Ibuki you're alive-

  14. clara

    clara8 days ago

    the fact jay easily figured the mysteries of the case out DURING the investigation makes me think he's actually the mastermind

  15. A pebble from sPaCe

    A pebble from sPaCe10 days ago

    25:09 Jay: "Do i look good?" *Jay u look absolutely handsome and gorgeous.*

  16. The Crazy Leo

    The Crazy Leo13 days ago

    6:37 "I guess I'll talk to kazuichi" *talks to gundam*

  17. Raynad Fremont Kho

    Raynad Fremont Kho13 days ago

    I love how jay just blurred out the sensitive stuff and put happy nagito I just love it ❤

  18. Mahiru Koizumi ❤️

    Mahiru Koizumi ❤️14 days ago

    Jay: I think either Ibuki or Hiyoko walked in on the killer so they had to kill them too. Me who’s already played the game: actually.. your quite spot on

  19. iiMehreganThePotato

    iiMehreganThePotato14 days ago

    Nobody: Mikan: 😥😰😨😭😔😟🥺☹️😖😣🤭😧

  20. Matt Does Youtube

    Matt Does Youtube15 days ago

    The killer flex taped the body’s wound shut lmao

  21. Jade Judeanna Depamaylo

    Jade Judeanna Depamaylo16 days ago

    11:47 yes daddy nagito😏

  22. Taylor Ridley

    Taylor Ridley18 days ago

    Am I late... :\

  23. Cat Joy

    Cat Joy18 days ago

    When Jay noticed his hair 😭 it was funny

  24. ꧁Peko_Pekoyama_The_Fuyuhiko_Simp꧂

    ꧁Peko_Pekoyama_The_Fuyuhiko_Simp꧂21 day ago

    44:15 How you gonna do "The Wizard of Oz" like that.

  25. Annie Wong

    Annie Wong24 days ago

    I like your cut G

  26. ratatouille stan

    ratatouille stan24 days ago

    Alright here’s my theory before I go to the class trial Mikan is the killer. My proof is that she knows the bandaging and the Heat things, and Hiyoko’s wounds were compressed, and the heat was nearly to 90. Hiyoko actually died first, and Ibuki’s slippers prove that. There was blood at the bottom of her slippers that proves she stepped on blood splats before she died, and Hiyokos stab wounds couldn’t have gotten blood so far. They were both killed at night. Hiyokos body was wrapped in the wallpaper first so it appeared Ibuki died first, the killer quickly removed the wallpaper while Hajime was gone. The video was faked. It was someone else wearing the second hemp bag. It took place in the conference room. Isn’t it ironic that somehow, the candle conveniently went out before the person hung? And another thing! Ibuki’s nails are black painted. The person in the video had unpainted nails. The person also didn’t have hair sticking out in the front in the back like Ibuki did, so the person either had their hair up, or had short hair in the first place. The person in the video was likely Mikan, though. She was already in the hospital and had gone upstairs. They were trying to trick Hajime into thinking it happened there and then, in the Music Venue right at that time. But that was incorrect. Mikan was the only one who wouldn’t have been caught out and about at night, seeing as she was alone in the hospital. She used Ibuki’s gullible disease to get her to hand herself, and lured Hiyoko out of the room, somehow knowing about her Kimono predicament. There are holes in this explanation but I’m proud of myself for figuring it out this far! :0

  27. ratatouille stan

    ratatouille stan25 days ago

    “Guess we’ll talk to Kazuichi” **clicks Gundham**

  28. Dreadz314

    Dreadz31419 days ago

    Jay: let's see the comment Jay:this comment bbn is overused

  29. Kayla Richardt

    Kayla Richardt24 days ago

    i noticed that too lol

  30. /Darkside\

    /Darkside\26 days ago

    Jay let's make a deal. You get Nagito and I get my Waifu/Chiaki.

  31. XxLoCoxX

    XxLoCoxX28 days ago

    Nobody: Jay: Monokuma’s Account has been added to the- SCRA TATATATATA


    EREN PSAUTE28 days ago

    SDR2 SPOILERS!! I was watching the loading screen for the game while Jay was speaking and I realized how first it was Mikan walking with Hajime, and Then it switched to Gundham, and then Chiaki. LITERALLY THE ORDER OF THE BLACKENDS

  33. ii_Çáñdÿ Çørñ

    ii_Çáñdÿ Çørñ29 days ago

    11:46 and you say you’re straight 😀

  34. Qwer Tyu

    Qwer TyuMonth ago


  35. branson j mullins

    branson j mullinsMonth ago


  36. Tsukki's Luv

    Tsukki's LuvMonth ago

    Jay: Well I guess I'll talk to Kazuichi Also Jay: *proceeds to click on Gundham*

  37. kokichi ouma

    kokichi oumaMonth ago

    Chiaki sucks

  38. Shoyo Hinata

    Shoyo HinataMonth ago

    Someone: **dies** The music: 🎷 🤩🌴✨

  39. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth AftonMonth ago

    53:42 the monokuma doll just chilling on the ceiling

  40. Meikitatafu-Kun

    Meikitatafu-KunMonth ago

    I juts love the voices that Jay gives them its suits them well, impressive

  41. 0310

    0310Month ago

    The thing i hate about the game is because They always suspect the wrong person first

  42. weapse

    weapseMonth ago

    no lie, as someone with depression i rlly appreciate your sensitivity to the subject of suicide. not many people take care in talking about these issues and well im grateful you do take such care.

  43. Janaya Johnson

    Janaya JohnsonMonth ago

    fun fact: Jay low key didn't see the monokuma doll in the conference room :/

  44. what

    whatMonth ago

    jays main mans: 3.Fuyuhiko 2. Hajime 1. ÑÆGĮTØ💋🤤😈🔫✅⛓🤱👹👺

  45. XGlitch ChXnX

    XGlitch ChXnXMonth ago

    Jay: yes I said Cowinkadink whatcha gonna do about it?!? Me: I will spam in the comments thats what ( sorry if I spelt cowinkadink wrong )

  46. Sakusa’s Simp

    Sakusa’s SimpMonth ago

    17:06 ok Jay calm down- I love him too

  47. _jxnko

    _jxnkoMonth ago

    i guess we’ll talk to kazuichi *proceeds to talk to gundham*

  48. Mewclipse

    MewclipseMonth ago

    "Y'know what? I feel like I'm making him sound like a Ninja Turtle surfer dude." - *Jay from the Kubz Scouts 12th of November, 2020*

  49. Rifqah Isaacs

    Rifqah IsaacsMonth ago

    The way Jay 200 iq’s some of these cases honestly blows my mind, even though I know who the killers are I don’t know how they did it and I’m just blown away by his deduction skills sometimes.

  50. • Pastel Claire •

    • Pastel Claire •Month ago


  51. willœ

    willœMonth ago

    2:42 Are we all gonna ignore that building that says "Titty Typhoon"?

  52. mcy_tae

    mcy_taeMonth ago

    lmfao gundham saying 'hmph' always gets me 💀💀 7:19 DAAAAAMN that hiccup is so great i thought it was real. 7:39 this girl- yeah, mikan _is_ being suspicious for saying her and hajime were together _right_ before the monokuma announcement. 10:27 maybe hiyoko was choking to death while ibuki committed suicide or maybe mikan was tying hiyoko up or something and told ibuki to kill herself or something. when gundham called hajime a 'fiend' and jay was like "i thought we were friends." such a mood lmaooo 😭😭 16:23 from that angle, hiyoko looks flat like paper. hajime trippinnnnn. like bruh, nagito only asked you to search inside her kimono because there's obviously something right there that can help and be a clue. we stan akane here. helping out and not reacting like hajime did. 22:51 jay in that moment is me asf 💀✋ 25:03 O B V I O U S L Y 56:06 but you're okay with wearing the hospital gown nagito wore-

  53. jam maam

    jam maamMonth ago


  54. Sft_Bunnie

    Sft_BunnieMonth ago

    Some person: Hey, Sonia Some person: Nevermind. Sonia: What? Why did you say my full name?

  55. Michele Adamson

    Michele AdamsonMonth ago

    I actually saw all the deaths and exactions I'm not gonna spoil it

  56. Michele Adamson

    Michele AdamsonMonth ago

    Also I know who did it

  57. Renata Resendiz

    Renata ResendizMonth ago

    (Spoilers) I like takis

  58. R3aper0fSouls

    R3aper0fSoulsMonth ago

    15:41 "now i know why it was so damn hot!" "i thought it as just nagito being in the room." *me too jay, me too*

  59. Skskk Kskksks

    Skskk KskksksMonth ago

    Hi Ibuki best girl

  60. Miri Goretity

    Miri GoretityMonth ago

    11:45 jay is just saying out loud what we all think of

  61. BurnMaster Three6Delta

    BurnMaster Three6DeltaMonth ago

    I keep grinning when he makes the Nagito voice.

  62. Kennedi G.

    Kennedi G.Month ago

    I think Mikan was 100% sick when she committed the murder

  63. Olivia Marcar

    Olivia MarcarMonth ago

    We used this to lower ibukis hanged body Jay: omg OMG MY HAIR RN

  64. Hiccup Haddock the gamer

    Hiccup Haddock the gamerMonth ago

    Hajime is so annoying why is he treating Nagito like that

  65. Bean

    BeanMonth ago

    54:30 Missed a Monokuma thing.

  66. lee 1312

    lee 1312Month ago

    he literally called it 2 minutes into the video......

  67. •bluebread_løvér•

    •bluebread_løvér•Month ago

    Ignore this comment thx 42:20

  68. Riley Morgan-Boucher

    Riley Morgan-BoucherMonth ago

    bruh he literally predicted the entire murder while i had to google the answers

  69. Jayz_ Editz

    Jayz_ EditzMonth ago

    wa-wa-wait- Ibukis illness was that she followed/believed everything she was told right? so it wasnt suicide!

  70. Creator Z-Ray

    Creator Z-RayMonth ago

    lol "Our bae bae Nagito" Minutes Later Jay: "Yes Daddy"

  71. ana¡s

    ana¡sMonth ago

    holy crap all of jay's theories were spot on!!

  72. Prone_Navy

    Prone_NavyMonth ago

    Jay: " aww i didnt mean to dissapoint nagito, Also Jay: "lets talk to Kazuichi" * Talks to Gundam*

  73. vanaisetto ・ the gacha cousinz

    vanaisetto ・ the gacha cousinzMonth ago

    Don’t mind me putting a time stamp for my self 51:32

  74. It's London Love

    It's London LoveMonth ago

    I have a theory but it might spoil the class trial if I’m right so proceed with caution. I think that the video Hajime saw before going to Titty Typhoon was of Mikan going up the ladder that’s why a paper bag was used. Mikan had already killed Ibuki and then but her on the rope to make it look like she killed herself. That explains the bloodstain on the floor. Idk for sure about Hiyoko yet. I’ll edit the comment when I think I’ve figured it out.

  75. joselyn.

    joselyn.2 months ago

    i will never get tired of jay saying “ding dong bing bong baby”

  76. Curly Erin8

    Curly Erin82 months ago

    6:35 excuse me but did you just call Gundham, Kazuichi?

  77. Clive Theoson

    Clive Theoson2 months ago

    Dare: Ignore this comment 6:00

  78. THE big 3 :/

    THE big 3 :/2 months ago

    Hajime seeing hiyokos body: who did this!! 👺👹👹👺👺 His thoughts: anyways the monokuma file said-

  79. Alora Woodlan

    Alora Woodlan2 months ago

    Why did he blur the scene? It wasn't that disturbing, when you see the monokuma you see ibukis body with the bag still on the head. The body is not as disturbing as he described

  80. Shawdys like a melody in my head

    Shawdys like a melody in my headMonth ago

    I assume because s*icide can be a really sensitive topic for some people. And it was more physcologically disturbing, since s*icide is a very heavy topic.

  81. Wolfiaa

    Wolfiaa2 months ago

    Why is hiyoko's hair shorter than before ..?

  82. Wolfiaa

    Wolfiaa2 months ago

    Sonia: "also, shutting yourself inside your room like this might be bad for your health" Me who stays inside all day: 👁👄👁...

  83. Wolfiaa

    Wolfiaa2 months ago

    Jay: why don't you NOT wear the kimono if you don't know how to frickin tie it!? *What, and go around naked?*

  84. Aira Harune

    Aira Harune2 months ago

    Jay's Nagito voice makes me wonder if he's the actual voice actor of Nagito...

  85. Wolfiaa

    Wolfiaa2 months ago

    Jay: *what does it MeaAEeÆeEan*

  86. Wolfiaa

    Wolfiaa2 months ago

    17:13 Chihiro Fujisaki 2.0!?

  87. Shawdys like a melody in my head

    Shawdys like a melody in my headMonth ago


  88. Wolfiaa

    Wolfiaa2 months ago

    Jay: "well I guess we'll talk to kazuichi" *clicks gundham* *visible confusion*

  89. Wolfiaa

    Wolfiaa2 months ago


  90. Awkward Izzie

    Awkward Izzie2 months ago

    38:57 hey look behind monokuma, there is a poster for “danganronpa despair girls”

  91. Bothaina Mohamed

    Bothaina Mohamed2 months ago

    dayummm i watching this after ONE MONTH of this series ending and this episode didnt reach 50k likes goal

  92. Shawdys like a melody in my head

    Shawdys like a melody in my headMonth ago

    And it STILL hasn't reached it.

  93. hobi's lvr

    hobi's lvr2 months ago


  94. Butterfly _Bella

    Butterfly _Bella2 months ago

    I hate it when it saw 48% likes and it’s been-a couple months ago..I am disappointed

  95. Kaito Momota

    Kaito Momota2 months ago

    I just ordered danganronpa trilogy for ps4 and I told my mum it was a murder mystery Wish me luck y’all

  96. Kaito Momota

    Kaito Momota2 months ago

    Murder investigation: taking place Jay: MONOKUMA FIGURE

  97. Samantha Cofer

    Samantha Cofer2 months ago

    monokuma chill

  98. Kaito Momota

    Kaito Momota2 months ago

    The sign in titty typhoon be like: *BAR* ‘tequila’ *BEER*

  99. XxEdyrxsesxX

    XxEdyrxsesxX2 months ago

    I knew it was Mikan

  100. Why Xanthe!?

    Why Xanthe!?2 months ago

    I already know what was gonna happen and- Jay already solved it- Exactly...

  101. littleoreokitty :d

    littleoreokitty :d2 months ago

    Me scrolling in the comments and comes across someone saying who the killer was ➖💧👄💧➖ anyways spoiler even tho idk if it's true yet Good job mikan ➖💧👄💧➖ hiyoko finally got what she deserved for being mean to you but WHYD U KILL IBUKIIII😭😭😭

  102. Miniamo

    Miniamo2 months ago

    In case you're watching through late, here's your spoiler warning! I genuinely can't believe none of these comments seem to be talking about how Jay literally solved the case IMMEDIATELY?? Like, oh my god! He just explained the entire go-over!

  103. Ashley Rosal

    Ashley Rosal2 months ago

    "Oh I just noticed a little something. Is it ok if I confirm it?" Jay: yeS dAddy

  104. Gami Murasaki :3

    Gami Murasaki :32 months ago

    When is Nagito and Jay's wedding?

  105. Yuri

    Yuri2 months ago

    He called nagito zaddy 😂😂😂😂😂

  106. Yuri

    Yuri2 months ago

    6:57 show zaddy?😂😂

  107. RK

    RK2 months ago

    36:30 i don't think there are other clothes on the island >_>

  108. RK

    RKMonth ago

    @Shawdys like a melody in my head yeah that makes sense- thanks.

  109. Shawdys like a melody in my head

    Shawdys like a melody in my headMonth ago

    Actually, if she really needed other clothes, she could've used the wetsuits in the beach house, the same ones sonia wore. And there were hospital gowns, the same ones Ibuki, nagito and akane wore.

  110. Aoshi

    Aoshi2 months ago

    13:30 Also title:

  111. Shuichi Saihara

    Shuichi Saihara2 months ago

    I love how jay censored Ibuki with nagito