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  1. Alec Prince

    Alec PrinceHour ago

    Hajime: 86 degrees?! No wonder it's so hot in here! Me: **Glares in Texan**

  2. Forest Frenzy

    Forest Frenzy2 days ago

    Nobody: not even nagito edits: Chiaki: Nom. Jay: KJHDNHhANAJHSCCCDKEQDEKJKJMNBSBSRVB

  3. -detectivisms

    -detectivisms2 days ago

    Spoilers : .... Has anyone else realized that the same thing like this has happened in Danganronpa 1 ? Like both Taka and Hifumi were found dead and the timing of their murders wasn't written in the Monokuma file . The exact same thing has happened once again in the second game this time with Ibuki and Hiyoko ... In every game there will always be something like this : Chapter 1 : An easy solving case Chapter 2 : Slightly difficult solving case Chapter 3 : Two murders Chapter 4 : A suicide Chapter 5 : Small clues leading to the mastermind Chapter 6 : The reveal of the Mastermind

  4. Mlat

    Mlat3 days ago

    42:46 Jay: “Did I just call him papi?- I meant nagi” Monokuma: “uM-“

  5. Cryztal

    Cryztal3 days ago

    I never really thought of Hajime as a Tsundere until Monokuma mentioned it. He really is one lmao- I love how Jay just simps for Nagito, who wouldn’t? And I guess I’ll go with Jay’s guess and say its Mikan too

  6. combi 007

    combi 0073 days ago

    17:08 Jays... face... 😂😂😂

  7. idekanymore

    idekanymore3 days ago

    you already know its gonna be a good video when you see happy nagito right from the start


    DEPRARTIST4 days ago

    SPOILER Jay is gonna be so sad when nagito dies :(

  9. - Adolfo LDC -

    - Adolfo LDC -4 days ago

    I like how Jay blurred out Ibuki hanging at the start but didn't so on

  10. Meryl Davidson

    Meryl Davidson5 days ago

    ⚠️SPOILER⚠️ The reason for the death of the tin man in the movie is for nekomaru because he becomes a robot but then gundham killes him.

  11. Just C4

    Just C45 days ago

    After I finished the first danganronpa I watch a execution explained video so i knew peko would kill and I seen a glimpse of this killer's execution and from what I saw it really is garbage😕 watching the explanation behind executions makes them a bit better. Like Celeste's execution.

  12. sator1 !!

    sator1 !!6 days ago

    PLSSSS "I thought it was just Nagito being in the room" (15:41)

  13. Pranee Campbell

    Pranee Campbell6 days ago

    I like the fact that he called gundham kazuichi

  14. Lynn Ackerman

    Lynn Ackerman6 days ago

    6:35 jay: "well i guess we'll talk to kazuichi" also jay: talks to tanaka

  15. Lema R.

    Lema R.6 days ago

    Speaking as someone who's never played before: I think it might just be my trauma (my level of childhood trauma is thinking the relationship between Quassimodo and his master in The Hunchback of Notre Dame was normal, for reference) but, I am aware of how messed up Nagito is as a person. A generally morally gray character to be honest but, definitely not a good person and yet.. I still see no fault in him. He was my favorite from the start and even after it was revealed that he was definitely far from a good person, I still found him absolutely perfect. Honestly he's kind of a comfort character at this point.

  16. Mini Moriah

    Mini Moriah7 days ago

    I'm only guessing but this might be spoilers if it's right. I think somebody, I'm not going to say who I think it is, told Ibuki to kill Hiyoko and then hang herself after dealing with the evidence..? Please don't tell me if I'm right.. and the candle wouldn't have needed to used if it was right then so it probably was a recording(There would have been late if it wasn't too late, unless they didn't want to turn on the lights, because of some other events..?)

  17. Mini Moriah

    Mini Moriah7 days ago

    Maybe the drumstick was holding the door closed somehow?

  18. Deadly Bear

    Deadly Bear7 days ago

    Can I thank jay for me getting phinox write yes yes I can

  19. Hoot Hoot

    Hoot Hoot7 days ago

    11:46 *y e s d a d d y*

  20. Axiana

    Axiana7 days ago

    3:23 - 3:34 sounds familiar

  21. Angela

    Angela7 days ago

    Komahina is typing.... (Nagito x Hajime)

  22. RNG_Axolotl VODS

    RNG_Axolotl VODS8 days ago

    he didnt blur the hanging for a second when it said 'monkuma file 3 has been added to you truth bullets scestion of your hand book'

  23. Jessica Perez

    Jessica Perez8 days ago

    is no one going to talk about the ultra despair girls poster at 42:40

  24. I'mA Weeaboo

    I'mA Weeaboo8 days ago


  25. BumbleBee

    BumbleBee8 days ago

    My theory: Mikan convinced hiyoko to make ibuki off herself because she had the gullible disease and after she did that Mikan went over and killed hiyoko afterwards, since there can only be one official blackened to escape while all the others die so Mikan killed hiyoko so she couldn’t out her when hiyoko would see that everyone was going to die including her I also haven’t finished yet so idk how it turns out

  26. Aesthetic Purple

    Aesthetic Purple8 days ago


  27. Let's Play

    Let's Play8 days ago


  28. Catherine Xiong

    Catherine Xiong9 days ago

    Jay: "Maybe the killer told Ibuki to do what she did and that's how she die..." Me: "Yeah.. :(" . . I'm still very sad that Ibuki died.. why the killer have to do that to Ibuki!? :( I hate u killer :(

  29. Mewsali

    Mewsali9 days ago

    Bitches, like the video please. Everyone else, please also like the video. I need more Nagito simping.

  30. Chill Bus

    Chill Bus9 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the Wizard Of Oz thing?

  31. The Tricky Kuriboh

    The Tricky Kuriboh10 days ago

    14:07 Jay: Jump! I am so disappointed

  32. kanna waifu

    kanna waifu10 days ago

    anyone wonder why chiaki ate the green goo or is that just me

  33. Wolfy- Sama

    Wolfy- Sama10 days ago

    6:36 did... did Jay just call *GUNDHAM TANAKA* Kazuichi? XD

  34. DLatrice

    DLatrice10 days ago

    the inconsistency with the censoring...maybe stop censoring. Yea, trigger warnings but anyone with a death phobia shouldn't watch gameplay exclusively about murders/suicide.

  35. Yøkairo Kun

    Yøkairo Kun10 days ago

    Ok let's talk to Kazuichi Me: WHY YOU GOTTA HIT GUNDAM TANAKA🤧 6:41 No hate :}

  36. Yøkairo Kun

    Yøkairo Kun10 days ago

    Or 6:39 or 6:40

  37. Lea Ivanovic

    Lea Ivanovic10 days ago

    danganronpa 1 Trigger happy havoc: Monokuma: "There are 15 students" Kyoko later in the game: There are *16* students" the actual reality: There may be 16 students but there are 17 people. I know this isn't connected to Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair at all but I wonder if something like that will happen here too.

  38. Lea Ivanovic

    Lea Ivanovic10 days ago

    No one: Not even one soul: Not even my grandma: Not even The Four Dark Devas Of Distraction: Jay to Nagito: "Yes daddy" Hajime: "Its over 86 degrees! NO WONDER IT'S SO HOT!" Jay: "Really I thought it was just Nagito being in the room" I love you so much Jay

  39. Lea Ivanovic

    Lea Ivanovic10 days ago

    i dont know why but the "sKRA TA TA TA TA!" is my favourite...

  40. Lea Ivanovic

    Lea Ivanovic10 days ago

    Jay: "i guess we'll talk to kazuichi" Jay: *talks to Gundham"

  41. Eevee evolution

    Eevee evolution11 days ago

    He scared me when he started freaking out about him hair 💀 😂

  42. N3PTUN3

    N3PTUN311 days ago

    Ngl, I would sell my left kidney to see Jay voice act in something XD

  43. Foolish Donut

    Foolish Donut11 days ago

    8:08 Jay is really using some hardcore among us logic

  44. Foolish Donut

    Foolish Donut11 days ago

    6:34 Jay: says kazuichi Jay: talks to Gundam

  45. The.Weeb.Exe.9090

    The.Weeb.Exe.909011 days ago

    When Jay was like doin the voice for Nagito- I lowkey thought it was actually Nagito talking- like his actual voice- I- XD And btw I believe (The killer) tied Hiyokos kimono sash thingy on the front because prostitutes tie their kimono sash up front to show to their clients who they are or whateves- so like bacially the killer is calling Hiyoko a Whore- (Tell me if I'm wrong- cause I heard this from a friend so I dunno-)

  46. Sam Knez

    Sam Knez11 days ago

    Why dont people like the video as much as they should? if everyone with an account who liked it just liked the video we wouldn't have to wait a week for the next episode

  47. JOY_ZE

    JOY_ZE11 days ago

    *SPOILERS FOR THE CHAPTER 4 DEATH* I realized in the movie the tinman represented Nekomaru...

  48. I need a life Tehe

    I need a life Tehe12 days ago

    I really hope it's not Mikan because I actually like her.

  49. Tesla Rudisill

    Tesla Rudisill12 days ago

    Oh no. Jay has become a Nagito kinnie..... That's awesome!!!

  50. kike26pr _

    kike26pr _12 days ago

    Nagito leveled up from main man to babee *mw2 level up sound effect*

  51. Aedan Myers

    Aedan Myers12 days ago

    Everybody tell him it's like the first game in danganronpa with the 5th class trial and dont rat ??? Out

  52. Gaming Striker

    Gaming Striker12 days ago


  53. Gaming Striker

    Gaming Striker12 days ago

    Jay next pls put big jugs Akane 😉 while bluring the screen

  54. trans_weeb 31

    trans_weeb 3112 days ago

    Not me watching this during school at breakfast

  55. ston ks

    ston ks12 days ago

    Chiaki: Jay: mmmm... ÆÊWHJĮĶŁŇVČÅ

  56. Midnight B L U E Z

    Midnight B L U E Z12 days ago

    i have succesfully created 5 accounts each on everybody's phones in my family just so that i can like this video cause I NEED THE NEXT EPISODE EO1RNJVOQ2BYUO5Y'IB 4OIV5G3N[T IBUPTVD

  57. Jessa skeen

    Jessa skeen12 days ago

    I can’t wait for him to play Danganronpa v3 after v2!

  58. airon jane

    airon jane12 days ago

    Nagito simp~

  59. get_your_dog_on_aleesh_a

    get_your_dog_on_aleesh_a12 days ago

    When he didn’t see the monokuma doll in the conference room

  60. CMHolden

    CMHolden13 days ago

    Jay forgot to censor at 9:49

  61. Infinity J

    Infinity J13 days ago

    The way Jay ‘Big Brain’s these investigations is so impressive! Literally, my first time watching the Danganronpa series, I was shocked at a lot of the killing setups

  62. Your Perfect Stranger

    Your Perfect Stranger13 days ago

    I like how casual akane was about reaching in dead Hiyoko's kimono like- alright go off I guess but that ain't normal hun

  63. xtwilightx

    xtwilightx13 days ago

    Me when I’m in a rush for school and finally realize what my hair looks like: 13:07

  64. Lluvia Rangel

    Lluvia Rangel13 days ago

    37:29 “ Also... Shutting yourself in your room like this may be bad for your health.” I feel attacked

  65. Just Wølfy

    Just Wølfy13 days ago

    I have my eyes on Mikan because if she had the despair disease and she is a nurse it is going to make sense that she kills people

  66. HiI'mlonely

    HiI'mlonely13 days ago

    Please watch the latest video

  67. Wossum Family

    Wossum Family13 days ago

    I love that he called gundham kazuichi

  68. Hikruu Yeet

    Hikruu Yeet13 days ago

    bro you missed a whole monokuma in the conference room on the ceiling

  69. The prick

    The prick13 days ago

    Too bad Nagito dies

  70. Trent Craft

    Trent Craft13 days ago

    Them : ibukis hanged body Jay: o my god MY HAIRR

  71. Venciiia

    Venciiia13 days ago

    Jay: "I guess I'll talk to Kazuichi" *clicks on Gundham*

  72. Electrolime

    Electrolime13 days ago

    jay: yes, im always right. im Hajime Hajime: aN OcTAgOn hAs 8 SidEs rIgHt?

  73. Mist SGM

    Mist SGM13 days ago

    Jay: blurs Ibuki hanging at the start Also Jay: Shows Ibuki Hanging at the end

  74. Addenlyn Thik

    Addenlyn Thik13 days ago

    Chiaki really be eating workshop chemicals

  75. TributeToTheLiving

    TributeToTheLiving13 days ago

    Ok I'm new to this channel, but everyone's talking about how Jay is simping for Nagito, while I'm sitting here like: "HE FIGURED OUT THE WHOLE ASS MURDER MYSTERY WITHOUT EVEN STARTING THE CLASS TRIAL WTH?"

  76. TributeToTheLiving

    TributeToTheLiving12 days ago

    @Anna True, but I remember I was spoiled, so I didn't have a chance to solve the murder for myself.

  77. Anna

    Anna12 days ago

    Mikan didn’t put any effort into pinning the crime on other people, like comeon girlll you making this too ez

  78. jas lol

    jas lol13 days ago

    We still didnt get 50k?? Tf r the rest of the views doing

  79. ASDC • 10 years ago

    ASDC • 10 years ago13 days ago

    I'm really concerned about Jay now and especially worried for him in future chapters You know what I'm saying

  80. Rishaa Nabila

    Rishaa Nabila13 days ago

    I really love how every character was involved in investigation and at some point use their talents

  81. HisokasLeftNut

    HisokasLeftNut13 days ago

    As soon as this ep started and they were talking for the first 3 minutes i immediately thought, what if someone told ibuki to kill hiyoko then hang herself???????

  82. Royce

    Royce13 days ago

    6:35 “well then let’s talk to *kazuichi*”

  83. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda14 days ago

    Let's talk to Kazuichi *proceeds to talk to gundham*

  84. TariX

    TariX14 days ago

    Love the series it takes a lot of attention for full enjoyment though heckin worth tho

  85. Mariko Mikia

    Mariko Mikia14 days ago

    YALL ARE SLACKIN WITH THE LIKES also great episode

  86. Reagan Lacey

    Reagan Lacey14 days ago

    Jay: "Nah, Nagito acting like a hoe." Hehe, he really puts the "ho" in hope, huh?

  87. Melissa martinez

    Melissa martinez14 days ago

    I just can't believe Jay got that 99% correctly like I though it was the princess!!! Ugh..and I hate myself for doubting my waifu

  88. Melissa martinez

    Melissa martinez14 days ago

    I wonder how he's gonna react in Draganronpa: Ultra despair girls Cause if he still likes Nagito... gonna be the *ULTIMATE THAT DUDE SIMP*

  89. Autumn _OwO

    Autumn _OwO14 days ago

    Jay really be looking like senor woofers today

  90. Magical Morganite

    Magical Morganite14 days ago

    “what the hell why am i looking at this?!” if only jay knew that would be the next game he should play

  91. DespairLilies

    DespairLilies14 days ago


  92. Iya Maningas

    Iya Maningas14 days ago

    What are you doing, stepladder?

  93. Funny Valentine

    Funny Valentine14 days ago

    Nagito: exists Jay: 4:22 👀👀👀

  94. Caiti ♡

    Caiti ♡14 days ago

    He really did big brain this investigation... damn

  95. Marian Fierro

    Marian Fierro14 days ago

    42:49 “Papi, I mean Nagi”

  96. Justin Case

    Justin Case14 days ago

    Holy shit Jay, how did you get this beat for beat?

  97. AkemiFlameborg

    AkemiFlameborg14 days ago

    Jay: calls Nagito "Nagi" Me, a Polish person: Jay, you just called him naked ("nagi" is a male form of the adjective "naked" in Polish)

  98. Miles The Professional Jester and Fool

    Miles The Professional Jester and Fool9 days ago

    Hajime and Nagito at the beach: _lets take off all our clothes_

  99. The SuperSisters

    The SuperSisters13 days ago

    That is.... Embarrassing.

  100. Gaming Life

    Gaming Life14 days ago

    13:06 the way jay suddenly started going on about his hair a split second after reading the line that transition from the two topics was so smooth

  101. Ciel Que

    Ciel Que14 days ago

    Wow... I have never seen Jay so right... Must be all the among us practice LMAO

  102. Randomness Fox

    Randomness Fox14 days ago

    I couldn't watch this video until now because Ibuki is my favorite character and her being gone really messed with me in the last episode (even tho I literally already knew it was going to happen)

  103. strawbery shortie

    strawbery shortie14 days ago

    Just a guess, cus I haven't finished the ep but I think it's either Mikan or Kazuichi

  104. strawbery shortie

    strawbery shortie14 days ago

    oh lmao jay just posted the new vid bdcdjkdjew

  105. Eat my Ass

    Eat my Ass14 days ago

    How about instead of everyone complaining because the video is taking so long to get to 50k likes we make new accounts or use our other accounts to like the video. If everyone did that we'd get to 50k likes a lot faster.

  106. Silversoul

    Silversoul14 days ago


  107. Rantaro Amami

    Rantaro Amami14 days ago

    My, my, I feel despair every time I look at the likes