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  1. Dark-Harvet

    Dark-Harvet14 hours ago


  2. Shanana Johnson

    Shanana Johnson22 hours ago

    Hearing him say pow pow pow in the Nagito voice is amazing

  3. Lucky The Cat Channel

    Lucky The Cat Channel2 days ago

    Jay: I guess everyone liked the last video because everyone cares about Nagito. Me: We all liked it because Nagito died and got "torture".

  4. Anna S.

    Anna S.3 days ago

    Spoiler: I was hoping the death of nagito would be the death of the Nagito voice. I was wrong

  5. Slushee Man

    Slushee Man5 days ago

    R.I.P Thiccikuya

  6. Pleeji Thoj

    Pleeji Thoj5 days ago

    goddamn when Sonia swore i did not expect that at all lmao

  7. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez6 days ago

    The Spear of Gugnir anyone? "Junkos" death remember?

  8. 椅営る【Jet】

    椅営る【Jet】6 days ago

    nagi wagi is no longer wagi :(

  9. 椅営る【Jet】

    椅営る【Jet】6 days ago

    did you even try to be funny

  10. Unknown4k

    Unknown4k7 days ago

    "If the fake byakya died...then who cares" LOL

  11. AshleyLovesArt x

    AshleyLovesArt x7 days ago

    It’s okay Kazuichi, cursing Sonia doesn’t exist! Cursing Sonia: Edit: also poor soul kept doing the Nagito voice because he felt sad :(

  12. Chloé Bernard

    Chloé Bernard9 days ago

    Will Jay play danganronpa 3?

  13. Mel0dyz Hale

    Mel0dyz Hale10 days ago

    nagito death makes me the saddest because all he wanted was to help everyone else :(

  14. Stella Bella

    Stella Bella10 days ago

    The most sus things about the thiccest student huh? Aight. Noice.

  15. kenmaswife :D

    kenmaswife :D10 days ago

    44:07 😭😭😭

  16. Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin

    Natinoodles ultimate nagito kin11 days ago

    I don't like the gender roles they have in the game? They're just things so whatever, If you're uncomfortable looking through it then just say that instead of saying and boy should do this, or a girl should do that. I really like chiaki, but I don't like that about her. whatevs

  17. Dominik Anthony

    Dominik Anthony12 days ago

    I don't know if Jay figured it out cause I didn't finish the episode yet but SPOILERS Monomi wasn't the one to write in the journal, it was Chiaki. The writing was so childish because Chiaki is just a computer program and not a human so she wasn't used to physically writing

  18. Misaki Chan

    Misaki Chan12 days ago

    The way Nagito was murdered was one of the most brutal way of killing someone...

  19. Aditi S

    Aditi S12 days ago

    Spoilers! Wait but did Monokuma actually mess with the file? I mean Chiaki was actually a student at Hope's Peak so there wouldn't have been any need to fake a file for her.

  20. Liliane Auza

    Liliane Auza13 days ago

    3:20 :( 22:10 uh-

  21. The Ruby Watermelon

    The Ruby Watermelon13 days ago

    Ima just go big brain real quick and say this. Since the killings are also like the killings in the first the only murder that has not happened yet is a suicide/sakura’s death. If I got it correct I’m extra extra B I G. B R A I N. But yeah I don’t think I’m going to be right but there is a slim chance it will be. Cause I mean like we are had a double kill like the original game so since this is the last trial, it might be a suicide like I said.

  22. Paper Bag

    Paper Bag13 days ago

    The dreadful episode we all were waiting for....

  23. kenmaswife :D

    kenmaswife :D13 days ago

    33:40 Me: *has Murkuro flashbacks*

  24. Luka Couffaine Simp Cos

    Luka Couffaine Simp Cos14 days ago

    The spears of gungir killed Mukuro as well. And her favorite combat weapon was a survival knife.

  25. Valentina valentina

    Valentina valentina15 days ago

    I love that chiaki is supposed to be a character that is the player's crush but jay ignores her LMAO

  26. Lloyd Trice

    Lloyd Trice14 days ago

    Hahaha he ignored her so much I didn’t even know it was supposed to be the players crush! LMAO!

  27. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair16 days ago

    1:00:39 yeah I'm fine with that to

  28. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair16 days ago

    1:00:24 lol

  29. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair16 days ago

    55:28 wow ikr

  30. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair16 days ago

    52:17 ikr that's what i thought

  31. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair16 days ago

    51:48 no way

  32. Katie Cashman

    Katie Cashman16 days ago

    Guys go like the new episode PLEASE

  33. SUAGR & SALT

    SUAGR & SALT17 days ago

    Fun Fact:Nagito got killed by the same weapon[Spear Of Gungir&Survivor Knife] that killed Mukuro Ikusaba

  34. お矢田アイキさん

    お矢田アイキさん17 days ago

    i love how every in title of a dr2 ep, it mentions nagito.

  35. Gucci Tae Plays

    Gucci Tae Plays17 days ago


  36. Random Lesbian

    Random Lesbian18 days ago


  37. June Cash

    June Cash18 days ago


  38. MoonAlpha

    MoonAlpha18 days ago

    SPOILERS Ok so like,, I may have spoiled myself and found out Nagito did this to himself but uh- I also spoiled myself upon seeing Chiakis Tetris execution.. sO uHm- h o w- If this is the last trial.. 🤔Is it going to be like Sakura’s trial where Alter Ego got the execution..? Or..? 🥲 guess I’ll just have to wait untill I catch up with all these videos

  39. Omgisthataunicorn ._.

    Omgisthataunicorn ._.19 days ago

    Danganronpa 3 please🥺

  40. Omgisthataunicorn ._.

    Omgisthataunicorn ._.19 days ago

    Danganronpa 3 pls

  41. super serenity

    super serenity19 days ago

    I’m writing this before I find out the killer 😔

  42. super serenity

    super serenity19 days ago

    BRO nagitos death makes me cry because I loved him so much

  43. Con Fennel Gamez

    Con Fennel Gamez19 days ago

    The spear is a callback to mukros punishment

  44. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin19 days ago

    Jay: There's no way the first person that your heart's sussing is gonna be the culprit Teruteru and Mikan: cHa ChA rEaL sMoOtH

  45. Miraculous Meme Maker

    Miraculous Meme Maker19 days ago

    There are 4 of them What am I talking about?

  46. Clyve Truises

    Clyve Truises19 days ago

    My girl Monomi just had a moment. I really hope she's a good person in the end

  47. Sonia Nevermind the shipper

    Sonia Nevermind the shipper19 days ago

    Jay has hit the *H O P E* level

  48. farah basha

    farah basha20 days ago

    ummm its strange that jay is not cursing

  49. random person

    random person20 days ago

    the people who disliked, hate nagito

  50. Dice Art Studios

    Dice Art Studios20 days ago

    WAIT!!! THE SPEAR OF GUNGIR!!! Didn't Monokuma mention Gungnir during the death of the Junko imposter? After Mukuro (disguised as Junko Enoshima) violated one of the school rules by using violence towards Monokuma, he immediately called upon the Spears of Gungnir, which emerged from the floor and impaled Mukuro all over her body. (Copied from the wiki)

  51. August Love

    August Love20 days ago

    Are you going to do danganronpa killing harmony Jay????

  52. Mia Kashigawa

    Mia Kashigawa20 days ago

    I do have a theory and I hope I'm right but.. if the ancient ruins is actually the school from danganronpa 1 doesn't that mean when the others walked out the door they actually walked into the island, than the others should still be on the island and that's why byakuya was in the second killing games I hope I'm on to something

  53. DukeDuck

    DukeDuck18 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  54. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki Ken20 days ago

    Ok can someone explain why Jay read "out of curiosity I opened the refrigerator" and then I had an ad from wish of someone with bacon socks?

  55. RayArts

    RayArts20 days ago

    This is how many times Danganronpa messes up whos talking | v

  56. RayArts

    RayArts19 days ago

    @springrose at fnas like they say someone is talking when it should be someone else

  57. springrose at fnas

    springrose at fnas19 days ago

    What do you mean?

  58. Touka kirishima

    Touka kirishima20 days ago


  59. Y Kim

    Y Kim20 days ago

    Nagito is so skinny it’s hilarious 😂 his chest size is like 5 cm more than me 😂

  60. Roma Krueger

    Roma Krueger20 days ago

    Fun fact: Kazuichi is a simp

  61. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami20 days ago


  62. Jamilyia Phillips

    Jamilyia Phillips20 days ago

    you can look for the finger prints on the spear to see who is the killer kubz scout and the killer I think is the eye patch guy I don't know his name

  63. PatDaGamer

    PatDaGamer20 days ago

    You can't look for finger prints as there's no tool to look for some.

  64. joroi

    joroi20 days ago

    His nagito voice is actually really good

  65. United Differences

    United Differences20 days ago

    Can we stop and appreciate jay's amazing voice acting talent 💖✨

  66. middle Name

    middle Name20 days ago


  67. Kat Cat

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  68. Pots Greg

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  69. - r a t -

    - r a t -20 days ago

    for some reason i feel like chiaki is baby version of kazuichi cause of the “hey hey heys”

  70. ChloexPlayz YT

    ChloexPlayz YT21 day ago

    43:54 - 43:58 Well kokichi did

  71. iiUnixcornii

    iiUnixcornii21 day ago

    poor jay chiaki killed nagito

  72. astonxshedbel0ved

    astonxshedbel0ved20 days ago

    @daphne yeah

  73. astonxshedbel0ved

    astonxshedbel0ved20 days ago

    @iiUnixcornii She was the traitor that’s why she got excueted (sorry if I spelt it wrong) she didn’t kill nagito

  74. chiaki

    chiaki20 days ago

    @iiUnixcornii what about the class trial?

  75. iiUnixcornii

    iiUnixcornii20 days ago

    @chiaki I saw ur exacution

  76. daphne

    daphne20 days ago

    nagito killed nagito

  77. Liar_Liar. chr

    Liar_Liar. chr21 day ago

    Spoiler Nagito killed himself (hehe i thought chiaki killed him sawy)

  78. Liar_Liar. chr

    Liar_Liar. chr20 days ago

    Okay then chiaki

  79. chiaki

    chiaki20 days ago

    @Liar_Liar. chr you'll understand it more after the class trial

  80. Liar_Liar. chr

    Liar_Liar. chr21 day ago

    Oh my so i saw wrong spoiler thank you im sorry

  81. chiaki

    chiaki21 day ago

    I didn't kill him. He killed himself

  82. TBHK Fan

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  83. •Madder Draws•

    •Madder Draws•21 day ago

    Ok I was just about to click on the 5th class trial video and when I went to the video the first class trial video was under that lol we’ve came so far

  84. chiaki

    chiaki21 day ago

    this is my way of saying goodbye to everyone

  85. chiaki

    chiaki21 day ago

    @Lovffle :P I will miss everyone too :(( and i also hope you had a happy holidays ♥️

  86. Lovffle :P

    Lovffle :P21 day ago

    Goodbye Chiaki! We will miss u (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`). Also hope u had a HAPPY CHRISTMAS 🎄

  87. Vanessa Drakes

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    50k im ready :)))

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    Yea I know that’s 50k

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    Stan chiaki. They kept us updated on the likes this whole time.

  92. a l e

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    @Center Reddot 🥲🤌

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    50k LES GOO

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    Cmon ITS AT 50K

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    We did it!

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    JAY we hit the 50 th🥳🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🥰 Can u please do the next Danganronpa episode??🥺🙏🏽💕💕

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    @Center Reddot ok sorry 😂😂😆☹️☹️🤔🤫😠😠😠😤🧐🙂🙂😉🤭

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    Stop with the emojis

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    New danganronpa vidd?

  107. 『 n È r d y p Ø t ā t Ø 』

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    petition for Jay to play Ultra Despair Girls for more Nagito (servant) content can be signed here.

  108. Center Reddot

    Center Reddot21 day ago

    He won’t play it

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    New video pls

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    Nice 50k 🤓👍

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    Your pfp- BAHAHAHA

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    Yayayayayayayayayaa new episode coming soon. Wohohohoh

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    your username is facts-

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    i can't wait for the next video _hhhhh_

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    chiaki has it reached 50k? my iPad won’t show me

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    @SCratCh LitTlE br0 i'm sorry for making you cry. please don't ever forget about me

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    @chiaki these all is junko ****ing enoshoma's fault, please don't make me cry!:(

  119. chiaki

    chiaki21 day ago

    @SCratCh LitTlE br0 why do i have to die twice :((

  120. SCratCh LitTlE br0

    SCratCh LitTlE br021 day ago

    @chiaki but thats how the story supposed to be, i feel really sorry and regretful for u, please don't leave us!..

  121. chiaki

    chiaki21 day ago

    @SCratCh LitTlE br0 i don't want to die!

  122. donna torrevillas

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    Okay checking the vid for the 3rd time, YESDDD 50K LIKES

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    50k likes where tf is the new video lmao

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    Misthy Kristen He just posted it!

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    Give him time... you have to remember it was Christmas yesterday and he still has a son..

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    Probably tomorrow, but be patient I mean he did post a video today ._.)..

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    Give him some time- Im sure he’ll post it later today

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    Jay also has a personal life, his life doesn't only revolve around making videos

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    Also, when I liked it turned to 50k 👀

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    Nope, he said it a really long time ago he stands up when he records and only sits down when the video gets long or he gets tired

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