Today we reacting to more scary animations, 2 only fans horror stories and 1 McDonalds story that I couldn't help but laugh'll see why..leave a LIKE for more!
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  1. DJ AM

    DJ AM2 hours ago

    Kubz Scout: You know what we gonna say? Then we gone say together ok? 👌 Me: yeah sure! 1 2 3 Kubz Scout: WHAT A TWIST Me: POGGERS . . . Me: Oh.

  2. The awkward Gurl

    The awkward Gurl3 hours ago


  3. FaerayNotFound2

    FaerayNotFound23 hours ago

    Jay is so nice He said "That's how much I love you" . My heart-

  4. StayFriendly

    StayFriendly4 hours ago

    why jack built like a cereal box

  5. angxlic

    angxlic5 hours ago

    Not 18 but wise enough but my older friend started an onlyfans a while ago and she asked me for advice and I told her that if she wanted to start one she could but, be aware of the consequences.

  6. Cassidy afton

    Cassidy afton8 hours ago

    "From the last night"? *tea kettle noise*

  7. Jurriaan Wallenburg

    Jurriaan Wallenburg10 hours ago

    You literally stole the thumbnail from oompaville

  8. Ice Bear

    Ice Bear11 hours ago

    Answer to question: yes but only to buy a subscription from them if it was a guy hell nah and only if they cute

  9. Diamond1234

    Diamond123411 hours ago

    9:28 yO WHAT PLOT TWIST- What kinda wacky creepypasta shit is this I can't-

  10. Kiki Blue

    Kiki Blue11 hours ago

    onlyfans isn't even just 18+ content, it is just something most of these type of platforms don't allow so the fact they do makes people think that is all it is. don't have an account myself but from what i have learned of it it is just another platform like youtube but less strict with that type of stuff.

  11. Groovy Pie

    Groovy Pie12 hours ago

    I’m 15 but imma tell them hell no

  12. Hayden Moore

    Hayden Moore12 hours ago

    He'll no

  13. vmbip

    vmbip12 hours ago

    14:44 john doe is a roblox mod lol.

  14. Liquenix

    Liquenix13 hours ago

    The sad thing about the first animation, is that it happens irl too.

  15. •FløøFxGacha•

    •FløøFxGacha•13 hours ago

    This makes me cry laughing when he judges everybody the whole time and the end is the best🤣

  16. Itachi Is the hotter uchiha

    Itachi Is the hotter uchiha13 hours ago

    Literally had the thought “lol what if the guy (in the first) was the one who kidnaped her” damn Im phycic

  17. Kailey Hatcher

    Kailey Hatcher14 hours ago

    I'm at 10:47 and WHAT A TWIST~

  18. FabulousGoat109

    FabulousGoat10914 hours ago

    BrUh these police couldn't find anything on the computer because they werent looking, them b!tch a$$es were PeTtInG it. HOW THE FVCK IS THIS GUY NOT IN JAIL YET

  19. FabulousGoat109

    FabulousGoat10914 hours ago

    Dude: This isint my story, its my friend's, Cecilia's also Dude: **RaNtInG AbOuT HoW He MeT HeR As If ShE WaS GoInG To TuRn EvIl LaTeR On**

  20. Psycho_fam 2.0

    Psycho_fam 2.014 hours ago

    I can't watch this I'm only 11 ;-; welp that's what yt is for "all your needs just truly move the red circle on the dot and problems solved" .,.

  21. Shayleah Keleher

    Shayleah Keleher15 hours ago

    Let them just don't let them show their face

  22. Sc6uty

    Sc6uty15 hours ago

    😭😭😭😭 my boy thought he was going to go into the end zone but was still stuck in the friend zone😭😭😂😂

  23. Sc6uty

    Sc6uty15 hours ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭 yeah she’s not here behind this tree ahhh lemme see turn that Leaf over yeah she’s not there either 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  24. cthulu bubby

    cthulu bubby17 hours ago

    “Badop bop bop bop two for one Big Macs now on sale.”

  25. neek

    neek18 hours ago

    If i got asked by a friend if they should do an only fans and i would say yes so i can see it😏😏😏😏😏

  26. GhostlyBoos

    GhostlyBoos19 hours ago

    Jay, just so you know most murderers/serial killers actually participate in the searching of their victims or even attend their funerals or vigils to either revel in the despair they caused or to keep the cops off their trail. I mean have you heard of the kid who killed a girl in his neighborhood who’s sister he had a crush on and shoved her corpse in his WATER BED???? It’s fucked up.


    ADDISON GILLESPIE19 hours ago

    0:30 Me: *go’s to protec my friend named Cecilia*

  28. Aretha Nixon

    Aretha Nixon19 hours ago

    At the time of viewing this video the like are 69k the dislikes are 696 and the comments are 69k

  29. Neutral

    Neutral20 hours ago

    Likes: 69K Dislikes: 696

  30. Foxygirl Xx

    Foxygirl Xx20 hours ago

    He set a building on fire that was home to 100 children and adults killing them all- *BA BA DA BA DA DA*

  31. Noodleton Mc Skurtbert

    Noodleton Mc Skurtbert21 hour ago

    Please react to youngdonthesaucegod he's hilarious

  32. Laura

    Laura23 hours ago

    How did she not notice,he said "i will drop you off your apartment". If he didn't know u,how does he know where you live?

  33. Alexis Jacobs

    Alexis Jacobs23 hours ago

    Om god

  34. Alexis Jacobs

    Alexis Jacobs23 hours ago


  35. CODE NAME:sprite Yt

    CODE NAME:sprite YtDay ago

    Why why why why-

  36. Uni boomie

    Uni boomieDay ago

    The name jay is legendary

  37. 호다

    호다Day ago

    After the first story an ad popped up and it was about only fans!! It's the first time I get an ad about it, that creeped the shit out of me 💀

  38. Crystaelechan

    CrystaelechanDay ago

    1 million views in a week!!??

  39. Gacha Music

    Gacha MusicDay ago

    Sometimes I really wanna see this guy react to Junji Ito's works....

  40. Elijah Salas

    Elijah SalasDay ago

    I would say no and would not want to be seen with that person. But to each his own

  41. Toru Oikawa

    Toru OikawaDay ago

    Damn.... *That girl doesn't look beautiful-* she's the opposite of beautiful *Ugly*

  42. yoonbums broken ankles

    yoonbums broken anklesDay ago

    Why they built like that (the animated characters)

  43. Nugget the Cat Playlist Production

    Nugget the Cat Playlist ProductionDay ago

    Up and down, he’s counting the floors

  44. The Messiah Of Poo

    The Messiah Of PooDay ago

    This seems more like conservative scaremongering than an actual scary story tbh

  45. The Messiah Of Poo

    The Messiah Of PooDay ago

    "I believe you should save your body for someone that you love." Is code for " I dont want women having bodily autonomy." aaaand the ending kinda confirms it.

  46. Joanna Alvarado

    Joanna AlvaradoDay ago

    "who sits down like that on a bed cmon" *me undoing my legs* :]

  47. Mina Shingaling

    Mina ShingalingDay ago

    *belly button looking like a 3rd eye*

  48. Daryl lee

    Daryl leeDay ago

    Dayum is it just me or the camera graphics today looks like 4k

  49. MelloTheFox513 No

    MelloTheFox513 NoDay ago

    The thumbnail is a LIAR

  50. Thalia Guzman

    Thalia GuzmanDay ago

    i would be supportive 🙄🙄🙄🙄 btw me and all of my friends are under 18!!

  51. Duck Tenya Iida

    Duck Tenya IidaDay ago

    So no one gonna talk about how John Doe is a roblox hacker?

  52. Ult1mate

    Ult1mateDay ago

    14:46 reference to se7en

  53. link195

    link195Day ago

    wouldn't be supportive lul

  54. Baby Mochii

    Baby MochiiDay ago

    69k like good :0

  55. Baby Mochii

    Baby MochiiDay ago

    69 like good

  56. Josiah Rodriguez

    Josiah RodriguezDay ago

    he gave himself out

  57. Morgan Hellums

    Morgan HellumsDay ago

    27:34 is the best part 😂✋🏻

  58. Josiah Rodriguez

    Josiah RodriguezDay ago

    Jay man hes highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me he look lioke a damn grug god and lord combined

  59. Josiah Rodriguez

    Josiah RodriguezDay ago

    Jay: man if he had an only fans i would look at it

  60. Super Dog

    Super DogDay ago

    The fu*king plot twist tho

  61. Got Friends?menethier

    Got Friends?menethierDay ago


  62. Dragon Denki

    Dragon DenkiDay ago

    If I at least get a buck out of it I'll allow it

  63. Exoimpostor

    ExoimpostorDay ago

    I would not support my friends on that journey

  64. Gon

    GonDay ago


  65. AHuman Being

    AHuman BeingDay ago

    You should react to salad fingers, its a noice animation. 👁👄👁👌

  66. Red Rose RBX

    Red Rose RBXDay ago

    I knew that the guy from the alley was the person. I KNEW IT, Like I even told my computer (As if the characters could hear me XD) "Trust the old man! He was your neighbor! He's your neighbor, he already knows where you live bro! Like, trust him, he was trying to protect you the night before! I bet you the old man isn't it. I BET YOU." lol


    TIFFANY KDay ago

    Jay: talks about other Jay and says he's the letter G Me: j replaced with G... oh wait-

  68. mel

    melDay ago


  69. LarryTheMiddleFinger

    LarryTheMiddleFingerDay ago

    dude went off on this guy for being jay xD

  70. La-La Smith

    La-La SmithDay ago

    Jeezus I thought he was acting a bit incelly, but wow, he really was not only an niceguy/incel, but a completely insane one

  71. La-La Smith

    La-La SmithDay ago

    There’s nothing wrong with making an onlyfans as long as you’re safe about it

  72. La-La Smith

    La-La SmithDay ago

    If my friend was comfortable with it, and were being safe about it, I say make that bank.

  73. La-La Smith

    La-La SmithDay ago


  74. La-La Smith

    La-La SmithDay ago

    “I mean, I don’t do yoga, but I know a stretch when I see one.”

  75. ماجد Als

    ماجد AlsDay ago

    id be suppoetive as long as i remind them constantly that they owe me some of that buck just because Im the one who told them about it 😉

  76. Katherine Wilson

    Katherine WilsonDay ago

    If my friend wanted to make an onlyfans account, I would be supportive of them but tell them risks that can come with it, or even advise them to make their account faceless so it would be harder to find/track them.

  77. Aren Pimp

    Aren PimpDay ago

    Hmmm Idk jay it seems to me that u have a onlyfans 🤔

  78. Wholesome Sunny.

    Wholesome Sunny.Day ago

    I'd be like 'Hell No, I'm not trying to see your missing poster on the walls in the neighborhood.' Cuz like, come on? WHEN HAS APPS LIKE THIS EVER END GOOD?!

  79. Cris_The_Dev

    Cris_The_DevDay ago

    Your commentary is hilarious! I'm gonna subscribe.

  80. Daily Dose Of Peppa Pig

    Daily Dose Of Peppa PigDay ago

    This is a limited time deal only watch Jays videos and he cures you 10/10 recommend

  81. ii_mxlight .q

    ii_mxlight .qDay ago

    LITERALLY serial killer university

  82. Zoe Smith

    Zoe SmithDay ago

    I new he was John Doe when he said he goes by jay aka j

  83. Rhonda Dozier

    Rhonda DozierDay ago

    5:52 when your over protective friend sees that you have a only fans 😂

  84. Melissa Hng Yuet Ying

    Melissa Hng Yuet YingDay ago

    The art though...

  85. Tiffany Romero

    Tiffany RomeroDay ago

    Bars baba baaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  86. Nishinoya Teem

    Nishinoya TeemDay ago

    Oh hell nah

  87. T kid gamer

    T kid gamer2 days ago

    What is there not to love about this

  88. Rachid Vinas

    Rachid Vinas2 days ago

    Jake why do you have to be so funny man I can’t be caught being on my phone at 1 in the morning.

  89. TrainTubbie

    TrainTubbie2 days ago

    Jeus chirst

  90. Â.Í. F.Č

    Â.Í. F.Č2 days ago

    Why the old man in the second story’s body shaped like the poop emoji💩

  91. kerynn _franx

    kerynn _franx2 days ago

    I'd be supportive. It's their body, their choice.

  92. JAY

    JAY2 days ago

    Oh 🙄💅🏼👁👄👁💅🏼

  93. JAY

    JAY2 days ago

    Umm 😰💅🏼

  94. Ace Green

    Ace Green2 days ago

    Why do u talk while it’s playin like let it play to end

  95. •Jelly-Jello•

    •Jelly-Jello•2 days ago

    Jay:18+ to answer the question Me: looks like imma come back in a couple of years :p

  96. layschips

    layschips2 days ago

    The "lost soul" story reminds me of Yandere chan snapped and killed Senpai. " if I can't have you, no one can" reminds me of what the guy said during the last seconds of the story

  97. Kimberly Sears

    Kimberly Sears2 days ago


  98. Izzy eto that panda girl

    Izzy eto that panda girl2 days ago

    Tbh I wouldn’t even know how to react at first but personally... I wouldn’t judge them but I would recommend to be careful people can be real creeps on the internet🤷🏽‍♀️ -ps I’m 21💀-

  99. Denee Griffin

    Denee Griffin2 days ago

    Normally I would say this "It's your life so I support you BUT please be careful. You're not going to be careful then I'M BEATING THAT BUTT LIKE YOU STOLE SOMETHING!!!😤

  100. nut master

    nut master2 days ago

    Bro ur the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  101. nut master

    nut master2 days ago

    "iPad 9999" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  102. Itz Legacy

    Itz Legacy2 days ago

    I'd be like no because there are way too many creeps out there