Kubz Scouts Free Random Games horror edition which means all the games are making me hit Ariana Grande level screams..first game is a demon wolf chasing you throughout the house, another game is you dying of thirst and the last game has to do with you being in a morgue alone...or are you?? Leave a LIKE for more Free Random Games!
Game 1: abdeveloper.itch.io/leenie-boog
Game 2: pizza-party.itch.io/dying-of-thirst
Game 3: quit975.itch.io/the-sigil
Song is "I can't reach" by Verified Picasso from USlikes's free audio library

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  1. Kid_ Buu

    Kid_ BuuDay ago

    Beatstars in a nutshell:

  2. Stupidlyintelligent

    Stupidlyintelligent2 days ago

    My soul left my body bruh I flinched so hard 💀 He lowkey lookin like Legoshi

  3. cyanide ?

    cyanide ?2 days ago

    legoshi 😭😭😭😭

  4. HA Flattykawa

    HA Flattykawa3 days ago

    isnt that the fox from zootopia 😭

  5. Franzine Suela

    Franzine Suela4 days ago

    JESUS!!! That preview at the beginning scared me!!! >:/

  6. kate tenorio

    kate tenorio4 days ago

    Legoshi mad

  7. oop

    oop5 days ago

    I was doing my makeup during this video and Jay's scream scared me and now I look like Joker

  8. Are you lost baby gorilla?

    Are you lost baby gorilla?6 days ago

    The fox in the 1st game look like the fox in zootopia

  9. Angel bunny

    Angel bunny6 days ago




    An ad saved me from a jump scare!

  11. curelea alessia maria

    curelea alessia maria9 days ago

    i have to say that i dont sleep at night because i sleep at the day and i wake up at night

  12. mina ashido

    mina ashido9 days ago

    Should i even watch this with my closest open 🙃🔪

  13. mina ashido

    mina ashido9 days ago

    Not a hate comment yall.

  14. Media SL - Second Life

    Media SL - Second Life9 days ago

    extraordinary 😜

  15. Amparo Steck Zepeda

    Amparo Steck Zepeda9 days ago

    2:33 me: *TERRIBLE JUMPSCARE* teacher: whats wrong?- me: oh nothing- i just SHIVERED- 3:21 me;*THINKS* OH GOD I AM GONNA DIE me: *JUMPSCARE* teacher; are you okey?? me: YEAH- I AM JUST SHIVERING- 3:38 me: OH THANK GOD HE CLOSED THE WINDOW (THINKS) me at 3:40= TEACHER I THINK I GOT A COLD- THATS WHY I AM WHIVERING- CAN I GO HOME????

  16. weeb in the street

    weeb in the street10 days ago

    𝙇𝙚𝙜𝙤𝙨𝙝𝙞 𝙘𝙡𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙙 𝙅𝙖𝙮'𝙨 𝙖𝙨𝙨 😔

  17. P a i • P a i n t

    P a i • P a i n t10 days ago

    Yall need to stop roasting him,It is rude to be roasting him for roasting somebody else. But yall roasting a human bean! and hes roasting a game character so yall stop it.

  18. Kill Her

    Kill Her10 days ago

    Hey!!!! It's Legoshi!!

  19. CatLink

    CatLink10 days ago

    bro that first game got me every time i hate that

  20. David H

    David H11 days ago

    Is the first game Russian?

  21. NickMortuus

    NickMortuus11 days ago

    Keep grinding bro Your channel will blow soon

  22. ꧁Floof Studios꧂

    ꧁Floof Studios꧂12 days ago

    Jay your screams make me jump more than the game

  23. Taylor Ridley

    Taylor Ridley12 days ago


  24. Taylor Ridley

    Taylor Ridley12 days ago

    Update: Its fine lol

  25. leslie G

    leslie G12 days ago

    "Just drink your water and die!!" -jay 2021

  26. 【Who_am_I】

    【Who_am_I】13 days ago


  27. Goldenboy2000 1k

    Goldenboy2000 1k13 days ago

    Yeah his neck is longer than your we we because you don’t have one lol

  28. Kanely Ambersons

    Kanely Ambersons13 days ago

    Phenomenal vid

  29. no fame

    no fame14 days ago

    Wait a minute when is Dan God minute

  30. freddew_0990 afif

    freddew_0990 afif15 days ago

    thx too youtube everytime jumpscares i get ads

  31. OneInAMillionVermillion

    OneInAMillionVermillion16 days ago

    POV: You’re Haru during lunchtime

  32. Smeckysam

    Smeckysam16 days ago

    Off topic I want to thank you for being my childhood, you were there when my parents were fighting, you were there when I was about to lose my battle, you were there for alot and I want to just thank you :]

  33. • c h e r r y •

    • c h e r r y •17 days ago

    “This is really killing me softly” Me: **flashbacks**

  34. CraxzGi

    CraxzGi17 days ago


  35. Truck -kun

    Truck -kun17 days ago

    Is that Legosi?

  36. Hisoka Supremacy

    Hisoka Supremacy18 days ago

    the thumbnail looks like legoshi

  37. YourParanormal

    YourParanormal18 days ago

    3:57 ewwww

  38. YaFeelMe

    YaFeelMe18 days ago

    This game be hitting high notes

  39. 78ate

    78ate19 days ago

    Yes, playing a furry game, I would do the same... For that badass wolf "Legoshi/Legosi."

  40. Willow Afton

    Willow Afton19 days ago

    I got freaking scared when you screamed at the start-

  41. •Pøøh._.Mø0•

    •Pøøh._.Mø0•19 days ago

    Bro, when jay screamed the first 6 seconds into the vid I legit my own body and shook my head.

  42. NickMortuus

    NickMortuus19 days ago

    This is dope broski

  43. Sas The Stranger

    Sas The Stranger20 days ago

    The beastars fandom has been summoned

  44. The Rat Next Door

    The Rat Next Door20 days ago

    Haru trying to keep Legoshi out

  45. Susanne Maleinie

    Susanne Maleinie20 days ago


  46. lluN

    lluN20 days ago

    Wait a minute is that beastars

  47. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando20 days ago

    Every like on jay’s video = 1 love for Jay’s bs mode.

  48. Ruth Beaubrun

    Ruth Beaubrun20 days ago

    dude.. im only 2 mins into the video and jay already gave me 6 heart attacks..😤

  49. _minecraft_weeb_here_

    _minecraft_weeb_here_20 days ago

    Jay: let me shut up real quick Also Jay: *continues to talk*

  50. Péter Cseman

    Péter Cseman20 days ago

    Lennie Boog was my fav (first game)

  51. Natasha Ernst

    Natasha Ernst21 day ago

    Ok jay I see you with the corykenshin Merck alright (hat)

  52. Kyla Wood

    Kyla Wood21 day ago

    The second jumpscare made my soul leave my body 💀💀

  53. Wow Hi

    Wow Hi21 day ago

    0:16 actually scared me shitless

  54. sharron collins

    sharron collins22 days ago

    This 😂😂😂😂 and😱😱😱

  55. xd UnshodRoom

    xd UnshodRoom22 days ago

    Bro, I absolutely love your content, and I haven't watched you in a while so it's good to be back!

  56. Marco's otherhalf

    Marco's otherhalf22 days ago

    you know what the monster looks like in the first game ....legoshi from beastars

  57. Omg4826

    Omg482623 days ago

    6:35 Speed it up as fast as you can and pay attention to Jay. Oh you will not regret it. XD

  58. Rainbow Bean

    Rainbow Bean23 days ago

    Hearing jay scream gives me pleasure

  59. Morgan .M

    Morgan .M23 days ago

    7:45 when the fear kicks in

  60. Happy Umbrella

    Happy Umbrella23 days ago

    The monster in the first game looks like the guy from beastars caravan stories

  61. Sore Throat

    Sore Throat23 days ago

    Jay: "YOU MOTHA SUCKA!" The chasser: "excuse me?" The chassers mom: "how did you know.." Me: "what is life."

  62. Amira Shehata

    Amira Shehata23 days ago

    jay's when he saw a Russian title:Man-

  63. The Psycho Assassin

    The Psycho Assassin23 days ago


  64. bruh

    bruh23 days ago

    the first game almost gave me a heart attack

  65. NewBie's Toturials

    NewBie's Toturials23 days ago

    Second 8 asking that dude to play Five nights at maggie 4

  66. Kimani Wilson

    Kimani Wilson24 days ago

    I real life jumped @2:28

  67. FOX_MAN

    FOX_MAN24 days ago

    Game 2 this shit why I keep a water bottle with me when I go to bed

  68. jaelyn 707

    jaelyn 70724 days ago

    Bro I'm on the toilet and the beginning literally scared the shit outta me

  69. Denise Ocampo

    Denise Ocampo24 days ago


  70. -moon gamer-

    -moon gamer-24 days ago


  71. Arctic Soul

    Arctic Soul24 days ago

    2:30 i didnt expect it to be that scary as the first one but I LITTRALLY punched my computer screen out of fear (My tae kwon do is coming in handy)

  72. BmnGameBoy

    BmnGameBoy24 days ago

    That fart made my day

  73. ShadowzGamez

    ShadowzGamez24 days ago

    Man I didn’t know they made a beastars horror game

  74. rockfiller

    rockfiller25 days ago

    jays screams are the ones scaring me instead of the jumpscares because whenever a jumpscare is coming i sense it and dont get scared but the scream gets me everytime

  75. Inaya Velez

    Inaya Velez25 days ago

    Legoshi is that you my guy😂😂😂

  76. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya25 days ago

    0:33 trippy song ✨wear headphones✨

  77. Eszz1ro

    Eszz1ro25 days ago

    Basically 25 mins n 47 seconds of Jay stealing Adriana Grande's high notes

  78. Pants Bradley

    Pants Bradley25 days ago

    "At that time he knew, he fucked up." me at 3 a.m yelling at my computer LMAO

  79. yūgen

    yūgen25 days ago

    On the first screamer I got so scared that I screamed and stuck my finger in my eye. The video hadn't even started, it was the clip from the beginning. Just ... lol

  80. Kgarebe Mogapaesi

    Kgarebe Mogapaesi25 days ago

    Jay:AHHHHHHHH Me:🛌🏾

  81. Welcome to McVenti Motherducker

    Welcome to McVenti Motherducker25 days ago

    i thought the monster was Foxy lol

  82. Madi K

    Madi K26 days ago


  83. Hi it’s siri

    Hi it’s siri26 days ago

    Everyone else:scared of the fox thingy and the scary bits Me:laughing at jays screams and the fox thingy

  84. Gangsta For God

    Gangsta For God26 days ago

    Jay got corys hat on

  85. *ICoNicMuSic* :0

    *ICoNicMuSic* :026 days ago

    I really thought he was going to take water from the fish tank 😩

  86. joon

    joon26 days ago

    the beginning scared me so bad 😭

  87. Ilovelisa Blackpink

    Ilovelisa Blackpink26 days ago

    jay:this really killing me softly me: truming my pain -

  88. yes yes

    yes yes26 days ago


  89. Manjit Kaur Sahota

    Manjit Kaur Sahota26 days ago

    The fox really do be a certified freaker


    DARLING26 days ago

    8:55 Jays a real one

  91. Jaden S

    Jaden S26 days ago

    Bro that first jumps are sent a chill threw me

  92. Melly -Simp

    Melly -Simp26 days ago

    Who else thought of legoshi? 👁👄👁

  93. Kaylee

    Kaylee27 days ago


  94. X - M a t i o n

    X - M a t i o n27 days ago

    Fun Facts : Most of people watched this video because of thumbnail are Beastars Fans (Especially Me)

  95. Iah Thea Indon

    Iah Thea Indon27 days ago

    when jay scream I scream too Haha

  96. SenpaiScorpio

    SenpaiScorpio27 days ago

    Two minutes in and I can’t believe I got scared twice by the dude from zootopia.

  97. Brandon Cole

    Brandon Cole27 days ago

    The first game actually made me flinch thats rare

  98. shade

    shade27 days ago

    anyone have that fear if your fridge is by a window some monster gonna snatch you when you filling your cup at night

  99. jose zavala crowe

    jose zavala crowe27 days ago

    dahm thats scary !!!

  100. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

    TheKawaiiestGamerChan27 days ago

    day 66 of asking jay to wear a turtle neck in one of his videos :3

  101. The•Nomadic•Mind

    The•Nomadic•Mind27 days ago

    Beastars looks great

  102. Emina Bighamkolaei

    Emina Bighamkolaei27 days ago

    Legoshi in a fox costume