Friday Night Funkin' But This Funkin' Whitty Mod Goes Crazy

If I looked sad this episode, don't's only because I have no soul
Funkin' Whitty mod by Nate Anim8:
Blammed Mod by MadBrine:
Tetris beatbox in Friday Night Funkin' by Krix08:
Philly (Remix) by KadeDev, song by kamex:
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  1. SickBoy 0192

    SickBoy 019217 hours ago

    Tomato Jay 4:42

  2. whitty

    whitty2 days ago

    Huh you can't beat me?

  3. klee!

    klee!2 days ago

    Isnt that the dude from gumball

  4. Rai 471

    Rai 4712 days ago

    hello Yan Dev simp. just came here to give you a view cause of this game. nothing else. moving on

  5. Cheers to that!

    Cheers to that!3 days ago

    The mother shoot the mannequin.

  6. klf1285

    klf12853 days ago


  7. Arson EXC

    Arson EXC4 days ago

    They made a huge change in the mapping for the final release

  8. Vibes With Vicky

    Vibes With Vicky4 days ago

    the fact that someone added verbalase's meme in here makes them legendary

  9. giavanna nicole

    giavanna nicole5 days ago

    how do i get the mod?

  10. sals pink

    sals pink5 days ago

    ;◡; nice

  11. Shaun Furey

    Shaun Furey5 days ago

    Either jay clickbaited us hard in a funny way, or he submitted the wrong video. Jay got us gooooooooood!

  12. Grimsanity

    Grimsanity5 days ago

    That Tetris part slapped.

  13. the boyfreind keith

    the boyfreind keith6 days ago

    Why am i raplaced

  14. Kaleb Salcido

    Kaleb Salcido6 days ago

    Why is witty so slow is he on easy

  15. Sunny sao

    Sunny sao6 days ago

    I'm surprised the fnf community isn't bad unlike fnaf

  16. Suppport

    Suppport6 days ago


  17. Mother Frickin PO

    Mother Frickin PO6 days ago

    2:59 pico dont shoot

  18. satann

    satann6 days ago

    this was so insane that wittys icon became the gf's dad

  19. Whitty

    Whitty7 days ago

    Heh you can’t beat me no one can except for that blue haired kid

  20. jezreel williams

    jezreel williams7 days ago

    Thier is no week 7

  21. Jade Hassanein

    Jade Hassanein7 days ago

    Lmao THIS FACE I- 6:30

  22. Pre Tew

    Pre Tew7 days ago

    I have brain damage now help me

  23. Анонимус

    Анонимус7 days ago

    2:23 In Corruption Mod was used same song...

  24. Mikvsaa Roblox

    Mikvsaa Roblox7 days ago


  25. Jordan Turner

    Jordan Turner7 days ago

    i like how pico's just chilling there like 'mk.. yea.. tell me more.'

  26. KoopaGamingthelost

    KoopaGamingthelost7 days ago

    Is it just me or was the guy on the left's hair turn from orange from earlier to brown now. I just wanna know if anyone else saw that?



    Henlo :3

  28. ItzjustErika Quijano

    ItzjustErika Quijano7 days ago

    *ahem* wikipedia says he has no intrest in the girl- mostly the parents- money-

  29. 【Katsukoi】

    【Katsukoi】7 days ago

    Bro I'm rewatching this because I'm doing it to a lot of your videos and it's storming and I have Astraphobia (fear of thunderstorms) and it raining and thundering a lot but it won't flood bacause there's a BIG ASS drain in the middle of da road I think and the dirt in everyone's yard thirsty thirsty so I think imma be ok. I only have Astraphobia because it was a shooting that happened not long ago but it just affected me and now I have a grad of anything that has a pop to it.

  30. Lil Bunnyattic

    Lil Bunnyattic8 days ago

    A Kamex remix in a Kubz Scouts video!? YEAH BOI

  31. TheGoldenCoin

    TheGoldenCoin8 days ago

    Whitty looks like he is Waluigi in disguise and a voice changer

  32. guys random

    guys random8 days ago

    maybe monika next ?

  33. Kvvex

    Kvvex8 days ago

    Cory should try this mod.

  34. whitty comit boom

    whitty comit boom8 days ago

    im still alive!

  35. THE yepyo

    THE yepyo8 days ago

    They should make more varabalase songs in Friday night funkin

  36. Rahk Austin

    Rahk Austin9 days ago

    Different types of ways to tell viewers to clip a part Twitch: CLIP THAT CHAT!!! USlikes: comments with the timestamps Jay: PUT THIS ON YA TIKEY TOKS!!!

  37. Gary Richards

    Gary Richards9 days ago

    Can we just make lyrics for whitty bomb?

  38. ꧁Stxrry Flxwers꧂

    ꧁Stxrry Flxwers꧂9 days ago

    My fingers after playing the last song:I no longer exist

  39. Simeon Ferguson

    Simeon Ferguson9 days ago

    Hey is the boss😏

  40. OilRig

    OilRig9 days ago

    Jay play the ballistic song on whitty mod tho?

  41. c03Id altist

    c03Id altist9 days ago

    Bee bop bop skeedo bop

  42. Xavier Runkle

    Xavier Runkle9 days ago

    there a minecraft mod on friday night funkin

  43. Fu

    Fu9 days ago


  44. Christina Hellberd

    Christina Hellberd9 days ago

    Witty got a update, it's amazing, thought you would want to try that out with 2 new songs.

  45. Aidan Lazala

    Aidan Lazala9 days ago

    Send the last mod to Cory

  46. Aidan Lazala

    Aidan Lazala9 days ago

    The guy who made the sound for the beatbox was the channel beat box battles

  47. jackob0111

    jackob01119 days ago

    Can't wait for him to play the other one full week mod

  48. jackob0111

    jackob01119 days ago


  49. Itz_Janfred

    Itz_Janfred9 days ago

    *whitty got an update*

  50. H0LYHE4LER

    H0LYHE4LER9 days ago

    I really want him to play Whitty mod again, there's a few awesome cutscenes

  51. Walter Anims

    Walter Anims9 days ago

    Kubz Scouts: not family friendly Also Jay: "im not even missing a *freakin* note!"

  52. XRidleyX

    XRidleyX9 days ago

    Whitty got a full week update

  53. Gio G

    Gio G9 days ago

    There is a full week whitty mod

  54. wieslaw wiecek

    wieslaw wiecek9 days ago

    Kubs Vs WHITTY got a new update and it's epic

  55. Agus Suryanto

    Agus Suryanto9 days ago

    The real mod of whitty is on j8khero

  56. Agus Suryanto

    Agus Suryanto9 days ago

    That the cannel srry if you can't press it

  57. Kevin The Plush Master

    Kevin The Plush Master9 days ago

    Whitty has been updated.

  58. uglypatato

    uglypatato9 days ago

    aww man he skipped the cutscenes

  59. GachaCell

    GachaCell9 days ago

    White mod just updated, so go ahead and play that

  60. tempest

    tempest10 days ago

    The arrows weren't off-beat tho

  61. mason yo

    mason yo10 days ago

    There is a full week for the whitty/bomb mod can you play it?

  62. mishandlzz

    mishandlzz10 days ago

    You should play it on hard

  63. DrizZy

    DrizZy10 days ago

    You should play through the Whitty week mod

  64. monkee

    monkee10 days ago

    Theres cutscenes for this explaibing why their in a battle. Its because Bf can around and would leave him alone

  65. Cheemgosi

    Cheemgosi10 days ago

    Hey jay I have some news for you the mod with the bomb guy got an update now he has his own full week

  66. Benjamin Norris

    Benjamin Norris10 days ago

    His name is witty

  67. S3g4h4t

    S3g4h4t10 days ago

    They made a full week version of it

  68. Lena Belova

    Lena Belova10 days ago

    7:13 what they did to Pico's hair?!

  69. LanceCrushKita :D

    LanceCrushKita :D10 days ago

    Negative Comment plz don't delete

  70. Thorns

    Thorns10 days ago

    They made the whole whitty mod and I gotta say. it is AWSOME

  71. Alexander TheGreat

    Alexander TheGreat10 days ago

    Jay the full version and update of this came out. Can you play it

  72. ピカピカの土地

    ピカピカの土地10 days ago

    Plot twist: The bomb dude is katsuki bakugou


    IMPOSTOR AMONG US10 days ago

    When radio doesn't work but you're beatboxer

  74. Kevyn Gonzalez

    Kevyn Gonzalez10 days ago

    11:42/13:49 when you're talking with your friends then someone farts farts then the one guy with the gun says who did it pointing the gun at all of you and you who have guns and guess what lemon demon in the background I'm with his ass out

  75. T0xin Level

    T0xin Level10 days ago

    Well bomb boy has beef with her parents so that’s that

  76. Myungkwan Lee

    Myungkwan Lee11 days ago

    The pico + mom mod is the lemon demon virus mod though...

  77. leah hernandez

    leah hernandez11 days ago

    BRO try the CRUPRETED MOD!!!

  78. QueenBee2008

    QueenBee200811 days ago

    Omg Jay pls pls plsssssss do the Hatsune Mimi mod, it's so good, PoPiPo and Hishite Hishite Hishite are such good songs, and it's challenging, and we know you love a good challenge, so I 10/10 recommend you do a vid on the miku mod! Btw you THAT DUDE

  79. QueenBee2008

    QueenBee200811 days ago

    Mimi is supposed to be miku =_=

  80. Senpai Playz

    Senpai Playz11 days ago


  81. Black Libra

    Black Libra11 days ago

    Verberles 5:58

  82. lorradel buenavista

    lorradel buenavista11 days ago


  83. Z no

    Z no11 days ago

    At the start I was like SHUT UP

  84. untipocualquiera

    untipocualquiera12 days ago

    who is that bomb head guy?

  85. Paimon and im male

    Paimon and im male12 days ago

    I like how you see vids Looks easy. But when you actually play it, it's living hell

  86. Angela Castro

    Angela Castro12 days ago

    Dude u should play the lemon demon virus mod thingy

  87. DemDoge360

    DemDoge36012 days ago

    4:10 dat car do be floating doe

  88. Xavier Johnson

    Xavier Johnson12 days ago

    Guess he had Kubscouts at his *whit's end*

  89. joshua kaloso

    joshua kaloso12 days ago

    That car was dad's car

  90. joshua kaloso

    joshua kaloso12 days ago


  91. Kaye Bernabe bautista

    Kaye Bernabe bautista12 days ago


  92. George Barbu

    George Barbu12 days ago

    Stfu im tryina hear the song

  93. A Guy Who Likes Penguins

    A Guy Who Likes Penguins12 days ago

    Hey Jay! Been a fan of this channel for around 4 years and I wonder if you can try the FL-Chan mod by bbpanzu! It's just pure FIRE Also try the Monika mod if you want to break your friggin fingers

  94. robin dewalt

    robin dewalt12 days ago

    the 1st mod's new character is named Witty A hot headed rockstar

  95. J1D:20陳嘉耀

    J1D:20陳嘉耀13 days ago

    Damn can u stop talking when whitty sings!

  96. KB 2030

    KB 203013 days ago


  97. Phoenix Flame

    Phoenix Flame13 days ago

    Jay was at the verbalace rap for so long that pico had time to go dye his hair.

  98. Cleo Anosike

    Cleo Anosike13 days ago

    i'm so pumped up! 🥰🔥😃😎😇

  99. SusuSushi

    SusuSushi13 days ago

    When Jay was doing the Tetris thing I think Picos hair color changed

  100. Moirai Eclipse

    Moirai Eclipse13 days ago

    Milf sounds so much better when pico does it.

  101. Mark Jason Damot

    Mark Jason Damot13 days ago

    9:37 I think I know that voice from bf. It's infected or evil bf.

  102. Alex Spartan

    Alex Spartan13 days ago

    The Bomb Man Sounds like a Electric Guitar😂

  103. Thot Rot

    Thot Rot12 days ago

    apparently his voice was actually made with a guitar lol good ears

  104. Sweetì hamster

    Sweetì hamster14 days ago

    1:44 did he just say the n word

  105. BUBBLE

    BUBBLE13 days ago

    spear fingers

  106. gaster

    gaster14 days ago

    Go go go yes just doit if u not doit u not gonna won