Our first investigation before the first class trial of Danganronpa 2! I already solved the case as the episode played out, Kyoko can hand me that Ultimate Detective title whenever she has the time, 50K Likes for the next episode ASAP!
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  1. Twilight

    TwilightDay ago

    I wonder if he’ll play v3

  2. Leila Wilson

    Leila WilsonDay ago

    the ultimate orphan

  3. Momoka Sakura

    Momoka Sakura2 days ago


  4. Meemi Mattila

    Meemi Mattila3 days ago

    Normal people:A handbook You:TsKARATATRA

  5. Strawburry Milk

    Strawburry Milk3 days ago

    99% of the comments are GuYs WhY hAvEnT yOu LiKeD tHe ViDeO yEt???

  6. night blade

    night blade5 days ago

    Saw nightvison goggles by his body

  7. DYOs

    DYOs6 days ago

    I ove jy

  8. Codegamer 4765

    Codegamer 47656 days ago

    "Thiccakuya" I cant bro XD

  9. golden age gamer

    golden age gamer6 days ago

    Him say 84 degrees- dame hot as hell in there Me who loves the heat and no one can stand to be in my room and looks at its almost 100 degrees in my room 😅😅😅

  10. bittertoothig

    bittertoothig7 days ago

    i just realized that jay said “byakuya is there all by herself” BAHDHSH

  11. Nina Zavisic

    Nina Zavisic7 days ago

    I love the fact that he’s so hyped up when he sees the Monokuma doll in the old building, but hasn’t seen the Monokuma doll in his own cottage for for like three episodes



    Haha he called him the Ultimate Orphan- Edit: This Episode is just when you solve the mystery before the scooby doo gang

  13. Ms. Gamer

    Ms. Gamer7 days ago

    people should like the game 2 series because it is the most important game (in my opinion) to the whole Danganronpa plot

  14. Creeper

    Creeper8 days ago

    im boutta spoil the entire danganronpa 2 game in just 4 words: It cant be helped

  15. kyoko kirigiri

    kyoko kirigiri2 days ago


  16. Sugardust

    Sugardust8 days ago

    the ultimate o r p h a n

  17. Lynn Claywood

    Lynn Claywood8 days ago

    Aw man, I really liked this new Byakuya... I guess you could say he'd had a lot of character growth.

  18. Pastel Flowers

    Pastel Flowers9 days ago

    Jay when his favorite character dies is NOT COOL WITH THAT OR DOWN WITH THAT

  19. Katoshi Meki

    Katoshi Meki10 days ago

    11:09 my meat seeing me open incognito again

  20. Yui Yoshida

    Yui Yoshida10 days ago

    Bruh haha

  21. shadowunikat849

    shadowunikat84911 days ago

    7:44... bakugo... is that you?

  22. Kitcat B

    Kitcat B11 days ago

    my fav chaler is Nagito

  23. Shadow Kiru

    Shadow Kiru12 days ago

    Why not Shuichi

  24. JustMeHere _

    JustMeHere _12 days ago

    i dont like the way Jay pronounces byakuya it aint "beeyehkuya"

  25. kyoko kirigiri

    kyoko kirigiri2 days ago

    He once said it right and then said no I almost said his name right then he went pissing us off again he knows his name is byakuya

  26. HeyItzIsabel

    HeyItzIsabel12 days ago

    ya but he said it in the first episode of goodbye despair that he *doesn't care*

  27. achiri adeso

    achiri adeso14 days ago

    I think I know why it go slow because the subscribers are getting bored of doing of the boring part and wanted to do the class trial.

  28. gream

    gream14 days ago

    1:16 “Byakuya Togami the ultimate orphan” Got me dead

  29. Sophie The loof

    Sophie The loof15 days ago

    32:09 oof

  30. Sophie The loof

    Sophie The loof15 days ago

    Why do I fan girl over any voiced line by nagito I kept replaying the part he said “Ow!” ;///;

  31. Dragonknight 8129

    Dragonknight 812915 days ago

    Just wait until he play v3 and tell me about being the ultimate detective

  32. マヨン

    マヨン15 days ago

    Bruh this feels like among us but a little different 😂😭😭.

  33. Oriyami

    Oriyami15 days ago


  34. Reagan Lacey

    Reagan Lacey16 days ago

    I find it oddly sweet that Jay put the video up even though it didn't get 50k because the rest of us want it.

  35. Michael Esposito

    Michael Esposito16 days ago

    Teruteru: I felt my way across the wall Jay: But how did he get to the Dining Hall?

  36. Mr.Gomez63

    Mr.Gomez6316 days ago

    11:12 even your mouth is in the wrong spot 🤦‍♂️😂

  37. Satan Has Logged In

    Satan Has Logged In17 days ago

    "Should we talk to Sonia? Nah nevermind" I'm dying

  38. Awkward_Eph

    Awkward_Eph17 days ago

    No one: Really no one: 80% of the comments: WhY dIdN't It HiT 50K lIkEs?! (Hey no hate either xd I'm just having fun)

  39. Lulu Belps uwu

    Lulu Belps uwu18 days ago

    Ultimate Orphan 💀

  40. Neon Clover

    Neon Clover18 days ago

    Nagito is the only anime character that looks poorer than me. 😂

  41. Camille khaye Dela rosa

    Camille khaye Dela rosa18 days ago

    1:18 Jay:Byakuya togami the ultimate orphan Me:you alright jay?

  42. Sofia Ramirez

    Sofia Ramirez19 days ago

    Byakuya watching them: 👁👄👁

  43. alyza sanchez

    alyza sanchez19 days ago

    *We all liked this*

  44. _ella_

    _ella_19 days ago

    Bro I hate how hes dissing these names 😭 its peck-o you were saying it right in the first place brooo (Edit) you guys need to like the video more bruh

  45. XDark7X Knight

    XDark7X Knight19 days ago

    40:50 I hope jay finds out what pose is that

  46. My doggo barks

    My doggo barks20 days ago


  47. GameOrGirl

    GameOrGirl20 days ago

    1:15 Byakuya Togami The Ultimate Orphan

  48. Banana GamerCat

    Banana GamerCat20 days ago

    Jay can't say "Truth bullets" to save his life

  49. Banana GamerCat

    Banana GamerCat18 days ago

    @NoSleep Ah, sorry, my bad.

  50. NoSleep

    NoSleep18 days ago

    Did you mean **several gunshot noises** ?

  51. Hannah한나

    Hannah한나20 days ago

    2:55 WTF he's 2 minutes in and he already suspected the people who where the main suspects in the class trail, NAGITO, AND TERUTERU WTF

  52. Mekezer loves tanaka

    Mekezer loves tanaka21 day ago


  53. Mekezer loves tanaka

    Mekezer loves tanaka21 day ago

    **Byakua the ultimate orphan**

  54. Ritchel Curray

    Ritchel Curray21 day ago

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! JAY!! You should try fried rice w/ gravy especially when the gravy comes from Mcdonalds😁 izz guuud 😍

  55. weewoo

    weewoo21 day ago

    Jay: CEO of pronouncing names wrong

  56. libby

    libby22 days ago

    yall need to up your like game

  57. Marcella Stars

    Marcella Stars22 days ago

    KEEP READING IF YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT HOW DIED That wasn't actually Byakuya. It is a man who goes by Ultimate Imposter. The real Byakuya was already out in the world and if that was the real Byakuya wouldn't he already know Monokuma(also wouldn't he stay away from hope peaks academy at all cost)? If you don't believe you may google it. I just wanted to give reassurance to you simps.

  58. Stormi Stan

    Stormi Stan22 days ago


  59. NothingTo SeeHere

    NothingTo SeeHere22 days ago

    The ultimate orphan I-

  60. Hackerman haunter

    Hackerman haunter22 days ago

    Why is sonias last name nevermind?

  61. idonthaveaclue xox

    idonthaveaclue xox21 day ago

    Thats because Sonia's surname is named after Nirvana's second album, Nevermind, and her home country of Novoselic is named after Nirvana's bassist, Krist Novoselic.

  62. Emma the demon

    Emma the demon22 days ago

    1:19 uh jay... You said orphan not affluent progeny...

  63. Kyle

    Kyle22 days ago

    Stabbed repeatedly.... *Connor flash backs*

  64. Violet Evergarden

    Violet Evergarden22 days ago

    Yo, Jay should be called "The Ultimate USlikesr Detective" and solve cases with Kyoko ;-; He's freakin' smart and fast. Great vid😌👌

  65. Janimal Plays

    Janimal Plays23 days ago

    Just because there is 50k likes exactly, doesn’t mean you don’t have to like the video, you should like the video, because it helps Jay and it helps us think a lot of people like this, so y’all get your shot together

  66. something crazy

    something crazy23 days ago

    It aint getting better

  67. faith gaetke

    faith gaetke23 days ago

    As soon as he said “the ultimate orphan” I hit that like

  68. Dakotah Unkown

    Dakotah Unkown23 days ago

    Is the hell hound Katsuki Bakugo

  69. Dakotah Unkown

    Dakotah Unkown23 days ago

    @dude I was trying to make a joke

  70. dude

    dude23 days ago

    I think its based off the hellhound dog from a folklore plus my hero academia wasnt even a thing when danganronpa 2 came out

  71. Þentafram

    Þentafram23 days ago


  72. dude

    dude23 days ago

    Bruh have you not seen the comments like 30% of them were people talking about how he called byakuya an orphan

  73. NepNep_Rin

    NepNep_Rin23 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't say bigakuya

  74. elino mercy

    elino mercy23 days ago

    Its okay ya'll we hit 50k!

  75. Nailah Heath

    Nailah Heath23 days ago

    Jay's gonna go crazy when he sees what happens to Nagito...

  76. rat rain

    rat rain24 days ago

    1:16 oH GOD

  77. Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari24 days ago

    Glowing knife has been added to the SRRAA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAA

  78. Jonathan

    Jonathan24 days ago

    Persona 5 Royal. Rip. He used to like atlas

  79. Head Dog

    Head Dog24 days ago

    can someone tell me how fire doors work? do they close during blackouts? That’s my first time hearing of that

  80. Miki

    Miki24 days ago

    I- The fact you said "The Ultimate Orphan" and not affluent progeny is JISIIOHEO

  81. ꧁Crystal Glaze꧂

    ꧁Crystal Glaze꧂24 days ago


  82. Chihiro fan _gacha

    Chihiro fan _gacha24 days ago


  83. Natalia Paun

    Natalia Paun24 days ago

    We finally hit 50k likes yayyy

  84. esis

    esis24 days ago

    um at 44:58 the guy move but jay hands are in the air

  85. Ouchie Arboleda

    Ouchie Arboleda24 days ago


  86. Lenny Martinez

    Lenny Martinez24 days ago

    currently waiting at 50k likes for jay to upload the next episode

  87. אדם פילינסקי

    אדם פילינסקי24 days ago

    I waited al morning for the vid

  88. אדם פילינסקי

    אדם פילינסקי24 days ago

    50k likes my dude

  89. ItsElysia

    ItsElysia24 days ago

    FINALLY 50k!!! ✨✨✨

  90. Mariawn

    Mariawn24 days ago

    New danganronpa vid??

  91. Riz Pradhan

    Riz Pradhan24 days ago

    it reached 50k finnaly..

  92. Ashley Eckert

    Ashley Eckert24 days ago

    we did it we hit 50k 😿 finally

  93. Hala Tarek

    Hala Tarek24 days ago

    Guys what happened?? Hit for my boi Jay some 50k likes, I always get back to the video and I saw him never reach 50k likes and I am starting to get upset, I love whenever he plays Danganronpa episodes and it is like my first fav anime like c'mon guys Actually btw he hit 50k likes, great job everyone, I love you guys so much and proud from you all

  94. Joey Mamane

    Joey Mamane24 days ago

    finally 50k

  95. inconspicuous frog

    inconspicuous frog24 days ago

    honestly been waiting so long for the next ep cause spoiler ig aaaaaahhahahahahhah !! the ultimates are working together to combat the despair of their friend's dEath !! that part lol

  96. Vivy Ral

    Vivy Ral24 days ago

    Imagine Jay's reaction

  97. NifAl 1125

    NifAl 112524 days ago

    Yep. Our bagel boy is just....something...

  98. Pilar Mañana

    Pilar Mañana24 days ago


  99. Mina Uluduz

    Mina Uluduz24 days ago

    When are u doing another vid?

  100. don911

    don91124 days ago

    Please Jay. Please post the next episodes. We've all been waiting, please Jay.

  101. Chibi Blossoms

    Chibi Blossoms24 days ago


  102. Aditi S

    Aditi S24 days ago

    WE'RE AT 50K

  103. ohkay_bruu

    ohkay_bruu24 days ago

    I've been waiting for a new danganronpa video forever cause yall anit hitting the like goal no more :(

  104. ༄cutie cookie UwU༄

    ༄cutie cookie UwU༄24 days ago

    You finally got 50k likes! Can you please, please post part 5?

  105. im gay

    im gay24 days ago

    never thought that we would make it to 50k. now im filled with hope

  106. hell no

    hell no24 days ago

    the likes for this series b giving me despair

  107. Shingucci

    Shingucci24 days ago

    It's funny how you say hope and you're pfp is Junko lmaoo

  108. Clelia Rovelo

    Clelia Rovelo24 days ago

    I've made a beautiful poem,You steal my wifu I end your lifu with a knifu

  109. Huszlen Baasanjargal

    Huszlen Baasanjargal24 days ago

    jay didn't post any video today but i understand he needs breaks. i just wanted to see him play danganronpa after a long day...

  110. Mery UwU

    Mery UwU24 days ago


  111. Pauline Valencia

    Pauline Valencia24 days ago

    probably no video today

  112. Nagito

    Nagito24 days ago

    I was waiting all day :'D well, i'm fine with waiting

  113. Ngủ Đi

    Ngủ Đi24 days ago

    Im waiting for his reaction in the class trial cz... ya know

  114. Minh Phương Trần

    Minh Phương Trần24 days ago

    same bro

  115. simp for horror

    simp for horror24 days ago

    Where my video

  116. Nagito

    Nagito24 days ago

    Waiting 🤞😶

  117. Antonio Balonio

    Antonio Balonio24 days ago

    *me sees 50k likes* WHERE MY DANGANRONPA AT?!

  118. Bubbly sketches

    Bubbly sketches24 days ago

    why are people so quick to spoil everything?? I havent played v3 killing harmony yet but i already know half the plot smh :

  119. Bubbly sketches

    Bubbly sketches24 days ago

    @Anna that makes me feel a bit better honestly

  120. Bubbly sketches

    Bubbly sketches24 days ago

    @Anna u right u right :3

  121. Anna

    Anna24 days ago

    Well at least it is a murder solving game so knowing who did the killing doesn’t mean u know the method, u can still enjoy the process

  122. expiredcheese

    expiredcheese24 days ago

    I know right..Jay is barely starting this one so why spoil the later games