Our first investigation before the first class trial of Danganronpa 2! I already solved the case as the episode played out, Kyoko can hand me that Ultimate Detective title whenever she has the time, 50K Likes for the next episode ASAP!
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  1. sunny days

    sunny days3 days ago


  2. Shanana Johnson

    Shanana Johnson3 days ago

    I stand by my comment last episode Also type a F in reply for thickakuya

  3. A Guy Who Likes Penguins

    A Guy Who Likes Penguins4 days ago

    Jay: Hey! *DON’T BE HATIN ON FRICKIN POMERANIANS!* Me, a Pomeranian lover: *visible happiness*

  4. valhunter97

    valhunter974 days ago

    You really confused me with your thinking... Why would fire doors close in case of blackout? And how they will do it without any power?

  5. Penguin Paws

    Penguin Paws4 days ago

    I love that even though someone literally just died Gundham cares more about his aesthetic than investigating.

  6. Nxito x

    Nxito x5 days ago

    Nagito got a big brain tho

  7. sleepyalec_

    sleepyalec_5 days ago


  8. Maddox Bluebird

    Maddox Bluebird6 days ago

    I lowkey wish I had the confidence of Gundham Tanaka.

  9. Sorrow Soul

    Sorrow Soul7 days ago

    Am I the only one that enjoyed but raged at this video whenever Jay got something beyond wrong ,such as with the FIRE (not BLACKOUT) doors? Lol.

  10. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma7 days ago

    Hajime looks so happy with th a orange juice 😂😂😂

  11. Kozume kenma

    Kozume kenma8 days ago

    Oh how i love tsundere boys Lmfao

  12. #Rat Kingdom.

    #Rat Kingdom.9 days ago

    oh thats actually really sad lol 2 peopl were tryna stop nagito but them 1 of those 2 people became teh victim and teh other became teh killer LOL

  13. angel claro

    angel claro9 days ago

    This Gas stove needs electricity?

  14. ・ Riley_MT ・

    ・ Riley_MT ・9 days ago

    Jay should play your turn to die

  15. Moe

    Moe9 days ago


  16. Moe

    Moe9 days ago


  17. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair10 days ago

    17:03 loll no it was a great joke actually

  18. Myuuni

    Myuuni10 days ago

    Not Teru’s account saying: “the gas stove being powered by electricity”

  19. Rosate Abloom

    Rosate Abloom10 days ago

    First Mondo, then Taka, and now Byakuya. He lost all hid bros bro.

  20. loliforbrainz?

    loliforbrainz?12 days ago


  21. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi12 days ago

    /Insert Comment Here/

  22. Kayoowi_

    Kayoowi_14 days ago

    oop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 :D

  23. YourPalYui

    YourPalYui15 days ago

    Its obvious who killed the ultimate orphan Byakuya. It has to be Technoblade since he kills orphans. unu

  24. FoxicleDoxicle

    FoxicleDoxicle16 days ago

    Im still in the middle of the episode but did jay really forget that teruteru said he held his hands on the wall

  25. Dominik Anthony

    Dominik Anthony16 days ago

    Wait... I know it's been months but...the pet....oh god the pet

  26. Avakin Ikhłaß

    Avakin Ikhłaß17 days ago

    Jay Is a high quality voice acting right there, especially those bullet sounds 😂😂😂

  27. Super Gaming Bro XCVI

    Super Gaming Bro XCVI23 days ago

    Here's the most important question of them all: If Mikan Tsumiki keeps falling like that, *WHY DOES SHE NOT WEAR PANTS OR SHORTS GO COVER IT UP*

  28. kosuke

    kosuke20 days ago

    Oh damn- does she not know what shorts are?

  29. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami23 days ago

    Surprisingly Byakuya sure is has a lot of responsibility in this game to protect everyone I wonder why is that when all he cares about is himseld in the previous game

  30. Aoshi

    Aoshi23 days ago

    Everyone in the commenta are talking about the likes even tho more than 20% of the people who viewed this liked it

  31. Luka Petrović

    Luka Petrović24 days ago

    We saw Mikan's c00ch more times than the monokuma 16 student flashback

  32. kingbelail

    kingbelail24 days ago

    Nagito the ultimate gaslighter

  33. Junebug The Bug Dealer

    Junebug The Bug Dealer25 days ago

    The fact Jay got this entirely correct because he thought the fire doors close in a blackout is probably the greatest stroke of genius I've ever seen

  34. Moghost

    Moghost25 days ago

    0:36 I should investigate the top of the table Byakuya: IM UNDER THE GOD DAMN TABLE

  35. Itz_Kay Gacha

    Itz_Kay Gacha26 days ago

    This would go by so much faster if they had finger print scanners

  36. Princess Warrior

    Princess Warrior28 days ago

    *SPOILERS ALERT!* Jay: Its Teruteru bcuz since there was a black out, the fire door would've closed and he wouldn't have been able to get to the kitchen! Me: Fire doors.... And.... Black outs.... How can you be so right and so wrong at the same time?

  37. Violet Nguyen

    Violet NguyenMonth ago

    8:00 Kirishima: Are you talking about Bakugou?-

  38. Stephanie Morejon

    Stephanie MorejonMonth ago

    Nagito all the time: Hajime, you are really pale Hajime: 40:07 Reverse psychology

  39. JustAnAveragePerson

    JustAnAveragePersonMonth ago

    1:17 “Byakuya Togami. The ultimate orphan” 😂😂😂😂

  40. Shoto todoroki

    Shoto todorokiMonth ago

    22:17 Wtf is jay doin 😂

  41. Claire c

    Claire cMonth ago

    Hahaha the Sonia puns though 😂😂

  42. Andromeda Sapphire

    Andromeda SapphireMonth ago

    I don’t blame Gundham, Pomeranians are *ruthless*

  43. death the kid

    death the kidMonth ago

    Him tell a joke: Everyone else: Me:Omg thats sooo funneh lol lmao🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  44. Ro Ro

    Ro RoMonth ago

    Kitchen mario said that he felt hes way along the walls like soda did but I'm just saying




  46. Veggie Fren

    Veggie FrenMonth ago

    I live for the ding dong bing bong baby

  47. Veggie Fren

    Veggie FrenMonth ago

    Why does Gundham Tanaka remind me of Kaidou shun 👁👄👁

  48. ruth

    ruthMonth ago

    Htf does one get an hour long Google ad on a hour long video😐😐😐

  49. ruth

    ruthMonth ago


  50. ruth

    ruthMonth ago

    WTF I got the SAME AD AGAIN!!!!!

  51. QQQ

    QQQMonth ago

    17:03 was the best joke I’ve ever heard

  52. Tanushree Roy

    Tanushree RoyMonth ago

    A pomeranian, sooo Bakugou? Maybe.

  53. Yen Nguyen

    Yen NguyenMonth ago

    Jay really got Gundham’s voice impression on point

  54. Kiwi

    KiwiMonth ago

    Did he really just call byakuya the ultimate orphan... 1:12

  55. The N!ght 0wl

    The N!ght 0wlMonth ago

    44:58 how did hajime move if both jay's hands were up... idk man kinda sus

  56. Coolest name Ever

    Coolest name EverMonth ago

    I thought Mikan was the murder bc of that photo of her looking at byakuya like she was hiding somthing

  57. •happy Dva Edits•

    •happy Dva Edits•Month ago

    Here’s a roblox code! Capcode2020

  58. Jaydah Why not you know

    Jaydah Why not you knowMonth ago


  59. Just a human

    Just a humanMonth ago

    the fact that jay still uploaded this for us even when 50k wasn't reached just shows how much he really cares

  60. Sonia Nevermind the shipper

    Sonia Nevermind the shipperMonth ago

    Normal people when their saying let’s get ready for the vid to start: Now let’s start the video! 👉😃👉 Jay: NOW LETS BUCKLE UP AND GO

  61. Myata Myatnya

    Myata MyatnyaMonth ago

    the thing when he skips the dialogue for no reason is reeeally annoying

  62. Carin Carin

    Carin CarinMonth ago

    "Lets check whats inside" *GuCcI aD PlAyS* Me: Was there gucci in it-

  63. hiyoko stan

    hiyoko stanMonth ago

    nobody: byakuya: i will protect you all (takes away all sharpe objects) also byakuya: dies first

  64. SarcasticSouda

    SarcasticSoudaMonth ago

    Off topic but Teruterus favourite game is probably cooking mama

  65. Apollo on the mic

    Apollo on the micMonth ago

    "This gas stove needs electricity to work" wtf am I hearing 🤣

  66. bugslynx

    bugslynxMonth ago

    ah yes the iconic “knifu that ended his lifu”

  67. No No

    No NoMonth ago

    I agree with Jay, I think it might be that chef guy. Even though I don’t remember half of these people’s names or know wth they mean about tripping wires or smth, I’m just going with Jay’s guess lmao. He seems confident it is the chef guy

  68. Just Sparkles

    Just SparklesMonth ago

    ‘The Ultimate Orphan’ 😭😭

  69. aquablu

    aquabluMonth ago

    1:15 "byakuya togami, the ultimate orphan" - jay 2020 - 2020

  70. ItsJustBlqze

    ItsJustBlqzeMonth ago

    1:16 did Jay really say the ultimate orphan?😭😭

  71. Earvina Cona

    Earvina ConaMonth ago

    1:16 "Byakuya togami the ultimate orphan" how could he say that so calmly (⊙o⊙)

  72. 「」black「」 「」cherry「」

    「」black「」 「」cherry「」Month ago

    I'm at 8:25 and I think it's the animal guy bc I think the earring is near the dead body

  73. unicorn 123

    unicorn 123Month ago

    Is it just me or did Hinata just move by himself 😳 without Jay touching the controls

  74. sarah casteel

    sarah casteelMonth ago

    omg i solved it! nagito was going to be killed but he tripped on thwe lamp cord and buyakuya followed the wall to the nearest clean table,where he was killed then after that the killer switched the sheets and everybody but peko has an alibi and she is a strong woman so she moved the body fast and hid somewhere!

  75. Jessica Gagnon

    Jessica GagnonMonth ago

    I'm here to make you Ultimate well okay!😂

  76. Jessica Gagnon

    Jessica GagnonMonth ago

    @Melanie Roman-Naciff oop XD im a fan what can i say

  77. Melanie Roman-Naciff

    Melanie Roman-NaciffMonth ago

    Omg i see you comment in every danganronpa video Jay makes LOL

  78. The queen of weebs

    The queen of weebsMonth ago

    I'm gonna be that one comment that says Hajime Orange juice

  79. Paulena Oliver

    Paulena OliverMonth ago

    teruteru says, "This gas stove needs electricity to light." Gas stoves don't need electricity! Forgive me if we figure this out later.

  80. elle

    elleMonth ago

    I simp for u mahiru

  81. Liliane Auza

    Liliane AuzaMonth ago

    8:37 gundhamisliterallysocute 16:44 I- 17:03 PFT- 31:17 haha awwww chiaki helping and the way gundham is kneeling- 33:40 aw

  82. Catherine Xiong

    Catherine XiongMonth ago

    omg I KNEW IT!! i mean not like that tho bc I said that Teruteru gonna put poising on the food on the first or second video but *nah* he didn't, but I was also thinking on my mind that Teruteru probably gonna put something different instead of the poison. Idk lol

  83. alex The cat

    alex The cat2 months ago

    What’s a truth bullet? I only know skradadadada!

  84. Era 23

    Era 232 months ago

    Nagito is a simp.

  85. Ima Jean

    Ima Jean2 months ago

    Nagito:Hey hajime...I just realized something... Me: that you're gay?

  86. Ashfyee Ahrab

    Ashfyee Ahrab2 months ago

    He knows who murdered, but for the wrong reason

  87. Shanell Loraine Cantalejo

    Shanell Loraine Cantalejo2 months ago

    The way that Jay pronounces Peko... "Peeko" lmao-

  88. hi there

    hi there2 months ago

    where tf is the fingerprint detector

  89. Deanna Norris

    Deanna Norris2 months ago

    The ultimate manager probably used to manage the baseball dude from the first game

  90. Chloe Le Gacha

    Chloe Le Gacha2 months ago

    how i spent my morning: Woke up. hah you though i was gonna say "watched this" right away didn't you? it actually went like this: Woke up. went downstairs to have coffee with my dad. went on my phone to download 2 songs. *THEEEEEN I WATCHED THIS AND WILL CONTINUE TO WATCH THE REST OF THE SERIES THE WHOLE GODDAMN DAY.*

  91. Arman Stapper

    Arman Stapper2 months ago


  92. ツC⃣H⃣E⃣R⃣R⃣Y⃣ツ

    ツC⃣H⃣E⃣R⃣R⃣Y⃣ツ2 months ago

    has anyone else just noticed that danganronpa is similar to the game among us?

  93. ana

    ana2 months ago

    1:15 ...THE ULTIMATE ORPHAN?!??!?

  94. The Neon crew

    The Neon crew2 months ago

    I’m still sad that thickakuya died Edit:when she did a recap on the black out that perverted dude said “I thought it was only in the kitchen” then when u asked him where he was he said “it was pitch black In the kitchen, hallway and the dining room” that’s what made me sus of him

  95. Bruh bruh

    Bruh bruh2 months ago

    Thiccakuya 💀💀💀💀

  96. Rxsabella

    Rxsabella2 months ago

    "The ultimate orphan" i love your danganronpa videos there amazing dhjejjdhe

  97. abby nevermind

    abby nevermind2 months ago

    pov: you're me actually watching this a month late because i need to catch up 👁

  98. -Leaf-

    -Leaf-2 months ago

    Guess we’re the same person then 💀

  99. hoobtube

    hoobtube2 months ago


  100. Green_ Gacha

    Green_ Gacha2 months ago

    Jay: I know exactly who it is Me: Wait haven't I heard this before? Ken Jeong on The Masked Singer: i KNow ExaCTLY whO THiS iS!

  101. Tobey

    Tobey2 months ago

    Uhm is no one gonna talk about how he said Byakuya the ultimate orphan at the beginning

  102. average

    average2 months ago

    "HOW WOULD HE EVEN GET TO THE DINING HALL IF THE FIRE DOORS CLOSED?" Jay, it's a blackout, not a fire-

  103. SecretAgent

    SecretAgent2 months ago

    Bruh I’m mega sus of Nagito and Teruteru

  104. Beaminations

    Beaminations2 months ago

    SPOILERS Gundham:I Need a tool Peko: Hey wassap

  105. Twilight

    Twilight2 months ago

    I wonder if he’ll play v3

  106. Momoka Sakura

    Momoka Sakura2 months ago