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  1. Kubz Scouts

    Kubz ScoutsMonth ago

    Uploading today took FOREVER, sorry for the late upload, but enjoy!

  2. Cherryirl

    CherryirlMonth ago


  3. drew13

    drew13Month ago

    Its ok jay my dude

  4. Chiaki Nanami Killuas Beautiful Wife

    Chiaki Nanami Killuas Beautiful WifeMonth ago


  5. Sugar_Skull _D

    Sugar_Skull _DMonth ago

    I think everybody that got spoilers knows that he is going to probably quit on the next death bc i got a spoiler so😣

  6. Magelyn Goze

    Magelyn GozeMonth ago

    So hey there jay! Heres a clue about the true murderer of nekomaru. This person always tells to every person that they fear him bc of the 4 animals that he has. You will see jay. And u will know why. And also the clue is soooo obvious! XD Ok baiiiii xD

  7. Nay Nay Killua

    Nay Nay Killua12 hours ago

    The respect Nagito had for Hajime tho 📉📉📉📉📉📉

  8. Nay Nay Killua

    Nay Nay Killua13 hours ago

    Sure I didn't eat but I'm not sus ;-;

  9. C.C

    C.C2 days ago

    ✨ *come on my naggy waggy your my trash i love you* ✨

  10. Grey jose

    Grey jose2 days ago


  11. Grey jose

    Grey jose2 days ago


  12. Alessia

    Alessia2 days ago


  13. shoddytoddy

    shoddytoddy3 days ago

    i love how every time somebody dies in dangan 2 jay immediately thinks it’s kazuichi

  14. Firefly

    Firefly5 days ago

    Nagito: LOL looks like you have no talent worthless haha Izuru: 🧑🏼‍🦱



    Where is my GoOoOoOoOn~~😫

  16. It’s_herwoah

    It’s_herwoah7 days ago

    Just wait people are most likely drawing fan fiction of jay and Nagito

  17. Real gamer 3000

    Real gamer 30008 days ago

    Jay's the ultimate simp for Nagito and I love it lol mabey jay is Nagito and he not saying nothing

  18. Reaper Raccoon

    Reaper Raccoon8 days ago

    I love how every Main Protagonist in Danganronpa Naegi and his sister and Hajime Kaede and Even Shuichi Give me good guy vibes when they say “No That’s Wrong!” But Nagito just gives me Evil and Confidence Type Tone when saying that Also fun fact all of them Characters that say The famous Line “that’s wrong” when there In a Class trial all have Ahoges

  19. NerdyLemon

    NerdyLemon9 days ago

    Me and Jay have two things in common are birthdays are both in April and we both love our Nagy-Wagy

  20. Mr. Moony ._.

    Mr. Moony ._.9 days ago

    *Come on nagito come on my nagy wagy your my trash I love you* That part got me XD

  21. Mighty moomoo123

    Mighty moomoo1239 days ago

    Oh my god when he’s talking about the truth bullets in the beginning I couldn’t I was crying with laughter

  22. xXEmo_ GachaXx

    xXEmo_ GachaXx12 days ago

    I knew who did it even before they started the investigation ✌️😄

  23. 椅営る【Jet】

    椅営る【Jet】12 days ago

    Spoiler: lets just pretend gundham didn’t kill nekomaru because of the spoilers 😃👍🏼

  24. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi13 days ago

    It hurts ti see rude Nagito

  25. Ayaki Kizuguchi

    Ayaki Kizuguchi13 days ago

    So this is what Nagito thinks? But what does he think of Hajime?

  26. Le Pooper Man

    Le Pooper Man14 days ago

    Jay became Nagito literally.

  27. sofia Washington

    sofia Washington14 days ago

    Who else almost had a heart attack when u saw nagito play Russian roulette for the first time T>T"

  28. Alexandria and Co.

    Alexandria and Co.14 days ago

    I swear, sometimes I forget he's voicing the characters (especially Nagito) and when he suddenly speaks in his normal voice it throws me off.

  29. Hajime Hinata

    Hajime Hinata14 days ago

    who here hates Nagito if you do how can you hate such a beautiful creation

  30. Serene and More

    Serene and More15 days ago

    Nagito is best boi. Fight me

  31. Gemma

    Gemma15 days ago

    if im gonna die it better be while playing russian roulette with 5 bullets that sounds fun

  32. Azure Ragnel

    Azure Ragnel17 days ago

    Bro is that v3 reference?!?! 😭😭😭

  33. wee woo wee woo wee woo wee woo

    wee woo wee woo wee woo wee woo17 days ago

    *god i think im overdosing on hope*

  34. Mac Mckean

    Mac Mckean17 days ago

    “It’s no use it won’t budge” That’s what she said

  35. Dominik Anthony

    Dominik Anthony18 days ago

    "Oh man, we're back to - NAGITO!! (≧▽≦)" man, I love Jay loving Komaeda sooo muchhh

  36. Wait What

    Wait What18 days ago

    Jay: *picks up phone* Fuyuhiko: Damn right

  37. Anthony Espinosa

    Anthony Espinosa18 days ago

    I’m playing the first game while watching this

  38. 606 Kianna 606 Lerma

    606 Kianna 606 Lerma18 days ago

    That's easy guns of murdered him!

  39. NineCircles

    NineCircles18 days ago

    Everybody was treating Nagito like shit, but the second Nagito treats everyone else like shit, he's the wrong one. smh

  40. Sayori Bun

    Sayori Bun16 days ago

    Well he acts like a lunatic so I don't blame them.

  41. Strawberry• Skeletons

    Strawberry• Skeletons16 days ago

    Well he is treating everyone that way with at least 10% more insanity

  42. Pillowsgarden

    Pillowsgarden18 days ago

    Nagito: exists Jay: YASS ZADDY SLAYYYY

  43. Elena Cvetkovic

    Elena Cvetkovic19 days ago

    Baha did Jay just say "Othello is irrevelant?"

  44. Wild CottonFox

    Wild CottonFox19 days ago

    Lol, they should’ve hired him to be nagito’s voice actor in the English version, all he would need to do before is to learn how to master his laugh

  45. Rainbow

    Rainbow19 days ago

    "One man's trash is another man's treasure" That is how you describe Jay and Nagito.

  46. ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ pɐlɐS

    ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ pɐlɐS20 days ago

    uhh.... an octagon is a shape with eight sides, right?

  47. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face21 day ago

    “C’mon my Nagy-Wagy, you’re my trash. I love you-“

  48. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair21 day ago

    48:49 lol cap you wouldn't do that to us

  49. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair21 day ago

    22:20 LOLLL

  50. HopelessDespair

    HopelessDespair21 day ago

    14:16 why do they got to do that mean line of Fuyohiko like he's kinda nicer now and he didn't even say anything mean loll

  51. Psionie, Ce-Ce Anderson

    Psionie, Ce-Ce Anderson22 days ago

    1:17:20 Systematic?.. why it could be.. Greased lightnin'!

  52. Luna _Wolf

    Luna _Wolf22 days ago

    32:27 Jay: I really do hope kazuichi fixes the elevator so I can ride it like a pony Me: PAUSE😃🤚....

  53. Aria Alegna

    Aria Alegna23 days ago

    these kids use the word "right" so damn much

  54. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami23 days ago


  55. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami23 days ago

    21:41 - 21:45 OMG

  56. ririka momobami

    ririka momobami23 days ago

    21:44 - 21:45 YASSS

  57. The gum on your Shoe

    The gum on your Shoe24 days ago

    59:29 Are we gonna ignore the fact of how Jay said byakuya? Jay repete after me.. (bey-ah-ku-iah)

  58. • Mizumi •

    • Mizumi •24 days ago

    Pure Mechamaru he just wanted to participate in Monukuma Tai Chi :(

  59. Cthulhu Dog

    Cthulhu Dog24 days ago


  60. CripplingDepression

    CripplingDepression24 days ago

    Jay: reading Nagito’s lines the ghost on the other side of the door: df is this man doing?

  61. Todoroni

    Todoroni24 days ago

    41:54 Woah, calm down Jamal don't pull out the nine!

  62. Rean Animatez

    Rean Animatez25 days ago

    I cant help but smile when Jay is happy, his happiness is contagious like the despair disease

  63. • サイバー妖精 •

    • サイバー妖精 •25 days ago

    When Jay finishes Danganronpa V2..y'all better spam his comments begging for Danganronpa V3...and maybe UDS. 😶

  64. lilbrocken

    lilbrocken25 days ago

    *someone talks* jay: shuuutt uppppp *nagito talks* jay: AYEEEE NAGY WAGY

  65. • Mizumi •

    • Mizumi •27 days ago

    Spoilers : . . . . . . . Nagito knows that Hajme is Kamukura because when he said "the killer is actually inside you" thats means Kamakura lol

  66. • Mizumi •

    • Mizumi •24 days ago

    this wsas suppose to be commented on the previous ep or the ep before this lol

  67. Techno- HaHa

    Techno- HaHa27 days ago

    *culprit is Gundham* Ad : *GUNDAM BATTLE*

  68. random person

    random person27 days ago

    When they switches over to nagito, I legit almost screamed like a fan girl lolll

  69. Isabella Amenell

    Isabella Amenell27 days ago

    8:06 the loop looks like the rope that "hung" Ibuki :)

  70. Liliane Auza

    Liliane Auza28 days ago

    i just remembered who was the other blackened and got kinda sad when i remembered mechumaru's killer 23:37 in my trash-like soul 41:31 pft- 45:40 oh shit a gun 48:01 gun 56:05 HAH 1:10:1 yeah cause he's the- i mean dang nagitoo 1:19:48 frr he been knew everything from day one

  71. Davaney Lee

    Davaney Lee28 days ago

    I just realized at 58:16 there is a frame of the mastermind of danganronpa 2

  72. death the kid

    death the kid29 days ago

    i think is soniya nevermind

  73. death the kid

    death the kid29 days ago

    no one: jay: meatal wire has been added to the skalatatata

  74. cloud_gacha

    cloud_gacha29 days ago

    24:30 ~sips tea~ *interesting*

  75. Y Kim

    Y Kim29 days ago

    If he thinks D2 murders are brutal wait till we see V3

  76. Ash Bangtan

    Ash Bangtan29 days ago

    hmm nagito’s attitude changed when he came back to the group..

  77. Ash Bangtan

    Ash Bangtan29 days ago

    to hagime lol

  78. cloud_gacha

    cloud_gacha29 days ago

    *move your ass soldier*

  79. Genesis Aishi

    Genesis AishiMonth ago

    It kinda hurts how Nagito really slapped the truth of being just a nobody ;w;

  80. Seraphimu

    SeraphimuMonth ago


  81. Mona Ammar

    Mona AmmarMonth ago


  82. Lucy Gilbert

    Lucy GilbertMonth ago

    Jay: Aw man, now we're back to- Nagito: **appears** Jay: AYYYE NAGITO!!! MY GUYY!!

  83. I like QwQ

    I like QwQMonth ago

    Did you ship Nagito x Hinata ?

  84. glitch core

    glitch coreMonth ago

    Jay is a whole mood I swear, because I too love nagito

  85. Shuu

    ShuuMonth ago

    "it gave me so much hope in my trash-like soul" IM CRYINGGG

  86. Stella Bella

    Stella BellaMonth ago


  87. Mica Nica

    Mica NicaMonth ago

    Am I the only one who feels bad for monomi?

  88. Wladyslaw Stamiralkinski

    Wladyslaw StamiralkinskiMonth ago

    Combien de côtés est un octogon, Hajime?

  89. Olivia

    OliviaMonth ago

    Jay play the third danganronpa game!!!!

  90. Viella

    ViellaMonth ago

    He just want hope

  91. Raghad Alshatry

    Raghad AlshatryMonth ago

    Im concerned about jay.........his behaviour concerns me.....

  92. Itzy0urKp0pg1rl

    Itzy0urKp0pg1rlMonth ago

    Jay: *obese with Nagito* Me: *obese with Hajime* hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  93. Aixanell LV

    Aixanell LVMonth ago

    serious Jay: if Nagito doesn't survive this. im done with this game. i cant go on without my Nagito. 48:47 Me: * Coughs tea * oh, he doesn't know what's coming...

  94. K9

    K9Month ago

    Who thinks Byakuya was Replaced by Nagito?

  95. Kokichi, Venti,Qiqi, Klee and Ganyu fangirl UwU

    Kokichi, Venti,Qiqi, Klee and Ganyu fangirl UwUMonth ago

    Glad your happy *im a fan girl of nagito le blush and more boys :}*

  96. aishnoir

    aishnoirMonth ago


  97. Carley Joiner

    Carley JoinerMonth ago

    Dude you should react to the nagito WAP oml it's fricking funny😆🤣😂☠️☠️☠️

  98. QQQ

    QQQMonth ago

    -Favorite sounds- 5:10 5:57 9:21 19:52 27:02 I’ll keep writing

  99. woah a name

    woah a nameMonth ago

    1:23:45 why am I just realizing the importance of these words

  100. Ochaco uraraka

    Ochaco urarakaMonth ago

    I love nagito :))))))))))

  101. Minaya Revelpulle

    Minaya RevelpulleMonth ago

    I searched about russian roulette online. Turns out, there's usually a 66.5 percent chance you'll die. God damn Nagito. He really IS lucky.

  102. Bella_Daze! ベラデイズ!

    Bella_Daze! ベラデイズ!Month ago

    I can’t wait to see the trial OwO

  103. r e n n

    r e n nMonth ago

    holy i read spoilers from the comments, and combined with some spoilers i got from my explore on insta, i'm so curious on whats gonna happen next, how things happen, and how they found out about things yoooo

  104. Andrea Jananan

    Andrea JanananMonth ago

    Jay : I can’t continue with my Nagito Me who knows what happens: who gonna tell him 😔

  105. ᇓ.

    ᇓ.Month ago

    5:57 Man jay is going to join the military like that xd

  106. Awesome Austen Kitty

    Awesome Austen KittyMonth ago

    6:17 Ohhhhh Buddy Jay, just wait until Chapter 5! 😜

  107. unicorn 123

    unicorn 123Month ago

    That was such a good earthquake impression jay I'm impressed

  108. LulaSnake

    LulaSnakeMonth ago

    me: (watching danganronpa) sees gun *lady gaga has enetred the chat* RUSSIAN ROULETTE'S NEVER THE SAME WITHOUT A GUN....

  109. LulaSnake

    LulaSnakeMonth ago

    who else is just like: damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn kazuichis eyeliner do be in fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek tho. no? just me?