Friday Night Funkin' But The Songs Got REMIXED And You Gotta Be A GOD To Beat Them

Friday Night Funkin mod where the songs got remixed, shoutout to the people who told me about the mod, leave a LIKE for more!
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Friday Night Funkin B-Side remix mod:
Friday Night Funkin game:
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    how you get it

  2. Pink Boi

    Pink BoiHour ago

    this game is game of the year i actually dont know that press enter to pause

  3. VEN_0MS

    VEN_0MSHour ago

    If you want a harder version than this go to difficulty and find flip

  4. Darren Clark

    Darren Clark2 hours ago

    Im😈drinking🍷all🥵 the🤣wine

  5. Nico Lopez

    Nico Lopez3 hours ago


  6. Destiny 2 The fan

    Destiny 2 The fan4 hours ago


  7. ace was r an option

    ace was r an option4 hours ago

    Hard mode remix week 4 *oh god*

  8. Jo Banks

    Jo Banks5 hours ago

    We do rock that is first lyrics to fresh remix or I don’t know or normal

  9. ThePowerOfLuck

    ThePowerOfLuck9 hours ago

    Dadbattle always slaps for me

  10. AscendedBoi22 2

    AscendedBoi22 210 hours ago

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT!?!?!😂😂😂😂😂 My eyes are why bro😂😂😂

  11. dontcallmebymyname

    dontcallmebymyname11 hours ago

    Im so glad that spookiez is the hardest one in the game especially without b-side THERE ARE PRESIOUS

  12. derek murillo

    derek murillo11 hours ago

    Bro he used to keep messing up at the beginning and look at him now. I'm so proud of you Jay. Honestly he is a BEAST no he is a GOD at this game!

  13. ken

    ken15 hours ago

    The dad is so sexy , ugh why cant i be a character in this game

  14. Abstrac7s

    Abstrac7s16 hours ago

    2:30 it speaks for itself... and no pause??

  15. Puffer Dog

    Puffer Dog16 hours ago

    Wait is the duo a... Cauliflower and a pumpkin?

  16. kidluffy 44

    kidluffy 4417 hours ago

    Why pixo sound like he say somebody gonna die

  17. HollowJacks PvP

    HollowJacks PvP17 hours ago

    everytime i hear b-side i feel goosebumps celeste players know what i mean

  18. Latios _Conga

    Latios _Conga19 hours ago

    what is the song for week 1 at the 3rd level without the remix

  19. ody_wut

    ody_wut19 hours ago

    jay why (fux me snpei)why.?

  20. Redstone Gaming!

    Redstone Gaming!23 hours ago


  21. Halpocoren Jr

    Halpocoren JrDay ago

    try left hand a and s and the right with right arrow and up arrow

  22. VriskaSerket

    VriskaSerketDay ago


  23. Ahmad Ward

    Ahmad WardDay ago

    the remix for pico came out

  24. Gaby

    GabyDay ago

    1:09 the dad sounds like he says "allah akbar"

  25. Abie Almendral

    Abie AlmendralDay ago

    Griil Ugsudgs

  26. Kenda Stansil

    Kenda StansilDay ago

    I'm hi Jay I really like this video how did you get it did you get this game

  27. Dominic Graterol

    Dominic GraterolDay ago

    bro these remixes are just cool as sh*t

  28. Gabriel Ruppel

    Gabriel Ruppel2 days ago

    you cant remix the monster cause he speaks words the only thing you could do is turn his colors like to a lime

  29. xtra_onith!

    xtra_onith!2 days ago

    man i cant even do a single song on this without it crashing

  30. jenganp roblox

    jenganp roblox2 days ago


  31. Pik pak

    Pik pak2 days ago

    *Jay at Week 2*

  32. giyuu tomioka

    giyuu tomioka2 days ago

    Jay: I lowkey killed that didn't I?!? Editor: *NO!-*

  33. Ninja Z - SN Animator

    Ninja Z - SN Animator2 days ago

    jay if u move left theres EASY

  34. V! Izuku Midoriya

    V! Izuku Midoriya2 days ago

    Everybody Gansta until The Mom's B-SIDE version comes out

  35. 【Who_am_I】

    【Who_am_I】2 days ago


  36. Court Rhoades

    Court Rhoades2 days ago

    bro how could of i thought that blue hair was cool when this hair exist. purple is such awesome

  37. Mic Katt

    Mic Katt2 days ago

    Why’s he keep playing the same level over 100 times?

  38. Baldibruh965 waterson

    Baldibruh965 waterson2 days ago

    Kubz, new update B-side on week 3 now! BTW I like your vids, keep up the good work!

  39. kaylee kopec

    kaylee kopec2 days ago

    wait it was on normal mode

  40. Ryoma Hoshi

    Ryoma Hoshi3 days ago

    Pico sounds like eminem

  41. Bruhzee39

    Bruhzee393 days ago

    I feel like the first song you do of each week is you meeting the people and their style. Then, the second day (if they have one) is you getting used to it, then the third day is the “boss fight”, meaning that they are challenging you to prove yourself for that section to move up the tiers of the competition

  42. Sophia Degand

    Sophia Degand3 days ago

    All the comments are about the girlfriend 😂

  43. Henry Hall

    Henry Hall3 days ago

    Why the heck is skid and pump fighting over GF?

  44. Olivia Williams

    Olivia Williams3 days ago


  45. Shaw_rng

    Shaw_rng3 days ago

    I might have to do what jay does, I know I have some big ass hands. I can’t beat “south”.

  46. jess aiko

    jess aiko3 days ago

    Man, Jay is getting closer to 4 million 😣👌

  47. Skid and pump

    Skid and pump3 days ago

    Remember when we were the hardest level in the game?

  48. Jaivyn Lyles

    Jaivyn Lyles3 days ago

    One take jay with it

  49. Anthony Quinones

    Anthony Quinones3 days ago

    2:08 huh? 😃

  50. Lisbeli

    Lisbeli3 days ago

    I was in a rap battle with someone and was like ee aa o o a e o oo eo eeeh eheh oooo

  51. Cam Fer

    Cam Fer3 days ago

    And Jay, try playing hatsune miku project diva or future tone. Its kinda hard

  52. Cam Fer

    Cam Fer3 days ago

    I wanna punch the lemon demon tbh. Who agrees? Aint nobody eating mah gurl

  53. Luke Britton

    Luke Britton4 days ago


  54. MushroomToad 64

    MushroomToad 644 days ago

    Different colors, different difficulty

  55. TheGalaxyBunny

    TheGalaxyBunny4 days ago

    Someone reply to this so you inevitably get more likes than me

  56. KillyAteDaFrag Gaming

    KillyAteDaFrag Gaming4 days ago

    I Don't Know If You Guys Know This, But The Week 2 Creatures Are Actually A Reference To Sr Pelo's "Spooky Month" Characters AND THEY DOIN THE SPOOKY MONTH DANCE *spooky dances*

  57. Deno

    Deno4 days ago

    Im excited to see the mom with yellow hair.

  58. Wally Fone

    Wally Fone4 days ago

    almost 4million subs! advance congrats !!!🎉🎉🎉

  59. Banana_milk

    Banana_milk4 days ago

    theres a remix for pico now jay

  60. Luewy B

    Luewy B4 days ago

    Do a hand cam next time

  61. Mike Noob

    Mike Noob4 days ago

    Can you imagine that Jay makes a mod for FNF?

  62. K. B.

    K. B.4 days ago

    13:31, the girlfriend is scared of the lightning!! edit: the boyfriend is too but he just looks nervous lmao

  63. lost_trouper4

    lost_trouper44 days ago

    has anyone noticed the 2 from week 2 is the spookey month charaters doing the spookey month dance

  64. Khywhy Idk

    Khywhy Idk4 days ago

    Ew pink hair

  65. Spoopky

    Spoopky4 days ago

    Jay: *misses one note* Also Jay: "my girlfriend hates me."

  66. MBLobster

    MBLobster3 days ago

    Girlfriend: *vibin*

  67. Clownxx_ Vibe

    Clownxx_ Vibe4 days ago

    “Hey, might as well clap Pico” yo what, Jay... that’s sus 😳 (Here’s the time stop if you want, 15:24)

  68. Inna Jerofejeva

    Inna Jerofejeva4 days ago

    Jay: "Misses one little arrow" Jay:OMG MY GIRLFRIEND HATES ME the girl: oh u lost one note? Oh well "keeps vibing" jay still yelling: OMFG MY GIRLFRIEND HATES ME!!!

  69. Not-So Awkward Alex

    Not-So Awkward Alex4 days ago

    Guy: *Head bobbing* Gf: *Vibing* Enemies: *Casual seizure*

  70. Toukass Edits

    Toukass Edits4 days ago

    Hey Jay, I doubt you know this- but the creator of this game is racist, homophobic, and transphobic. They also joke about making a r*pe simulator (as well as a ‘whites only’ simulator). As such, please don’t give them any support :( I’m sorry to say this, as I know how much you enjoy the game.

  71. Lilith The Pirate Wolf

    Lilith The Pirate Wolf4 days ago

    Jay: Ima end the video when I miss a note Also jay after missing two notes: *Jammin' intesifies*

  72. Lazy’s Animation

    Lazy’s Animation5 days ago

    This video was uploaded on my birthday I just realised

  73. Alexandria Hill

    Alexandria Hill5 days ago

    jay should download a Nagito and Christmas mod.

  74. TheCourier5712

    TheCourier57125 days ago

    Alternate title: “Kubz goes ultra instinct in music game”

  75. Irma Velis

    Irma Velis5 days ago

    Low key tho week two is my all time fave especially mixed like-

  76. Marc Wilson

    Marc Wilson5 days ago


  77. Stickmation

    Stickmation5 days ago

    It’s Spooky Month

  78. J D

    J D5 days ago

    you know you can just press "enter" to go to the option menu

  79. Sea Cookie

    Sea Cookie5 days ago

    Skid and pump have basically switched bodies-

  80. robo pug

    robo pug5 days ago


  81. Extreme Doggo

    Extreme Doggo5 days ago

    11 year old me when doesn’t understand a math question: 4:44

  82. original works reaper

    original works reaper5 days ago

    Jay: im gonna clap week 2 cheeks Pump and skid: i gonna stop you right there

  83. Trevor Stokes

    Trevor Stokes5 days ago

    and that also sounded like the sonic 3 samples at 10:21

  84. Trevor Stokes

    Trevor Stokes5 days ago

    4:35 anyone notice that sonic CD sample?

  85. inacio omega

    inacio omega5 days ago


  86. Carmel Pancake

    Carmel Pancake5 days ago

    I just noticed they move with the arrows-

  87. Tanja Vukajlović

    Tanja Vukajlović5 days ago

    There is and with a gf too

  88. Dino Mask

    Dino Mask5 days ago


  89. Sasha Wielgan

    Sasha Wielgan5 days ago


  90. Purple Sstickman

    Purple Sstickman5 days ago

    JAY THEY JUST REMIXED PICO'S WEEK (idk about the mom)

  91. Sally toons s

    Sally toons s6 days ago

    i think im the only one who noticed this. but a youtuber named Sr pelo made a easter egg in the game. the pumpkin kid is named pump and the skeleten boi is names skid. if you search up its spooky month on youtube you will see three episodes of them.

  92. Ness

    Ness6 days ago

    anyone notice that those kids made in costumes are in Sr. Pelo’s video?

  93. Kert Paabusk

    Kert Paabusk6 days ago

    Jay:music got remix Me:what about the skin remodels!

  94. trin

    trin6 days ago

    Hey Jay maybe you should do it Blindfolded

  95. Deadman Retard

    Deadman Retard6 days ago

    THE REMIX FOR WEEK 3 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Morgan Ramsey

    Morgan Ramsey6 days ago


  97. Ðᵲ. Ꞗɽųɦ

    Ðᵲ. Ꞗɽųɦ6 days ago

    Been waiting for a "no homo" the entire video lmao

  98. Jesairel Christopher Dati

    Jesairel Christopher Dati6 days ago

    Dad: *absolutely gets demolished Spookys: whomst has summoned us

  99. Linda Middleton

    Linda Middleton2 days ago

    Sr pelo mad

  100. Skid and Pump

    Skid and Pump4 days ago


  101. my life and gaming

    my life and gaming6 days ago

    The creator of this is working on a remix mode for pico

  102. ɱɾ. ƚσαʂƚ

    ɱɾ. ƚσαʂƚ6 days ago

    3:18 bruh voice crack

  103. Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The Skeleton6 days ago

    Skump and Pid