I Made My First Nether Portal In Minecraft (And Got Extremely Unlucky) | Minecraft [4]

Playing Minecraft for the first time can be pretty overwhelming, mostly because there are so many things to do and you can go in ANY direction you want to...I decided it was time to try this famous "Nether Portal" that you can build & see what's on the other side..
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  1. Mya Reifschneider

    Mya ReifschneiderHour ago

    To me he reminds me of Eddievr I love both the channles

  2. Jr Dela Rosa

    Jr Dela Rosa5 hours ago

    Make this into a series

  3. Patrick Gardner

    Patrick Gardner6 hours ago

    More plz

  4. Arianna Quiroz

    Arianna Quiroz14 hours ago

    Tip for that dude: You need to kill ender men to get ender pearls

  5. Arianna Quiroz

    Arianna Quiroz14 hours ago

    Tip for Jay: If you don't eat, you die of starvation

  6. Kennth Simé

    Kennth Simé21 hour ago

    @Kubz Scouts Play more minecraft (day 1)

  7. 𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝕊𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕤

    𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝕊𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕤Day ago

    Jay should play more minecraft!!

  8. gaming whith Tony king

    gaming whith Tony kingDay ago

    I've been playing this game for years and you made 4 episodes haven't found eny dimins you a boss

  9. Janet Trinh

    Janet Trinh2 days ago

    Jay you need to make more Micecraft videos

  10. Shoeshiner

    Shoeshiner2 days ago


  11. The Potato

    The Potato2 days ago

    Jay what you need to do in the Nether is find a Nether Fortress. They’re basically like dungeon tubes with things like blaze, wither skeletons, and more. You need the wither skeleton’s skull to make a wither.

  12. Zsamer Javelosa

    Zsamer Javelosa3 days ago

    There are lots of things to explore both in the over world, end, and nether , i wanna see u bro fight and defeat the dragon and wither as well as conquer the nether fortress , bastion, mansion , pillager outpost, e nd city and the ocean monument. xD

  13. makanzie loli

    makanzie loli3 days ago

    U need fire for the portal

  14. CooprDpr

    CooprDpr3 days ago

    I miss jay playing minecraft

  15. Purple Gurl

    Purple Gurl4 days ago

    ..Jays anivil is floating THE ANVIL IS FLOATING

  16. /ᐠᄋ ᆽ ᄋᐟ\

    /ᐠᄋ ᆽ ᄋᐟ\4 days ago

    Anyone else notice jay changed his horse

  17. Lays Anderson

    Lays Anderson4 days ago

    Nice move jay 7:57

  18. Mahra

    Mahra4 days ago

    Ahh another person obsessed with Minecraft, I’m not surprised!

  19. Don Andre Dulay

    Don Andre Dulay4 days ago

    Make armor

  20. Alijan Ahmadi

    Alijan Ahmadi5 days ago


  21. Mary God

    Mary God5 days ago

    Day 3: Hey Jay ❤️

  22. Persephanie Mariano

    Persephanie Mariano5 days ago

    at 7:07 he look ugly like do u have the case of uglycry

  23. Kaotic Kitten

    Kaotic Kitten5 days ago

    Don’t be shy, make diamond armor >.>

  24. Ethan Garcia

    Ethan Garcia5 days ago

    Can you do more Minecraft game play?

  25. 게이머 소녀

    게이머 소녀5 days ago

    Jay arguing with pancake the song at the back: ooooooooooOooo OOOoooOOOooooo oooOOOooooOOOoooOOOoooo

  26. Lyne Eva

    Lyne Eva6 days ago

    You can use this command so that your inventory won't disappear when you die in Minecraft. Command: /gamerule keepinventory true

  27. Gachaclub gacha life Lumine

    Gachaclub gacha life Lumine6 days ago

    Are you getting married dog?

  28. •Littlė_ Søftiė•

    •Littlė_ Søftiė•6 days ago

    pls jay plssssssssssssssssss

  29. •Littlė_ Søftiė•

    •Littlė_ Søftiė•6 days ago

    jay pls we need more minecraft

  30. Gapy Gap

    Gapy Gap6 days ago

    why is there a twilight forest mob on the front image?

  31. Chicken Mc flurry

    Chicken Mc flurry7 days ago

    Horses eat apples and apples come from tree leaves, just brake a bunch off tree leaves

  32. Kelpps china

    Kelpps china7 days ago

    We gotta go to sleep really hard

  33. Lauren May

    Lauren May7 days ago

    Jay, you can tame and have a pet pig with a saddle and carrot stick. Name him Sir Bacon bits or Porkchop :3

  34. The Pistachios

    The Pistachios8 days ago

    First First 2020 FIRST ME 2

  35. Tre Murda

    Tre Murda8 days ago

    Hey Man, what you need to do next in the Nether is attempt to find the Nether Fortress. But before that you need to be trying to find 3 whither skeleton heads and some soul sand so you can put together a whither and kill it to gain a Nether star. There are uses for it, i definitely don’t recommend putting that together in your world-for real for real. Afterwards do whatever ya wanna, honestly. The Nether has its uses just don’t get lost, a’ight?

  36. PeiiPeko

    PeiiPeko9 days ago

    JAY! you need to finish minecraft. I mean you’re lucky enough to find The Blue Biome in the nether AND find a town near you. CMON THAT DUDE

  37. Isyewati Moha

    Isyewati Moha9 days ago

    When you glab the obsidion jay you can make enchanted table to enchant

  38. Pancake

    Pancake9 days ago

    Y'all ever just have the comment section name Jay's dog your gamer tag you have had for like 1 1/2 year? No, just me? Very strange when he calls the dog.

  39. Opi-Chan

    Opi-Chan9 days ago


  40. Da'Sean Anderson

    Da'Sean Anderson10 days ago


  41. Da'Sean Anderson

    Da'Sean Anderson10 days ago

    Yao’s are fuck

  42. Hana Parker

    Hana Parker10 days ago

    just wait until you fight the enderdragon

  43. Hana Parker

    Hana Parker6 days ago

    @ILikeSlushxP probably

  44. Hana Parker

    Hana Parker6 days ago

    @• P i s c e s • yes we will

  45. ILikeSlushxP

    ILikeSlushxP8 days ago

    he quit the series lmao

  46. • P i s c e s •

    • P i s c e s •8 days ago

    Were gonna hear that girly man scream

  47. Amber Lim

    Amber Lim10 days ago

    Is it just me or do I really want to see Jay release another minecraft video right now?

  48. hi hello

    hi hello8 days ago

    not just you

  49. D O Y O U W A N N A H A V E A C U T G

    D O Y O U W A N N A H A V E A C U T G11 days ago

    "whooping those spiders Cheeks" U meant cheese

  50. hi hello

    hi hello8 days ago

    oh, sweetie.. you'll get it later.

  51. Bianca Ramirez

    Bianca Ramirez11 days ago

    WHERE IS PART 5!?????

  52. Rafael Luis C. Reyes

    Rafael Luis C. Reyes11 days ago

    Jay i suggest you make a farm so u cant be hungry all the time cause your health is so low

  53. Reath Nith

    Reath Nith11 days ago

    Play more Minecraft

  54. Nugget e

    Nugget e11 days ago

    jay when you have low hearts to regain them you have to eat cooked food and for pancake when his tail is low it means he has low health and you have to feed him rotten flesh now for each new minecraft video I'll give you tips you can't have anything in your hand when taming a horse when a horse looses health feed them wheat to have a horse make babies you need another horse and feed them a golden apple you can get food from pigs cows bunnies sheep and from that river you live by you can fish trade with the villagers i forgot what ones you want to trade with but there is a type of villager you can trade with that if you level them up to master they will give you diamond and maybe enchanted diamond armer and there is another villager that gives you enchanted diamond sword lapis lazuli is for a enchanted table to enchant your armer and tools

  55. Mariah Gwen Mayo

    Mariah Gwen Mayo11 days ago

    But uh just incase. I havent played minecraft in like idk years? To go to the "End" you have to kill Endermen and get their "pearls" Get blaze things idk i think blaze rods or powder? i just dont remember lmaoo. Craft it into "Eye of Ender" idk some shit like that- and use "some" Eyes of Ender too find a near stronghold. Then uh find the portal thingy- and uh put the pearls in- and get ready to destroy the Ender Dragon or shit idk. help me

  56. Mariah Gwen Mayo

    Mariah Gwen Mayo11 days ago


  57. Cheese

    Cheese11 days ago

    The Zelda music made the horse scene so epic!!

  58. R N A

    R N A11 days ago

    Watching Jays Minecraft videos gives me stomachaches.

  59. John Doe

    John Doe11 days ago

    Also a diamond hoe is the strongest weapon I think

  60. John Doe

    John Doe11 days ago

    Jay a axe is better for combat than a sword it kills animals faster and it does a crap ton of damage

  61. Kathy Bonilla

    Kathy Bonilla12 days ago

    Ay yo Jay you give Zombie pigmans gold and there is another portal where you fight the boss of endermans it's called the ender portal

  62. DashieMagic (Minecraft)

    DashieMagic (Minecraft)12 days ago

    Jay play more minecraft if u dont play more u forget more what about pancake and eyy they are starving they need food now ❤ also your THAT DUDE

  63. Jillian the chicken nugget

    Jillian the chicken nugget12 days ago

    also bring a bed into the nether and try to sleep 😉

  64. Jillian the chicken nugget

    Jillian the chicken nugget12 days ago

    can u go into the end world pls i only know how to make the portal in creative tho 😅😭

  65. Jillian the chicken nugget

    Jillian the chicken nugget10 days ago

    @AniGam o ok

  66. AniGam

    AniGam11 days ago

    u cant make an end portal u can only find one, in survival

  67. Galaxy_ CookiesXD

    Galaxy_ CookiesXD12 days ago

    Hey does he know that he can use the stove for cooking food like the meat and potatoes🤔

  68. Face Less

    Face Less12 days ago

    7:05 Minecraft: *plays music* Jay: pls not the minecraft music

  69. Sam_urai 1

    Sam_urai 113 days ago

    Jay, If u go in the nether and sleep it gives u a achievement called "Sleeping In Another World".

  70. ushy gushy my bussy

    ushy gushy my bussy13 days ago

    The nether portal part is killing me 😭

  71. Nicki M

    Nicki M13 days ago

    Jay can you make another video 💀it’s been awhile and I was enjoying this series

  72. Stubby Potato

    Stubby Potato14 days ago

    This is my favorite series cause I can just laugh at Jay and his little knowledge of Minecraft

  73. bob duncan

    bob duncan14 days ago

    where is the next part =/

  74. Arson

    Arson14 days ago

    The Zelda music tho- Brings back memories

  75. Derek Ritchie

    Derek Ritchie14 days ago


  76. Sarbagya B1

    Sarbagya B115 days ago

    I saw a moded boss in that thun nail you have mods for Minecraft installed

  77. AniGam

    AniGam11 days ago

    lmao its a ghast

  78. Joh Lope

    Joh Lope15 days ago

    15:51 use shears to cut your hair in Minecraft LOL

  79. Woofi_plays RBLX

    Woofi_plays RBLX15 days ago

    2:26 Is that only me or does he sound like flamingo (the yt) ??! XDDDDDDDDD

  80. DZ - 05BD 809514 Nahani Way PS

    DZ - 05BD 809514 Nahani Way PS15 days ago

    you can actually go in the end

  81. Lynia Sibotshiwe

    Lynia Sibotshiwe15 days ago

    White horses are the fastest

  82. ILikeSlushxP

    ILikeSlushxP15 days ago

    Welp this series was good while it lasted cmon guys ya know Jay is known to start a series & NEVER finish it

  83. anime tale

    anime tale15 days ago

    This should be in the screaming like japanese girl compilation 😂😂😂

  84. Kiara Daniel

    Kiara Daniel15 days ago

    PLS Play Genshine impact

  85. Mischievous Something

    Mischievous Something15 days ago

    Low key kinda sad the horse’s name wasn’t ‘papi chulo’ 😔

  86. r077n

    r077n15 days ago

    who tf told jay that obsidian is called purp rocks

  87. DarkChocolate_ Kara

    DarkChocolate_ Kara16 days ago

    Jay you only need water if your making the nether portal with water, if you’re mining obsidian to get the portal you don’t need water.

  88. Kawaii bobba

    Kawaii bobba16 days ago

    jay you killed my pet that bunny was my pet !

  89. YAY !!!

    YAY !!!16 days ago

    How about the name Norman.

  90. Camila Abulafia

    Camila Abulafia16 days ago

    jay, don't hit the zombie pigman, they won't hurt you unless you hit them, if you do then you will have an army of them attacking you

  91. kira q-q

    kira q-q17 days ago

    I rlly want Jay to react to mc speed runners now- like I wanna watch his face when dream does his nether portal stuff

  92. Bmblem

    Bmblem17 days ago

    😭😭😭who told him ab the aether

  93. Zynx Zero

    Zynx Zero17 days ago

    ✨tips✨ If you sleep in a bed in the nether then it will teleport you to a different dimension...

  94. not so innocent bru

    not so innocent bru14 days ago

    Yeah no😩✋

  95. Layne Colling

    Layne Colling17 days ago

    Wtf we’re did he get lighting the portal with water LMAO

  96. Antonio Enrile

    Antonio Enrile17 days ago

    dude jay pls shift your givin me a heart attack

  97. • saphire Wulff・

    • saphire Wulff・18 days ago

    How he struggled to tame the horse was painful

  98. Yatie Orkid

    Yatie Orkid18 days ago

    i like enderman.

  99. Mona Wang

    Mona Wang18 days ago

    Checking Jay's channel knowing that we all want a new episode of Minecraft

  100. Đạt Nguyên

    Đạt Nguyên18 days ago

    next part pls ?

  101. Sunflower_Zz

    Sunflower_Zz18 days ago

    I'm not sure if you now But you can ride Pig too

  102. Someone who wants to annoy you

    Someone who wants to annoy you18 days ago

    No you cant

  103. Tik FlowerYT

    Tik FlowerYT18 days ago

    Yo jay in the nether is pigs like normal pigs not zombie piglins give them gold and they will give you random stuff if youre lucky you can get ender pearls then go find a nether fotress in there is gonna be black skeletons and blazes kill them and get blaze powder then combine that to the ender pearl youre gonna get a speacial item that leads you to the secret underground place there you need to find a portal with lava under it then put ender eyes that you got (you need at least 14-16 just in case) and then you will open a portal to the end there you will find TON of ender man but be cearfull you need a bobw and arrows in the end theres gonna be a dragon witch you can defeat if you shoot the end crystals. :D love youre vids youre THAT DUDE

  104. Carlos Ramos

    Carlos Ramos18 days ago

    Jay make diamond amor you have enough it 26

  105. Elise Garcia

    Elise Garcia18 days ago

    you should try and sleep in the nether

  106. krabbiekassie

    krabbiekassie19 days ago

    Bruh he actually got such a sick nether spawn

  107. mshoodsinked

    mshoodsinked19 days ago

    Play 4 night Play 4 night so you can get in the

  108. mshoodsinked

    mshoodsinked19 days ago

    And not go to church point one just you and I and you're going to swallow there and you Cantu and go get your stuff

  109. mshoodsinked

    mshoodsinked19 days ago

    And a flying white craft black hole and I Will Steiner Injustice 2 by 4 in and I was picking up my stuff until Monday agent may I listen my home and I was picking up my stuff and there's a creature so I can get in and open the door how do you understand that like I was say what and I started shaving like this like if there's a creature iOS has screen you hold a charge and I'll let you know. May I will start and because he was open your door and I was crying my boyfriend came in me and black 5 let me play I'll tell you whether your type but I want you to pay in 2 months and 5 minutes and Ellison die and my blurry kill me right

  110. Bunz Bunz

    Bunz Bunz19 days ago

    Some more minecraft Jay! Pleaaase! We love this series :D

  111. mshoodsinked

    mshoodsinked19 days ago

    Oh yeah did not report to you hgs do the you put a date you want creature into back in survival you will die and it's already gained a new furnace or indica second day but did not use but somehow I can stop child support order man that means oh you can cope or but you're going naked want to hurt for you